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Lake Olympia June 2013




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Sustainable Living: Solar Energy Devices

Beautiful homes and exceptional living - welcome home.

The year has started with a few changes: long time Board member Ajith Antony (2006) is building a new home in Sienna Point and will be leaving us, so we want to thank him for all he has done for LOCA. Ajith, we will miss you, you were a great president during your two terms! The Board has appointed Andreas Matzakos to fulfill Ajith’s remaining term. Andreas has always been involved in the community and we are very lucky that he has agreed to volunteer his time to LOCA. Welcome aboard, Andreas! Our general manager Elise Campagna has been promoted and AMI is in the process of assigning our new manager. Eileen Ready and Kerry Holmes have been assisting us during this transition phase. Assessment collections are in line with previous years and we will continue building up our reserves. We are looking into investing the reserve funds in ultra conservative secure investments that fulfill our fiduciary duty to the homeowners. Thirty homes are for sale, 24 of which are already sold and are ready to close. This fast turnover as well as the 18 new Toll Brothers homes under construction in Flamingo Island are very good for our property values. Every three years we review our major contracts and place them up for bid to ensure competitive pricing and quality. The lake contract has just been re-awarded to Danbury Lake Management and Kenny Zwahr is now personally overseeing lake maintenance which includes four yearly lake-cleanups. Sonar has been used to control excess vegetation and dye is being applied in lesser amounts so the color is more natural. We are looking into purchasing a small boat so our maintenance specialist can clean up trash on a weekly basis and thus keep our shoreline looking great. The first challenge of the year arose with information regarding rezoning of areas near LO for multi-family development, as well as possible rezoning of our students from Elkins. Melissa May was the first one who brought this to our attention - thank you Melissa for your sharp eyes. Adrienne Barker prepared a comprehensive summary of fact versus rumor and it is posted in the website. Yes, we are looking at apartments at some point in the tract at the SE corner of the LO Parkway and the Toll Road, but nothing else at this time. However, we need to be vigilant for publication of rezoning notices. As for the rezoning of our students, this appears to be only a rumor at this point. We need to make sure that if this possibility is ever brought up at a FBISD meeting, we immediately take action to prevent it from happening. For this purpose we instituted an adhoc committee chaired by Jonathan Winfiele. A member of the latter will always be present at all FBISD meetings and report on any items of concern. I urge you to register your email address on our website homepage for email blasts. This is the fastest way to mobilize the community if we ever need a quick response to take the necessary steps to address matters of concern. It will also serve to deliver important notices of community events and during emergencies. We have 1866 homes in LO, but only 658 registered email addresses... let’s shoot for 100%! Our major project for the year will be repairing the Flamingo Bridge. For this purpose, we requested an engineering study and are in the process of selecting the contractor for this job. The clubhouse has a new carpet and the marina gazebo will soon be sporting a new roof. All metal benches will be repaired, primed and repainted and the monuments will be power-washed or repainted by our maintenance specialist as needed. The older fence on LO Parkway is still serviceable, but will need to be replaced sometime in the not too distant future. Some of the sidewalks are uneven, and we are working with the City to address this, as it is responsible for maintenance in the common areas. We are also working on getting the post office to replace some or all of the mailboxes, as they own them and are responsible for their upkeep. It is a blessing to live in LO, where we are able to see and enjoy the bountiful wildlife that has learned to live side by side with us. We therefore have a responsibility to preserve the habitat that is vital for their survival. I confirm my commitment to work with the Board, committees and residents to preserve the beautiful lakes, wetlands and reserves that add so much to our community. Support of continued improvements, paired with fair enforcement of our deed restrictions, will lead to a better place to live and to the enhancement of property values. I encourage you to become partners with me in these efforts and welcome your input.

-Marie Moore

President, Lake Olympia Civic Association

2 Lake Olympia Civic Association

Lake Olympia Civic Association

Board Members

President Marie Moore Vice President Jonathon Winfiele Secretary Adrienne Barker Treasurer Jim Gasper Director Ram Garg Director Rob Rector Director Andreas Matzakos

Management Company Community Manager Eileen Ready

Association Management, Inc.

5295 Hollister Road Houston TX 77040-6205 713-932-1122 On-Site Manager Lucea’n Kuykendall-Songs

180 Island Boulevard Missouri City, TX 77459 281-835-5992

Please contact us if you are a homeowner reporting a violation or if you have general inquiries.

The Lake Olympia Newsletter is published quarterly by Lake Olympia Civic Association and mailed to 1,900 addresses. To advertise, call JCJ Design Studio at 281-323-1503 or email

ACC Update

Garden Club News & Update

The Architectural Control Committee has been very busy this spring approving home improvements and new construction projects on Flamingo Island. Special thanks go to committee members Michelle Janik, Larry Eaton, Arthur Confait and Beverly Michaud for making time in their schedules to review applications on a regular basis. Their input, as residents, is vital to the process.

The Lake Olympia Garden Club finished its year by sponsoring its first Garden Tour. The tour featured 7 gardens in the Lake Olympia area and included President Jo Ann Keene’s home where patio art, potted plants, and starter plants were available for sale. Members of the Club planned the Tour as an opportunity for the community to see some lovely gardens in the Lake Olympia area and to raise funds for Club charity donations. During the past year the Club has donated to Specials Pals, the Heart Association, Shared Dreams, and the East Fort Bend Ministry. Members provided funds for the watering system in the vegetable garden recently planted at the Ministry. “All of the items grown in the garden are given to the clients of the Harvest program,” states President Keene. “We are pleased to be able to give financial and volunteer help to the project.” After resting and gardening over the summer, Club members will begin their new season on Friday, September 20, at the Lake Olympia Marina Clubhouse, 180 Island Blvd. The meeting will include a hosted breakfast at 9:00 a.m. , a short business session, timely tips from Club member Judy Stringer, a Master Gardener, and conclude with a featured speaker. During the past year speakers talked on Healthy Body Rhythm, organic facials, patio container planting, terrariums, and adding color to the garden. In addition to meeting each third Friday of the month, Club members travel on the first Friday of the month to various spots In the Houston area. Field trips have included visiting Arbor Gate and the IMAX theater at the Museum of Science to see The Flight of the Butterfly, driving to Galveston to the Tom Thumb Nursery, walking the local Azalea Trail, and observing the Florescence exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Since we’re in the “growing” months now, please be reminded that regular mowing and edging of your lawn is required. Beds should also be weeded regularly. Two hard wood trees must also be maintained in each front yard. Palm trees are not considered “hard wood” and do not satisfy this requirement. Also, check the On-site Managers article in this issue for more details on tree requirements. The most important thing to remember about home improvements is that if they are on the outside of your home, ACC approval is required in advance. This includes - but is not limited to - exterior painting, fence replacement, roof replacement, and door replacement or painting of exterior doors. Submitting a form and plan showing details of what you want to do is a MUST before starting the project. Not taking this step could result in being required to change the improvements or even re-do them. Take the time to get approval in advance to avoid problems later. Remember that any approved project will have a yellow sign placed in the front yard of the home so that all know the process has been followed. If something is going on and there is no yellow sign, the project is not approved. Call the on site manager if you see a project underway that’s not approved. Please be sure to read your Deed Restriction document and check the website for specific requirements in your area before submitting a request. Our on site manager can also answer questions about the process. Lucea’n can be reached by phone at 281-835-5992 or by email at lakeolympiaonsitemgr@amitx. com

-Adrienne Barker

Secretary, Lake Olympia Civic Association

Membership in the Club is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about our area and its potential for enjoying gardening. For more information contact President Jo Ann Keene at 281-438-2174 or


On-Site News Hello Everyone! Summer is here and the Pools are open. If you have not picked up your pool passes, please visit for the application. You can mail it, drop it off at the clubhouse, or fax it to get your passes mailed to you. Please visit the pools this season!

Thank You!

I would like to send a Special Thank you to everyone that attended the Lake Olympia 2013 Easter Egg Hunt and Bake Sale. Over 150 people attended and there were over 1,000 eggs full of treats for the kids. Thank you to all of my volunteers who helped to make that day happen!


In order to keep our community safe, clean, and attractive we must adhere to the deed regulations. I want to list a couple of violations that I see are increasing within our community. Please remember that some of these HOA violations are also City Violations and they do carry a fine with them if the City Code Inspectors issue you a citation.

Mail Boxes: Please do not put flyers or advertisements on the mail boxes. They belong to the U.S. Postal Service. Fence Height: (Section 10 Fences of your Deed Restrictions) Fence heights are not to exceed 6ft. If you want a rot board, be sure

your contractor gets shorter pickets to comply with the 6’ maximum. An ACC application is also required if you are replacing your fence. Be sure to note that gated communities have different height restrictions for metal fences.

Damaged Fences: Another issue is damaged home fences. If you have a pet, please make sure that your fence is sturdy and

without damage or holes where they can escape. I find a lot of homes with damaged fences in the back and those need to be replaced for your pet’s safety and because it is a requirement of your HOA.

Pets: Please clean up after your pets when you are walking them. Also, be aware of the Missouri City leash law that requires you to have control of your pets when you are out with them.

Signs: Do not post signs on light poles or in common areas. They will be removed. Gated Communities: Do not post your 4 digit entry codes on the gate panels. It makes it too easy for the wrong people or uninvited guest to gain entry into your gated community. If you need to change your code, please call or email me.

Addresses on Homes: There are several homes that do not have addresses visible on either the home or the curb. Please replace

your address signs. In an emergency, it may be impossible for the police or fire department to locate your home if the address is not visible. If your shrubs are blocking the address, please trim them back to make the address visible.

Tree Requirements: TWO hardwood trees are required in your front yard and if you own a corner lot, you must plant 3 additional trees along the side facing the street. (Section 26 Lawn of your Deed Restrictions) If you have removed a tree, 1 hardwood tree must be planted to replace that tree. If you have a tree stump in your lawn, you must remove the tree stump.

Street Damage: Any damage to the curb or to the common area streets should be reported to the Missouri City Streets Dept. at 281-403-8970

We are here!

If you need to contact me for any reason, please call the Marina office at 281-835-5992. If I do not answer, it will roll over to the main office and they will take a message for me. I will call you back as soon as I get the message. It is important that you leave your name and number so that I can call you back. Have a great Summer and don’t forget to check the website for community updates!

-Lucea’n Kuykendall-Songs On Site Community Manager

4 Lake Olympia Civic Association

2013 LAKE OLYMPIA POOL SCHEDULE Marina Pool May 4th through June 6th Mondays through Fridays Closed Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Sundays 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Exceptions: Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM June 7th through August 25th Mondays Closed Tuesdays through Fridays 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sundays 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. August 26th through September 15th Mondays through Fridays Closed Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Sundays 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Exceptions: Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day) 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Kenwick Pool May 25th through June 6th Mondays through Fridays Closed Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Sundays 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Exceptions: Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. June 7th through August 25th Mondays 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Tuesdays Closed Wednesdays through Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Sundays 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. August 26th through September 2nd Mondays through Fridays Closed Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Sundays 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Exceptions: Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day) 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

We spotted this duck on a resident’s dock the other day. Their home backs up to Bird Island which is on Jade Island - a gated community inside of Lake Olympia. This is just one of the many beautiful and unique creatures that reside on Lake Olympia. Family: Anatidae, Ducks and Geese Description: ADULT Has an orange-brown back, breast, and lower neck. Upper neck and head are gray, except for rufous crown. Belly is black and note the pale wing panel; in flight, wings look contrastingly black and white. Legs are pink and bill is bright red. JUVENILE Similar to adult, but plumage colors are duller and belly is grayish. Bill and legs are gray. Habitat: Associated with freshwater wetlands, but also feeds on farmland and grassland. Widespread in Central and South America, this species reaches the northern limit of its range in Texas, where it is locally common, and southern Arizona. Present year-round, although range is more extensive in summer. Observation Tips: Easy to see in southern Texas, especially in winter; hotspots include the Santa Ana and Aransas National Wildlife Refuges. Range: Texas, Southeast, Florida, Southwest Voice: Utters a whistling pe-choo. Discussion: Colorful long-necked, long-legged duck that often adopts an upright posture, which adds to impression of it being a nervous bird; indeed, typically it is extremely wary. Note also the proportionately long wings. Often perches on branches or rocks, and nests in tree holes. Highly gregarious outside the breeding season. It feeds on aquatic plants, grass, and cereals, as well as freshwater invertebrates; typically it feeds at night. -Lucea’n Kuykendall-Songs Source:


Texas is gifted by nature to have ample sunlight and in some places strong wind. In an era of sustainable energy growth, Texas leads the US in installed commercial wind power generation, but the growth of installed residential solar devices is lagging compared to other states. Main reason is the affordable energy prices in Texas, in contrast to prices in California that can reach 20-30 cents per kWh in peak periods. Still, solar energy devices can be a sound residential investment, even in Texas.

By Andreas Matzakos

Some considerations to observe before buying are: • Install at the same time as the roof replacement to save on installation cost. • Request quotes from a couple of authorized and experienced contractors. • Select a southern facing roof with incline greater than 25 degrees. • Account on some deterioration of performance over time, and thus, less capacity in late years. • Research the utility rules for energy buy-back in case your system generates more power during the day and can provide excess back to the grid. • Consider whether a battery back-up is needed to allow excess PV power be used at night. • Review available subsidies in Texas and at Federal level at the time of purchase (could be 30% of cost, up to a certain limit). 6 Lake Olympia Civic Association

The investment in solar devices makes more sense for homeowners that want to promote sustainable energy generation, reduce their demand from the grid and be independent from power supply disruptions (like storms). For homes that are away from a power and natural gas grid, it also makes sense to have a solar device to heat or power a home. These devices may include solar photovoltaic (PV) panels (for electric power generation) and solar thermal water heaters for water and swimming pool heating. There are many choices to pick from, based on a household?s use of energy, the daily demand fluctuation, the hot water demand, etc. In Lake Olympia we are fortunate to have solar devices allowed under a set of clear established guidelines. A primary requirement is that any such device has to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee before being installed. This is required to maintain the visual appeal of the neighborhood and to blend the equipment with the surrounding landscape. Some of the primary requirements in the guidelines are that the devices don’t extend above the roof, and not beyond the perimeter of the structure on which they sit. Moreover, they can only be placed on roofs and fenced yards that belong to the homeowner and do not encroach in adjoining private or common property. The guidelines and more details can be found at: The capital pay off period in Texas can vary from 10 to 20 year. Homeowners would likely have to pay $20,000$40,000 upfront for a solar PV installation (even after subsidies), and then they will save on their energy bill for all the effective period of the device (20-30 years). Solar water heaters are more affordable and they can range at $3000-$10,000.

FBISD Board Meeting Dates Public Hearing-Budget June 3 - 5:00 PM Board of Trustees Regular Meeting June 10 - 6:00 PM Board of Trustees Regular Meeting July 15 - 6:00 PM Board of Trustees Regular Meeting August 12 - 6:00 PM Meetings are held at the FBISD Administration Building, 16431 Lexington Blvd., in Sugar Land.

Water Issues Meetings All residents are invited every third Thursday of the month to discuss water issues at the office of our attorney Paul Philbin (6363 Woodway, Ste 725, Houston): 11:30am to 12:30pm for MUD 1 12:30pm to 1:30pm for MUD 2 MUD 1 is from beginning of Lake Olympia at Hwy. 6 and MUD 2 is from around Swan Isalnd toward Ft. Bend Tollway. Residents can call the Philbin office for details: 713-783-4120.

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Business Center Virtual Office: 2700

EMAIL DRIVE For emergency news updates and important community-related information and announcements, please be sure we have your email address on file! To register your email address:

and fill out the registration form on the homepage.

Lake Olympia Pkwy Virtual Office services are available by the hour or by the day, giving you and your business the flexibility you need to grow your business while avoiding unnecessary overhead.

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8 Lake Olympia Civic Association

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Explore the health topics that matter most to you and your family. At Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, we take pride in providing families, like yours with complete and experienced care for everyone, from newborns to seniors. The Spring Health Fair is intended to keep you up to date on the latest health information, including diet, exercise, screening and more. Come on your own or bring the entire family. There will be activities for everyone, and you will have the opportunity to meet our affiliated physicians, nurses and clinical experts. • Safe throw screening for baseball players • Clutch, the Houston Rocket’s mascot • Chair massages by Massage Envy • Healthy cooking demonstrations with our executive chef and registered dietitian • Line dancing with Fred Astaire Studio • Glucose, blood pressure and BMI screenings

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12 Lake Olympia Civic Association

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14 Lake Olympia Civic Association

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Lake Olympia Civic Association 180 Island Boulevard Missouri City, TX 77459 281-835-5992

Poolside Beauty

The pools are open and ready to enjoy this summer! Come out with your family to the Kenwick Pool and Marina Pool for some fun in the sun and enjoy all the wonderful amenities Lake Olympia offers.


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June 2013 Issue  

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