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Reversible 14k yellow gold Grandfather Compass pendant in onyx and mother-ofpearl with diamonds, emerald, and sapphire; $11,040

W HEIRLOOM APPARENT Karma is rich for Kirsty Stone and her up-and-coming brand, Retrouvaí, whose jewels reconnect wearers to the past BY ARI KARPEL


Flying Pig Grandfather Fantasy signet ring in 14k yellow gold; $2,300; Retrouvaí; 646-7456831;

HEN KIRSTY STONE was a child in Toronto, she did everything you might imagine a future designer would do. “I was like a creative, gypsy child,” she says of her early years taking her clothes and jewels apart and gluing them back together. “I’d take all the stones out of the little, dinky jewelry that I had and lose them all.” Stone’s aunt wanted to stoke the next generation’s creativity, so she set up crafts for her children and their cousins. “All the other kids would do one piece and move on to the next game, and I’d be sitting there with, like, 80 things done on the table.” Her grandmother saw how much Stone loved jewelry, so she passed down some priceless pieces, including a gold lace ring with six diamonds set on top. Naturally, young Stone took that apart too. Whatever she may have lost in precious gems—don’t tell her parents!—Stone has gained in a lifetime of inspiration. Her 2-year-old line, Retrouvaí, which has recently come into its own, can be traced back to those deconstructing days. Her collection of future heirlooms is named after a French word meaning “to reconnect with something from your past.” When we meet for lunch in Los Angeles in late spring, Stone is still fielding orders from last fall’s Paris Fashion Week (she exhibited at For Future Reference’s private showroom), and she has just wrapped a trunk show in Dallas that depleted her entire inventory. It’s a whole new world for Stone, who’s loving every minute—even if she feels a bit discombobulated. “I kind of have my head down,” Stone announces upon her arrival. “Like, I live here, and I don’t normally wear clothes”—by which I think she means she is working her JCKONLINE.COM

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JCK 2017 September/October Issue  

JCK 2017 September/October Issue

JCK 2017 September/October Issue  

JCK 2017 September/October Issue