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ecial Place D

iscover the comfort you will feel in small classes led by caring professors who know not just your name but your nuances, the traits that set you apart, and the things that define you as an individual.

Discover the reflections you will see while looking into life’s mirror along with over 2,400 men and women from throughout the United States and around the world. Discover the freedom and flexibility you will enjoy at a College offering multiple options for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees and a welcoming environment for both traditional students and adult learners. Discover the career edge you will gain through three internships, spending time in professional settings — in Boston, in the United States, or in some cases, around the world.

Discover Boston, known as the “college capital of the world,” which is located only 20 miles south of the Endicott campus. Discover the growth that comes from fulfilling the promise of your own potential. Experience increased self-confidence and greater self-awareness. Discover, most of all, the most important person you will come to know during your years at Endicott. Discover yourself!

Endicott College Admission Viewbook 2013