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AVGS Newsletter May, 2014 AV Guitar Society Phone: (661) 256-2575

Tuesday, May. 13th, 7:00 pm

AVGS Monthly Meeting at Butler's Coffee 40125 10th St. West, Suite I, Palmdale, CA 93551

May’s Guest: • Bobby O • Seminar on demonstrating Harmonic Minor and Phrygian modes.

Bobby O will be doing a quick seminar on demonstrating Harmonic Minor and Phrygian modes as applied in modern rock styles. The Bobby O Band is still in the Steakhouse studio No Ho recording and nearly ready to mix 15 songs, the band is Jesse Vasquez-bass formerly of War and Tierra,David Lewis-keys formerly of Ambrosia,Shadowfax,Doobie Bros.,Josh Eagan-drums formerly of Pink,Steve Lukather-Billy Sheehan Trio Format this month will be Fun On Stage...! Pass on the word to fellow guitarists and drag a guitarist down for the fun...

Inside this issue: Fishing For a Song


The Serious Guitarist: Right Hand


Jimi Hendrix Postal Stamp


The “Music Business”


AVGS Mini Seminars


Upcoming Live Performances


Butler's Coffee Phone: (661) 272-9530

Tuesday, May. 20th, 7:00 pm

AVGS Monthly Meeting at Guido's Pizza 2938 Sierra Highway, Rosamond, CA 93560 Format this month will be fun with Guitar. The Guido's Pizza Venue Format is a casual gathering with an opportunity to Jam, Network, Dicuss and Learn Guitar Techniques. So bring some sheet music to share for everyone to join in on the fun - and please pass on the word to fellow guitarists and drag a guitarist down for the fun...

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AVGS Newsletter May, 2014

Fishing For a Song Since about the middle of last century, a Particular sort of musician has been identified as a “Singer-Songwriter.”

“Until now, rock, blues, and jazz players have not had a book devoted

The term has become very popular in the last ten years, identifying an artist who typically accompanies themselves, with at most one or two backup players, usually writes alone or with at most one partner, and is expected to at least be able to take their show on the road with minimal support or fanfare. The singer part of the title is pretty obvious. Their works will usually include lyrics and they will sing to their audience. The writing part is where the rubber hits the road…or something else hits the fan. I propose that many can sing and play well, while few can write well, and that what will be remembered, give an artist standing and longevity, and give most to humanity is the writing. I also believe that the process of writing a song

is like many creative endeavors, having two distinctive elements which are each indispensable: fishing and cooking. There is both art and craft in creating and performing a good song. The art is to have vision, to be open to experience and to collect images, ideas and feelings, and to see how they relate to one another. That is fishing. One must wait. The materials for creativity float by, and the best artists pick the ones they need, and keep them handy or when a connected (or connectable) piece floats by. Then, when the collection has grown to a critical mass, and the necessary parts are ready to be assembled into a song (there are enough fish in the boat for a meal) it is time to cook them up.

least want to hear it again) and then to perfect and perform it. Some people are better at one than the other, but both wins are necessary for the Singer-Songwriter. Look forward to much more about both the art and the craft, right here. In the meantime, check out these references: More on Singer-Songwriters: WikiPedia Webzines: Paste Magazine (eclectic) Pitchfork Media (Independent Artists) Rolling Stone (PopCulture) Article by Wayne Slater-Lunsford

Actually composing the song is the workmanlike process of assembling the stuff one has gathered into a form which the audience can receive (eat, or absorb - not necessarily totally understand, but at

entirely to right-hand

The Serious Guitarist: Right Hand Picking


When it comes to right-hand picking technique, serious guitarists have waited patiently for a comprehensive book to address these specialized skills. Until now, rock, blues, and jazz players have not had a book devoted entirely to right-hand picking. The Serious Guitarist: Right Hand Picking, by Mark Burgess, fills this gap with a unique, dedicated approach to pick playing that you've always been looking for. You'll learn the most efficient way to hold and use a pick, and discover ways to increase efficiency when moving from string to string.

Lessons are organized by the number of strings--beginning on a single string, then progressing to twostring exercises, then three, all the way up to six strings. The featured exercises have been thoughtfully developed into musical ideas and licks to give a clear example of how you can incorporate the exercises into your own playing. This way, you will be playing music, not just exercises. Right Hand Picking provides the tools you need to become a better guitar player, but more importantly, it will help you become a better musi-

cian. The included companion CD features demonstrations of the examples in the book. To purchase Mark’s book, please click the following link: The Serious Guitarist: Right Hand Picking Mark will be releasing his new book soon on Left Hand Technique. Stay Tuned!

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AVGS Newsletter May, 2014

U.S. Postal Service Honors Legendary Guitarist, Jimi Hendrix The U.S. Postal Service will take center stage on the SXSW Outdoor Stage at Butler Park with the dedication of the Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp. Widely recognized as one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 20th century, Hendrix displayed an innovative style that embraced the influences of rock, R&B, modern jazz and the blues, inspiring musical artists of his era and beyond. The Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp goes on sale today at Post Offices nationwide, online at, at the Postal Store on eBay at, and through 800STAMP24 (800-782-6724).

The “Music Business” Musicians and “Music Business,” are seldom a marriage in the music industry. Gigs, Jams, Writing, Performing, Practice are the primary focus of a musician’s life—but sing the blues of how broke they are! Need $$... Business Diversity is a must to be successful in any interest you may have. What is “Business Diversity” you may ask? It is Diversifying your particular Interest or Art into Business Entities for Profit

Opportunities. Let’s take a Guitarist/Song Writer for example (Joe Musician). They practice guitar, write songs, going to open mics and no or low pay gigs and collecting tips, just for the exposure of hoping to making a living at what they do. They may take a job at a local fast food restaurant, mow lawns, etc., just to get by… Now let’s Diversify Joe Musician. Joe not only practices

guitar and writes songs, but he also Teaches Guitar, Repairs Guitar, and Builds Business Websites for other Musicians. Everything Joe Musician does is related to what he loves to do, but he has developed business opportunities that provides a lucrative career while promoting his musicianship as a performer in the process. He’s just doing what he enjoys doing—and like is grand!

AVGS Mini Seminars AVGS Meeting 15 minute Seminars on Guitar Technique!

great articles on guitar technique as well on the website.

May 13th - Bobby O Seminar on demonstrating Harmonic Minor and Phrygian modes as applied in modern rock styles.

Article Page: Practicing Scales: Versatility and Vitality or visit the website at:

June 10th - TBA Be sure to arrive at the meetings on time to take advantage of these awesome mini seminars. Below, I also included a link to an article on left hand technique. Go to the Link below to read this article. There are many other

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AV Guitar Society Newsletter - May 2014  
AV Guitar Society Newsletter - May 2014  

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