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Site Analysis

Functional Relationship diagram Mappings

Functional Relationship Diagram


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Education Special Use Residential Community

Solar & Shadow

Users on Weekdays and Weekend

Visitors on Weekdays Visitors on Weekends

Film study

The Passenger Sketching, models and drawings

The Passenger It is a film depicting a television reporter in Africa who assumes the identity of a dead stranger in order to escape his past life and the advanturous journey imposting others. The film is has a particular special way of framing and camera movement, which results in frames that seem to be absent but the subjects are barely visible, as well as radical movements of camera and beautiful shadows. These cinematheque qualities exhibit in the film are the inspirations for designing a theatrical cinematheque museum.

Absence and Presence The notion of it is there but not there. A fully transparent material of acetate is used and hanging off the support with white string, which creates a sense of absence, however once shone with light shadow is casted, where the sense of presence is proven.

Camera Angle The Passenger has intriguing camera angles and camera movements, the camera does not move across the scene with single focus on single subject, instead it pans across the scene in diagonal, horizontal and vertical movements. Due to this unconventional way in cinematography results in a sense of absence in the scene, yet revealing some subjects.

Relationship Explore the human relationship between the two main characters in the movie. The strings are connected according to the feelings of doubt conveyed by the female protagonist, while the male protagonist is firm and strong in his own beliefs. Thus the message from the female towards the male is more dispersed and the message from the male protagonist are more direct.

Abstract Sketches


The Absence What would it be like?

Spaces without solid partitions?

The project is located at North Everleigh precinct in NSW on a 200m x 20m elongated site. The concept of Absence is achieved by having open plans throughout the entire public spaces, and each space are purely defined by the illusory elements of light and shadow. Each levels and spaces has distinctive atmospheric qualities and is unique on its own right, resulting in a strong cinematic, theatrical quality. The light and shadow are sourced from natural light coming from above, the open rooftop on level 4, filtering all the way from level 4 through to level 2.

Located in the middle of the site, having two main entrances on each side of the building (Wilson St and Carriageworks). Reserving the existing Yaama Dhyaan Training School(now serve as a coffee shop and community gathering centre, neighbouring beside the apartment, to enhance the community bonding with the rest of the site on the South-West side of the precinct.

Visitors arriving from Wilson St

Visitors/Staff arriving by car

Site Plan

Level 3 Entrance Gallery/Retail/Cinema Scale 1:500 Inspired by The Thermal Vals / Peter Zumthor

“The fascination for the mystic qualities of a world of stone within the mountain, for darkness and light, for light reflections on the water or in the steam saturated air� by Peter Zumthor

Visitors arriving from Wilson Street through the East entrance first enter to a brightly lit area, without noticing as they turn, a complete darkness awaits, and the dappled light from the opening from above slowly lead people through transition from a lively public entrance into a more enclosed cinema.

Level 2 Archive/Public Access/Cafeteria Scale 1:500

Research in a private and calming darkness, guided by natural light from above, enjoying the private and natural moment in the library and archive. Once getting tired, step out of the comfort zone and into the brightly lit space, leading to the skylight cafeteria, enjoying the art of water reflection outdoor and enjoy the sunshine.

Level 4 Exhibition Gallery/Workshop Scale 1:500

Natural sunshine diffuses by a translucent layer and embraces the visitors with soft but bright atmosphere in the exhibition gallery. As the visitors enter the level, silk drape comes into view and create a sense of absence while light gently filter through and lead the visitors into the gallery space.

Gallery space Panels hanging off the ceiling

Kimbell Art Museum by Louis Kahn Reflectors spread the strip of sunlight across the gallery ceilings

North-South Section Scale 1:400

East West Section Scale 1:500

Year 3 Semester 1 Studio Portfolio  

University of Sydney Design in Architecture Year 3 Design Studio Portfolio. Site: North Everleigh, NSW, Project: Cinematheque