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Excelling in 2011 Junior Chamber International (JCI) United Kingdom National Flagship Magazine for members and partners JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change Published September 2011

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JCI UK National Board’s Highlights of the Year TM

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JCI UK National Board’s highlights of the year


Greeting from National President Allison Cowell


Greeting from British Senate Chairman David Butcher


Greeting from IPP Lesley Young

Local Chambers: 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

JCI Barnsley JCI Belfast JCI Boston JCI Bradford JCI Cambridge JCI Doncaster JCI Leeds JCI London JCI Manchester JCI Portsmouth JCI Reading JCI Sheffield JCI Southampton JCI Ignite London (new) JCI Birmingham (new)

JCI UK Programmes: 13. TOYP 14. JCI Nothing But Nets 14. JCI UK Action 15. Active Citizen Experience (ACE) 16. Personal Development JCI Events: 17. National Convention 18. European Conference 19. World Congress 20. Inspiration Day 20. Presidents’ & Deputies’ Day 21. European Academy 21. Marketing Academy JCI UK updates: 22. Make it happen in 2012 23. New members in 2011

Allison Cowell, National President “'One of my personal highlights this year is my 'Back to Basics Tour' I have now visited all except 3 local Chambers within the UK to date. Everywhere I have been I have received a warm welcome, and have been amazed and inspired by the projects being run, and the enthusiastic and fantastic people I have met.” Lesley Young, Immediate Past President “Making great progress on re-launching JCI in Birmingham as well as being co-host at the European Conference Awards Ceremony in Tarragona - JCI UK winning 2 awards made it all the sweeter!” Solveig Malvik, Deputy National President & Marketing Director “My best experiences this year have been to organise the Marketing Academy in April and to go to JCI Academy in Japan in July. At both I got to know and work with enthusiastic and brilliant people and that’s what I love about JCI. I also love planning 2012, getting peoples’ ideas, putting them into action. Just love it!” Debbie Tills, Admin Director “The highlight of my year has been the Awards Ceremony at the European Conference in Tarragona. It was great to see the culmination of all the hard work from UK Chambers in submitting award entries. It was an honour to be part of the international judging panel and the icing on the cake was JCI Leeds winning two awards, it was just incredible!” Gemma Fletcher, Community Director "The best feeling in the world is being able to make a difference, and I got to experience this feeling when we made our first donation of $10,000 to the Nothing But Nets Campaign!" Carrie Green, International Director “What has made my year was seeing everyone having a fab time in Tarragona, enjoying all aspects of a JCI European Conference.” Dan Lally, Personal Development Director “There have been many highlights including topping the European League Tables at the beginning of the year for graduates from Presenter and Trainer through to seeing JCI UK again having amazing people graduate from the European Academy. On a personal note it was amazing to be announced as the 2012 Head Coach of the European Academy.” Julia Goodfellow-Smith, Membership Administrator “Being the National Membership Admin has been surprisingly satisfying: knowing that the database is up to date; promptly dealing with queries; improving communication with members; starting new initiatives such as birthday cards to members. All of these things help to improve the experience for members and teams, and it’s good to be a part of that” Sofie Sandell, Website Manager “This year has been very intense as JCI UK Website Manager. The new JCI UK site was launched in October 2010 and we have put a lot of effort into getting it working. It’s a great feeling that JCI UK has a website that we all can be proud of. And that we have something that looks fantastic to show our potential members, speakers and partners.” Anne Craven, Regional Group Chair - South “The best JCI thing for me this year has been to facilitate the 're-launch regional meeting' for the Southern Region in May. Our region is very versatile, with loads of strengths that can all be used in JCI work, and that became very clear at that meeting. Since the meeting, I am aware that our Chambers are now communicating and collaborating with each other “ Ryan Murray, Regional Group Chair - Northern Ireland “When the World President visited Belfast, to see him and the current JCI Belfast President, members, Senators and the Northern Ireland Minister for Trade and Enterprise all at dinner and able to discuss various topics. It made it very apparent that any issues are not only local but global and that there’s a network of great people out there in JCI.” Catherine Berry, Regional Group Chair - Yorkshire “Working with the Yorkshire presidents, watching them grow throughout the year and seeing all their hard work result in membership growth in the region.”

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 3

Excelling in 2011 Dear JCI Members, Senators and Friends, It is a true honour to be the National President of JCI UK this year. Not just because I have had the amazing opportunity to lead an organisation that I feel so passionately about, but also because I have had the chance to meet and work with some truly inspiring people. This year JCI UK has gone ‘Back to Basics’, and it seems to be paying dividends, as we have seen a significant increase in membership, and member engagement is evident. The year so far has been fantastic, it has been fast paced, it has been productive, and I hope you agree it has been fun.

National President Allison Cowell Senator # 70323

One of my personal highlights happened in January, when I was awarded a Senatorship, I was for once in my life speechless, and I really can’t thank my home Chamber, JCI Boston, and everyone who was involved in organising it, enough. Being a Senator means that I am a life-long member of JCI, and it is considered to be the highest level of recognition within our organisation.

Outside JCI Alli is a Chartered Accountant with Duncan & Toplis and This year we have seen new relationships developed, and existing ones strengthened. We have made an lives in Boston which is also her local impact in our local communities, and from the fundraising we have done for the JCI Nothing But Nets chamber. Alli is campaign, working towards eradicating malaria, we have made an impact in the world. There have been so many great things that have happened this year that it would be impossible to mention them all, but absolutely here are some of my highlights; passionate about both spreadsheets and JCI, two NOM2NOM Back to Fab passions she has weekend (and Basic tour & Inspiration Presidents Senator excelled in winning in pool home JCI UK Day & Deputies combining. against the #70323 hospitality member Day other NPs) pin 2 visits from Ismail, IVP

I heart JCI UK bags

JCI UK Board meetings


JCI Presenter & JCI Trainer courses

EC2011, JCI UK - The best delegation there and 2 awards Yay!

$17K+ for JCI Nothing But Nets

33.52% Increase in membership Annual Dinners


Monthly newsletters Speaking in House of Lords

6 Local websites launched

Marketing Academy

World President Visit

JCI UK being on track for international 100% efficiency recognition

I hope you enjoy this 2011 edition of the National, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers

Alli JCI UK National President 2011

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

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The Senate Year (so far) I’m writing this in my hotel room in Halmstad, Sweden having enjoyed the experience of my first ever Crayfish Conference. Sweden brings the number of countries visited so far this year to seven, and one really good thing about being Senate Chairman is that it does take you to places you would probably not normally visit.

British Senate Chairman 2011 David Butcher senator #46828 Away from JCI and the Senate, David works for the leading firm of criminal defence lawyers in Northampton. He spends many hours in police station cells and uninviting interview rooms advising clients as to their rights and their possible defences. Skills picked up in many a JCI debate have helped him considerably in his negotiations with police custody sergeants!

Back home, we’ve enjoyed a well supported and varied programme of weekends – from a Beatles themed weekend in Liverpool to the very different culture of Shakespeare at Stratford upon Avon and then another change in culture to the opera weekend in Buxton. We even left the country for one “British” weekend, visiting Umbria in Italy for a weekend organised by one of our Senators who has a place out there. In the pipeline between now and the end of the year are weekends in both Devon and North Wales.

I am delighted that here in the UK the relationship between JCI and the Senate is stronger than ever. In many ways we are one organisation – we have the same values and the same beliefs. I know that a lot of good work is being done around the country by Senators working alongside JCI and I am always pleased to hear of other ways in which we can help. There is a huge fund of goodwill for JCI amongst Senators – please do make use of it. I was delighted to see Senators and JCI UK members enjoying each others’ company at the European Conference in Tarragona, and I am sure this will be replicated in Brussels at World Congress. Interestingly, the same joint approach was working well when we attended the US JCI Senate Convention in Illinois, where the national JCI Convention and the Senate Convention were held at the same hotel in

Athene and I had a very pleasant evening at the JCI London dinner in the House of Lords and JCI Scotland did us proud with a brilliant Senate programme at their National Convention in Aberdeen. I am sure a number of Senators will be joining JCI UK at the National Convention later this year, as indeed we did last year in London. A question that often arises is this – just what is the point of the Senate? Is it just a drinking club or does it have a serious mission? On my visits to Europe and to the USA this year, I’ve come across one very common theme, namely that more than ever, Senate must be here to support and to help JCI – as much in the UK as in every other country. It’s blatantly obvious that unless there is a thriving JCI then long term there is no Senate. More than that though, Senators understand that they have benefited in life from their own JCI membership and do genuinely want to, as the American Senate puts it “return the favour”.

subsequent weeks. The year seems to have gone by very quickly and its now only five months until my own “Drumming Out” in Northampton. I hope that I’ve upheld the traditions of the Senate in 2011, but more than that, I hope that we have genuinely made a difference to JCI UK. The fun and fellowship we all enjoy as Senators are a vital part of the mix, but ultimately we do have to exist for a reason, and that has to be the continued development and success of JCI UK.

The British Senate Recent JCI UK members awarded Senatorship: Lesley Young, London #69906 Adam Woodhall, Leeds #69981 Sofie Sandell, London #70055 Lisa Fairley, Belfast #70056 Chris Lowry, Belfast #70237 Allison Cowell, Boston #70323 Marco van den Heuvel, London #70324

The British Senate is the national Senate organisation linked to JCI United Kingdom (JCI UK). A Senatorship is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member of the Junior Chamber Organisation. It is a unique way to pay tribute to an individual for his or her dedication and outstanding service on a either a local, national or international level. It confers "lifetime membership" of Junior Chamber International (JCI) upon the recipient. It is a highly respected and prestigious honour. Read more about how you can propose someone for a Senatorship on .

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

Who can be awarded a Senatorship? A Senatorship may be awarded to a current or past member for his or her outstanding commitment and contributions at any and all levels of the organisation. To qualify, an individual must have been a Junior Chamber member for at least three years. ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 5

Cheers! It’s been great to see JCI UK go from strength to strength in 2011 and to work closely with Allison to support her in the role of National President. There is a real energy across the organisation with such a wide range of projects and events that are all contributing to the renewed growth and strengthening of JCI UK. I’ve been concentrating on the relaunch of JCI in Birmingham. An initial meeting has been held with strong interest from a number of young people wanting to get involved. Many positive messages of support from Senators have also been received. Did you know that JCI European Conference was hosted by JCI Birmingham in 2003 and 1976 and World Congress was held there in 1989! We know Birmingham is a city that has a lot to offer and are hopeful that JCI can have a strong presence there once again! I’m also International Vice President in 2011. I am assigned to a number of countries in Europe as a mentor and support to their National Organisation. My role is to promote the JCI Plan of Action and key goals for the year. I also communicate successes and challenges from National Organisations to the JCI Board of Directors so that they can be taken into account in strategic planning and agenda setting for General Assemblies.

Immediate Past President JCI UK and International Vice President Lesley Young Senator #69906

Outside JCI Lesley is a former healthcare professional and NHS Director. Membership in JCI has made her realise what else she Whilst there are lots of duties and support roles to carry out a favourite moment of mine this year was to can do and she is co-host the awards ceremony at the European Conference – it was made all the sweeter when JCI UK now exploring other picked up 2 awards!! opportunities among them property investment while Lesley Young travelling the world JCI Vice President with JCI. I’ve attended a number of international events this years including the January Board Meeting at JCI HQ in St Louis, European Conference and the JCI/UN Global Partnership Summit. In JCI UK I’ve also attended the Senate Drumming Out weekend in Belfast, Inspiration Day in Reading, President and Deputies Day in Cambridge and National Board Meetings.


Immediate Past President JCI UK

About JCI United Kingdom Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global network for young active professionals in their 20s and 30s. We are present in more than 100 countries, with 5,000 local chambers and have almost 200,000 members across the world. Meeting on a regular basis for fun and friendship, we run many inspiring events and projects with our members. As a member you can go to events, network, travel, get involved in community projects and learn new skills. JCI is an opportunity to further yourself while making a real difference. As thousands of JCI alumni with successful and fulfilling careers testify, the best way to invest in yourself and your future is to get involved and contribute as best you can. Membership of JCI will give you a lot in return. And when you are getting involved you'll see the big picture of the network. Membership in JCI UK is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 40. Membership is £96 per year or £8 per month on monthly or quarterly standing order. Find more information on Check out where you can find chambers in the UK on the map to the right.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) UK is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI) Check out our blog, events and resources on the JCI UK website: Email National Board at: firstname.surname@jciuk. JCI UK Head Office PO Box 6638 Grantham NG31 9BX Telephone: 01476 404005 Fax: 01476 404006 Contact: Lorna Bainbridge

Front page picture credits: Brian Turnbull, JCI Scotland Editor: Solveig Malvik

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

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JCI Barnsley

President Vicky Savage - Best experience so far this year?

“Winning the bid to host National Convention, talk about the t shirts. Planning the National Convention blurb…”

Although JCI Barnsley is one of the smaller Chambers in the Yorkshire region it prides itself on bringing together its members for social and charity events and lending its support to all the Chambers in the region. There is never a JCI Yorkshire event without a strong Barnsley presence; none more so than the highly contested Wharfdale Quiz, with the trophy going back to Barnsley in 2010 much to the disappointment of JCI Leeds! As 2010 Wharfedale winners, Barnsley hosted the 2011 competition; combining this with our Annual Train Pub Crawl, a fun afternoon out with an unashamedly social focus. This event attracts past members and Senators and has been part of the Barnsley calendar for over ten years. Barnsley has also hosted the 2011 Yorkshire Regional Extempore Competition, a great event that never ceases to inspire with the quality of our local talent. Congratulations to JCI Leeds’ Tim Metcalfe, the 2011 Champion and proud winner of JCI’s most weighty Trophy! In April 2007 JCI Barnsley and JCI Aberdeen joined forces and officially became “twinned” at the Scottish National Conference in Glasgow. Since then members of both Chambers have attended each other’s events main events, meeting up for Annual Dinners, National and European Conferences. This year alone Gemma Fletcher, IPP and International Director has attended no less than 3 Aberdeen events!

In 2011JCI Barnsley focused their personal development around the issues that are really affecting their members, and this has resulted in a very successful LinkedIn training session. The session was hosted by a local businessman from a social media marketing company and was attended

by not only JCI Barnsley members, but nonmembers and members from JCI Bradford. The session focused on how to get to that all important 100% complete profile, recommendations, creating job searches, joining groups and marketing your business. The feedback after the event was hugely positive and all that attended are now working away at updating their profiles!

JCI Belfast The Belfast Chamber of Junior Chamber International (JCI) has over 20 active members and a network of over 100 active past members, senators and ‘friends’. JCI Belfast was founded in 1949 and the organisation has established and maintained a

In July we were honoured to welcome JCI World President Kentaro Harada to Belfast. We hosted a dinner for President Harada where JCI Belfast board members, senators and members of the National Board were joined by special guest, Arlene Foster, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment to discuss how JCI Belfast could actively engage in plans to make Belfast a entrepreneurial city focused on creating business and leadership opportunities for young professionals. During President Harada’s visit we also organised a round table discussion with Invest Northern Ireland to investigate opportunities for JCI Belfast to become more closely aligned with the organisation in order to grow JCI Belfast’s membership base and provide personal development and networking opportunities that feed into Invest NI’s business programmes.

President Harada’s visit to Belfast was a great success and helped to motivate and focus the board and membership base on the opportunities that exist for JCI Belfast to positively impact Belfast’s business Through our monthly member’s evening and special community now and in the future. events, we aim to provide our members with such opportunities. Over the last year we have had a number of high calibre speakers present on topics including pension planning, the Northern Ireland Assembly, angel investors and business image, as well as training events focused on leadership & communication. healthy membership and prides itself in adapting to the needs of its members year after year.

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

President Jacinta Parkhill - Best experience so far this year?

“The JCI Belfast pub quiz was a huge success this year, raising a phenomenal £1,400 for our chosen charity, Barnardo’s NI.” ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 7

JCI Boston JCI Boston is a small chapter, we try to cover all aspects of JCI and like other chapters in the UK we have seen our membership increase this year.

President Tracy Anderson - Best experience so far this year?

“I have experienced my first European conference in Tarragona. It isn't until you experience one to you realise how international our organisation really is!”

JCI Boston is very proud that we have raised £604 for the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign so far this year (this has been multiplied by Cordaid and converted in dollars which is $1920.15), this equates to 192 bednets! Fundraising ideas have included recycling mobile phones and clothes, collecting pennies and having an Easter themed Market Stall on the weekend of Global Malaria Day in April. The stall included the debut appearance of our hook-a-ducks and a guess how many sweets in the tub game. We were very grateful for the support we got from both fellow JCI members, which included a couple that helped on

the day from JCI Barnsley and local businesses which donated the Easter Eggs as prizes. The stall attracted people of all ages and we felt like a real market trader for the day. The Air Cadets of 141 (Boston) squadron also contributed by collecting pennies and clothes. These fundraising efforts have seen us feature in both the local papers, Boston Target and Boston Standard. We are still collecting clothes our next collection is the end of September and our pennies jars still need filling! Social is what JCI Boston does best; the events this year have included attending the fake festival, and an evening of burlesque. In July we invited the JCI membership to come and visit our market town and see some of its attractions. Our Boston day started with a climb up 200 steps in the tower of the Stump, giving views of the whole town. Then we went onto the Maud Foster windmill and saw it in action turning wheat into flour. The day ended with a quiz around the town. We are the home chapter of this year’s UK’s National President. In February we were the 2nd Chapter to launch the new style website, this has also allowed us to maintain a monthly newsletter to our members and friends.

JCI Bradford JCI Bradford has developed and trained young people in Bradford for over fifty years. Some of Bradford’s and the UK’s industry leaders have gone through the ranks in Junior Chamber and they continue to maintain their support for the organisation. A small Chamber but incredibly active, JCI Bradford organises some massive projects in helping the community and is highly respected in the business community.

We have our 52nd Annual Dinner coming up on 23rd September 2011 where in a ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here – style’ event our President, Philip Cavalier-Lumley will confront his fears and come face-to-face with those most feared creatures to raise money for local charity.

And in the new year (April time) JCI Bradford will be exploring how they can help the endangered species…BEES. JCI Bradford will be teaming up We recently visited the biggest production and with the local beekeepers association and seeing distribution plant in the world operated by Coca-Cola first hand how bees are kept and how important they and we attracted 6 non-members to the event which are to the environment. we hope to eventually convert to members. JCI Bradford continues to spread the Junior Chamber message and has welcomed a few new members recently. We have so much more to do and we expect to see our organisation flourish as our new members get involved.

President Philip Cavalier-Lumley -Best experience so far this year?

“Attended my first JCI Presenter in Sheffield and it helped me immediately at some future public speaking events that I was dreading.”

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

8 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●

JCI Cambridge

President Jen Little - Best experience so far this year?

“I have thoroughly enjoyed attending both the JCI Presenter and Trainer courses a must for anyone and being a trainer at the JCI UK Marketing Academy was great fun.”

JCI Cambridge has had an amazing year so far! Having only been re-established for a year we have gone from strength to strength; having new members join each month, a strong committee of enthusiastic and very capable young professionals, a vibrant business and networking programme of events each month coupled with the opportunities of the wider JCI UK programme.

showcase our beautiful city. During this interactive and informative day the 40 attendees were given the opportunity to attend two full two and a half hour workshops on a variety of topics. The event attracted the local newspapers to cover the event and a huge amount of positive feedback. In August we held a

In our first training session of 2011 business guru Philip Morley covered the commercial advantage of clarity and how dangerous it is when clients, customers, colleagues and investors get the wrong end of the stick. February saw the amazing Marcus Orlovsky give a talk on "Packed to be in the right place, at the right time" - a truly inspirational speaker! We have also covered topics such as "Massively Improve Your Results : The Secret of Success", "Time Management", "Personality Profiling in the Workplace", "Emotional Intelligence" and "Negotiation Skills". We held our inaugural Business Skills day in April and were the hosts of the Presidents’ and Deputies’ day. We had a great night out with both JCI UK members and visitors where we were able to

Wine Tasting in Conjunction with Cambridge Wine which was very successful with over 30 people attending. We have also obtained monthly coverage in the local newspapers and, since the launch of our new website, engage members by encouraging blog writing after events. We also ask business speakers to contribute to the blog to strengthen our links with the local business community.

JCI Doncaster JCI Doncaster's Annual President's dinner was held at one of Doncaster's most beautiful venues, the Mansion House. The dinner saw both members and non members meeting and discussing JCI Doncaster with great enthusiasm. The evening gained great publicity in local media, being printed in 3 different publications. The event assisted with re-buliding the relationship with Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, having the Chamber's Chief Exectuive as a top table guest. It also created a new relationship with Doncaster Law Society who have committed to working in partnership with JCI. As with all dinners there was a fundraising element in the form of taking of wine in aid of JCI Nothing But Nets.

The Thorntons Chocolate tasting event was a laid back pre-Easter event enjoyed by both members and non members. Attendees were given a talk on the history of Thorntons and given various samples, including a brand new chocolate waiting to be launched! We were then given the opportunity to ice our own Easter eggs which was great fun. On the evening money was raised for the NSPCC, who are Thorntons nominated charity. This event was not only of benefit to the attendees. The store's Manager said that he had never done an event like it before and had never done public speaking. He said that he was really nervous to start with but he relaxed into the public speaking and ended up enjoying it! Truly a JCI success story.

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

President Katie Ogley - Best experience so far this year?

“The best memory for me this year was writing the speech for my President’s dinner. It gave me the opportunity to think back and remember all of the great events I’ve been to and the fantastic friends I’ve made. “ ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 9

JCI Leeds It’s been a fantastic year for JCI Leeds so far. We had a very successful launch event where we had a number of new members sign up on the night. The relatively junior council team got together for a team building training day which really helped us bond as a unit. We have had a series of training, social and business events which have attracted members (old and new) and non-members.

President Anil Champaneri - Best experience so far this year?

“Being on the stage to collect two awards on behalf of JCI Leeds at European Conference.”

For example, this year we have moved the focus of our business events from having a speaker followed by networking to having business tours of Yorkshire businesses. We wanted to revitalise our business events and this new tact has engaged members. Our tour of Drax Power station attracted 20 attendees including a number of non-members. Our success with Drax was followed by a tour of the West Yorkshire

Playhouse which attracted another great attendance of 15 people. JCI Leeds have also hosted JCI Presenter which attracted a number of new members from Leeds, a member from Sheffield and potential member for JCI London. The JCI Leeds Annual Business Lecture is one of the biggest events in our calendar and this year was no exception. The theme was Challenge & Change and focused on the challenge of the recession and what we could do to challenge it. The event attracted members and non-members and was complimented for its informal and relaxed style and got extremely positive feedback from the attendees. Our JCI Nothing But Nets Fashion show in October has already sold more than 50 tickets and is attracting a diverse audience who have not been to JCI Leeds events before. Our other big event this year is our Annual Dinner which is being held in association with The Chamber. We are re-kindling old relationships and also returning to tradition holding the event at the former permanent home of our Dinner which is the Leeds Civic Hall. The Past Presidents of JCI Leeds are also supporting the event so we have a fantastic collaboration between the current and past membership.

JCI London JCI London is the largest chamber in the UK with around 150 members. We are a very active chamber running on average more than 2 events per week. Each of the areas of opportunity has a team, which encourages members to get involved with organising events and projects. This year there has been a focus on working together with cross-team events and themes, for example an international lecture on doing business in America followed by a steakhouse dinner. As well as local activity, JCI London always has a national and international presence. The chamber has been supporting the national JCI Nothing But Nets campaign with a penny jar collection, penny poker sessions and pub quiz. A clothes collection is also planned and members will be running the Loch Ness Marathon in the autumn.

As well as continuing with successful events from previous years, such as our annual dinner in the House of Lords and flagship community event, Go For It, teaching cv writing and interview skills to young learners, in 2011 JCI London has also pioneered new styles of event. One of the most popular was the Women in Leadership Roundtable, where members were able to ask questions of three successful leading business women, as they hosted informal small group discussions. The feedback from the event was such that the roundtable format will be repeated later in the year with a different theme. As ˝probably the most international chamber in the world˝,  JCI  London  has  this  year  reinstigated  its grand tradition of Twinning Weekends. Jaycees from our twin chambers will come to London to get to know each other, experience a different city and culture and have fun! In order to keep JCI in London growing and provide more leadership opportunities, we are starting a new chamber. JCI Ignite London will be based south of the river around Clapham and will focus on people and training with the aim of making a difference in a local community.

President Sarah Beckwith -Best experience so far this year?

“My best experience is working with the other members of the JCI London council - a fantastic bunch of dedicated, passionate members, who work hard to make the chamber a success.”

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

10 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●

JCI Manchester

President Debbie Rainford - Best experience so far this year?

“My best experience this year has to be hosting the JCI World President, Kentaro Harada. It was a great honour that he chose to visit us in Manchester. We were able to showcase our chamber and our city not only to Mr Harada but also to JCI Members from around the Country”

Well what a year it has been for JCI Manchester! Already we have smashed our target to double membership numbers and we continue to grow; next year we will have to raise the bar even further. It all began with our new member’s evening back in March. In true JCI Manchester style the event was a great success. We had almost 100 people attend (some were already members) and 20 new sign ups as a result. In our unique style the event was relaxed and informal and people had fun. We followed this up with a packed calendar of training, business, social and charity events offering something for everyone. Our training events have included assertiveness and behavioural styles, media training and improving productivity through nutrition and natural health. Socials such as our lovely bubbly evening, lets get quizzical and the 3 Peaks after party enabled members to come together and relax. We have hosted keynote business events which have been attended by many of Manchester’s leading professionals and entrepreneurs. We were lucky enough that our National President Alli was able to make it along to our Panel Discussion on New Business Start-Ups. JCI Manchester is committed to supporting our local community. Our nominated charity for this year is the Royal Manchester Children’s hospital. Our main event was the 3 peaks challenge. This saw 20 JCI

Manchester members climb the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales all in 24 hours. This was by far the most difficult challenge that most of our members had ever completed and we are incredibly proud to have raised almost £7000 from this challenge alone!!!!

We submitted 2 nominations for the TOYP Awards and we are now busy preparing for the Manchester Young Talent Awards on 8th September 2011. This event serves to recognise 8 outstanding individuals from Manchester who have excelled in their particular field. We are all very excited about the black tie & glamorous ceremony which will be held at the 5* Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Manchester to recognising the 5* calibre of our nominees and all our members.

JCI Portsmouth At JCI Portsmouth we have been working to build a series of Public Speaking training events aimed at helping its members improve their public speaking skills. Rather than use external trainers, we decided to run the training events ourselves. That way, we're learning at the same time as participants but from a different perspective. Paul Thwaite, a graduate from JCI Trainer is building up his JCI Training hours and Jasmine Blofield, a graduate from JCI Presenter, is loving the opportunity to build on the skills she learned during that course. We have a 3 part course which we plan to schedule in Autumn 2011. Each training session has a real emphasis on practicing and audience interaction. The feedback we've received from running the first part earlier on in the year has been amazing!

challenge for Jasmine and I to run these courses and it'll be tremendous fun too! One of the best things I have learned whilst being a member of JCI - if you don't ask, you don't get! So we did. We've always wanted to run a Business event on the economy. We heard of a Bank of England office in the South and we asked if they'd present to us. They agreed and it was a brilliant event! Many people from different areas of the Portsmouth business community attended and the feedback received was marvellous. We certainly will be running another similar event in the new year! So, if you're unsure about asking, just do it! What's the worse that could happen? They say no. And if they do, you look for someone else!

If you're in or around Portsmouth and want to get involved, let us know! It's going to be a rewarding

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

President Paul Thwaite - Best experience so far this year?

“I decided to go to European Conference and I have to say it was one of the best things I have done. It took me way out of my comfort zone which I think I needed – I’m a quiet guy and I envisaged meeting so many people would be a tad daunting, but everyone was so friendly and easy to chat to!” ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 11

JCI Reading At the beginning of the year JCI Reading had the honour of hosting the 2011 JCI UK Inspiration Day. Inspiration Day is the first national event in the JCI UK calendar being an ideal way to meet new members from both the local and national boards and is designed to get everyone back in the swing of things after the holidays.

President Stephen Wells - Best experience so far this year?

“Being able to assist Alli Cowell, (national president) and Sandra Pilarczyk (JCI UK representative for public speaking competition) at the European Conference”

The event started at 11am (slightly later than a standard JCI event as this enabled those coming from London who had attended the JCI London annual dinner the night before a chance to arrive). Following many discussions with members we found that the main reason we all joined JCI was because of the people already involved in the organisation. This fitted nicely with the 2011 National President's, Allison Cowell, Back to Basic’s theme for the year as it gave us the opportunity to

engage everyone by talking about real JCI experiences. Therefore along with 2 external speakers we also included a section 'What JCI Means to Me' where we heard from past, present and future members about how JCI has inspired them. There are videos of some of these on the JCI Reading YouTube Channel: Ismail, JCI International Vice President, was a special guest at the event and he joined in with all the activities on offer. He gave us an overview of President Kentaro Harada's plan of action for 2011. After an informative talk from Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist we ran a fun, action packed, competitive team game called 'Roam around Reading' - this got everyone out and about in Reading, this was an opportunity for people to learn a little more about Reading and more importantly their fellow team mates from around the country.

JCI Sheffield JCI Sheffield is one of the oldest Chambers in the UK, and as members, we think is one of the most active too! Since the beginning of the year we have seen a huge increase in our membership and with an ambitious growth plan. JCI Sheffield is also one of the largest chambers in the country, representing a broad cross section of sectors within our city – something we’re really proud of! Over the year we have worked closely with Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, coming together to represent Team Sheffield! This relationship is something that we really value in Sheffield and we have some very exciting plans afoot with our colleagues at the Chamber – stay tuned! This year we have delivered a calendar of over 50 events and hosted official JCI courses such as JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer. We’ve played host to

formidable speakers including Darren Bristow - the man behind Katy Perry’s perfume microsite, Rick Armstrong – former leader of Saatchi and Saatchi and John Philips, former Chairman of Business Link South Yorkshire… I think it’s fair to say that we are certainly keeping our members busy! In addition, we’ve challenged both our members and local businesses to do their bit for charity, be it donating 450 Easter eggs to the Children’s Hospital or encouraging non-runners to complete a range of charity runs! The remainder of the year looks equally full and JCI Sheffield is especially proud to be supporting MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival in September. With speakers including Vince Cable and Peter Jones amongst others, JCI Sheffield is excited to host an official event during the week as well as exhibiting at the festival! For more details visit: Something else we’re proud of is being part of the JCI Yorkshire region! We work closely with our colleagues in other chambers across the region as we all believe that this network is so important to our members. In fact, so strong is our link that we have all come together this year to host the JCI UK National Convention. We are all extremely excited to welcome members from around the country to the steel city, officially the most sporting city, the greenest city, and the leading digital and creative city… welcome to Sheffield!

President Kate Senter -Best experience so far this year?

“Seeing that we had increased our membership numbers by 150% by the halfway mark of 2011! A huge round of applause must go to crazy, innovative, creative, passionate, inspired, motivated and all round lovely people that make up the JCI Sheffield Council team ”

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

12 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●

JCI Southampton Now in its 52nd year, JCI Southampton has had yet another full programme of activities so far this year. Mixing networking drinks, training dinners, business visits, community fundraising, charity quiz nights and fun social events the 2011 programme has provided JCI Southampton members and guests with an ideal platform to gain new business contacts, develop themselves both professionally and personally and indulge in some great social occasions mixed with tours of local organisations.

President Drew Charman - Best experience so far this year?

“…attending the 2011 JCI European Conference in Tarragona, Spain at the beginning of June.”

A New Members Evening at the end of March saw 40+ attendees enjoy a relaxed evening of networking over drinks and food at Yuzu Bar whilst finding out more about the JCI organisation. The JCI Southampton Council team were joined by National President Allison Cowell and Senator (and former JCI Southampton President) Tim Richardson who shared their experiences of the organisation and what they have gained from it. One of this year’s truly memorable events was a combined business and social trip to the Itchen Valley Brewery in late June. Taking advantage of travelling by coach, 21 members and friends experienced a unique insight into the workings of a small local brewery. The JCI Southampton group were treated to a fun and interactive tour with unlimited refills during the tasting being a particular highlight of the evening.

With two more training dinners scheduled this year (October’s ‘Break The Rules & Win More Business’ and November’s ‘Essential Employment Law – A Basic Toolkit For The Workplace’), a couple of charity quiz nights, a Christmas social dinner and

drinks event plus our monthly Turbo Thursday networking drinks, JCI Southampton members and guests can look forward to a full end to the year. Of course, we can’t possibly forget the big event of the year – JCI Southampton’s Annual Gala Dinner. From Hollywood last year to Bollywood this year the dinner will be held on 12th November at P.O.S.H. restaurant and will offer the best in Indian cuisine with some great entertainment from a live band, DJ and one or two more surprises thrown in. An event not to be missed!

JCI Ignite London (new) With the growing success of JCI London over the last couple of years, it was decided that London would be large enough to accommodate at least 2 chambers and this way spreading the world of JCI. Starting this new chamber with the focus on South London’s Local Communities and Personal Development , is a wonderful experience for all those wanting to be involved as it allows us to be as creative and as involved as we wish. This will give members the opportunity to grown and develop with the new chamber and show people that we can make an impact locally, nationally and globally.

- Best experience so far this year?

“Going to European Academy in Sweden with 85 Candidate other young and President Nadene passionate JCI Jones leaders from around Europe!”

With JCI London as our supporting chamber, we are looking forward to combining our skills, knowledge and resource to make people aware of what JCI has to offer them and their communities.

Learn how you can start a new Chamber in your local community. Make the most of the leadership opportunities in JCI. Find your nearest Local Chamber on Learn how you can start a new chamber on JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 13

JCI Birmingham (new) Great progress has been made on the plan to relaunch of JCI in Birmingham. Contact has been made with anyone who had previously expressed an interest in becoming involved. Many positive messages of support from Senators have also been received. Did you know that JCI European Conference was hosted by JCI Birmingham in 2003 and 1976 and World Congress was held there in 1989! A meeting was held on 18th August with young people who had expressed an interest in joining JCI.

It was great a group of young energetic people wanting to create positive change in the city!! The event was also supported by David Butcher, Senate Chair, and previous Birmingham Local President Kate Canty. The next meeting will take place on 15th September and will focus on next steps and potential projects to get a new Chamber kickstarted. If you know of anyone who would be interested in helping to support a relaunch or in becoming a member in Birmingham please let me know. We know Birmingham is a city that has a lot to offer and are hopeful that JCI can have a strong presence there once again!

IPP Lesley Young is helping JCI Birmingham get on its feet. Lesley can be reached on

TOYP Award 2011 JCI United Kingdom is proud to announce that one of the three nominees from JCI UK to The Ten Outstanding Young Person Award 2011 has been shortlisted to the top 30 nominees in the world. If Carly is honoured as one of the top 10, she will receive her award at the World Congress in Brussels in November.

Carly Ward, JCI UK nominee to TOYP, shortlisted among 30 global nominees to the top 10 award. “It’s my passion to help other young people succeed, believe and achieve and I really hope I make it to the final 10 as it will give me a bigger platform to really be able to scale up the work we are doing and extend it to more young people, creating more entrepreneurs.”

Carly Ward strives to provide inspiration for young people to start their own businesses. In searching for inspirational entrepreneurs Carly has succeeded in building a high profile network that is supportive of her work and desire to help as many young people as possible with her online and classroom delivered ’12 Steps to Success’ programme and YES Network.

JCI TOYP serves to formally recognise young people who excel in their chosen fields and create positive change.

By recognising these young people, JCI raises the status of socially responsible leaders in this world. The honorees motivate their peers to seek excellence and serve others. Their stories of discovery, determination and ingenuity inspire young people to be better leaders and create better Carly has been recognised as Inspirational Women societies. in Business Award winner in March 2011 and Winner of the Haines Watts Young Entrepreneur of Last year JCI UK nominees Emily Cummins and the Year Special Achievement Award, Nov 2010. Sabirul Islam were both named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People in the World for 2010 at In addition to Carly JCI UK nominated two other the JCI World Congress in Osaka. outstanding young persons that we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate: Ruth Ibegbuna, leader of RECLAIM; an award-winning preventative youth crime project founded by her in 2007. RECLAIM targets young people across Greater Manchester from areas of social instability. Kai Graf von Pahlen. An exceptional young Lawyer from Manchester with a true passion for offering transforming thought leadership propositions on various topics where law stifles justice for the people.

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

14 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●

Nothing But Nets JCI UKs Outrageous Ambition This year JCI UK has an ambition to raise an outrageous amount of funds for the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign! Many of you may ask ‘what is JCI Nothing But Nets?’ Or ‘why are we raising money for them?’ Below is some information about the campaign and why we are supporting JCI Nothing But Nets.

JCI UK Community Director Gemma Fletcher Gemma can be reached on

JCIs Link to the Nothing But Nets Campaign Malaria is the leading killer of children in Africa, but this deadly disease can be prevented with the use of insecticide-treated bed nets. Through JCI Nothing But Nets, a campaign in partnership with the UN Foundation’s JCI Nothing But Nets initiative, JCI members work to purchase and distribute bed nets and educate families on their proper use. What is ? A grassroots movement involved in malaria prevention through advocacy, procurement and distribution of free bed nets.

What have Chambers been up to? Ÿ JCI Boston hooked ducks on Global Malaria Day Ÿ JCI Barnsley placed their bets for Nothing But Nets Ÿ JCI London have started a Penny Poker Tournament! Ÿ JCI Leeds are hosting Fashion Bites Back, a fashion show in aid of the charity, Ÿ JCI Southampton will be hosting a Nothing But Nets quiz Ÿ JCI UK Penny War is in full swing!

Many more events are happening across the country, for more information checkout the JCI UK website!

JCI UK Action - 11:11 11th Dec ‘11 "Looking ahead to 2015 and beyond, there is no question that we can achieve the overarching goal: we can put an end to poverty ... But it requires an unswerving, collective, long-term effort." -United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon The 2011 JCI Global Partnership Summit took place in New York from the 20 to 23 June. The Summit was attended by 380 delegates, including members and partners from 59 countries. JCI hosted 25 speakers and nine special guests from 24 partner organisations, including three Permanent Missions to the United Nations, the Office of the SecretaryGeneral and six UN agencies. The focus was about how to take action to apply these powerful ideas to our countries, our communities, our backyards. One of the greatest needs across the UK in regard to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to raise overall awareness of what they are. It is estimated that less than 2% of the population know what the MDGs are. JCI UK will therefore run a Facebook campaign at 11.11am on the 11 December 2011.

Resolution The resolution agreed and since endorsed by National Presidents is as follows: Ÿ That every JCI National Organisation will take action to identify a need in its country within the framework of the UN MDGs by the 2011 JCI World Congress in Brussels, Belgium. Ÿ That every National Organisation shall commit to at least one project by 2011 JCI World Congress, but may embark on additional projects as new needs are identified before 2015. Ÿ To proceed to launch the implementation of such a project simultaneously around the world on JCI Active Citizen Day, December 11, 2011. Ÿ To commit to report annually on the progress of the implementation of such a project at the JCI Global Partnership Summit.

We will be in touch with Local Chambers to agree the message content but we‘re asking for all members support in spreading the word of what the MDGs are and how important it is to work towards their achievement by 2015. JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens


JCI and the UN has worked in partnership since 1954. Both organisations use the same map of the world in their logos, JCI is the only non-UN organisation to do so. This reflects that the two organisations see the world from the same point of view. In July 2011 JCI received General Consultative Status with the UN Economic & Social Council, the highest level cooperative status an organisation can have in the UN. ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 15

Active Citizen Experience (ACE) Are you ACE? One of the core values of JCI is to make a local impact, be ACTIVE CITIZENS and what better way to do this than to volunteer in your local community? Here in JCI UK we want to reward those members who go that little bit further and get actively involved in their local community. ACE is our new awards programme that recognises members for their level of community involvement through the community hours project. What do I have to do? It is very simple. All you have to do is volunteer in your local community and record your hours. Ÿ Keep a record of the number of hours you volunteer and log them on our JCI UK Community Form. Ÿ Keep your local community director or Chamber up to date with your progress. Ÿ Send your volunteering stories and photos to Ÿ Wait to be recognised! Members are recognised for achieving 10, 20 and 30 hours of volunteering! Members will be recognised at national events by the National President and National Community Director.

What is ACE? Originating in JCI Doncaster, the project allows members to decide how they want to get involved in their local area and still be recognised for their achievements through JCI.

ACE levels

Members can get involved in any kind of volunteering from helping out the neighbours to running the local football team, no volunteering is too small for ACE!

Read how JCI London member Mehnaz Siddiqui has been getting involved in her local community! What community projects are you currently involved in outside of JCI and work? I am a volunteer teacher for an educational charity which helps children from deprived communities between the ages of 5 and 14 with their school work. I am also a local authority appointed school governor and this role focuses on making managerial and financial decisions which affect schools and ultimately the quality of education. How did you get involved? I have always been interested in education and particularly teaching and I was thrilled to find a charity that allowed me to become involved in this type of volunteer work. I was appointed to the school governor position by my local authority earlier this year. What new skills have you developed through volunteering? Lots of patience! I've also developed an understanding of financial budgets and personnel issues. What advice would you give to other JCI members wanting to get involved in their local community? It is incredibly rewarding to spend your spare time doing something you enjoy which also benefits someone else. When you have helped a child understand a concept or problem which they were previously unable to grasp and you see how much this boosts their confidence, it is very satisfying. It is also a great way to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures.

10 hours

20 hours

30 hours

Register your ACE hours https://spreadshee eadsheet/viewfor m?formkey=dEY1 ZlBhUEdOZlhDRX hWZlozemQ1OVE 6MQ

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

16 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●

JCI Personal Development

JCI UK Trainers Adam Woodhall and Emma Eastwood Article by Emma Eastwood

There are many great opportunities within JCI and Personal Development is one of the most rewarding. Whether it be one off training sessions organised by local Chambers to appeal to the needs of their members or official JCI courses organised by JCI UK, there are a wealth of new skills that you can learn from attending.

training tools and other techniques you need to understand to deliver training for adult audiences.

Make sure that you look out to see what your local chamber has booked into the diary and if you have ideas for topics that you may be interested in then make sure that you mention them to your council team as it is likely that what is of interest to you will also be of interest to other members.

So far this year JCI UK have ran this course in London and in Sheffield and have graduated 19 members - the fifth highest number of graduations in Europe. James Alcock joined JCI at the beginning of 2011 and has already graduated from JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer and said of the training, “It's courses like that that make you really think about what JCI is and how far it can reach and what, individually and collectively, we can achieve!”

Emma can be reached on

JCI also offers official courses which are organised and run in countries all over the world. These are designed by JCI head office and are delivered by official JCI trainers in the same way globally. The courses include: JCI Presenter, the JCI Effective Presentation Course is a full day course that focuses on the concepts of creating and delivering an effective presentation utilising visual aids and strong delivery methods with a mind towards understanding the audience. Participants practice presentations during the entire course. JCI Presenter is aimed at all members who want to expand their presentation skills to give more effective presentations and more confident interaction in meetings both in JCI and in their professional life. So far this year JCI UK have ran this course in Reading, Leeds and Sheffield and 27 members graduated. After graduating from this course Phil Cavalier-Lumley President of JCI Bradford gave the following feedback after his first chance to practice what he had learnt

This is for those who wish develop their confidence in presenting complex information in an understandable and interesting way, and increase your ability to motivate others.

Once you have graduated from JCI Trainer you are then able to start approaching JCI Chambers about giving your own mini training sessions and can log training hours via the JCI website. The is the start of the route to being a JCI Trainer. The JCI UK Personal Development team are planning to organise a trainers weekend for new trainers to teach them some courses that they may be able to deliver and to develop other courses. If this is something that you would be interested in then please contact Emma. JCI UK are yet to run a JCI Achieve course although Deputy National President Solveig Malvik recently graduated from this course and said that it is a brilliant course to learn about JCI, the opportunities within JCI and how to live the JCI spirit. JCI UK is hoping to run a JCI Achieve shortly. ►

Follow JCI UK’s newsettter and online events calendar for information on when the next JCI Presenter and Trainer courses will be run in the UK.

► Official  JCI  courses  such  as  JCI  Admin  and JCI Achieve are also organised at the large conferences so that’s yet another reason to go!

“I used your training and tips. I rehearsed, recorded myself, timed myself, tweaked and tweaked until I was completely happy that my speech was motivational but accurate and I strolled up to the podium with a new kind of confidence and let loose. I was approached by people afterwards I didn't know who congratulated me on such a inspirational speech. I may sound big headed to say I was ON FIRE but I have never felt that good doing it or having the brilliant feedback.”

JCI UK Personal Development Director Dan Lally After graduating from JCI Presenter you are qualified to enrol for JCI Trainer, if you wish. This is a course on planning and delivering adult training courses and is a two day course that covers adult learning styles, the best training methods to teach adults, the

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

Phil Cavalier-Lumley graduating from JCI Presenter ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 17

JCI UK National Convention Ten reasons why you should attend the JCI UK National Convention 2011 The annual Convention is the flagship national event for JCI UK. The event runs from 25-27 November 2011 in Sheffield. It is being organised in a unique collaboration between the JCI chambers in Yorkshire and promises to be an event not to be missed.

Location: Sheffield

Cowell at the show-stopping Kelham Island Museum for a night we guarantee you will never forget.

Dates: 25-27 November 2011

…After Party Not just any old after party, but a YORKSHIRE after party which will leave you feeling tingly all over. Missing this will be one of those times when you feel you really lost out on the chance to experience something historically great.

Prices: Members: Early-bird Until 30th Sept £99

…Yorkshire Rhubarb and real ale, vibrant cities and culture, golden sand and sea, stunning walks and waterfalls. This is Yorkshire. Yorkshire has it all.

…Sponsors It’ll come as no great surprise to hear that there is a buzz about the cities business community, in anticipation of Sheffield hosting the 2011 JCI UK The only way is Yorkshire for… National Convention in November.. So with their backing, we will be putting on an amazing 3 day experience right from the moment you arrive in … Keynote speaker Yorkshire, from the 5 star hospitality at the Holiday Prepare to be inspired, motivated and challenged Inn to the exquisite Gala Dinner at Kelham Island by a keynote speaker with a real story to tell! We Museum, you will leave Sheffield with a Sponsors dare you to leave this session without a renewed goody bag full to bursting with memories and sense of purpose and direction! ‘ mementos from your time in Sheffield. …Speed Training …Value for money If you want to expand your skill set, fast, then this is We love value for money in Yorkshire and the cost the one training event you cannot afford to miss. Our for attending National Conference? Just £99*! So Speed Training Session draws together some of the what does that buy you? Training sessions on region's leading trainers to offer you a personal Friday, Saturday and Sunday; a social event on development event with a difference. Friday; the Gala Dinner and after party on Saturday and the opportunity to meet old friends and make …Networking new ones from like minded souls. An absolute The National Convention is the flagship national bargain of a weekend! To make things even better, event for the UK and offers a mix of formal and discounted hotel rates are available for those informal training and a spectacular social wanting to stay over in Sheffield. programme; this structure forms an unrivalled *Early bird member rate. opportunity to network with likeminded people from across the UK. We hope to see you there! For more information or to book your place please visit our website …Public Speaking Public speaking is so much more than just giving ention2011 presentations: Public speaking training gives you the confidence to present yourself to other people in the way you want them to perceive you. That could be -The Conference in an interview, meeting potential customers or even Organising Committee speaking to your future husband or wife! The beauty of public speaking is that these are life skills which can be mastered by everybody through continuous practise.

After 30th Sept £120 Non-members: Early-bird Until 30th Sept £120 After 30th Sept: £145 Accommodation: Holiday Inn Royal Victoria £75/night double or twin incl. breakfast Holiday Inn Express £55/night double or twin incl. Breakfast *Special offer” Book two nights at the Holiday Inn Express double or twin incl. breakfast for only £99 for both nights To book, go to: www.haveagreatst with code: JCI NC2011 The only way is Yorkshire

…Debating In the true spirit of learning by doing, the national convention offers you the chance to be part of the National Debating final. A debate involves a discussion of the pros and cons of an issue. Debating successfully is all about using argument and persuasion to convince other people that your views are right. …Gala Dinner Treat yourself to a spectacular night of Yorkshire hospitality, celebration and friendship at the JCI UK 2011 Gala Dinner. Step back in time and join JCI Yorkshire and JCI UK’s National President Allison

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

18 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●

Mediterranean Emotions 1-4 June 2011 JCI European Conference is organised in a European country every year around the beginning of June.

JCI UK made an impact at the 2011 JCI European Conference in Tarragona earlier this year. More than 40 UK delegates experienced brilliant Catalonian sunshine, culture and food during almost 5 days of parties, training sessions, key note speakers and meetings.

European Conference is one of 4 JCI area conferences organised each summer.

"JCI European Conference, for me is about meeting interesting, dynamic and fun people from across Europe. With nearly 2000 people that wasn't difficult to do! From start to finish there were training events, historical and cultural tours, debates and of course the superb evening parties. As I said to a friend at the gala dinner, ‘where else can you get all this?'. The answer is JCI!" Tim Metcalfe, JCI Leeds

All members can participate at these conferences where you can experience training, parties, key note speakers, local culture and more. The next European Conference will be in Braunscwheig, Germany 13-17 June 2012

"…going to EC is definitely the highlight of my JCI career to date and I can’t emphasise enough to my fellow Jaycees to take the opportunity to attend international events. International events provides you with the opportunity to attend great training sessions, exchange ideas, make new friends…." Soraya Bowen, JCI London

JCI Leeds takes home 2 European Awards JCI United Kingdom took home two prestigious awards from the JCI European Conference, both from JCI Leeds. JCI Leeds President 2010 Claire Dempster won Most Outstanding President (50-100 members) and the JCI Nothing But Net Calendar won JCI Leeds the Most Outstanding Millennium Development Goal Project Award.

JCI awards go from local, regional and national levels to European and World levels and aim to recognise outstanding projects in local and national organisations.

We are crossing our fingers and wishing JCI Leeds best of luck at the World Awards in Belgium!

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

Expand your boundaries, broaden your horizon and be there with the rest of the JCI UK delegation at the 2011 JCI World Congress in Brussels! Expand your BUSINESS boundaries The JCI World Congress will give members and partners the opportunity to actively network with each other. This provides opportunities to all parties to enter into new businesses, to develop their existing business in other geographical areas, to take on new career opportunities, and much, much more.

Expand your PERSONAL boundaries JCI as an organisation is all about developing people, encouraging them to develop their entrepreneurial capabilities. JCI is about being daring, moving beyond the comfort zone. JCI stimulates its members to take up responsibilities. "Learning by doing" is not an empty slogan in JCI! Not everything can be learned in books. Today's society needs young people that have entrepreneurial skills. JCI offers just that!

Expand your INTERNATIONAL boundaries The JCI World Congress is also the place to meet people from all over the world, each with their own culture that, at first glance, sometimes seem strange to us. JCI offers the opportunity to go beyond national thinking, to get to know people from all over the world, and to discover that we have a lot to gain when we open our mind and "expand our boundaries".

Expand your EUROPEAN boundaries Finally, Brussels is the Capital of the European Union, a union that is gradually and peacefully expanding its cultural, geographical and business boundaries. The way in which Europe has overcome its historical differences of the past centuries, and bonded nations together through democratic principles, has made it a role model for the rest of the world.

Join the JCI UK delegation to World Congress for twice the fun! Having a congress as close as Brussels, only a train ride away, is a great opportunity to experience a JCI World Congress without travelling half way across the world. As a delegation we get a fun pack with lots of goodies and Union Jack stuff to use at the conference and we have three parties among them a champagne reception before the gala dinner and a dinner the night before the Congress begins. How can I be a part of the JCI UK delegation? 1. Register for the World Congress on the Congress website: 2. Let Carrie Green, JCI UK International Director know that you are going so that she can include you in all communication and you can order a good bag. Carrie can be reached on A number of JCI UK members will be taking the Eurostar from London: Outbound: Monday 31st October leaving 12.57 London St. Pancreas arriving at Brussels Midi at 16.05 Return: Sunday 6th November leaving 14:59 Brussels Midi arriving at London St. Pancreas at 15:56 A number of JCI UK members have booked hotel at Hotel Le Dome, a 3 minute walk from HQ hotel. Le Dome has rooms that can accommodate up to 3 people. JCI UK delegates can book this hotel at with preferential rates until 1st September, from 1st September best available rate.

The British Senate supports 6 members of JCI UK who wants to attend their first international event with up to £100 towards participation at events with both a training and social aspect. Applicants must be paid up members of JCI UK at all stages of the bursary process and must have been a member, in candidate or in full, for 12 months or less. Applications may come from the new member, but will require endorsement by their local President, and/or their Regional Group Chairman. Applications can be made on the new member’s behalf by their local President. Although the application must be made within 12 months of joining, the event itself can take place up to 12 months after the bursary is made. Contact National President Allison Cowell for more information!

20 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ● JCI UK has 3 official events on its yearly calendar. The year starts with Inspiration Day in January. All members, Local Presidents and National Board comes together to get inspired, learn and discuss the year ahead. In 2011 Inspiration Day took place in Reading. The second event is Presidents and Deputies Day in April/May. At this day Presidents and Deputies come together, discuss how things are going and learn useful things for running their chambers. In 2011 P&D Day took place in Cambridge. The third event is the JCI UK National Convention with National Awards, training sessions, speakers and more and is the highlight of the JCI UK calendar. In 2011 the National Convention will take place in Sheffield the weekend of the 2527 of November. We normally get international guests and great speakers at the National Convention. It is also a great kick just meeting other members from across the UK, train together, party together, have fun and learn. Don’t miss it! In addition to the events above Chambers organise Annual Dinners, JCI Training courses and flagship events that also go onto the national calendar. Check out nts/ for the latest updates!

JCI UK Inspiration Day 2011 Our first National event of the year, Inspiration Day, hosted by JCI Reading, was a great success, and definitely very motivating and inspiring. With over 60 JCI members attending from all over the UK, there was a great excitement in the room. The day started with Alli's hour, whereby she went Back to Basics, and was officially sworn into office. All Local Presidents were recognised and thanked for the role they are undertaking this year, and wished luck for the year ahead. Then the moment came when the new JCI Members UK pins were revealed, and a 'mass pinning' was carried out, so that everyone in the room could wear their pin with pride. The Presidents from JCI Yorkshire showed their intention to bid for National Convention from 25th to 27th November 2011, in a way that only they could........ Their t-shirts said it all!

Ismail Haznedar, JCI UK’s International Vice President came to the event, and took time to really get to know the members, which was fantastic. He gave a very inspiring speech about what it means to him to be a part of JCI. Other members also spoke of their experiences of JCI, in a well thought out session entitled Past, Present and Future. There were two speakers, Graham Jones, an Internet Psychologist who delivered an engrossing session on The Social Web, highlighting the benefits of Social Media for businesses. And Jamie Dunn, whose determination to succeed means he is aiming to be a millionaire by the time he is 20. JCI Reading really surprised us all with their outdoor activity, which had a social media theme to it, and meant that we all got to see the beautiful city of Reading, and really got to know each other a lot better.

Presidents & Deputies Day debated during the meeting resulting in the meeting lasting quite a bit longer than expected. Among the things that were discussed were the new training proposal from National Board, the National Convention bid from JCI Yorkshire and Solveig Malvik’s candidacy to 2011 Deputy National President. In the end all of the aforementioned were voted through.

JCI UK Presidents & Deputies Day this year took place in Cambridge on the back of JCI Cambridge’s first Annual Business Skills Day. The day started with an Omoiyari training by VP to the UK Ismail Haznedar (Turkey). This was the first time an Omoiyari training was run in the UK, and the participants were doing their best to come to terms with the Japanese concept. Omoiyari is a training program introduced to JCI by JCI Japan that aims at building understanding, accept and respect for the other. The training goes through what the concept of “Omoiyari” means, understanding why we need this concept, and how it can be put into life through active citizenship. After the training JCI UK held its first National Council of the year and if National Board thought they were going to get off easy, they were wrong as there were many things that were discussed and

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

The day ended with an Awards Surgery led by Debbie Tills, JCI UK Admin Director and responsible for JCI Awards. The surgery discussed not only how to write better awards but how to write winning awards. Everyone found the surgery very useful. All in all it was a very interesting and eventful day with lots of engagement on all levels. We look forward to D&P Day 2012! ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 21

JCI European Academy friendly JCI people from Tallinn, Germany and Netherlands who were all in the same situation. Needless to say it didn’t take much to strike up conversations as everyone had much in common, and most of all, they are so willing to share their passion for JCI.

The 15th JCI European Academy took place during the last weekend of July 2011 in the lovely Goteborg, Sweden. The event was attended by over 85 future local chapter presidents and delegates, who were hand picked to go from all over Europe. JCI European Academy aims to increase understanding and co-operation between future leaders from different countries. The aim was to establish a forum of representatives from all over Europe to facilitate an exchange of experiences, knowledge, culture and values.

The whole Academy was very well organised and thought out. The activities done, each had their own purposes and it truly was an amazing experience – from going there knowing no one to coming back to London having made some wonderful new friends and armed with new skills and knowledge to help me out with, not only the new chamber, but also my work and personal life. The European Academy has given me new inspiration to go out and make a difference in my local community and make an impact on the world! Fair to say “I’ve had the time of my life.”

For me, the idea of going to another country and spending 5 days with a lot of people that I’ve never met before was a little scary as you can probably imagine. I was sitting in the waiting lounge at 6am in the airport thinking I must be crazy to be doing this because I won’t know anyone! I arrived in Goteborg and was warmly greeted by a mini bus of very

Nadene Jones was one of 3 JCI UK delegates to the 2011 JCI European Academy together with Sandra Pilarczyk from JCI Sheffield and Lisa Gunn Thomspon from JCI Cambrdige. Europan Academy is a 4 days leadership academy for future local leaders in JCI Europe. Its a hands on experience where delegates learn about leadership and build a European network of local future leaders.

JCI UK Marketing Academy The first JCI UK Marketing Academy took place the first weekend of April at Ardsley House in Barnsley. 11 participants representing 8 chambers - more than half of the chambers in the UK participated in a weekend packed with trainings and workshops delivered by JCI UK's own trainers.

JCI UK Marketing Director Solveig Malvik Solveig can be reached on

The weekend started with a session on JCI's brand and understanding its message. The participants went through JCI's vision and mission and redefined its content based on local actions on the ground. After having worked on what the message is, the participants learned various ways of delivering the message, from writing to blogs, the driving forces of social media, to an interactive workshop on Word of Mouth Marketing with JCI UK Training Team's Emma Eastwood.

On Saturday night the participants made Barnsley dangerous celebrating the birthday of JCI Barnsley's President Vicky Savage until the early hours. Sunday morning the academy started at 9am with a concentration game to get the night owls back on track. We then looked at the echo effects of what we do online and search enging optimisation delivered by JCI UK Web Manager Sofie Sandell. This was accompanied by impressions of what google SEO web spiders would look like by participants (not to be mentioned by name). We ended the academy with a working session moderated by Emma. Three groups worked on topics choosen by the groups - membership week in September, membership engagement and company promotions. The final presentations were brilliant and will lead to lots of actions both on local and national level in the months to come.

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

22 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●

Make it happen in 2012! Eyad, a member of my home chamber London, said something I really liked earlier this year: “wow!” – not “what?” What does that mean? Eyad meant that when someone hears that you are a member of JCI, the response should be “wow!”, not “what?”.

JCI UK Deputy National President Solveig Malvik Outside of JCI Solveig is Head of Marketing for First4Skills, a national training provider and runs her own company where she trains and coaches people in personal presence, charisma and personal leadership. Solveig blames both jobs on JCI as she never thinks she would have done either without her experience from JCI. Solveig also blames her boyfriend on JCI as they met at JCI Academy in Japan. Søren is Deputy National President for JCI Denmark. Solveig has made her home in London since 2008 and is a past President of JCI London.

If a vision is what you want to achieve, and a mission is how you’re going to achieve it, my vision and mission for next year are that I want the world to say “Wow!” and I want JCI UK to achieve that by “make it happen”. The numbers to make things happen In JCI we always talk about needing new members, more members, growing. Growing is simple. More members means more like-minded people in our network. It means more impact. It means making a larger difference locally. And it’s great to see so many local organisations in the UK growing this year (the proof is on the next page, if you don’t believe me). The more we are, the more we can make happen, the more will go “wow”. Ambition to make things happen To make things happen in our local communities in the UK we need to be ambitious. The only way we can grow is on the back of real action and real results. Real ambitions to make things happen. With JCI I see a lot of opportunities to make things happen in the UK. We’ve been through a lot this summer – the financial crisis is still not over (some people are saying it’s even getting worse with the situation in Europe), we’ve had riots in cities all across the country, but we also saw young people taking the brooms and brushes and go out on the street to clean up. The tools to make things happen I’m very happy that JCI this year is set to introduce a tool for us called the “Active Citizen Framework”. The framework isn’t really anything new, but it’s putting what we already do into a system. A system that works. The framework helps us analyse local needs, work out solutions with partners, act - then analyse the results. The framework will help us not only see what we do ourselves but also explain to others what JCI actually does. Tools to make things happen and proof to show we did. In addition we will continue developing the area of training in JCI UK. Training gives us the tools to develop ourselves as individuals and our organisation, our community and our companies. The network to make things happen What makes us strong as local organisations is that we are locally active and globally connected. We can get resources, learn from and be inspired by others in our network of 5,000 local organisations. As an organisation we learn together, we make things happen together, and the Active Citizen Framework is a tool that has grown out of the needs of all 5,000 local organisations. Make things happen in your life JCI has made things happen in my life I never would have dreamt could happen. Now I invite you to make things happen in your life, in your local community,

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

What does JCI UK do? JCI UK is the national level in our organisation. We help the local Chambers in their projects and activities, create national programs and training courses and make sure local Chambers have access to the resources they need. We also represent JCI UK internationally, we vote in the JCI General Assembly on behalf of JCI UK and we help develop the global organisation. Roles on National Board Taking on a role on National level is a great way of building national and international networks, challenge yourself and learn new skills. You do not have had to be Local President in order to take on a role on National Board, but it is preferred to have Local board experience before taking on a National role. Nothing can replace Local Chamber experience which is really the best experience you can get in JCI. Roles 2012: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

up for election for JCI UK National Board Deputy National President Admin & Membership Director Treasurer Project Director Personal Development Director International Director Communicaitons Director Website Manager Regional Group Chairs

In addition there are two roles that are not elected: Ÿ President Ÿ Immediate Past President Other roles: Ÿ Project managers Ÿ Responsible for partnerships Ÿ Coaches & mentors in your Chamber, In the UK and in the world. Join a project team, join your local board, or join us at the National level. Or if you want to - join us in creating a new Chamber somewhere near you. I hope you will join us at National Convention in Sheffield in November and at international events to really get the benefit of the fabulous network JCI is. I can’t wait to get started! Will you join me in making things happen in 2012? Yours,

Solveig Malvik Deputy National President Marketing Director JCI UK Certified National Trainer (CNT) ● 2011 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 23

JCI UK welcomes new members Welcome! We hope you will make the most of your membership. Grab and create opportunities to make yourself, our organisation, our local communities, our country and our world better. Travel abroad, meet amazing people all across the world, learn new skills, challenge yourself and have fun! JCI Barnsley Rebecca Allott Samuel Allen Zaaheda Dadhiwala JCI Belfast Angela Donaldson David McShane Eimear O'Flyn Geraldine McEvoy Greig Jardine Jennifer Neill Katherine Jackson May Holmes Patrick Dewar Peter Davis Roisin Chambers JCI Birmingham Adedayo Tandoh Dharminder Rupra Santoma Joel Ibeneche JCI Boston Iwona Lebiedowicz Jennifer Curtis JCI Bradford John Steel JCI Cambridge Aja Webster Albena Madej Alex Graham Alexander Lewis Alice Townley Smith Andy Steel Ben Goddard Catherine Scandrett Christopher Toynbee Dean Porter Diana Waterer Douglas James Stanton Douglas Selmes Faye Toomey Gavin Harper Harriet Bastiani Joell Garden

John Collins Jonathan Burnip Kate Garrad Katherine Lynas Katie Holmes Laura Singleton Leigh Frost Lisa Thomsen Luca Senatore Lynsey Jones Marek Patykowski Matthew Fagg Megan Woolgar Natalie Finnigan Nicholas Culley Olivia Toulson Patrick James McCrae Ross Hickford Rumnique Gill Sarah Butler-Ford Sarah Harbour Sarah Jackson Sarah Koets Simon Malone Stuart Young Thelma Kristjansdottir Tom Higgins JCI Doncaster Kerry Maddison laura Fawcett Nicola Taylor Victoria Lillford JCI Leeds Adam Carruthers Adam Little Aidan Booth Andrew Paul Kirk Angus Hunter Smart Catherine Bullock Elizabeth Pearson Helen Wray Jan Ducky Janita Kajese Jennie Fisher Jennifer Cavallo Jennifer Evans

Joanna Sanderson Kathryn Jennifer Smith Louise Edwards Lucy Wright Nini Ume-Ezeoke Oswin Jackson Peter Barnes Rebecca Ward Richard Marson Robert Sowerby Russell Bisset Sarah Booth Sean Dalton Sylvie Nunn Tim Wrigley JCI London Abdul Aljandali Adam Maris Alekhya Mukherji Alexandra Spencer Anke Brandts Brenda Rocio Urrea Gomez Callum Waddell Cherise Howson Christopher Lynas Cindy Bamba Daniel Keeling Danielle Shadbolt David Motherway Dexter Dash Dharni Pathmakanthan Eduardo Rado de Paeo Eilidh Glynn Eleanor Clarke Elena Ageeva Endre Lunde Eugenie Oldenburg Florentine Nana Frene Angeli Hannah Dare Helena Laskowska Helene Andruchowitz Humairaa Ahmed Ian Johnson Ismail El Gharad James Skeels Jaruwan Bumroungruksa Jason Sender Johan - Paul Hion Karl O'Mahony Kunbi Lawoyin Lamia Sensousi Leandro Silva Leanne Lappin Lee Westley Lina Derkeshli Lucy Jakubowska Magalie Belmo Mare Raidma Marketa Rybackova Mehnaz Siddiqui Mouna Ali Myles Reilly Nohora Adriana Albarracin Pineda Obiocha Ikezogwo Paelo Saddler Patrick Luong Paul Weston Penny Williams Promise Campbell

Radovan Hanzl Rebecca Anderson Rebecca Gibson Richard Aitchison Ricky Kothari Rochelle Sampy Carlos Felipe Rojas Botero Rose-Anna Lidiard Samantha Payne Sandor Kovacs Sherene Davy Simon Gray Simran Virdee Solvene Renoult Soraya Bowen Tosin Lawoyin Trevor Withane Vamsi Krishna Majety Vassilios Dagiakidis Veroniek Meijer Victoria Sammagard Vincent Espitalier Walton Paul JCI Londonderry Cathy Malcolm JCI Manchester Anthony Barlow Carlos Oliveira Carly Ashton Caroline Louise Shepherd Caroline McCarr Charlotte Isherwood Claire Smith David Isherwood Emma Ball Emma Jane Richards Emma Roberts Geoff Baines Helen Thomasson Jennifer Smith Jessica Evans Jim Rainford Kim Holden Laura Birtwistle Leena Savjani Leon Davies Linda Wilson Lucy Clarke Lynsey Robinson Matthew Worman Natalie Pelling Neil Jones Paul Widger Ralph Kesteven Sally Tomlinson Sam Hall Sarah Wilde Sian Peak Susan Donaghey Tasnim Khalid Trevor Bailes Verity Houlker

Clare Franklin Hicham Mohsine Nahas Abdul Jaleel Nathan Tovey Steve Jones JCI Sheffield Aimee Rogers Ali Alskeif Alice Elizabeth Nisbet Annika Vale Bejul Lakhani Ben Luong Clare Froggatt David James Lister Deborah Constable Eve Lake Fiona Morgan Glyn Jones Hannah Bailey Heather Anson Heather Caddy Helen Hutchinson James Alcock James Hardy Jessica Flinn Katie Beal Kevin Guthrie Konrad Frankowski Kym Hall Laura Green Laura Lashmar Libby Phillips Lucy Harper Lucy Wood Maddie Fletcher Madhur Malhotra Mark Booth Melanie Parker Natalie Larder Nathan Gray Nick Hutton Nicola Atherton Nikki Davies Rebecca Jones Richard Bates Robert Blackburn Russell Brett Ruth Amos Samantha Simpson Sara Ellison Sharon Simcox Sian Jones Simon Colton Simon Leech Tom Fripp Tracey Vaughan

JCI Portsmouth Ian Baldwin Ian Tomkinson Phil Wright

JCI Southampton Bill Smith Catherine Elizabeth Day Chris Rees Claire Merrit Emma Louise Foster Jane Orme Laurence Willis Matthew Freeman Michael Steel Rupert Walmsley Sarah Jones

JCI Reading Andrew McCormack

Other Bryony Walker

These are the members who joined JCI United Kingdom from 31st of August 2010 to 31th August 2011 of which the editors of this magazine have been made aware. If your name is not on the list and you registered as a member more than a month ago, please get in touch with your local President or Membership Director. If you registered less than a month ago, please allow at least a month for the royal mail and our head quarters to get up to speed with changes. If your name is misspelled or there are other mistakes in this listing, please get in touch with your local President, Membership Director or JCI UK Head quarters to get your data rectified in our system

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that allow young people to create positive change

24 ● JCI United Kingdom ● 2011 ●


Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global network for young active professionals in their 20s and 30s. We are present in more than 100 countries, with 5,000 local chambers and have almost 200,000 members across the world. Meeting on a regular basis for fun and friendship, we run many inspiring events and projects with our members.

Membership in JCI UK is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 40.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) UK is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI) JCI UK Head Office PO Box 6638 Grantham NG31 9BX

Membership is £96 per year or £8 per month on monthly or quarterly standing order. Find more information on

Telephone: 01476 404005 Fax: 01476 404006

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens

Excelling in 2011 - JCI UK  

JCI UK national flagship magazine 2011 for members and partners featuring local chambers, projects, JCI Nothing But Nets, JCI UK Action, Gre...

Excelling in 2011 - JCI UK  

JCI UK national flagship magazine 2011 for members and partners featuring local chambers, projects, JCI Nothing But Nets, JCI UK Action, Gre...