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A BLACK CONSCIOUS CAROL: A MANUSCRIPT By Bryan Smith—Teacher Olmsted Academy North Good day. I am your narrator of rhyme, James Baldwin. I will be reading a different kind of story entitled A Black Conscious Carol: A Manuscript. All the hyperlinks are provided to enhance your experience, so please take time to explore them. I do hope you’ll enjoy and share with others. Let us begin. Our story begins with a young man without much hope. Ramel only requires a fresh pair of J’s, a smartphone, and a video game to cope. His grades were nearly average and he is nice

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on the court. Ramel dreamed of providing for his family by playing a professional sport. This is Nuts: A visit from the past Slumped in his gaming chair, Ramel looked over at his unfinished ACT application. “This just ain’t for me,” he sighed. Searching for a dose of escapism, he powered up his game system. “Ramel, it’s a school night. Lights out in ten,” an approaching voice commanded. “Alright, I’m almost finished,’ Ramel reasoned, ‘just give me five more minutes.” Arms crossed at Ramel’s bedroom door Unc said, “That’s five minutes you could be checking on Aria. Look, I got drafted to work a protest until the morning, so I need you to set your alarm and take baby Aria to preschool. Are we clear?” Begrudgingly Ramel nodded yes and then said, “I hate your job. It must suck to be you right now.” Sensing an argument on the horizon Unc replied, “Contrary to your seventeen year old opinion, a lot of us are out there risking our lives to make sure our communities are safe.” “Safe like Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, or George Floyd?” Ramel snapped back. Unc sighed and calmly said, “That was some bull. The whole thing stinks, but that ain’t all of us. Heck,

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Envision Equity December 2020  

Envision Equity December 2020  

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