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Search Engines primarily conduct text based searches; therefore in search engine terms, content is surely the most important asset for any website. There are many parameters based on which any website is ranked on the search engines; however the most effective is content. Webmasters must note that proper structurization of their content can make a lot of difference to their appearance on the search engine result pages for particular search queries. This would in turn make a lot of difference to their revenues from the website. Let us concentrate on the key question as to how one should design the content as per the search engine crawlers: Follow 1: One must do a lot of keyword research initially to find out the most relevant or the most searched terms on the internet based on existing search trends. This helps a lot, since, while designing the content you would know exactly what key phrases to place on the page. Follow 2: Follow the inverted triangle rule while writing content for your pages. One must know that the search engine crawler scans the website from top to bottom and from left to right. Therefore the 1st word in the first line would be read first and would be given more weight-age than the last word in the last line. The inverted triangle rule is necessary here since it reminds the content designer to put in more keywords in the first line and then gradually decrease the keyword density with each successive line. Follow 3: Avoid Spamming & Keyword Stuffing: Copying content from another website will kill your rankings and get you penalized; therefore it is best not to permit such exercises on your website. Secondly one must also consider that stuffing of keywords in the content won't guarantee you any results; however they would surely get you penalized. The most appropriate ratio should be a 5% density of the key-phrases in the entire text. Follow 4: One must have dedicated individual pages for individual section on the website. Having individual pages for each highlight on the website will give a great thrust to your search engine optimization activity. For example for 5 different types of products, putting 5 different content rich pages on the website would ensure that every product is optimized on the search results individually. Today the search engines are all about providing specific rather than generic knowledge, therefore product specific pages or service specific pages on the website together contribute to a better rank of the website on the SERPs. Follow 5: Give Details in the content you are providing. One must remember that more than the search engines, the content is being written for the users who are visiting the website. Therefore one must note that the users are well satisfied with the information that they were seeking. The search engines give better ranking to websites which have more informative content than content written specifically for the search engine crawlers. It is important to note that aspects like amount of time spent by a user on the website, number of users visiting the website, number of repeated

users to the website, number of users book-marking the content page of the website are all highly recognized by the search engines while ranking a particular web-page. Moreover if the website content is good more and more users would visit the website regularly for information they seek. Follow 6: Try to answers possible questions which the user might look to ask, relating to the product or service you offer. This is again a very important aspect which proves good for both search engines as well as users. Search engines would welcome the answer to specific queries whereas users would be satisfied with the information they have received. This promotes the website better on the SERPs and this is the reason why website like wikipedia are the most recognized all across the world. Follow 7: Try and update information regularly on the website. Search Engines are always prowling for newer updates from any website. That is the reason why news websites gain more popularity than any other on the internet. Follow 8: Don't make the user spend time searching answers they are looking for on the website. This means that one must punch in the content in the clearest manner as possible to avoid user frustration. Secondly, if necessary, one must also provide content rich PDFs on the website. PDFs are provided where content cannot be summarized on the web page. Thankfully, the search engines have become smart enough to read through the PDFs listed on the website. The above mentioned are simple guidelines a content designer must follow to get maximum benefit out of the content which one has provided. However one must not also undermine expert advice to get the job done if under any kind of doubt.

Vineet Bajpai is a leading entrepreneur and CEO of Magnon Solutions, a Search Engine Optimization India Company.

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==== ==== Click Here For More Creating Own Websites Tips ! ==== ====

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