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The New Moissanite Has a Detector Problem: About half of the new Forever One product can’t be spotted by standard moissanite detectors. Brilliant Earth Sues Online Critic: The e-tailer targets Jacob Avital, who released a YouTube video questioning the company’s sourcing. Signet CEO Switch: The Board Takes Control: News director Rob Bates analyzes the latest change at the top of the industry’s biggest name. Bank Seizes Assets of Exelco, Report Says: KBC got a court to seize assets of the former Antwerp sightholder. (Exelco later got them back.) Tiffany Really, Really Wants to Be Cool: Tiffany & Co.’s new CEO, Alessandro Bogliolo, has the kind of varied résumé designed to drag the jeweler into the modern age.

“To the men in the audience who are in leadership positions: You have a choice. You can choose to put a woman in the room. I urge you to make that choice.” —Former Jewelers Vigilance Committee president and CEO Cecilia Gardner, accepting her Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women’s Jewelry Association

Launch a movement We have it all. From fashion-forward to classic. The Royal Chain Gold Collection is what’s new, what’s next and what’s forever. It’s a name that’s synonymous with unmatched quality, selection and value. And it’s guaranteed WRFUHDWHWKHPRPHQWXP\RXQHHGWRSUR¿WH[SRQHQWLDOO\


U.S. consumers who said the ability to “touch, feel, and try” products is a main reason they still shop in brick-and-mortar stores, according to a study by Mood Media

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