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Drones Are Becoming The Norm For Vital Aerial Photography Aerial photography is sometimes mistakenly considered simply the stuff of postcards and geological study. Although photography from great heights is actually integral to a far greater variety of more significant applications, these are without a doubt common uses. And as time passes, unmanned aerial vehicles (also referred to as UAVs or “drones�) are taking over this line of work. Despite the uneasiness some individuals feel towards drones due to their military reputation, the reality is that they are not only real money and time-savers, but by deploying them in specific sticky situations, they can save lives, also. When it comes to environmental and wildlife conservation, as an example, unmanned aircrafts take away a large risk factor for humans that have to this point flown over perilous terrain in unreliable vehicles. Here's a look at that plus some other important advantages of using drones for aerial photography. Drones for Wildlife Conservation You may think that the most dangerous element of the job for a wildlife biologist is coming one on one with poisonous snakes, or stumbling between an angry mother grizzly and her cubs. In all honesty, it's the aircraft not the lions and tigers that create a danger. The leading reason for death among wildlife biologists, truth be told, is a plane crash. Scientists could only collect their sky-view data by venturing out over the wilderness themselves ahead of the development of aerial drone use. They would ride in the helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft in whatever condition their budget would allow, and not always in the best of conditions. They would do their best to tally and track animals and vegetation from above, through highly remote and demanding areas. It was very expensive on top of being a unsafe exercise. In the past six decades, two thirds of work-related deaths among conservation biologist have stemmed from plane crashes as reported by wildlife publications. Whether as a result of bad equipment or just plain bad luck, there's no quantifying the cost of the lives lost. Another financial injury concerns the cost of hiring pilots and keeping planes fueled. Drones take almost all of these complications out of the equation. Drones for the Housing Market While perhaps not as noble a cause as monitoring the effects of climate change or saving an endangered species, the real estate industry yields billions if not trillions of dollars yearly. This is a phenomenon and anything that contributes to it is significant. By providing aerial photography for real estate marketing applications, UAVs are pitching in necessary support to the real estate game. To obtain birds-eye-view photos of luxury properties, realtors with the means are already using drones and they report great results from the practice to date. Properties along golf course or waterfront locations, with nice views and substantial green space, particularly benefit from the wide overhead angles of photography made possible by drones. UAV Direct

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Drones Are Becoming The Norm For Vital Aerial Photography

Agricultural Applications Whether used on a sizable industrial farm or a smaller, organic family farm, photography and other applications of drones are positioned to deliver substantial benefits in future years. Farms can flex their resources with better precision knowing which areas to focus on and which are fine left alone with the use of aerial imagery for analysis and research. From the air, you can ascertain crop health and possible yield, snowfall, water resources and much more. With so many beneficial applications in all kinds of industry, unmanned aerial vehicles will most likely be the next wave that changes the nation’s economic future. Aerial photography is sometimes mistakenly considered simply the stuff of postcards and geological study. Although photo...

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Drones Are Becoming The Norm For Vital Aerial Photography