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Jewish Children’s Museum Making the Dream A Reality

Project Overview

Dear Friend, Tzivos Hashem is embarking on a bold project to build Ontario’s first Jewish Children’s Museum. The Museum will bridge a religious and cultural gap in our communi%es. Pre-school children, high school youth, professionals, lay leaders and visi%ng families will gain insight and tolerance during their s%mula%ng and exci%ng visit. The museum will leap over stereotypes and give millions of children and adults from all walks of life an essen%al Jewish experience. Building on the astounding success of Tzivos Hashem’s Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn, New York, Ontario’s Museum will u%lise their years of experience and exper%se to develop a dynamic and highly effec%ve Museum in Ontario Canada. Museum Visitors will experience a universe of living, giving and discovery of the Jewish way of life. In every corner of the museum, Jewish life and history will come alive through hands-on exhibits and incredible technological displays. In the pages that follow, you will discover Tzivos Hashem’s vision and development plan at an es%mated cost of $50 million. Our goal is to create community-wide awareness of our plans and gather support for this grand project. I invite you to join this historic effort. Thank you for your friendship and support. Sincerely,

Rabbi Yonah Vilenkin Director of Development Tzivos Hashem Canada

Celebration of Jewish Life In The Beginning‌

One of the ďŹ rst events that will greet visitors is the interac%ve walkthrough of the Six Days of Crea%on. As children and adults walk through, a series of panels come to life. This installa%on will include a plethora of interac%ve features that will draw viewers into the heart of the Crea%on experience

The founda%on of existence

Six Days of Creation

Real Life Experience Learning about Kosher is a whole new experience . Visitors shop in a makeshi7 supermarket. They scan items to learn about their kosher signiďŹ cance. Kids will climb onto an oversized Shabbat table, crawl through a huge Challah or choose their favourite recipe from the Matzah Ball computer game.

Special Guests in

The Sukkah Olive Oil Press

T he Miracle of Lights

The Joy of

T he Torah Visitors squeeze an olive press to produce fresh olive oil that can be used to light the Menorah . They click on a switchboard and learn to light a Menorah the correct way

Children always look forward to the Holiday of Simchat Torah. They grab small Torahs and dance around the adults in the centre of the makeshi7 Synagogue.

Open the doors to greet the special guest who visits our Sukkah during the Holliday of Sukkot

Educational Fun Ready, Set, Play The Mini Golf course will wind its way through the cycle of a Jewish life. This exhibit will be a popular a:rac%on as visitors see the important life events that occur from infancy to old age.

Mini Golf

Holes of Life

Charity & Kindness Charity and kindness are universal virtues that foster peace and understanding. History bears witness to a cycle of violence that tears cultures, communi%es and families apart in the struggle to impose beliefs. The Jewish Children’s Museum will oer a glimpse into a uniquely rich culture and a taste of universal harmony.

Mitzvah Express The glass-enclosed train adventure takes kids on a visual tour of charity city where neighbours help neighbours and good deeds abound. Using remote control, kids operate the train and watch it zoom below.

Helping Others Charity is an act of love, kindness and compassion. It is also a duty, a privilege, an act of jus%ce, a humbling Drop the Coin experience and a badge of iden%ty. The Mishnah says “the deed of giving is the founda%on of the world”. Through fun ac%vi%es and games children will develop an affinity for giving and helping others.

Hidden Treasures

Find the Treasure Fun games and play%me help children learn using their five senses. This sec%on of the museum will be filled with pulsing ac%vi%es and crea%ve brainstorming. It will help spread the Museum’s message of tolerance, faith and community.

Let History Begin Wells of Water Abraham & Sara

£rom the very beginning of the Jewish na%on, its forefathers and mothers introduced the standards for a life of KINDNESS, HONESTY and FAITH.

Museum visitors start their journey into Jewish history with a visit to the welcoming Abrahams & Sara Tent tent of Sara and Abraham. The four-sided tent speaks of the charity and generosity we can all emulate. Inside, children discover the “Unseen Force” installa%on , marking the many trials that Abraham overcame with steadfast faith. Sarah’s miraculous Challah loaves are depicted using a punching bag of rising dough.

Thirst for Meaning Wells of water play an essen%al part in the life of Isaac and Rebecca. The wells bear witness to Isaac’s silent sacrifice and intense search of deeper truths of reality and Rebecca’s scriptural tale of her selfless concern for all. Visitors to the Jewish Children’s Museum will raise buckets that deliver the sights and sounds in the lives of this remarkable couple.

Enjoy The

Fruits of the land

Breaking Barriers Moses, the faithful shepherd of a growing Jewish na%on, passed on before reaching Israel. For his flock, the future seemed uncertain. Will they The For%fied City con%nue in his footsteps under the new Walls of Jericho leadership? Indeed, they loyally follow their new leader Joshua into the land of Israel and on to success. Our visitors will experience their victory at the ba:le of Jericho, sounding a Shofar to bring its walls tumbling down.

CounƟng Blessings Israel’s seven fruits of blessing will be featured in rive%ng detail throughout this area. The exhibits signify the simple beauty of the nature that surrounds us and the blessings of health and plenty that are to be shared. The ripe fruits that the Jewish people enjoy in Israel also represent the abundance of blessings assured to the champions of righteousness.

Sites of Vision Where else in the world can you find a country whose stones are moist with tears of our dreams and prayers? In the tradi%on of Judaism’s vision of hope, Museum visitors will zero in on various loca%ons in Israel on a giant video map and visit holy sites of prayer.


ewish history takes a cri%cal turn at the Egyp%an exodus as expressed in the celebra%on of Passover. each year. This is when monopoly of oppression yields to the truth of freedom. It is when a group of disenchanted slaves becomes a proud na%on. It is a %me of breaking free and rejoicing.


T he Exodus

T he Holyland

Dear G-d

Pray at The

Western Wall

Today, as throughout all of history, visitors to Israel place notes of prayer and pe%%on in the crevices of Jerusalem’s Western Wall. The tradi%on seems to say “we know our voices are heard”. At the Western Wall inside the museum, visitors also place their private wishes into the cracks to be sent to Jerusalem.

Additional Exhibits Noah’s Ark Play Area The Exodus Theatre Mt. Sinai—The Giving of The Torah Jacob’s Dream Joseph and The 12 Tribes The Tabernacle and The Holy Temple King David’s Harp The Holocaust - Alley of Courage TZIVOS HASHEM CANADA

Pride and Joy One Good Deed and The Tipping Scale Sages Throughout the Ages Children's Library


Building campaign fundraising booklet  
Building campaign fundraising booklet