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DR. JOHNSON Shareholder & Beyond


2 COVER STORY Dr. Johnson Earns Shareholder Status


8 MEDICAL NEWS 10 CLINIC PROFILE Arch & Shoe Supports: JCMG Laser & Vein Which is the Right One Center for You?

5 JCMG SCHOLARSHIPS $4,000 awarded to area students

6 DOCTOR TO PATIENT Fighting Cancer on All Fronts



DR. JOHNSON Shareholder & Beyond “He is quickly becoming one of our most popular doctors, and his future is very bright at JCMG.”

2    MAY 2014

Since joining JCMG in 2012, Alfred Johnson, M.D., has been hitting the ground running. Being an internist and pediatrician, he divides his time

between the departments of family medicine and pediatrics. Patients, and parents alike, love him! Here is a sampling of the comments that we’ve received about Dr. Johnson: “Dr. Johnson IS wonderful!” “He is the best. My daughter loves going to the doctor, which makes things easier on me.” “Dr. Johnson is so great with the kiddos.” “He is an awesome doctor.” “The world needs more doctors like him; taking time to know each patient and their needs.” “You’re such a great physician, thorough, and have a wonderful bedside manner. You make a great asset to their already amazing team!” It’s no surprise that he earned the status of shareholder in a little over a year after joining the group. Shareholder status in JCMG is conferred by a vote of the Board of Directors. It requires that the physician have a growing medical practice and a high level of achievement in their medical field. Other factors include professional excellence, patient satisfaction and a collegial working relationship with peers. “Dr. Johnson is very pleasant to work with, and we are all very impressed with how rapidly his practice took off,” says Dr. Richard Jennett, JCMG president and CEO. “He is quickly becoming one of our most popular doctors, and his future is very bright at JCMG.” He received a medical degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, where he also completed a combined residency in pediatrics and internal medicine. Dr. Johnson and his wife, Ebony, have four children. To make an appointment with Dr. Johnson, call 635-JCMG (5264).

gr ow wit h us. Pediatric illnesses and injuries don’t always occur on a 9 to 5 schedule, which is why we’re pleased to announce JCMG Pediatrics Extended Care.

No Appointment Necessary Your child can be seen the same day! Monday - Thursday noon to 7 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday & Sunday Pediatric provider on staff at JCMG Extended Care 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Extended Care

JCMG Women & Children’s Center Second floor ~ 1241 W. Stadium Blvd. ~ ~ 556.7704

JCMG eMag  3


WHY WE WALK! What started out as a normal pregnancy for Sherry Jett, JCMG Pediatrics, took an unforeseen turn near the middle of her 32nd week of pregnancy. “I started having contractions around 6 p.m. on Sept. 26,” recalls Sherry. The contractions did not let up and she knew something was wrong. Around 10 p.m., she and her husband, Tommy, went to St. Mary’s Health Center. At the hospital, nursing staff tried to stop the contractions, by giving her oral medication and two injections. Sherry was then placed on IV so that she could receive Magnesium Sulfate, as a last resort to stop contractions. Penicillin and a steroid shot were administered to help develop the lungs of a baby not quite ready to meet the world. “Around 4:30 a.m., I was told that I was going to be transferred to MU Women’s and Children’s Center,” she said. “I left St. Mary’s around 7:10 a.m. Friday morning, Sept. 27 and our daughter, Maggie, arrived at 8:33 a.m., weighing 4 lbs., 10 oz.

4    MAY 2014


Maggie spent 45 days in the NICU at MU Women’s and Children’s Center. “Her biggest issue, while in the NICU, was that when sleeping Maggie’s saturation and heart rate would decrease. At times, they would have to stimulate her to come to, other times she would come out of it on her own,” remembers Sherry. Maggie finally came home on November 11. At that time, she was put on an apnea monitor and daily oral caffeine for about a month. She also received a monthly Synagis vaccine for about four months, to help prevent Maggie from acquiring a serious respiratory virus known as RSV. Today, Maggie is a happy 7 month old who babbles and smiles a lot. She currently weighs 19 lbs., 4.4 oz. “She is still playing catch up on certain things like rolling over and saying ‘dada’ or ‘baba.’ She is a very happy baby and always makes sure you know she is around,” says Sherry. Maggie is also the granddaughter of Carol Mize, JCMG operator. JCMG’s March of Dimes campaign results for 2014 can be found on page 15.

Maggie Jett entered this world earlier than expected, but is now a happy seven month old.


JCMG Awards $4,000 in Health Sciences Scholarships to Area Students Jefferson City Medical Group is pleased to announce that five area students, pursuing nursing or pre-medicine degrees, were recently awarded scholarships by the group. The JCMG Health Sciences

Scholarships were established in 2009 because of the increasing demand for physicians and nurses due to the aging population and increase in life expectancy. Since that time, the group has invested $24,000 in the medical education of area students. This year’s winners include:

Stephanie Hose, MD Dermatologist Robyn McCullem, MD Dermatologist

Treat Mom to a VI-Peel Peel away hyperpigmentation and sun spots from the face and body, quickly and painlessly, with VI Peel! Enjoy clearer, radiant skin in one week!

Mother’s Day Special: 10% off any VI Peel purchase.

Julia Ceglenski, daughter of Dennis Ceglenski and Toni Prawl, Jefferson City, is a senior at Helias Catholic High School. She will major in biology/biomedical engineering (pre-medicine) at the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Lauren Haslag, daughter of James and Bonnie Haslag, Loose Creek, is a registered nurse seeking her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Lincoln University.

Online & Mobile App Prescription Refills

Abby Lueckenotte, daughter of Brian and Teresa Lueckenotte, California, is a senior at California High School. She will major in biochemistry (pre-medicine) at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Taylor Michitsch, daughter of Dr. Robin and Kristie Michitsch, Jefferson City, is a senior at Jefferson City High School. She will major in biochemistry (pre-medicine) at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Claire Ryan, daughter of Dr. Michael Ryan and Dr. Hildegard Emslander, Jefferson City, is a senior at Jefferson City High School. She will work in Germany for one year prior to continuing her pre-medicine education. All scholarship winners reside within the JCMG service area. JCMG is very interested in encouraging students to work in the healthcare field and hopes that they will return to their hometown after they receive their medical education. 

Search the app store for “Health Mart” or go to:


8 am - 6 pm Monday-Friday 9 am - 2 pm weekends & most holidays





FIGHTING CANCER on all fronts Cheryl Eichelberger knew she was getting a highly trained cancer specialist when she enlisted Dr. Douglas Laux, JCMG oncologist-hematologist, to lead the fight against her ovarian cancer. But she

soon learned the fight involved more than killing cancer cells; Dr. Laux supported her through the emotional battle as well. “He helped me understand that it was okay to feel alone, while everyone else’s family seems to be normal, and all of a sudden mine is not … and to accept each day as it is and enjoy it to its fullest,” says Cheryl, a retired kindergarten teacher. Dr. Laux’s support got her through the toughest times. “He’s the type of doctor that people want a doctor to be. He’s caring, compassionate, gentle and generous with his time,” she says. Dr. Laux was a cancer research scientist before he decided to become a physician. He received a medical degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in oncology and hematology. Cheryl also credits JCMG internist Dr. Don Miller’s aggressive approach to preventive care for discovering the tumor. During the weekly sessions of chemotherapy, she adds, the entire Oncology Department “treated me like a family member.”

He’s the type of doctor that people want a doctor to be. He’s caring, compassionate, gentle and generous with his time.” Dr. Douglas Laux JCMG oncologist

Cheryl Eichelberger Oncology patient

Help support JCMG’s Relay for Life team and its fight against cancer. Once again, JCMG commemorates this year’s walk, and its continued fight against cancer, in memory of our dear friend and beloved physician, Dr. Ronald Strong.

6    MAY 2014

One team. One location.

Focused on You.

Dr. Rolando Breier JCMG oncologist

Dr. Douglas Laux JCMG oncologist Dr. John Bechtel St. Mary’s radiation oncologist

St. Mary’s Cancer Center at JCMG brings exceptional, integrated care from the most respected physicians, all in one building, with the most advanced technology in cancer treatment. It’s the latest step in a collaboration that is raising the bar in cancer care right here in our community. JCMG eMag  7



If you do a Google search for arch supports or shoe inserts you will be inundated with millions of results containing successful product reviews by people you have never met. These reviews will more

often than not give you a false hope of resolution of any problem you have ever had with your feet ­— from birth deformities to a recent onset of discomfort — that just won’t seem to go away. The truth is that most shoes we buy today lack the necessary support our feet need to get us through our busy life. When was the last time most of us had a day when we didn’t walk thousands of steps before lunch? The impact our lifestyles have on our feet is enormous. Think about this, every time we take a step it can be from 2-5 times our body weight that our feet endure. The average man weighs around 170 pounds and this creates, at minimum, 340 pounds of pressure with each step. Now multiply that by 10,000 steps (the recommended amount of steps we take in a day to be healthy). We are left with a result of 3,400,000 pounds of pressure placed on our feet each day. Knowing that our feet alone cannot handle this we rely on our shoes to help cushion and provide support throughout the day. A few years ago Sketchers came out with their “shape-up” shoes and with a large marketing campaign they were flying off the shelves. Most people believed that just by wearing these shoes our legs were going to be muscular, back pain was going

to go away and our feet would be miraculously cured of any ailment. Unfortunately, those shoes took their toll on our bodies and people developed very bad tendinitis and inflammation that required care by a medical professional. Today, there are commercials all over TV about “custom” insoles by Dr. Scholl’s that will fix our problems once again for the low price of $50. They lead us to think that by stepping on a scanner and grabbing a pair of inserts off a rack that we are receiving a “custom” insole. This is very misleading to me. For me, custom means that a mold or digital scan with possible 3D representation of your feet are taken and then a replica of your foot is created and a true custom insert (or orthotic) can be made to the exact shape and contour of your foot based on a podiatrist’s prescription of the necessary changes to help promote better alignment and function of your foot. Custom made orthotics are typically the best option but sometimes over-the-counter (OTC) shoe inserts are needed. If you walk through the aisles at Walmart or Walgreens or your local sporting goods store you will find a huge wall of inserts that will fix just about anything for your feet. Most range from $10 to over $50! In my experience some only last a few weeks and others really provide no support at all. Take my own personal experience with these inserts. About a year ago my 11 year old son, Jacob, got a new pair of football shoes. After a couple of days they just were not very comfortable

We put

3,400,000 lbs of pressure on our feet daily.

(The average man weighs around 170 lbs. and creates a minimum of 340 lbs. of pressure with each step. Multiply that by the recommended 10,000 steps a day to arrive at the daily total.)

8    MAY 2014


They lead us to think that by stepping on a scanner and grabbing a pair of inserts off a rack that we are receiving a “custom” insole. because they offered no real support in the arch and no cushion either. Jacob told me the night before his game and obviously I didn’t have enough time to make a custom insert for his shoes so I too had to go to Walgreens and purchase a pair of inserts for his shoes. This was a very frustrating experience for me because I knew the $25 I just spent was going to last maybe a week or two at best. It was then that I decided I needed to find a product that was going to be better for people financially and functionally. After some research I found a very good OTC substitute for custom made orthotics, Powersteps. Powersteps are a widely used OTC orthotic that I tell my patients should last at least 6 months (much better than the 2 weeks my son got out of his inserts). Now, could I get these to my patients for less than standing on that silly machine at Walmart? Absolutely! (At JCMG podiatry we can offer these to our patients for $40 with no tax). These inserts can be modified right

in the office if needed to further accommodate a painful callus or bony spur. We can add a wedge to change the angle that your foot strikes the ground to help promote a more normal gait cycle. The best thing is that there is no machine performing a short scan of your foot and telling you to grab something off of a rack. There is a physician, a specialist in foot and ankle care, completing a thorough physical examination of your feet and making a personal decision with you for an appropriate treatment plan to expedite your recovery. OTC inserts can be a good alternative to custom made orthotics when used properly and when combined with a treatment plan by a podiatrist at JCMG.

Helping you get back

on your feet.

Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Specialists

Conservative & Surgical Care for All Ages X-Ray, MRI, CT Scans on Premises Same Day or Next Day Appointments Available

William Duke, DPM

Jody P. McAleer, DPM

PODIATRY 1241 W. Stadium Blvd., Jefferson City, MO 556-7724

JCMG eMag  9


JCMG LASER & VEIN CENTER This May will be the JCMG Laser & Vein Center’s 7th annual Sunsational Celebration Open House.

This event is a showcase of the many services the Laser & Vein Center offers the community. The center was the vision of Chandra N. Prasad, MD. who had been treating patients with venous disease since starting his surgical practice in Jefferson City in 1996. Vein disease is often seen as a cosmetic issue by the general public but it is in fact a medical condition that adversely affects the aging population’s quality of life. As technologies changed and more knowledge of vein disease was discovered, it became apparent that treating patients in a more comprehensive and preventative manner would lessen the chance that they would suffer the devastating end results of venous disease: ulcers, leg infections and blood clots. The discovery that lasers could be used in an outpatient setting to achieve better results than surgery prompted the opening of the Laser & Vein Center. Today, the center is one of the premier vein treatment facilities in the Midwest. It can treat the majority of varicose vein disease utilizing the best and latest methods. This includes lasers, sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided injections, and minor surgical removal of veins. The center is staffed by two board certified surgeons, Drs. Chandra N. Prasad and Anne E. Petersen. Dr. Prasad is also board certified in Phlebology, the specialty of treating vein disease. The laser technologies the center introduced also presented the opportunity to offer additional services that at the time, were not being offered in a physician setting in the area. Initially, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and treatment of hyper pigmentation were offered. The center currently offers a full menu of non-surgical esthetic treatments including skin rejuvenation, Ultherapy skin tightening, chemical peels, BOTOX injections, dermal

filler injections, and a variety of body contouring services. To complement these services the center provides access to a full line of medical grade skincare and a mineral makeup line. This guarantees the client has the option for the best homecare in order to maximize the effectiveness of their in office treatments. The latest introductions have been: • A manicure and pedicure service line that once again, brings a medical standard to what is often seen as only a spa service. They do this by offering the highest level of sanitation and surgical autoclave cleansing of all equipment. They have also partnered with Dr. Jody McAleer and Dr. William Duke who now offer laser fungal treatments for toenails at the center. • A VersaSpa Tanning treatment that offers a realistic tan without the harmful effects of sun exposure. • And this summer they will start performing tattoo removal with the new PicoSure, the fastest and most reliable tattoo removal lasers available.   The Center’s motto is “Enhancing the Seasons of Your Life.” They hope to achieve this by offering the latest in technology and products being performed and recommended by a well trained and friendly staff. It is their goal that everyone that visits leaves educated about all of their options and can make the choices that best address their concerns. Its affiliation with Jefferson City Medical Group allows it to maintain the safest standards of care which includes rigorous oversight to maintain its AAAHC accreditation. Join them for their Open House on May 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to get more information on all the services they offer. Call 761-5277 for additional information on what they do or how you can participate in their Sunsational Celebration.

Vein disease is often seen as a cosmetic issue by the general public but it is in fact a medical condition that adversely affects the aging population’s quality of life. The center is staffed by two board certified surgeons, Drs. Chandra N. Prasad and Anne E. Petersen. Dr. Prasad is also board certified in Phlebology, the specialty of treating vein disease. 10    MAY 2014

Sunsational Celebration Seminar Schedule 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00


Latisse eyelash enhancement Laser hair removal—how it works Tattoo removal with the revolutionary PicoSure What can Botox really do Skincare: the GRASS method approach to aging skin Ultherapy skin tightening—what you can expect

1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00

ay d s r Thu 29 y a M m


for a seminar and have a chance to win one of our prize packages plus receive a special seminar packet with samples and coupons for special discounts.

The options for enhancements with Cosmetic Fillers How to get the most out of the Brilliant Distinctions program Colorescience Core Four approach to makeup VelaShape for cellulite and circumference reduction The treatment of varicose veins Treatment options for Hyperpigmentation Vaser lipo

m-5 10 a


Visit for our seminar schedule.

Family of Services • • • • • • • • •

vein care skin care hair removal body contouring Botox® fillers manicures & pedicures tattoo removal Ulthera ®

2511 W. Edgewood, Suite H (Creektrail Center) Jefferson City

JCMG eMag  11

We’re mothers


doctors nurses...

Congratulations Stephanie Lehmen! Women of Achievement Nominee

12    MAY 2014





Q: How long have you worked at JCMG? A: 11 years in June Q: What’s the favorite part of your job? A: I really enjoy planning & working events. My brain is just wired to handle and organize details. It’s always rewarding to see a successful event through even though it can be hectic at times. Q: Do you have any hobbies? A: Running, shopping for bargains, cooking, listening to good rock music, going to comedy shows/movies, enjoying the outdoors, traveling when I can, and hanging out with my family, friends & my “little” (in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program). Q: What is your biggest accomplishment? A: I’m most proud of my daughter, Mackenzie, who is graduating from Helias Catholic High School this month and entering the University of Missouri-Columbia this fall and of my husband, Bruce, who has put up with me for over 33 years now! I’m equally proud of my (late) parents who taught me so much by their hardworking & loving example. Q: What’s something that people may not know about you? A: I LOVE going to rock concerts and I’ve been to over 30 concerts (so far)—from The Who, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Aerosmith to the Red Hot Chili Peppers (just to name a few). The Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam are on my bucket list! Q: What is your favorite quote? A: It would have to be something said that made me LOL…like “If you’re not first; you’re last”—Ricky Bobby!

Stephanie is actively involved in numerous community events. You may find her ringing the bell for the Salvation Army (with her Diet Coke nearby), running in a local 5K, or volunteering to help during the United Way Days of Caring. JCMG HEAD TO TOE HEALTHCARE  13


Congratulations The following employees received a Signature Care customer service card recently for going above and beyond: Gayla Ocheskey and Lyle Rosburg. Thank you to Greg Bruce, Anneke Stefka and the Cardiology Dept. for a job well done. JCMG Pediatricians, Dr. Emily George, recently passed board certification, and Dr. Sarah Gordon, was recertified by the American Board of Pediatrics. JCMG Radiology recently received a three year accreditation by the Nuclear Regulation Commission. Family Medicine Employee of the Month for April was Olivia Schulte.

Lisa Finley, RDN, LD, and the Clinic Coordinator for the JCMG Weight Treatment Center, has attained certification as a wellness coach with Wellcoaches® School of Coaching. Endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the certification curriculum is based on science-based coaching competencies which include self-determination theory, trans-theoretical stages of change, cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. Wellcoaches is also helping to establish national training and education standards along with collaborative research opportunities. “For years, many professionals in wellness promotion have been aware that playing the ‘expert’ role and telling people what to do does not work or help. The strategies I’ve learned with coaching allow me the use of specific skills to help clients discover what is resonating within them, what is working well, how to build on previous successes and move forward with their dreams of what represents wellness for them. That ‘shift’ in the customer-client relationship is the primary reason I wanted to learn more about coaching. Coaching embodies a more creative and inspiring approach of partnering with people to create the future they want.”


May 8 – Heart Walk Bake Sale

7:30 am in the JCMG Medical Building Lobby If you’d like to donate items, please contact Dianne in Cardiology. More information about the events listed above may be found on the JCMG Intranet.

14    MAY 2014

Thank You! News Tribune Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 Thanks to the community for voting... for JCMG physicians as some of the best in Jefferson City. We appreciate your confidence and are committed to providing you with the best possible medical care.

Cindy Leahy, DO 1st place

Patrick Sporleder, DO 2nd place

James Weiss, MD 3rd place

Steve Linsenbardt, DO Honorable Mention

Dr. Brian Herrbold, JCMG Pediatrics, has been named Best Pediatrician or Family Doctor For Kids in the 2014 Macaroni Kid Jefferson City Gold Daisy Awards.


JCMG recently welcomed the following new employees (front L to R): Cindy Forck, CR; Casey Westermier, DERM; Francie Balke, CBO; Briana Rhean, ENT; (rear L to R): Shelby Thomas, OSC; Kelsey Kelley, CBO; Cassie Bosch, CBO; Kaitlyn Budd, DERM; John Erangey, PUR; Adam Barnett, IS.

JCMG was named the 2014 March of Dimes Top Corporate fundraising team at this year’s walk, raising more than $16,000. JCMG is proud of our dedicated group of employees who serve on the JCMG March of Dimes committee and equally proud of the generous support from the staff that help make the March of Dimes campaign such a success!

Congratulations to Dr. George Carr, Family Medicine, and his wife, Ana, on the birth of their precious baby girl.

Dr. Jodi Berendzen and Dr. Amanda Rodemann talked about two seminars on KRCG’s morning news with Ryann Rumbaugh, to be given at Baby Bonanza. Their topic was on “Labor & Delivery 101” and their husbands’ topic was on “Daddy Bootcamp.”

The winners of the News Tribune and Women’s Clinic Cutest Baby Contest were announced at the 2014 Baby Bonanza. First place and a $300 gift certificate to JP Gallery was awarded to Brylee Bolton, daughter of Ashley Wilson & Tyler Bolton (right); second place and a $100 gift certificate to Target went to Brynlee Asel, daughter of Christian & Kyla Asel (left); and third place along with a $75 gift certificate to Target was won by Cameron Vocks, son of Chad & Jessica Vocks (center).



More than 400 attendees turned out for Central Missouri’s premier baby event, Baby Bonanza 2014, sponsored by JCMG, St. Mary’s Health Center and Whaley’s Mommy & Me. The event included presentations, a baby product and fashion show, baby crawling contest, exhibitors and lots of fabulous door prizes.

16    MAY 2014

Easter at

Employees, physicians and their families had an opportunity to visit with the Easter Bunny, enjoy tattoo art, take a stroll along the book walk, go on an Easter egg hunt and enjoy various other fun activities at the annual Easter party hosted by EIC.



OPEN The St. Mary’s Cancer Center at JCMG celebrated its opening with a ribbon cutting and open house on Saturday, April 26. Tours, refreshments and an opportunity to win an iPad were all part of the day’s events.

18    MAY 2014

HOUSE Donor reception & dedication

St. Mary’s Cancer Center at JCMG campaign donor reception and dedication of the Richard J. Wilson Center Resource Center.




Learn how to react to stress

Roth 401 (k) Savings



Sometimes the stress of life is unavoidable. In these times, it is

The JCMG 401(k) Plan allows both pre-tax and Roth (After-tax) Deferrals. Most participants are aware of the benefits of pre-tax deferrals, but not as familiar with some of the benefits of Roth deferrals.

important to recognize the cause of your stress and have a strategy to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Stress means different things to different people. What might be stressful to one person may be no big deal to someone else. To successfully manage stress, you first must identify your personal stressors and how they affect you. The following steps can help you manage your stress more effectively.

• Identify your stressors: Know your sources of stress and determine if you are using unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking or over-eating, to cope. Learning to recognize what types of situations cause you stress can help you better avoid or respond to these situations. • Understand your stress: Learn to recognize how you experience stress and your personal stress signals. Symptoms of excessive stress can include feeling anxious, irritable or depressed; a loss of interest or social withdrawal; difficulty sleeping or fatigue; a lack of concentration; and muscle tension. • Make a plan: Write down specific ways to reduce or manage your stress. Simply putting things down on paper and committing to a plan can reduce stress. • Take action: You can control how you respond to stress. Choose to avoid stressful situations. If that is not possible, follow your plan to change how you have reacted to stressors in the past. • Practice prevention: Take care of yourself, find healthy ways to manage stress and reach out for support.

1. Taxes are paid on the deferrals up front, however the deposits grow tax free if distributions are taken after five years of the first deposit and after age 59 ½. This could be a very large benefit for longer term savers. 2. When you take distributions you will have two distinct types of money to take distributions from (taxable and non-taxable). This creates flexibility in how you may want to take distributions. That is called tax diversification. 3. Required minimum distributions at age 70 ½ are not required. Please contact your tax professional for additional information.

  If you think your stress level is beyond your ability to cope, seek professional help from a doctor, counselor or employee assistance program (EAP).

Did you like what you read? Please forward to a friend! For more information about JCMG, long onto or friend us on Facebook under Jefferson City Medical Group.

1241 W Stadium Blvd. Jefferson City, MO 65109 573-635-JCMG (5264)

Questions or comments? Contact Emily Mantle,

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