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Rimbey Elementary School Parent Council:

RES is “Green”: Newsletters are

available through our school website RES website http:// www.res.wolfcreek.

Hot Dog Days Mar. 15—Gr. 1 Apr. 19—Gr. 3 May. 24—EC The grade in charge of parent helpers for hot dog day is beside the date. TOKENS are sold

The RES Parent Council is very active and supportive, hosting community -building activities and events, and encouraging active participation from families for their children’s education. Being a part of the Parent Council helps parents be a part of their child’s success in education. Parent Council meetings are open to all parents/guardians of RES students, and we encourage all to attend. Our next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, March 12th @ 7:00 PM, in the RES staffroom. RES Parent Council Meeting minutes are posted on the school website under ―School Council‖. We will be hosting a ―Cirque to Rimbey‖ production on March 15th @ the Community Centre from 7:00—9:00 PM. Doors open @ 6:15 PM. Volunteers for this event would be greatly appreciated. Contact Bobbie @ 403-843-4249. There will also be one more special luncheon day, must be pre-ordered., profits coming back to RES Parent Council for the playground —Subway Luncheon ~ April 5th watch for order information/forms home with students coming home beginning of March. Subway orders and money must be returned to the school by March 20th.

“Your Community School”

2012/ 2013

This Issue: Upcoming Events (side bar)—P.1

Upcoming Events:

Cirque de Rimbey —P. 1

Mar. 6 & 7 - Scheduled Parent

Leader In Me Awards (side bar)— P. 2

-Teacher Conferences (4—5

Waste Free Lunches —P. 2

PM) and Portfolio Walks (5—7

Co-Parenting Workshop—P. 3


RES Parent Council News- P.4 Mar. 8 - No School for Stu-

RES Spirit Days—P. 4

dents—Professional Develop-

RES NEWS—March 2013

ment Day for Staff. Mar. 10—Clocks ahead 1 HR.

RES Spirit Days:

Mar. 12 - Deadline for Cirque

Each month RES hosts a special School Spirit Day. These are fun activities the students and staff can participate in together to make RES not only a learning experience but also a fun place to be. Our next school spirit day is “Dress Green for St. Patrick’s Day” on March 15th.

de Rimbey gift basket items.

Cirque de Rimbey—March 15th @ Cirque de Rimbey: Gift Basket Fundraiser : the Rimbey Community Centre: Cirque de Rimbey is ―circus‖ themed

Mar. 12—RES Parent Council

gymnastics, drama and dance perfor-

Meeting @ 7:00 PM ~ RES staf-

mances. It will involve many organiza-

froom. Mar. 15—Hot Dog Day—(2 to-

Here are some pictures from our Val-

kens each) - Gr. 1 Parents to

entine’s “school spirit” day.

help please.

tions in our community and surrounding communities, coming together for a common purpose. There are two main reasons for the show:

in bundles of 10

Mar. 15—Dress Green

for $7.50

To give students a chance to perform and showcase their talents.

Milk—1 token

Mar. 15—Cirque de Rimbey ~ Community Centre

Hot Dog—2 tokens Tokens sold until

Gift Baskets will be raffled off at Cirque de Rimbey to raise money for new playground equipment. Each class has selected a theme for a gift basket. Parents are encouraged to send an item related to this theme to be placed in the basket. The baskets will then be auctioned or raffled off on March 15th during the Cirque de Rimbey evening. Please have your child’s items to the school by March 12th. All money collected will go towards the new playground equipment fund. Separate information memo sent home with students on Feb. 20th.

Raise funds for new RES playground equipment - All proceeds from the show, gift baskets and silent auc-

Mar. 20 -Subway deadline.

8:50 AM daily. No Cash left on

Mar. 21—Recognition Rally @

School Premises.

10:35 AM


MARCH 2013

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the educational programming at RES, please contact our school administration: Mrs. Jodi Bramfield – Principal – Mrs. Kathleen Terry – Assistant Principal –

Mar. 22—No School for Stu-

tion will go towards the new playground. Admission: $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child or $25.00 per family (immediate family members only)

dents—Professional Develop-

Doors open @ 6:15 PM

ment Day for Staff.

Performances @ 7:00—9:00 PM

Mar. 25—Apr. 1 —Spring Break.

Rimbey Elementary School P.O. Box 710 Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0 5302—52 Street, Rimbey, AB Phone : 403-843-3751 Fax : 403-785-0734 Website: Email:

When visiting RES please remember to sign in with office personnel and have your child called to the office for pick-up, or if you are dropping something off, rather than disturbing your child’s class. Leader In Me: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids €

After School Ball Hockey for RES students: Miss Ree will be running a drop in after-school ball hockey program twice a month on Fridays for RES students— dates to be finalized soon and posted on school website and on calendar in main foyer of office – 3:15 – 4:00 PM. Please ensure your child is picked up or leaves the school from this activity at 4:00 PM. This is not a spectator sport – all students must be playing ball hockey not just watching/waiting.

The fifth habit we are

Parking/Bus Lane Drop off Zone:

teaching and reinforcing

A reminder that when you are dropping off or picking up your child, make sure that they are crossing the street at the patrolled crosswalks and that you, as parents, are not blocking the crosswalks with your vehicles. As well, please do not use the parking lot as a drop off/pick up zone for your child. This is an extremely busy and congested area with staff coming to and leaving school.

with the students during the month of March is :

“Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”

(Listen Before You Talk) This means that: 

I listen to other people’s ideas and feelings.

I try to see things from their viewpoints.

I listen to others without interrupting.

********************************************************************* Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rimbey invites you to our Centennial Celebration—‖Bowl for Kids Sake‖ on Sunday, March 17th. To register a team or to make a donation online visit: Our Goal…every child in Rimbey who needs a mentor will have a mentor! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rimbey offers positive mentoring opportunities between responsible and caring adult volunteers and youth in need of additional attention and role models. For more information, please call 403-843-1066.

What is a waste-free lunch program?

If your child is having attention troubles, one of the first things to observe is what he or she is eating and change it. Spinach and kale is good for learning and memory. Berries (antioxidants) are good for memory. Omega 3 Fatty Acids powers up brain cells with energy ~ enriched eggs, yogurt, salmon. Eggs are good protein and choline for energy and growing brains cells ~ scrambled eggs egg sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs. High-fibre foods give kids more brain fuel ~whole-grain breads, oatmeal, brown rice, whole-grain waffles with real fruit toppings. DHA is important for brain and eye development ~ fish and omega 3 oils Iron is important for brain development ~ Beans, walnuts, green smoothies, orange juice with any iron-rich foods for better absorption, lean–beef products. ** Check out the RES website under “Learn More About Living Healthy”

I look people in the eyes when talking. Recognition Rally on March 21 @ 10:35 AM

Show that you value your child’s efforts. Remember, your child needs to know that you value his or her efforts. Children learn to read over time, with lots of practice and support from parents and teachers. Here are some ways you can show your child that you have confidence in his or her ability to learn: 

Be aware of your child’s reading level, but use that information in a positive

To our RES Parents and Council for the wonderful coffee, yummy muffins/baked goods and “door” prizes donated from RES Businesses provided to RES Staff and the WC bus drivers ~ We appreciate the kind words and generous gesture.

way. Choose books and activities that are at the right level and that will help your child improve his or her reading skills. 

Be patient in your efforts to help your child.

Co-Parenting Workshop hosted by FCSS: We are hosting a public seminar on Monday evening, March 4, 2013 on the topic of Co-Parenting with a particular focus on how to support children through family transitions of separation and divorce.. Guest facilitators are from Bow Valley Counseling & Mediation, Calgary. This will be of interest to parents navigating this stressful time as well as grandparents, friends and colleagues. Dessert and coffee will be served. No fee to attend.

Show your child that you see him or her as a growing reader, and praise his or her efforts to learn.

Don’t feel that you are alone. Family members and friends may be willing to support you in helping your child learn to read. Your child’s teacher and

Please RSVP to Lacombe FCSS at 403-782-6637.

I am confident in voicing my ideas.

The street adjacent to the front of the school is a drop off zone only and occasionally used by school buses for loading/unloading. This is not a designated Parking Zone. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended or parked there for any length of time.

Reading Tips

Best Brain Foods for Kids:

local librarian’s are knowledgeable and can offer help.

RES would like to encourage a waste free lunch everyday but particularly each Wednesday. This will help us cut down on the amount of packaging that goes to our landfills. It will promote nutrition (raw fruit is more nutritious than fruit chews or other processed snacks), reduce pollution and model to students that a small change each week can make a big difference. Thanks for your support! On our website we have a number of ―healthy‖ links for your everyday healthy lifestyle choices.

Bus Cancellations and/or School Closure: To find out if there have been bus cancellations or a school closure due to weather/ road conditions, you can visit RES website and follow the link to the Wolf Creek Public Schools website. Updated information will be scrolling at the top of the WCPS website. The following radio stations also announce this information the morning of cancellations: Sunny 94.1, Big 105.5 FM, 95.5 FM, 98.9 FM; CHED 630 AM, CFCW 790 AM and KJR 1440 AM. , as well as Global Edmonton News.

When children see their parents and teachers working together, they feel more secure and confident. Taking an interest in your child’s education will help your child do better in school.

Please make sure and check RES’s website for any changes to dates and/or events ~ ~ updated daily. 2

RES March Newsletter  

March 2013

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