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Disclaimer I hereby agree to abide to all the terms and conditions of the above mentioned competition, attached overleaf and understand that any violation thereof may result into my disqualification from the competition. I hereby attach a postal order, in favour of The President of JCI Quatre Bornes for the sum of Rs ……………….. (representing a non-refundable participation fee to the competition as per item of conditions).

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JCI Quatre Bornes, hereinafter referred to as “JCIQB” invites amateur photographers to enter its first Nationwide Photography Competition. The photography competition, hereinafter referred to as the "Contest" is open to ALL Mauritian amateur photographers of at least 18 years of age.

The competition shall be on the following theme:  “Fascinating Mauritius”

A. Eligible Participants The Contest is open to all Mauritian amateur photographers of at least 18 years of age.

B. Participation Fee The participation fee shall be as follows: a. First two entries: Rs. 500 per entry. b. Additional entries: Rs 350 per entry.

C. Transfer of Photo rights All participants shall be deemed to have automatically transferred all their intellectual property rights on their photo(s) submitted for the contest to JCI Quatre Bornes. JCI Quatre Bornes hereby reserves the right to use any or all of the photos for a public exhibition and / or sale to raise funds for social activities.

D. General Rules 1. JCIQB is looking for creative digital photographs to represent the above mentioned theme. 2. Pictures can either be in black and white or colour.

3. Submissions shall not be watermarked or bear any logo or name or any mark whatsoever from the photographer 4. Participants will be required to submit their images in .jpeg format through email on the following email address: 5. Participants will also be required to submit a higher resolution of their submission on a CD/ DVD which should be mailed to PO Box 77, Quatre Bornes together with: a. the original participation form, duly filled and signed; and b. a postal order in favour of The President of JCI Quatre Bornes for the non-refundable sum of Rs 500 per entry as participation fee for first two entries and Rs 350 per entry for additional entries; or c. for any other mode of payment please call on 57532129 or 52537004 for additional details. 6. Each submission is to be accompanied with a separate sheet, indicating: a. the caption of the photo, b. the subject of the image, c. the location where the photo was taken, d. the date when the photo was taken and e. the name of the photographer. 7. Submissions must be photos taken not earlier than May 2014. 8. Participants must not submit photos which involve human nudity, which is injurious to the environment by the photographer, or which infringes on the rights of other photographer or person. 9. Participation shall be deemed to have effectively transferred all intellectual proprietary rights associated with the submissions to JCI Quatre Bornes. 10. If participants include individuals in their submission, they (the participants) shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary authorisation (“releases�) from those individuals prior to shooting their pictures. Participants should be able to provide copies of those releases to JCIQB upon request, failing which their entry will be disqualified. 11. The submitted work must not contain material(s) offensive to any particular community, group, individual or institution and should not have any religious or political connotation.

E. Technical Requirements 1. All entries will be judged individually and the winner in each category will be selected by consensus of the Jury. 2. Submissions must be in .jpeg format. The maximum file size of each entry shall not be more than 10 MB. 3. The photographs may be in landscape or portrait formats, though the landscape format is preferred. 4. Photo-editing can only be done to the extent of cropping, minor light or colour correction. Any of the allowed alterations, once made, must be clearly mentioned at the time of submission along with the caption. 5. Stitched panoramas shall be acceptable only if all parts have been photographed at the same time. 6. Photographs previously published in any media or entered for any award shall be not be eligible to participate in the competition and shall be automatically disqualified. 7. Multiple exposures that have been combined to produce a single "High Dynamic Range (HDR)" photo shall not be eligible to participate and shall be automatically disqualified.

F. Rights and Reproduction Should a participant submit material to JCIQB via post, email, social network or any other means, s/he shall be deemed to have automatically granted JCIQB an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free license to use the images across its entire portfolio, in print, online and digital, and to deliver the images to existing and future clients, including but not limited to international licensees for reproduction in international, licensed editions of Imagine products. Any material submitted is done at the participant’s own risk and, although every care shall be taken, neither JCIQB nor its members shall be liable for any loss or damage.

Participation form and guidelines  

Participation Form and Guidelines for JCI Quatre Bornes Amateur Photography Competition

Participation form and guidelines  

Participation Form and Guidelines for JCI Quatre Bornes Amateur Photography Competition