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ISSUE 4 Dec 2012

Are you ready to be inspired? JCI Cambridge presents Business Skills Day and Inspiration Day 2013!

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Our quiz raises hundreds of pounds for Arthur Rank!

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2 JCI Cambridge Newsletter President’s note



Members! This is a month to write home about. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your employers. We have the JCI UK National convention, a talk on harnessing the power of your motivational preference and another pub club to look forward to. But let me start with the month passed. A charity quiz so large the venue had to be renegotiated at the last minute! Hundreds of pounds was raised for our charity of the year, Arthur Rank Hospice, so a big thank you to all those who came along. October also saw us host a seminar on personal branding and confirm that a massive 13 Cambridge delegates have registered for the JCI UK convention in Belfast in November! Looking into the future, to 2013, Cambridge makes its mark. We have won the opportunity to host Inspiration Day, our VERY FIRST Annual Gala Dinner and a Business Skills Day over the last weekend of January. It’s going to put us on the map people, we have a pull-out spread on it this month. Make sure you come because it will change your life.

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 romoting your P personal brand with Jen Little Business Skills Day & Inspriration Day News from other chambers Quiz is a roaring success! Member of the month – Ben Goddard JCI... be better – with James Teale

Cover Photo Jesus College, Cambridge. © Dhaneesha Senaratne. Huge thanks to Dhaneesha for supplying this issue’s fantastic cover photo.

Get engaged!


Patrick McCrae President




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ISSUE 4 December 2012

JCI news

Promoting your personal brand with Jen Little

Laura Wing, Relationship Manager at Method Creative and Engage Editor, gives us the low-down on our latest business speaker JCI Cambridge invited Immediate Past President Jen Little to speak at its October business seminar about the importance of promoting your personal brand in everyday business and beyond. Jen is a JCI trainer and recruitment consultant so she was well equipped to lecture JCI Cambridge members on the subject. Jen delivered

“I look at LinkedIn as my online little black book. I wouldn’t show my black book to the world” top tips that could assist even the most prolific LinkedIn user to improve their profile and make it work to deliver maximum value. Discussion was generated around privacy issues; do you think it’s important to hide who you’re connected to on LinkedIn? “I

look at Linkedin as my online little black book,” says Jen “I wouldn’t show my black book to the world so I think it’s important to keep my connections to myself.” Jen also got us thinking about accepting invitations to connect from those we don’t know. Many people accept all invitations to connect out of politeness, but is this right? “I only accept or add those I have met in person. LinkedIn is an invitation to connect after meeting in reality, but not everyone feels this way, there is no right answer,” she says.

‘Take the lead’ has been announced as the key message for the event as the excitement surrounding the weekend reaches fever pitch. JCI Cambridge are pleased to announce that they have a total of 13 members going from the chamber, including both committee and non-committee members. Aside from JCI London who is traveling with a contingent of 21, we are the second largest chamber gang going which is music to JCI Cambridge President Patrick

Our next business seminar is on harnessing the power of your motivational preference with Bevis Moynan. Join us on Tuesday 13 November at Eversheds for what promises to be an inspirational evening of coaching and networking.

Jen also helped the group get up to speed with recent changes to the platform. Users can now ‘endorse’ others using a key word system. “The endorsement facility helps to allow users to visually understand what your strengths are. The recommendation system is still really useful to give more depth to describe what a person can do,” she advised. Attendees were given a social media booklet created by social media experts

Are you ready to take the lead? The countdown begins to JCI UK’s National Convention in Belfast!

Method Creative, to give more insight into how to effectively promote on Twitter and Facebook. If you would like a booklet please email

McCrae’s ears. “I am quite frankly ecstatic to have so many Cambridge members coming to Belfast with us. It’s the biggest turnout we’ve ever had to a National Convention which is testament to how much the chamber has grown over the past few years,” he says. The weekend will offer a good mix of networking, learning and

Members enjoyed Jen’s informative session

socialising to ensure members are exposed to the full spectrum of benefits of being involved with a global organisation. JCI Belfast President Jennifer Cook said ‘Team Belfast’ has been busy getting geared up for the event. “Plans have been underway since the new-year to make sure the weekend is a runaway success.”

“JCI Belfast is certainly looking forward to welcoming delegates to the city and I do hope that everyone will enjoy the line up planned, including traditional Irish music and some topclass seminars and a Titanic experience at the gala dinner.” ‘Take the lead’ has been chosen because of its strong link to the mission and vision of JCI UK, ‘to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change’ and ‘to be the leading global network of young active citizens.’ There is still time to book your place on the National Convention. Tickets are available until 19 October via JCI UK website


4 JCI Cambridge Newsletter JCI UK training

Join JCI Cambridge for a truly memorable weekend! The weekend of 26 January 2013 will see JCI members from across the UK unite for the first national event of the year. Have you signed up yet? It may only be November, but the wheels are well and truly in motion for JCI Cambridge’s Business Skills Day, Gala Dinner and Inspiration Day at the end of January 2013. Venues have been confirmed, speakers are being teed up and our National Board is getting into gear to present its plan for 2013 to JCI members from all corners of the UK. So what’s all the fuss about? Check out our guide to THE weekend in JCI’s calendar not to be missed... JCI Cambridge’s Inspiration Day, Business Skills Day and Gala Dinner will be a full-on weekend of interactive workshops, networking and training from leading entrepreneurs and presenters, all culminating in a spectacular three-course black tie dinner in the opulent settings of world famous Jesus College in Cambridge.



Saturday 26 January – Inspiration

New year, new JCI! This day will focus around setting the scene for the next phase of JCI development. The theme for the JCI of 2013 is ‘Inspiring action’ and focuses on being bold and continuing to push for success at all times to ensure JCI members and JCI go from strengthto-strength. The new JCI UK board will be introduced to members and the day will provide an opportunity to collaborate with members from



across the UK as we enter the new year. The day will also involve plenty of team building activities to consolidate networks as well as a mystery guest speaker. His identity remains a top secret, but he is definitely one of the most inspiring speakers around, so he won’t disappoint. Stay glued to JCI Cambridge’s Facebook page to find out who he is. The day will finish with a sumptuous threecourse meal in the main dining hall at Jesus College, the perfect way to unwind after an inspiring day.

Sunday 27 January – Business

Join like-minded, high-calibre and innovative professionals, managers and entrepreneurs for a day of education and inspiration. Choose from a range of carefully selected workshops that aim to hone and develop skills as well


Skills Day

as inspire and educate. Over 120 young professionals are expected from Cambridge and across the UK so you’re guaranteed an unparalleled mix of quality and fun throughout the day.

ISSUE 4 December 2012

Speaker Profiles Garin Roach Building effective business relationships Garin is a regular JCI speaker who always pulls in the crowds with his entertaining delivery of his subject. Guaranteed to be a highly interactive and challenging workshop designed to get members identifying, learning and applying the essential ingredients for successful long-term business relationships, Garin will advise members on lowering the costs of business, speeding up results and increasing profits to expand influence.

Dine with fellow JCI members in the opulent main dining hall at Jesus College

Cost of attending: Fancy being inspired? See below for a list of prices to attend. As always, there will also be discounted early-bird rates for those who sign up before 10 January 2013 (not available for Inspiration Day). Visit the event page below for more information.

Inspiration Day: £35 Gala Dinner: £60 Business Skills Day: £45 Visit uk/events to book online.

Marcus Olovsky Are you a participator or an observer, a doer or a sayer? This thought-provoking and entertaining workshop will focus on identifying if delegates are observers or participators or whether they are “I could have done that” or “I have already done that” people. Renowned for his ability to start or close any conference on a high, participants will be stimulated by ideas and discussion and are sure to be talking about his workshop weeks after the event.



On Sunday 28 October, two of JCI Portsmouth’s keenest runners, Graham Carter and Ian Tomkinson, took part in The Great South Run. The team ran to raise money for the Chamber’s local charity the Fareham-based Rainbow Centre. Donations are still pouring in but it’s not too late to play your part and help the guys take their minds off their aching limbs. Visit JCI Portsmouth’s website to donate.

Ready to LEAP in 2013?

Jen Little Being an effective mentor JCI Cambridge’s own Immediate Past Presdient will be on hand to lecture on one of her favourite subjects, mentoring. Jen’s session will provide knowledge of how to become a better mentor and will develop skills specific to mentoring. Learn how to help your mentee improve their interview techniques, assist them with CV writing and confidence and self-awareness with Jen’s guidance. Mentoring was a hot topic at this year’s LEAP training event in Sheffield, so don’t miss out on Jen’s session.

Following the success of JCI UK’s Leadership Excellence in Action programme in September, 
the organisers are now recruiting for the 2013 JCI UK LEAP project team. A number of roles are available on the team including assisting with marketing, finance, sponsorship and general project management. Contact Dan Senter at dan. to get involved.


6 JCI Cambridge Newsletter JCI Charity news

It was great to see so many people turning up to support our quiz in October

Our quiz launch is a roaring success! Thursday 25 October saw JCI Cambridge launch its first ever pub quiz to a host of young professionals eager to snatch the coveted title of quiz champion. The top floor of the Emperor Pub was packed to the rafters for the event that raised hundreds of pounds for Arthur Rank Hospice, JCI Cambridge’s charity of the year. Quiz master and Community Director Harriet Bastiani was on fine form firing out the questions while making sure no one was using their phones for cheating.

A big thank you To all JCI members who contributed to this fantastic issue. We also couldn’t have done it without the help of: Eversheds for supporting JCI Cambridge and use of facilities for meetings.

Her glamorous assistants for the evening, Howard Felstead and Douglas Stanton, were on hand to help with the scores. The teams stormed through the rounds with Cambridge, films, 2012, music and sport making up the bulk of the questions. A well-deserved break at half time saw teams swapping members with their neighbours to ensure everyone got a chance to network JCI-style. The mystery round involved a paper aeroplane making contest which certainly brought out the competitive juices in some of the contestants!

We also want to thank all JCI Cambridge members past, present and future for helping to create positive change in our local community.

JCI makes sure it also finds time to hold social events for it’s members.

Hundreds of pounds raised from event that saw nine teams battle it out for quiz crown

The quiz drew to a close after the all-male Eversheds team, who affectionately dubbed themselves ‘The Meatballs’, stormed to victory. A raffle was also drawn during the evening to raise funds for the hospice. Congratulations to all those who won prizes during the evening and thank you to everyone who donated prizes.

“JCI’s support will help to ensure the vital specialist care we provide can continue” As the night drew to a close, Jennifer Mullocks, an ambassador for Arthur Rank, gave a touching speech about the good work of the charity. Her husband George spent his final days in the hospice after a battle with cancer aged just

39. Jennifer explained the vital work Arthur Rank do everyday and how the money raised from the evening would be spent. Aisha Hunt from Arthur Rank Hospice explained how important JCI Cambridge’s help was. “JCI’s support means a lot to the hospice - it will help to ensure the vital specialist care and support provided by Arthur Rank House can continue to be offered free of charge to patients and their loved ones at a crucial time in their lives”. A special thank you goes to Community Director Harriet Bastiani, Social Chair Douglas Stanton and JCI member Howard Felstead for the hard work they put in to make the evening a great success. To find details of future social and charity events you can get involved with, make sure you visit the JCI Cambridge Facebook page.

ISSUE 4 December 2012

Member of the month

Ben Goddard Ben Goddard is a Civil Engineer for Mott Macdonald. He has been a JCI member since 2011 and recently became Finance Director on the JCI Cambridge Committee.

Activities before work involve waking up, eating breakfast (typically three bags of oats and a small horse, thanks to being the same size as your average bear), whilst listening to the radio and bombing to work on the bike. I am currently developing the contractual side of projects in the UK, Russia and Indonesia, which involves lots of chats on the phone and pulling together information from civil, mechanical, electrical and process specialists. After work I watch a film at the local cinema, do DIY around the house or learn to paint (and soon to weld). I work in the water and environment division, and am involved in all aspects of projects from the feasibility

stage to the commissioning and operating of engineering projects, which range from water treatment works to seawater pipelines.

“I am looking forward to the JCI UK convention as well as the Christmas party!” My career highlight has been the travelling I have been able to do as part of work, particularly the year spent working in Thailand. I have also had the chance to make visits to sites and clients in Kenya and Texas (they have very, very different ways of doing things!).

I became a JCI member in early 2011, but fairly soon after moved to the Midlands for 18 months, too far away from other JCI groups to keep involved. I returned to Cambridge this September and immediately restarted my JCI membership, getting involved in all the events and recently becoming a committee member as Finance Director. Quite simply, I value having a good set of friends outside of work, dedicated to developing themselves and their surroundings at the same time. I have enjoyed all the JCI workshops I have attended, I am looking forward to upcoming events, including the JCI UK National Event and the JCI Cambridge Christmas party.

New member

Welcome to our newest member Name

Ceri Ann Littlechild

Company/ organisation

Cambridge City Council

Role in business

My job title is Mill Road Coordinator. A typical day for me usually involves being out on Mill Road, introducing myself to the traders there and asking them about their concerns for Mill Road and their suggestions for how to improve it. This role has only recently been created by the City Council and I’m tasked with setting up a partnership group

that will develop and deliver an action plan of improvements for this wonderfully diverse part of town. There are already a lot of active community groups and it is my aim to bring them together to work alongside the traders, local authorities and other stakeholders.

“I want to spend my time with people who are proactive and positive” Greatest achievement in your career to date Getting this job. I have worked for the Council for five years, working up from a very basic customer service position to being an Executive Assistant

to one of the directors, to now applying all of that experience to support a community I feel very proud to be a part of. Mill Road is a very special place for it’s more quirky shops and venues, it’s cultural diversity, the fact that it has such a strong sense of community in the first place - and to be able to support the people there in trying to promote those qualities and enhance them is something I feel both passionate about and privileged to do.

Why have you joined JCI?

I want to meet driven and like-minded people who are committed to their own development. I believe that the company one keeps is very much a reflection on oneself and I want to spend my time with people who are proactive and positive. I think JCI has those people. Also, the

Ceri Ann Littlechild workshops at Eversheds look like they will be very informative and as an incurable book-nerd I love any opportunity to learn something new.


8 JCI Cambridge Newsletter Diary of events 2012/13

We run events throughout the year. Take a look below to see what we have coming up. November JCI business workshop - harnessing the power of your motivational preference

Where? Eversheds, Kett House, Station Road, Cambridge, 6.30pm When? 13 November Price: Free for JCI members/first timers, otherwise £15 per person Contact:

JCI UK National Convention Where? Hilton hotel, Belfast When? 30 November - 2 December Price: £135 per person Contact:

JCI Cambridge curry night Where? TBC When? 22 November Price: TBC Contact:

December JCI Christmas party

Where? TBC When? TBC Price: TBC Contact:

January Business Skills Day/ Inspiration Day & Gala Dinner

Where? Cambridge When? 26- 27 January Price: Business Skills Day - £35 Inspiration Day - £35 Gala Dinner - £50 Contact:

To find out more please visit for further information on upcoming events.

JCI…be better! James Teale is a business management student at Anglia Ruskin University and JCI Cambridge member.

Like the sound of JCI Cambridge? Join today and be part of an international network. Membership will help you to: ✓ Meet like-minded people ✓ Extend your networks ✓ Improve skills through our training programmes Membership: £96 a year or £8 per month. Simply visit or email

THANK YOU to Esson Print for kindly providing the print and production of all copies.

There are a number of ways JCI has helped me to ‘be better’. It has opened doors in terms of the wider social and business network, but it has also provided me with a better edge compared to other students who haven’t undertaken relevant extracurricular activities. Through JCI’s business seminars and networking events, I have enhanced my business skills and learned how to effectively interact in a professional environment. This has supplemented my studies at University and has boosted

my confidence significantly. JCI is of the people, for the people, not just through its charitable work. It attempts to embed itself in the local community in Cambridge and helps provide opportunities for members to engage and learn in a safe and professional environment.

James Teale

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the creative team at Method who have lovingly produced our revamped newsletter for the enjoyment of our business members. If you’d like to see other examples of effective marketing communication products, please visit

01954 253060

JCI Cambridge Engage magazine December 2012  

December issue of JCI Cambridge's magazine Engage

JCI Cambridge Engage magazine December 2012  

December issue of JCI Cambridge's magazine Engage