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ecial Place iscover the comfort you will feel in small classes led by caring professors who know not just your name but your nuances, the traits that set you apart, and the things that define you as an individual.


Discover the reflections you will see while looking into life’s mirror along with over 2,500 men and women from throughout the United States and around the world. Discover the freedom and flexibility you will enjoy at a College offering multiple options for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees and a welcoming environment for both traditional students and adult learners.

Discover the career edge you will gain through three internships, spending time in professional settings — in Boston, in the United States, or in some cases, around the world.

Discover Boston, known as the “college capital of the world,” which is located only 20 miles south of the Endicott campus. Discover the growth that comes from fulfilling the promise of your own potential. Experience increased self-confidence and greater self-awareness. Discover, most of all, the most important person you will come to know during your years at Endicott. Discover yourself!

DISCOVER Yourself What makes you tick? How do you want to spend your time, focus your

energy, live your life? Which career might best fit who you are? Are you

willing to take the necessary risks to tap into your inner strengths and latent talents? These are just a few of the questions you’ll address at Endicott. You’ll be challenged to reach farther and higher than ever before — in classes, in internships, and during informal conversations with your

professors or your peers. The warmly supportive environment on this

picturesque 235-acre oceanfront campus creates the ideal conditions for

answering good questions and meeting great challenges. Along the way, you’ll develop a greater sense of confidence and a stronger sense of self. You’ll discover what you can do and can be. You’ll discover yourself!



ACADEMICS Discover Tomorrow’s

Success Today So, you have already chosen the field of study that will launch your career? Great. Whether you have selected business, science, education, humanities, nursing, art, or hospitality, your focused preparation for your career will begin on day one of your Endicott experience.

At Endicott, you can test the fit of several career paths by taking courses or talking with professors in different areas. It may take a while, even a year, to connect. But connect, in time, you will.


In either case, you will benefit from the distinctive features that, in combination, will give you a decided edge in the highly competitive marketplace. By studying a core curriculum in the liberal arts, you will enhance your abilities to think and to analyze, to speak and to write. You will have easy access to contemporary equipment and facilities ranging from computers and television cameras to state-ofthe-art medical and biological research technology. You will receive professional skills training right from the beginning of your freshman year. Finally, you will gain practical and marketable work experience through internships.


Endicott’s academic facilities feature state-of-the-art computer laboratories as well as communication, studio art, hospitality, nursing and science labs. ▲



The 14:1 student to faculty ratio allows for individual attention in a caring and supportive environment. â–˛


If you’re a top student, for example, you may welcome the additional challenges of the Endicott Honors Program or the many discipline-based national scholastic honor societies. If you need extra help with any course or any academic skill, turn to the professionals in Academic Resources. They’re there to help you succeed. Opportunities exist for international study at the College of International Studies in Madrid; University of the Arts in Italy; the International College of Tourism and Hotel Management in Sydney, Australia; Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds, U.K.; and many other colleges and countries throughout the world.

The message is clear. At Endicott you don’t have to wait until graduation to start charting your career course and sharpening your professional skills for the future. The process begins at the beginning: the start of your freshman year.

Your academic career at Endicott starts with options and ends with opportunities. All of our degree programs provide a core liberal arts curriculum combined with a professional focus, resulting in Endicott’s unique integration of theory and practice. A valuable component of your Endicott education promotes flexibility in course selection within your program of study.



Accounting Applied Mathematics Actuary and Statistics Art Therapy Athletic Training Bioengineering Biology and Biotechnology Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Business Management Communication Digital Film Making Computer Science Interactive Computing Technologies Criminal Justice Digital Journalism Education Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis Early Childhood Education Teacher Licensure Educational Studies Elementary Education Teacher Licensure Secondary Education Teacher Licensure English Creative Writing Literary Studies Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Entrepreneurship Environmental Science Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Exercise Science Finance Graphic Design History Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Hospitality Management Events Management International Hospitality Management Senior Community Management Hotel Management Interior Design International Business International Studies Liberal Studies Marketing Marketing Communication Mathematics Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Nursing Photography Physical Education Teacher Licensure Political Science Psychology Sport Management Studio Art Art Education Teacher Licensure 2D in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking 3D in Ceramics, Sculpture, and Installation Intermedia: Digital Media and Mixed Media


Business Administration Education Homeland Security Studies Information Technology Interior Architecture Nursing


Applied Behavior Analysis Educational Leadership Nursing



Here are some highlights available to you at Endicott. Review them with an open mind, reflecting not only on your current personal interests and career aspirations but on future possibilities. You can test several different areas to find the best fit for you.


Are you interested in studying political science, psychology, math, liberal studies, computer science, or biotechnology? Perhaps you would like to explore several academic disciplines and prepare yourself for a career working within a high-tech industry, government, museums, theatres, libraries, or health and human service agencies. You may be considering graduate school in counseling, education, English, business, or the social sciences. If so, consider a major within the School of Arts and Sciences. Arts and sciences programs are designed to offer both breadth and depth, combining the advantages of a liberal arts education with practical experience in exciting and important new fields. Through the School of Arts and Sciences, students learn to think independently, develop problem-solving skills and communicate effectively. Learning about the world through literature and creative writing, psychology, languages, science, and other academic disciplines enables you to excel in any career field. Hands-on experience through internships offers arts and sciences majors distinct academic and professional advantages. Professional and internship opportunities are limited only by the imagination of the student.

Within the School of Arts and Sciences, you will have the option of earning a Bachelor of Science degree in applied mathematics, bioengineering, biology/ biotechnology, computer science, criminal justice, environmental science, mathematics, political science, or psychology. Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, history, international studies, or liberal studies. In addition, the School of Arts and Sciences offers a secondary education teacher licensure concentration available in several subject areas. Whichever path you choose, be confident in knowing that your educational experience within the arts and sciences will be both challenging and rewarding – preparing you for a vital career, a competitive graduate program, and a life filled with unending exploration.

Students majoring in the sciences may take advantage of the state-of-the-art Judge Science Center, which opened in 2013. Features include six integrated teaching and research biotechnology laboratories, a chemical analysis laboratory, cell/tissue culture lab and facilities, a microscopy suite, incubator space for start-up biotech companies, and computer science and robotics laboratories.



Are you interested in the stock market, banking, or investments? Do you see yourself as a manager or leader in a Fortune 500 global

enterprise? Or as an owner/ operator of your own start-up company? Does the fast-paced multi-format, multi-media marketing arena appeal to you? Do you see yourself as a corporate or entrepreneurial CPA or interpreting financial evidence as a forensic accountant? If you answered “yes” to any one of these, then consider the offerings of the School of Business, which includes a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, business management, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, or marketing.

Challenging upper-level courses, internships, and thesis work are designed to build on a common core of ‘foundation’ courses in business and the liberal arts. Each track includes a semester-long internship and possibilities for study abroad. Opportunities for employment and advanced study as a graduate from the School of Business are almost infinite in number and variety, and increasingly global in character. The College also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies. The Gerrish School of Business facility, which opened in the fall of 2013, offers business students an exceptional space for collaboration and learning. The facility features team building/ technology exchange rooms, a financial technology center, case study rooms, lecture/ discussion rooms, a board room, and a 150-seat auditorium.

The School of Business includes the newly established Colin and Erika Angle Center of Entrepreneurship whose goal is to create a culture of entrepreneurship through education, programming, networking, experiential learning, and mentoring. The Center is open to students of all disciplines who want to be exposed to the experiences of starting and running businesses. Students will discover the life-cycle of a business––to see how the spirit of entrepreneurship can result in a start-up with wide potential. It will help students to address a number of important areas including legal issues, intellectual property, sales, finance, marketing, growth, and exit strategies.


Have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes at a TV station, advertising agency, or traditional and web-based newspaper? Are you interested in the role the internet plays in our everyday lives? In addition to majors in digital journalism, marketing communication, and communication, students may also concentrate in digital film making and/or minor in internet studies or digital journalism. Our faculty, along with required internships, provide the skills and knowledge to be successful in a professional career.

The Digital Media Center, a fully-equipped digital production studio, places digital film making students at the cutting-edge of the media industry. Students who major in digital journalism will fine-tune writing skills as they work to understand the driving forces behind the news we read in both traditional and digital newspapers, blogs, and magazines–as well as see on television and listen to on the radio and in podcasts. Marketing communication students are exposed to the theories and skills that drive the industry. Students who pursue a general major in communication will delve deeply into how all media, from television and newspapers to the internet, impacts us each and every day. Specialized courses and internships are designed to complement a common core of study in communication.

Many communication students choose to go on to graduate programs or start their own business. Endicott graduates can be found at local and national broadcast and cable facilities, at regional news organizations, as well as at Boston area advertising and public relations agencies. A degree from the School of Communication at Endicott presents endless possibilities.


If you want to be a teacher in one of the nation’s public schools, consider the School of Education where you may pursue certification in early childhood (prek-2), elementary (1-6), or secondary (5-8; 8-12) education. These programs have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and lead to the state’s initial teaching license. Students may use this license to teach in many states across the country.

The licensure programs at Endicott include freeof-charge workshops to prepare students for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure. Students complete at least four field experiences in classrooms and many courses integrate field work that allows students to partner with local schools running after-school programs, leading literacy groups, and participating in school-wide events such as science field trips to Endicott. All students in the licensure programs take courses focused on special needs, English language learners, assessment, teaching methods, and curriculum. Early childhood and elementary education students complete the liberal studies/education major, while secondary education students complete a major in their subject area, including math, English, biotechnology, environmental science, history, or visual arts. Graduates of the School of Education’s licensure programs are successfully pursuing careers in public and private schools as classroom teachers and administrators. Many of our graduates enroll in Endicott’s 5th year Master’s degree program, which allows them to complete a Master in Education in approximately one year. In addition, graduates pursue Endicott’s Teaching Fellows Program, a year-long residency in a partnering school while completing their Master in Education free-of-charge.

For students who wish to work in the field of autism and applied behavior analysis, rather than pursuing state licensure, a concentration in that field is available which includes coursework and field experience. Students who complete the program are eligible to pursue Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA®) national certification. In addition, for students wanting to work in a private school, day care, or other educational setting outside of the public schools, an educational studies program that does not lead to state licensure is also available.


The hospitality and tourism industry offers a unique range of opportunities in hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise lines, senior communities, restaurants, non-profits, and events. Whatever sector of the hospitality and tourism profession appeals to you, Endicott will help turn your passion into a career. The World Travel and Tourism Council have estimated that the hospitality and tourism industry will grow annually at 4.2% until 2022. Demand for hospitality professionals will continue to increase providing many career opportunities for our graduates.

To prepare for this trend, students in the School of Hospitality Management receive a solid foundation of hospitality business courses along with the breadth of a liberal arts education. Supporting these academic classes, experiential learning is provided through three required internships. These internships offer a great opportunity to explore numerous facets of the industry, expand your knowledge and discover your ideal career path. Also, hospitality graduates may complete the fifth year Master of Business Administration (MBA) at The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies. The School, by offering degrees in both hospitality management and hotel management, is committed to your personal

success. The hotel management degree prepares you for leadership positions in the lodging industry. In addition, you could earn a Swiss hotel management diploma in your junior year. The hospitality management degree gives you the flexibility of creating your own area of specialization. You may choose the general hospitality management option or develop your area of expertise with a concentration in events management, international hospitality management, or senior community management. A degree in hospitality management is your passport to global opportunities. The School of Hospitality Management offers unique study abroad locations such as Sydney (Australia), Florence (Italy), Bluche (Switzerland), and other locations offered through the College. Over two thirds of recent graduates participated in study abroad, while completing their degree in four years. The School of Hospitality Management is committed to fostering your personal and professional growth through a progressive curriculum and industry experienced faculty advisors. Graduates demonstrate success in a range of organizational settings worldwide. Endicott is increasingly recognized as an innovative leader in the field of hospitality management education.


The nursing field has gained stature in recent years, as nurses have been given the recognition they deserve as important healthcare professionals. Endicott’s nursing program will prepare you to seize the tremendous opportunities for nurses today.

The Bachelor of Science degree program in nursing provides an excellent background for meeting the challenges of a career in nursing. A strong liberal arts component enhances your ability to understand and influence the individuals and the environments you will encounter in a work setting. Endicott nursing students have laboratory and/or clinical experiences every semester from their sophomore through their senior year and a full semester internship experience in the senior year. Clinical courses provide extensive experience in general patient care,

medical-surgical, maternity, pediatric, psychiatric nursing, and community health. The program will prepare you to take the licensing examination to become a registered nurse.

In the fall of 2013, the College opened the Center for Nursing and Health Professions. The nursing labs at the College provide a hands-on environment where students can learn, practice, and demonstrate nursing skills in a safe, supportive environment. The labs are designed to imitate a hospital setting and contain five hospital beds, four adult and three pediatric mannequins, a networked computer station, and a multitude of medical equipment and supplies. The labs are used by faculty to teach nursing skills and procedures and are also open for student use outside of class , to assist them in gaining proficiency and confidence in nursing techniques. The simulation nursing lab has high-fidelity Simulators, including SimMan, Nursing Anne, and Nursing Baby Vital Sim. Nursing students have the opportunity to learn and practice a wide range of clinical scenarios. The patient simulators are equipped with realistic anatomy and clinical functions which include a touch screen patient monitor with display capabilities for vital signs. The mannequins can be operated by a laptop computer or an iPad. Audio/visual recording and event log capabilities provides detailed feedback for students and faculty to review their performance in this lab. Each nursing student has the opportunity to engage in at least one simulation scenario each semester, in addition to observing “live theatre” simulation demonstrations that are brought into the classroom. Endicott also has a Master of Science program in nursing, which offers specialty areas in education and administration. The College also offers a family nurse practitioner concentration as well as a concentration in global health. An Endicott nursing student could obtain his or her undergraduate and graduate degrees in an intensive, five year program. In addition, the College offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. Both the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.



The athletic training program is designed to prepare students to enter directly into the profession or pursue advanced graduate studies. In addition to a strong academic curriculum, students gain internship/clinical experience in a variety of settings. The curriculum contains competencies and proficiencies established by the National Athletic Training Association Professional Education Council (NATAPEC). Additionally, it is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

Endicott students who wish to take advantage of our coaching certification program are required to complete selected coursework in nutrition, personal health issues, first aid and safety, and coaching strategies. Sport-specific field experiences enhance the coaching effectiveness of program graduates.

Endicott offers a Master of Education degree in athletic administration. The program is designed for professionals who wish to pursue a career path in athletic administration, college athletics, high school athletics, and media relations in athletics.

The exercise science major prepares students for the expanding allied-health and fitness industry. Completion of the exercise science major enables students to pursue pre-professional programs (e.g., occupational therapy, physical therapy), strength and conditioning, graduate studies, and applied fitness and wellness opportunities (e.g., corporate wellness, hospital wellness, personal training). Students will also be able to sit for certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Sport management students enhance their skills and training in various settings including professional sports organizations, minor league franchises, athletic administration, event management, and venue management. The program provides students the opportunity to foster an understanding of and appreciation for the sport industry. The curriculum has met the standards set forth by the Sport Management Program Review Council (SMPRC) and endorsed by the National

Students at all levels may undertake a degree program in art therapy, graphic design, interior design, photography, or studio art. Those from a different major may minor in art history, arts administration, art therapy, graphic design, photography, or studio art.

The physical education teacher licensure major meets the standards required by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Students who complete this program and pass the state licensing examination (MTEL) will have the opportunity to teach physical education at two levels: Pre-K–Grade 8 and Grades 5–12.


Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM).

If you have creativity, discipline, and a passion for the arts, you have what it takes to become a professional artist or performer. Opportunities abound in fine arts, performing arts, and visual communications. The faculty of the School of Visual and Performing Arts will nurture your ability to think imaginatively and provide professional training to sharpen your talents. The state-of-the-art Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts is a 65,000-square-foot modern building beautifully located on a sloping site with views to the ocean and campus ponds. The Center includes theaters, galleries, labs, and studios and utilizes the latest equipment and software. Additionally, a photography studio, two Mac labs, and a digital printing lab are available to students across all disciplines.

Art and Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program of study focuses on a flexible curriculum with solid foundation requirements. The core of the BFA creates many opportunities for students to explore and experience visual concepts in art. In-depth studies continue in six programmatic areas: art therapy, graphic design, photography, and studio art (2-D, 3-D, or Intermedia). Additionally, the School of Visual and Performing Arts offers a concentration in art education teacher licensure. All students are encouraged to honor their own creativity while exploring the demands of the critic, art director, or client. Endicott is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Our art therapy alumni work in healthcare and educational environments, while many pursue the graduate degree required for licensure. Graphic design graduates are prepared to work in both conventional and digital media, integrating theory and practice of visual communicators. Students who major in photography pursue careers in studios, publishing houses, newspapers, and as freelance photographers. Studio art alumni work as teachers, gallery and museum employees, and artists, while others pursue their Master’s degree. The interior design curriculum unites the study of art, design, and liberal studies with interior

design lectures and studios. Endicott offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Interior Architecture, and Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture), and is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation for application within institutional, residential, and commercial interior fields. Graduates are qualified to enter the building industry and are employed by interior designers, architects, consultant engineers, and facility planners. Graduates will be eligible to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification upon completion of two years of full-time work experience.

Performing Arts

Students in any major may choose to be involved in one or more of the performing arts opportunities on and near campus, which includes dance, drama, music, and musical theater. The Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts includes a 100-seat black box theater, a 250-seat recital hall, private practice rooms, group rehearsal studios, and a 3-D design studio.

Participation in dance is available through the courses offered in techniques and production, ballet, and composition. Students may also choose to minor in dance. Students interested in performance are invited to audition for the Repertory Dance Ensemble. Members of the Repertory Dance Ensemble perform at least once a semester, often in collaboration with other performance ensembles or artists. Endicott is pleased to have a formal collaboration with the Boston Ballet School. Throughout the year, special dance programs provide student opportunities to work with principals from regional and national organizations.

Our theater program provides training in and exposure to all aspects of the art of theater. The theater minor offers courses in acting, music theatre performance, directing, dramatic theory, technical theater, and theater history. Students have the opportunity to perform in at least two professionally-directed productions and additional student-directed productions annually. Endicott is affiliated with nationally recognized theaters, including Boston Children's Theatre and North Shore Music Theatre. Working professionals serve as instructors at Endicott and provide students with access to private vocal and acting coaching, as well as extensive internship opportunities in all areas of theatrical production. The Drama Club partners with the Performing Arts Department to produce full-length plays and musicals in conjunction with the dance, music, and theater faculty. Music is everywhere on campus: ensembles in every genre, workshops by guest artists, professional and student concerts, and the music minor. Students perform regularly at College events, and student ensembles offer concerts each semester. Students create, record, and edit original material while learning about structural components of music to enhance their work. Ensembles include: Chamber; Jazz Band; Endicott Singers; ECHO (Endicott College Harmonic Overtones) the student-run, co-ed, a cappella vocal ensemble; and Rock Band.


FACULTY Professional, Experienced and There for You

What will your professors be like? How will they lead you from where you are to where you want to be? Will they be there for you when you need them — during class and after class? Good questions. Endicott College has good answers. Your professors, both full-time and part-time, combine a love of teaching with a wealth of experience in their professional fields. You will quickly sense your professors’ love of teaching. They will encourage you to speak up in class — to ask questions, state your opinion, let your voice be heard, make your presence known. They will welcome the informal conversations, over coffee or in their offices, that lead to greater self awareness and, often, lasting friendships. They will expect much of you, and you, in turn, will begin to expect much more of yourself.

“ 14

Endicott faculty are a community of learners and leaders who truly change lives. Students here have many opportunities to reach their full potential in an environment where open dialogue is encouraged, both in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Sara Quay, Dean of the School of Education


All of the faculty have been selected for expertise in their fields and enthusiasm for teaching. â–˛


Yes, your self expectations will increase — as a person, as a student, and as a professional. Your professors know what it takes to succeed in their chosen fields, be it broadcast journalism, child psychology, hotel management, or whatever. They will convey the knowledge and sharpen the skills required for success in your chosen field. Because they think and act like professionals, you, too, will begin to think and act like a professional.


What you learn from Endicott’s faculty will stay with you long after you’ve gone on to do your work in the world. You will probably stay in touch with one or two faculty friends after graduation. You will certainly leave with the conviction that your Endicott experience has been shaped in countless and timeless ways by the College’s caring and experienced faculty.


THROUGH INTERNSHIP Practical Experience in the Working World... “But do you have experience?” You can

count on this question during your first job interview — and every other one

thereafter. Your answer will start with one word, “Yes,” because you will get lots of

practical experience in the working world

through the College’s extensive internship program. In most Endicott programs, you will spend your first two January terms

working at internship sites where you apply

what you have learned in the classroom.

During your senior year, you will spend an entire semester on an internship

assignment. You will gain more than

practical experience and the ability to say

“Yes” to an interviewer’s favorite question. You’ll acquire a better sense of yourself as

a person and as a professional. To see how internships can change lives, read the stories that follow . . .

Jeremy and Jonathan Morgan share a lot of things: a love of lacrosse, a major in criminal justice, and genes. The brothers from Long Island, New York say they were drawn to Endicott not only for the lacrosse program but also for the internship program. “We believe that a high percentage of graduates will get job offers because of the internships and experiences they have at Endicott,” Jeremy says. With internships at a police department and at a law firm under their belts, the brothers chose to explore different aspects of their minor in homeland security studies for the senior internship—Jeremy with Boston Marine Patrol and Jonathan with MSA Security, an industry leader in high consequence threat protection. Both brothers say their dream job would be to work for the NYPD, Jeremy on the counter-terrorism task force and Jonathan in the narcotics division.


Jordan Saintil Deep River, Connecticut


Sport Management


Boston University Athletics: Marketing Communications Boston, Massachusetts


Jordan’s first internship experience at a privately owned fitness company gave him a great overview of the wideranging responsibilities inherent in the business of sport. For his second internship site, he chose the marketing communications office of Boston University’s athletics department.

“I really enjoyed the autonomy that came with the position,” he says. “I was in charge of halftime contests, intermission activities, and game day promotions for the basketball and ice hockey programs. I wrote scripts for announcers, created graphics for the BU Athletics Facebook page, and offered insight on their social media presence.”

Looking ahead to his senior internship, Jordan plans to work with a sports marketing firm or professional sports team. He says, “Internships cover the intangibles that cannot be taught in the classroom.”

Students at other colleges may not have on-the-job experiences in their majors until they have graduated, but Endicott students get started right away. That will, in turn, aid them in narrowing down what career path they would like to pursue.



Alexandra “Lexi” Godlewski ’16 Rotterdam, New York


Business Administration/ Marketing


Karmaloop Offices Boston, Massachusetts


Her first internship at a locally owned prom and bridal dress shop gave Lexi a first-hand look at an entrepreneur in action. “I saw how much time and commitment it takes to run your own business,” she says.

In her second internship at Karmaloop in Boston, she participated in a phenomenon. Launched in 2000 as an e-commerce site for clothing that is beyond trendy, Karmaloop has become a fashion powerhouse. She says, “I worked with stylists, creating photoshoots for new items, I sat in on business meetings, and I maintained several social media sites for them, including Pinterest , Wanelo, and a blog.” She also worked with the marketing team behind their email campaigns. “Their other interns were seniors or graduates, so I was pleased that they placed so much trust in me as a sophomore. For my semester-long internship, I’m planning to work for a large corporation, like TJX, Puma, or Reebok.”

For me, internship has been a great way to explore different aspects of entrepreneurship. It has helped me narrow my focus, discover my strengths, and choose a career path.



Shane Wilson New Milford, Connecticut


Political Science, Minor: History


Office of State Senator Bruce Tarr, The State House Boston, Massachusetts


Shane’s internships have allowed him to explore a life-long fascination with politics. In the Office of the Mayor for the City of Beverly, he worked with an array of city departments – veteran’s affairs, planning, engineering, and others. “I saw how inter-connected the process of government is, and I saw the Mayor’s Office as the focal point for decision making, ” he says.

Working as a legislative aide for Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, Shane hopes to witness the inner workings of the Senate and see how laws are shaped and enacted. He also hopes to hit the campaign trail with the senator – good practice for his future plans. “I was always taught to reach for the stars,” he says, “so I might just run for President!”

An ROTC candidate at Endicott, Shane will join the Army as a second lieutenant upon graduation. After four years of active duty and four years in reserves, he’ll explore his options for continued service, politics, or the law.

Internship is a great teaching tool. It helps you discover what you like and don’t like about various careers. Then you have the opportunity to confirm your path or change it.


Courtney Wynn ’15 Wallingford, Connecticut


Educational Studies


Thomas A. Edison Charter School Wilmington, Delaware


Courtney met Salome Thomas-EL, the nationally recognized principal of the Thomas A. Edison Charter School, during her sophomore year when he spoke at Endicott and visited her curriculum class. “He gave me his card,” she says, “and I wrote to him when I was planning my senior internship. I’m thrilled to say that I will be moving to Delaware for six months to work with his students in grades three through five.”

She notes, “My other internships were close to home, so this will be a learning experience and an adventure! I’m eager to witness the various aspects of leadership, to learn his views on leadership, and to witness how school reform happens. I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in the third grade, and I plan to pursue a master’s degree in special education. I’d like to work with under-privileged populations, and I appreciate the opportunities Principal EL has given me. It will be a great experience.”

Employers are looking for people with experience, and many colleges don’t provide those kinds of opportunities. At Endicott, the internship program ensures that students will have a number of work experiences to add to their resumes, augmenting and strengthening their academic degrees.


Business students have

will assist you with

worked in a variety of

site that will offer many

Headquarters, Merrill

securing an internship opportunities for

self-enrichment. For

example, recent Endicott communication majors

functions at Nike World Lynch, Choate Investment Advisors, and Fidelity Investments.

An Endicott education

have held internship

will give you the

Worldwide, ESPN,

that can only be achieved

positions at Arnold and MTV.

Art students have had

their talents tapped at Sasaki, Hill Holliday,

and the Peabody Essex Museum.

confidence and the skills through professional work experience.

Appalachian Mountain Club American Cancer Society American Red Cross Aramark Baystate Financial Services Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Boston Bruins Boston Celtics Boston Harbor Hotel Boston Police Department Brigham and Women’s Hospital Brooke Venture Partners Burns Entertainment and Sports Marketing By The Sea/Sotheby’s International Realty Cell Signaling Technologies Cubist Pharmaceuticals CVS Pharmacy Department of Criminal Justice Information Services Disney EBSCO Publishing Electric Insurance Company EMC Essex County District Attorney’s Office Fidelity Investments Four Seasons Hotels Fox 25 Boston GAP Promotions Gorton’s Greater Boston Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Habitat for Humanity Harvard Business Publishing Harvard University Hurricane Junior Golf Tour ING Investment Management J. Crew Kraft Sports Group Lahey Health Behavioral Services Make-a-Wish Foundation Mass Audubon Society Massachusetts General Hospital Massachusetts State Police Mohegan Sun Casino MTV Mullen National Baseball Hall of Fame NeuroLogica Corporation New England Aquarium Nordstrom Northwestern Mutual Peabody Essex Museum Perkins Eastman PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP PUMA Quayside Publishing Ritz Carlton Residential Services Sage Science Shawmut Design and Construction Special Olympics Massachusetts State Street Corporation Target The Cheesecake Factory Timberland TJX Companies UBS United States Marshall’s Service Vistaprint W Magazine WCVB-TV Channel 5 News WHDH-TV 7 News Boston Wenham Museum Worcester Sharks Zoo New England – Stone Zoo


Endicott was the first college in the nation to require internships of all students. â–˛


DEGREES Your Options Create Great Opportunities

What options will you discover to best meet your needs? Whether it be to continue your education in graduate school or to begin your career... that’s for you to decide. However, you’ll receive continuous guidance and constructive feedback along the way: from your academic advisor, your professors, internship supervisors, study abroad faculty, and from your peers – good sounding boards as well as supportive friends. You will discover that experiential learning increases self confidence and instills life-long understanding of the importance of taking risks and accepting challenges in all aspects of your life.

With small classes taught by dedicated and highly experienced professors and our unique program of three internships, Endicott students are remarkably well prepared to enter the profession of their choice or to go on to further their education in graduate school. In my mind, this provides tremendous value to students and their parents.

Dr. John Kelley, Associate Professor, Psychology


Endicott offers over 50 Bachelor’s programs of study and concentrations, as well as Master’s and Doctoral degrees. The option is yours. ▲


CAMPUS LIFE Sharing Great Times

with Great Friends

“Interesting, colorful, dynamic, varied, comfortable, challenging, unpredictable, unforgettable, memorable.” Pick as many adjectives as you like, and you’ll begin to draw a picture of campus life at Endicott. No two students experience life here at the same pace, with the same people, in the same way. That is as it should be. Your life outside the classroom will be as interesting and varied as you choose to make it.


Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

“ 26

An International Business major, student athlete, and member of the Class of 2005, MBA ’07, Erico reflects on his experience with the following message:

I will always remember the chimes of College Hall ringing in the hour as I walked to class on a crisp fall day, the salty smell of the ocean as I walked outside my freshman residence hall on a blustery winter morning, the beautiful orange and red sunsets over Endicott beach as I got in a game of catch with my friends, and the glow of a full moon that looks like it’s practically touching the water as it illuminates the whole campus. Each of these memories, along with numerous others, will be with me forever.

Much of your life here will center around your experiences in the College’s remarkably diverse residence halls. Pick your setting: large traditional residence hall, small house, or gracious old mansion; then move to a modern townhouse or suite-style residence

hall in your next years. Change your College “home” each year as your interests change.

As an Endicott student, you will soon discover the advantages of living and learning at a dynamic coeducational College. You will form lasting friendships while enjoying unique opportunities to lead or to follow — the choice is yours. Speaking of choices, the residence life staff and student activities calendar will keep you well informed on upcoming activities and events — from comedy nights to dance parties, jazz bands to rock concerts, notable speakers to art exhibits.

Endicott’s 235 acre oceanfront campus boasts three beaches and is noted as one of the most scenic colleges in America. ▲



TON The College Town

Boston, just 20 miles to the south of Endicott, is home to scores of colleges and thousands of college students. Whether you catch a ride with a friend or take the train/shuttle/“T” option, it won’t take long to reach the world’s most exciting college town. Boston is Faneuil Hall and Copley Place, Newbury Street and Harvard Square, Fenway Park (home of the 2004, 2007, and 2013 World Champion Red Sox), and the TD Garden (home to the 17-time World Champion Celtics and the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Bruins), concerts and plays, restaurants, shopping and sightseeing. Boston is, well, Boston!

Boston is not the only popular off-campus destination. You may join friends for a ski trip to New Hampshire or a shopping expedition at L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine. Finding something interesting to do in your free time is never a problem at Endicott.

If you crave serious athletic

competition, then suit up for the blue and green on one of the College’s

varsity teams: baseball, basketball, cross country, equestrian, field

hockey, football, men’s golf, ice

hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball. Varsity teams

compete at the NCAA Division III level and are members of the

Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC). In addition, club sports

include: cheerleading, crew, dance,

rugby, and sailing. Just want a chance to get some fresh air and unwind? Then join more than 80% of all our

students who participated last year in our intramural or recreational

activities, which include: wiffle ball, tae kwon do, kickboxing, soccer,

women’s self defense, racquetball,

aerobics, basketball (5 on 5, 3 on 3), strength and fitness training,

volleyball, arena football, flag

football, floor hockey, and softball. The Post Center includes fitness,

dance, weight and aerobic rooms;

racquetball courts; locker rooms; a

competition gymnasium seating 1,200; and a field house with a suspended

running track and traversing wall. A

3,030-seat stadium, a fully-equipped softball complex, and newly

renovated, synthetic turf North Field are the most recent additions to our athletic facilities. 30

ATHLETICS It’s Game Time!

If your athletic interests run to the spontaneous, then make good use of the

College’s tennis courts, athletic fields, and Post Athletic Center. They’re open to all students from early morning to late in the evening. Whatever your abilities or inclinations, you’ll discover that you can always be active and involved at

Endicott — knowing the satisfaction of giving it your best, learning from losing as well as winning, strengthening old friendships and forming new ones, and returning to your residence hall refreshed and invigorated.

ACTIVITIES Something Exciting

for Everyone

Reflect, for a moment, on those activities in your life when you’ve really focused on something, when you’ve worked along with others towards a common goal, when time stood still. In addition to producing sheer enjoyment, such experiences probably led to a better understanding of yourself and others. At Endicott, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to know the exhilaration of total involvement. You might want to experience democracy in action by working with the Student Government Association. You might help bring big-name entertainers and speakers to


campus as a member of the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Past attractions have included Howie Day, Bob Dylan, Robert Palmer, Coretta Scott King, Cathy Rigby, Billy Joel, The Roots, JeanMichel Cousteau, Gavin Degraw, Jack Levin, Guster, and Common. You might learn about creative expression while writing for the Endicott Review, the literary magazine, the Endicott Observer, the campus newspaper, or journalistic teamwork while helping put together the campus TV news program. You’ll find plenty to do here (see list of activities) and, most important, have a great time in the process.

ACADEMIC HONOR SOCIETIES ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Alpha Phi Sigma ‐ Criminal Justice Eta Sigma Delta ‐ Hospitality Iota Gamma Chi ‐ Liberal Studies Kappa Delta Pi ‐ Education Lambda Pi Eta ‐ Communication Mortar Board Phi Alpha Theta ‐ History Phi Sigma ‐ Biological Sciences Pi Sigma Alpha ‐ Political Science Psi Chi ‐ Psychology Psi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity ‐ Sport Science and Fitness Studies Sigma Beta Delta ‐ Business Sigma Iota Rho ‐ International Studies Sigma Tau Delta ‐ English Sigma Theta Tau/Chi Epsilon ‐ Nursing Sigma Xi ‐ Research in Natural and Social Sciences


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, Native American) American Society of Interior Designers Athletic Training Club Campus Activities Board (CAB) CAT Club (Creative Arts Therapy) Commuter Student Association Delta Epsilon Chi (DECA) EC Alliance EC Buddies Education Club Endicott Art Club Endicott Biotech Society Endicott College Dance Repertory Ensemble Endicott College Harmonic Overtones (ECHO) Endicott College Investment Club (ECIC) Endicott College Jazz Band Endicott College National Science Teachers Association (Student Chapter) Endicott College Rock Band Endicott College Student Nurses Association Endicott College Television Network (ECTV) Endicott College Radio (ECRadio) Endicott Drama Club Endicott Environmental Society (EES) Endicott Observer Newspaper Endicott Pep Band Endicott Review Endicott Singers Exercise Science Club Hillel History Guild Homeland Security Club International Interior Design Association (IIDA) ‐ Student Chapter Law and Justice Club LIGHThouse Leadership Society Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness, Inc. (Endicott Chapter) Math and Computer Science Club (MACS) Mingotide (Yearbook) Model United Nations (Model UN) Ocean 2 Ocean (Intercultural Club) Outdoor Adventure Club Physical Education Club Political Awareness Club Psychology and Human Services Club REACH Peer Education Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Residence Hall Association (RHA)/Hall Councils Rotaract Service Club Shipmates Sport Management Club Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) Student Government Association (SGA) The Agency


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Cheerleading Crew Club Dance Team Fitness Club Intramurals Rugby (men's and women's) Sailing Swim Club


Although a campus visit is not

required for admission, we strongly

encourage you to visit Endicott. Tour our beautiful, oceanfront campus.

Meet our students, faculty, and staff.

CAMPUS VISITS Come See for Yourself

We’re sure you’ll understand why we welcome every opportunity to share the story of this very special place.

Your college experience should be as far-reaching and varied as your hopes and dreams, and deciding where to spend these important years can be a daunting decision.

Our outstanding academic programs, our international affiliations, our extra-curricular choices, and our exciting athletic programs will give you many avenues to travel in your search for what’s important to you.


Even more importantly, our sense of community offers a welcoming and supportive environment in which to explore your options and expand your horizons. We invite you to come and see for yourself. Contact our Office of Admission to arrange a visit. Experience the feelings our college invokes. Discover Endicott! We’ll help you discover yourself!

We look forward to your visit!



Founded in 1939 by Dr. Eleanor Tupper and Dr. George Bierkoe, named for John Endicott, the first colonial Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.


Scenic, oceanfront campus situated 20 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, noted as the college “capital” of the world.


235 acres with 53 buildings and 29 residence halls, surrounded by woods, lawns, lakes, and shoreline.


2,500 undergraduate men and women from throughout the United States and around the world. Over 2,700 students are enrolled in the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Class Size

100% less than 40; 95% less than 30; 51% less than 20.


Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Arts.


Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing New England Association of Schools and Colleges Council for Interior Design Accreditation The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) Sport Management Review Council of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education and North American Society for Sport Management (NASPE–NASSM)


Endicott was the first college in the United States to require internships in every program of study. Three distinct internships are completed over the course of four years. These include two 120-hour experiences, completed in the winter session of the freshman and sophomore years, and a semester-long internship, completed in the spring of junior year or fall of senior year. In connection with their internship experiences, students participate in on-campus classroom exchange, online threaded discussions, written assignments, oral presentations, blogs, audio journals, and portfolio pieces. Historically, 40-45% of our graduates, on average, receive their first career position at one of their three former internship sites.



Endicott’s fiber optic backbone to all buildings, combined with the latest in Nortel switch and hub equipment, provides efficient and reliable network service. Our video

Some Facts and Figures capabilities include local programming, a movie channel, and a local information system. Wireless internet access is available throughout the entire campus.

Study Abroad

Endicott partners with foreign institutions for month or semester long programs which provide a rich international academic experience and enhance global understanding. EC students have studied abroad in Australia, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, and the U.K., among others. Partner institutions include the College for International Studies in Madrid, Spain; National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan; Florence University of the Arts and APICIUS International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy; Les Roches Hotel Management School in Switzerland; and Central Queensland University in Australia


NCAA intercollegiate athletics are available in thirteen areas—baseball, basketball, cross country, equestrian, field hockey, football, men’s golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball — and cheerleading, crew, dance, rugby (men’s and women’s), and sailing are available in varsity clubs. The Post Center is home for the School of Sport Science and Fitness Studies. This facility contains a 1,200-seating-capacity competition gymnasium, a separate field house, an elevated running track, a traversing wall, weight, fitness, aerobic, and dance studios, two racquetball courts, locker and training rooms, laboratories, classrooms, and office space for academic, athletic, and recreational departments. The 3,030-seat turf athletic stadium is home to the soccer, lacrosse, and football teams, and the fully equipped softball complex seats up to 500 spectators. The North Field features a newly installed synthetic turf field, outfitted with lights and additional seating, and plays host to Endicott’s baseball and field hockey teams.

Academic Resources

Professional and peer tutors offer an array of student-centered services tailored to meet specific academic needs across the disciplines. The Tutoring Center provides individual and small group sessions in all majors free of charge. The Student Support Center provides for-fee professional consultation on a twice-weekly basis. The Advising Services Center assists students with course selection and registration. The Writing Center helps students improve as writers across disciplines and genres.


Approximately 82% live on campus. Men’s and women’s residence halls have coeducational options and consist of mansions, traditional residence halls, townhouses, and suite-style housing.

Student Life

Over 70 clubs and organizations reflect student interests. Opportunities are available from honor societies to volunteer community service activities, music, cultural and social awareness programs, student leadership organizations, and numerous publications. The College also operates an on-campus pub.


Students must submit application materials for the fall term by the deadline of February 15 (international and transfer students – March 15). We may continue to accept applications after that date; however traditionally our class reaches capacity by early April. Once we have received all your credentials,we typically notify candidates of an admission decision within four to ten weeks. Application requirements include an official secondary school transcript with senior year first quarter/ marking period grades, a letter of recommendation, and essay. SAT or ACT scores are optional, with the exception of applicants for athletic training, early childhood education, elementary education, physical education teacher licensure, nursing, and secondary education teacher licensure programs. The College requests that scores be sent directly from ETS (EC Code 3369) or ACT (EC Code 1824). Although not required, you may submit a resume highlighting student leadership, extracurricular involvements, athletic activities, work experience, and other secondary school accomplishments. At the Beverly campus, a new undergraduate class of 750 freshmen enrolls from approximately 4,000 applicants.


Although a personal interview is not required for admission, we strongly encourage you to visit Endicott. This will be an important opportunity for you to meet students, faculty, and administrators and to tour our beautiful oceanfront campus. In addition to your student-guided tour, you will meet with a member of the admission staff to discuss the entire Endicott educational experience and to review your questions.


Undergraduate Fees

Tuition: $28,994 (2014–15) Room and Board: $13,734 (2014–15)

Financial Aid

Approximately 88% of Endicott students receive over 40 million dollars in the form of need- and merit-based scholarships, grants, loans, and on-campus employment. Specific information is available in the College Catalog and on the Endicott website.


Endicott College Office of Admission 376 Hale Street Beverly, MA 01915 Call: 1-978-921-1000 1-800-325-1114 (Outside Massachusetts) Fax: 978-232-2520 Email: Visit our Website:

376 HALE STREET • BEVERLY, MA 01915 • (978) 921-1000 • FAX (978) 232-2520

Discover The Experience… APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS When considering candidates for admission, the Endicott Admission Review Committee looks at the entire individual. In addition to reviewing the application and student essay, the Committee concentrates on the student’s academic record, personal recommendation(s), extracurricular activities, and test scores. Additional consideration for admission is given to applicants who possess unusual strengths or accomplishments. Endicott demonstrates a commitment to enrolling students from a wide geographic range as well as from all ethnic and racial heritages. We welcome applications without regard to race, religion, color, disability, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political belief, or prior military status.

Application Deadlines Fall Admission: Freshmen Students - February 15 Transfer and International Students - March 15

Spring Admission: All students - December 15

We may continue to accept applications thereafter on a space-available basis; however some programs reach capacity early in the application cycle.

Procedures All applications should be printed or typed and signed and dated. All completed applications should be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $50, payable to Endicott College. Students who submit their application online using the Endicott website ( may submit the application fee online using a major credit card. Arrange to have the following information sent along with your application or under separate cover: • A response to either essay statement located on our Application for Admission (the essay should be submitted electronically with the online application). • An official transcript of your high school or secondary school record including senior year first quarter/marking period grades. • One letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor and/or teacher. • Although not required, you may submit a resume highlighting student leadership, extracurricular involvements, athletic activities, work experience, and other secondary school accomplishments. • Test Optional: Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) scores are optional with the exception of applicants with majors in athletic training, early childhood education, elementary education, physical education teacher licensure, nursing, and all secondary education teacher licensure programs. Transfer students should send the materials listed above, official transcripts from all colleges attended, and an Endicott Transfer Recommendation Form (available at International students should submit the materials listed above, as well as official results of Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL or IELTS), and a declaration of finances indicating the applicant’s or a sponsor’s ability to pay the costs required to attend college in the United States. This information is required by the United States government and will be held in the strictest confidence. SAT or ACT scores are recommended, but not required.

Art Portfolios Students planning to major in one of the Art or Design programs are encouraged to submit a portfolio of their artwork for review by the School of Visual and Performing Arts. The portfolio evaluation will augment the Application for Admission. The portfolio should include the following: • •

20 samples of your artwork as jpgs on a CD (do not send originals). Examples in various media are suggested, such as drawing, ceramics, photography, drafting or graphics; rather than a concentration of images in one medium or discipline. Checklist description of artwork including medium, title, size, date, and software, if applicable.

Please note: CD and materials will not be returned. Send materials by January 15 to: Portfolio Review, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Endicott College, 376 Hale Street, Beverly, MA 01915 Upon receipt of the portfolio, the Dean, Department Chair, and appropriate faculty will review the work. The evaluation will then be sent to the Admission Office as a supplemental assessment tool.

APPLICATION CHECKLIST Please type or print all information and submit the following materials: ❒

A completed Endicott College Application for Admission accompanied by a $50 non-refundable application fee payable to Endicott College. Please remember to sign the application and have your parent or guardian also sign if you are under 18 years of age. If you have submitted an online application you will submit an electronic signature page.

❒ ❒

Email address. Please provide an email address we may use to correspond with you throughout the year. Please note that we will use the address to provide you with important information. Indicate the intended program of study on the front page of the Application for Admission by checking only one box. (If you wish to change your program of study after admission, you must request the change in writing from the Office of Admission.)

Arrange to have the following information sent along with your application or under separate cover: ❒ ❒

A response to either essay statement located on our Application for Admission (the essay should be submitted electronically with the online application). An official transcript of your high school or secondary school record including senior year first quarter/marking period grades. We ask that you have your guidance counselor or principal forward this information directly to the Office of Admission. Applicants who have not graduated from high school must submit a GED certificate issued by their state Department of Education. Internationally educated applicants whose educational documents are in a foreign language are required to have their credentials translated into English by an official from the secondary school. Endicott reserves the right to require that internationally educated applicants have their credentials evaluated by an approved external agency. This agency will certify the validity of the documents and determine if and how the potential transfer credits apply within the United States educational system.

❒ ❒ ❒

❒ ❒ ❒

One letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor and/or teacher. (Transfer students may submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor or other academic source.) Although not required, you may submit a resume highlighting student leadership, extracurricular involvements, athletic activities, work experience and other secondary school accomplishments. Test Optional: Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) scores are optional with the exception of applicants with majors in athletic training, early childhood education, elementary education, physical education teacher licensure, nursing, and all secondary education teacher licensure programs. The College requests that test scores be sent directly from ETS (code 3369) or ACT (code 1824). (There may be a delay in recording test scores if you choose not to provide your social security number to the testing service. Please notify our office so that we can verify your scores manually.) Transfer Students: Official college transcripts from all colleges attended and an Endicott Transfer Recommendation Form (available at International Students: TOEFL or IELTS scores and a declaration of finances indicating the applicant’s or a sponsor’s ability to pay the costs required to attend college in the United States. SAT or ACT scores are recommended, but not required. Art Majors: Students applying to art therapy, graphic design, interior design, photography, or studio art are encouraged to submit portfolios of their artwork by January 15 for review by the School of Visual and Performing Arts. Please follow the procedures noted in the Art Portfolios section of the previous page.

Please Note: Once the Office of Admission has received your completed application and application fee, you will receive a letter in the mail notifying you that we have received these documents. In the letter, you will also receive a USERNAME, PASSWORD, and instructions for checking our website to ensure our office has received all your required materials. It may take up to two weeks to receive and post some materials; therefore, you should check the website periodically for updates. If after the suggested two weeks you find a discrepancy, please notify the Office of Admission. Admission decisions will not be posted on the website – you will be notified by mail once a decision has been made.

Applications will not be considered by the Admission Review Committee until ALL of the materials listed above have been received in the Office of Admission. Once the application is complete, we traditionally notify candidates by mail of an admission decision within four to ten weeks. Please send all application materials to: Office of Admission • Endicott College • 376 Hale Street • Beverly, MA 01915

376 HALE STREET • BEVERLY, MA 01915 • (978) 921-1000 • FAX (978) 232-2520

APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION PLEASE refer to APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS and APPLICATION CHECKLIST FULL NAME _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Last/Family Name

First (Legal)


Maiden Name

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER _________ – ______ – _________ (Required if you intend to apply for financial aid and/ or the education tax credit.) EMAIL ADDRESS ___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Please provide an email address we may use to send you important information.

PERMANENT MAILING ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________ CITY ___________________________ STATE or COUNTRY _________________________ ZIP or POSTAL CODE ___________ HOME TELEPHONE ______-______-________ CELL ______-______-________ DATE of BIRTH _________ / _________ / _________ Month


PLACE of BIRTH _______________________________________________


City, State, Country

Note – If different from above, please give your mailing address for all admission correspondence.

PRESENT MAILING ADDRESS________________________________________ Eff. date: From ___________ To _____________ CITY ______________________________ STATE or COUNTRY _________________________ ZIP or POSTAL CODE ___________

Please check the appropriate items: Gender Entrance Date Housing

❒ Fall ❒ Spring

❒ Resident ❒ Commuter

Applicant Status

❒ Full-Time ❒ Part-Time

❒ First Year ❒ Transfer

❒ Female ❒ Male


❒ U.S. Citizen ❒ Permanent Resident ❒ International Citizen of: ______________________________________________

Race and Ethnicity – Optional Information (*) Are you Hispanic or Latino? (choose only one)

❒ Yes, Hispanic or Latino

❒ No, not Hispanic or Latino

❒ American Indian/Alaska Native ❒ White ❒ Black or African American ❒ Unknown/Other (explain) ❒ Asian ❒ Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander What is your race? (choose one or more)

(*) These questions are being asked to furnish statistics as required by the Department of Education.

PROGRAMS OF STUDY: By choosing only one square, please indicate your intended academic program of study. ❒ Accounting ❒ Applied Mathematics ❒ Applied Mathematics: Actuary and Statistics ❒ Art Therapy ❒ Athletic Training ❒ Bioengineering ❒ Biology/ Biotechnology ❒ Biology/ Biotechnology: Secondary Education Teacher Licensure ❒ Business Management ❒ Communication ❒ Communication: Digital Film Making ❒ Computer Science ❒ Computer Science: Interactive Computing Technologies ❒ Criminal Justice ❒ Digital Journalism

❒ Education: Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis ❒ Education: Early Childhood Education Teacher Licensure ❒ Education: Educational Studies ❒ Education: Elementary Education Teacher Licensure ❒ English: Creative Writing ❒ English: Literary Studies ❒ English: Secondary Education Teacher Licensure ❒ Entrepreneurship ❒ Environmental Science ❒ Environmental Science: Secondary Education Teacher Licensure

❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒

❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒

Exercise Science Finance Graphic Design History History: Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Hospitality Management Hospitality Management: Events Management Hospitality Management: International Hospitality Management Hospitality Management: Senior Community Management Hotel Management Interior Design International Business International Studies Liberal Studies

❒ Marketing ❒ Marketing Communication ❒ Mathematics: Secondary Education Teacher Licensure ❒ Nursing ❒ Photography ❒ Physical Education Teacher Licensure ❒ Political Science

❒ Psychology ❒ Sport Management ❒ Studio Art: Art Education Teacher Licensure ❒ Studio Art: 2D in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking ❒ Studio Art: 3D in Ceramics, Sculpture, and Installation ❒ Studio Art: Intermedia: Digital Media and Mixed Media

Endicott is a test-score optional institution. Standardized test scores are not required, with the exception of applications for athletic training, early childhood education, elementary education, physical education teacher licensure, nursing, and all secondary education teacher licensure programs. If you chose to submit your scores, the Endicott College codes are: SAT: 3369; ACT code: 1824. Please check only one: ❒ NO (do not consider my test scores) ❒ YES (consider my test scores)

HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE INFORMATION High School Name _____________________________________________ Date of Graduation __________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________ HS CEEB# _________________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State or Country ________ Name of Guidance Counselor __________________________________________ Zip or Postal Code ____________________________ H.S. Telephone ______-______-_________ G. C. Telephone ______-______- _____________________ Transfer Students Only: College Attended _____________________________________________ From _____________________ To _______________________________________ College Attended _____________________________________________ From _____________________ To _______________________________________ College Attended _____________________________________________ From _____________________ To _______________________________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN Name ______________________________ Relationship _______________

PARENT/GUARDIAN Name ______________________________ Relationship _______________

Address _______________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

City __________________ State _____ Zip _________________________

City __________________ State _____ Zip _________________________

Home Telephone _______-_______- _______________________________

Home Telephone _______-_______- _______________________________

Employer _____________________________________________________

Employer _____________________________________________________

Occupation ____________________________________________________

Occupation ____________________________________________________

Business Telephone _______-_______- _____________________________

Business Telephone _______-_______- _____________________________

Email ________________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________

Highest Level of Education: ❒ High School ❒ Associate

Highest Level of Education: ❒ High School ❒ Associate

❒ Bachelor

❒ Master

❒ Doctorate

❒ Bachelor

❒ Master

❒ Doctorate

PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE for PAYMENT: Name _________________________________________________________________ Relationship to Student_____________________________________________ Street Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State or Country _________________________ Zip or Postal Code _______________________________________ Home Telephone _________-_________-_______________ Work _________-_________-________________ Fax _________-_________-_______________ How did you “discover” Endicott? ❒ Alumna/us ❒ Endicott Admission staff at my high school ❒ Internet (please specify website) : ❒ Private Counselor ❒ Coach ❒ Endicott Brochure ______________________ ❒ Reputation ❒ College Fair ❒ Friend ❒ Mail ❒ Other (please specify) : ❒ College Night ❒ Guidance Counselor ❒ Parent(s) ______________________ ❒ Current Endicott Student Are any of your relatives Endicott: ❒ graduates ❒ current student(s) ❒ employee(s)? If so, give name(s), relationship, and graduation dates: ____________________________________________________________________ ACTIVITIES (in High School): Please check all activities in which you have participated in high school or in college for transfer students: ❒ Band ❒ Drama Club ❒ Student Council ❒ Chorus ❒ SADD ❒ Yearbook ❒ Community Service ❒ School Newspaper ❒ Other ❒ National Honor Society ____________________________________________ (please specify)

SPORTS (in High School): Please check all varsity sports you have played in high school or in college for transfer students: ❒ Baseball ❒ Football ❒ Soccer ❒ Basketball ❒ Golf ❒ Softball ❒ Cross Country ❒ Ice Hockey ❒ Tennis ❒ Equestrian ❒ Lacrosse ❒ Volleyball ❒ Field Hockey

ATHLETICS (in College) Please check all varsity sports in which you would like to participate at Endicott:

❒ Baseball ❒ Basketball ❒ Cheerleading (Club) ❒ Crew (Club)

❒ Cross Country ❒ Dance (Club) ❒ Equestrian ❒ Field Hockey

❒ Football ❒ Golf ❒ Ice Hockey ❒ Lacrosse

❒ Rugby (Club) ❒ Sailing (Club) ❒ Soccer

❒ Softball ❒ Tennis ❒ Volleyball

To what other colleges are you applying? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever visited Endicott? If yes, when? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ESSAY Please respond to one of the following essay topics (500–750 words minimum) 1. Define what success means to you and how Endicott will contribute to your future academic, personal, and professional success. 2. J.T. Adams stated, “There are . . . two educations. One should teach you how to make a living and the other how to live.” Describe what the quote above means to you and your expectations of your Endicott experience. I hereby make application for the above-named student and agree to the fees, terms, and conditions as set forth in the catalog. In consideration of the undertaking by the Admission Office to process this form, the undersigned agrees that the information furnished on the application form, together with all information and materials of any kind received by the Admission Office from any source, or prepared by anyone at its request, shall be completely confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone, including the candidate and his or her family, except that the Vice President of Admission may, for official purposes at his discretion, disclose any part or all thereof to such person or persons as required by the applicable law. Signature of Applicant _________________________________________________________________________ Date____________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian_________________________________________________________________ Date____________________________________ Please Note: The Admission Review Committee will not consider applications until ALL of the materials listed on the checklist have been received in the Office of Admission.

Endicott demonstrates a commitment to enrolling students from a wide geographic range as well as from all ethnic and racial heritages. We welcome applications without regard to race, religion, color, disability, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political belief, or prior military status.


ENDICOTT Directions From Route 128 North (Exit 45 on Route 95): Take Exit 17 (Grapevine Road, Beverly Farms). Turn right off the exit ramp and right again after 1.5 miles onto Haskell Street (by the cemetery). Proceed to the end, at stop sign, turn right onto Hale Street–Route 127. Travel 1.5 miles on Route 127 to Endicott College. The main entrance is the second entrance on the right. Check in at the Campus Safety Center and they will direct you to the Office of Admission. From Route 128 South: Take Exit 17 (Grapevine Road, Beverly Farms). Turn left off the exit ramp and follow the directions above.





From I-84, Hartford, New York City, or I-90, Albany: Take the Mass Pike to Exit 14, Weston. Follow I-95 North to Exit 45, Route 128 North, toward Gloucester. Follow the directions above from Route 128 North.


New Hampshire


From Maine: Follow Route 95 South to Route 1 South to Route 62 East to Route 128 North. Follow the directions above from Route 128 North.

From Vermont, New Hampshire: Follow Route 89, take Route 93 South to Route 95 North to Exit 45, Route 128 North, toward Gloucester. Follow the directions above from Route 128 North.

Photography on pages 20 and 21 provided by the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.


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From Boston: Follow Route I-93 North to I-95 North to Exit 45, Route 128 North, toward Gloucester. Follow the directions above from Route 128 North.


From . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Miles Albany, NY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .191 Augusta, ME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .133 Baltimore, MD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .480 Boston, MA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Buffalo, NY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .472 Burlington,VT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .245 Concord, NH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90 Hartford, CT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .120 Montreal, PQ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .370 New York, NY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .300 Philadelphia, PA . . . . . . . . . . . . . .420 Providence, RI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90 Washington, DC . . . . . . . . . . . . . .480

Endicott College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and is committed to the principles of equal employment and complies with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations advancing equal employment. The College’s objective is to employ individuals qualified and/or trainable for open positions by virtue of job-related education, training, experience, and qualifications without regard to sex, race, religion, color, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin or citizenship, veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other status protected by law. Endicott College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

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Endicott College Viewbook 2014-2015  

Endicott College Viewbook 2014-2015

Endicott College Viewbook 2014-2015  

Endicott College Viewbook 2014-2015