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ISSUE 11 Spring 2014

Meet our Charity of the Year... Wintercomfort Find out how to get involved in helping a local homelessness charity.

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Jon Torrens shows us how to enjoy public speaking


Find out about our Public Speaking, Debating and Social Media Training.


Join us for Go-Karting and a BBQ in April!

2 JCI Cambridge Newsletter President’s note



welcome to the first 2014 issue of our award-winning JCI Engage

Magazine, the place to find all the latest news and upcoming events from JCI Cambridge!

My journey towards becoming President of JCI Cambridge for 2014 began in November 2012 when, at my second ever JCI event I agreed to attend JCI UK National Convention in Belfast. I have never looked back. After a year as Vice President to 2013 President James Mitchell I am delighted to be carrying on his great work. The more you can give to JCI, the more you will get back, and I’d strongly advise you all to take on this challenge! Our events are aimed at young professionals (18-40) wishing to develop their skills in a supportive, informal environment. For £10/ month members get access to a range of personal development opportunities in the categories of Business, Social, Community, Training and International, whilst being part of a network of over 200,000 JCI members worldwide. To consolidate learning, we create opportunities for members to work on projects that help create positive change in our local community. Last September we ran a four-week mentoring training programme, which our members put to use by mentoring students from Long Road Sixth Form College. This year we will be providing mentoring to our Charity of the Year, WinterComfort, to help homeless people back into employment. 2014 also marks our first JCI Infinity Challenge; six JCI members are running this project to develop their skills, whilst building contacts within local businesses and organisations. Many of our members say that “JCI is Cambridge’s best kept secret”. Make 2014 the year you spread the word about JCI Cambridge and play your part in creating positive change in the Cambridge community.

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JCI Upcoming events - register your place now

Highlights and National Awards from 2013 Cover story: Meet our Charity of the Year Jon Torrens: How to enjoy public speaking Meet your new Council for 2014 Welcome to our newest member!


Jenny Willatt President

11 JCI Member of the Month

12 JCI...Be Better & Events Diary Publisher Method Future Business Centre, King’s Hedges Road, Cambridge CB4 2HY Editoral Coordinator Jenny Willatt Designer Jillian Boys Contributors Jenny Willatt, James Mitchell, Kelly Tennick, Naily Makangu, Izzy Maxwell-Watts, Karen Dawson, Ruchika Raj, David Greenwood, Richard Tack, Damien Egan, Ed Goodman. Printed by Esson Print. Unit 6, Station Works, Station Road Shepreth, Hertfordshire SG8 6PZ. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. The publishers cannot be held responsible for the statement or views expressed by the contributors.

ISSUE 11 Spring 2014

JCI Upcoming events

Maintaining Positivity in the Face of Adversity Justin Miles joins JCI Cambridge to speak about life as an adventurer. Everyone has dreamt of an adventure. For Justin Miles, dreaming of his adventure gave him his life back. At the age of 26, Justin’s life was turned upside down following a car accident. The resulting brain injuries left him having to re-learn basic functions, from walking and talking to feeding himself. Justin became a prisoner in his own body, with only his imagination to distract himself from reality. It was in this time that Justin relived his childhood dream of becoming a ‘real life adventurer’.

Justin Miles on his ‘Polar Bears and Paddleboards’ Expedition to the Arctic.

During a slow recovery process Justin turned his dream in to a tangible objective, developed by goals and then set about turning his dream into reality. Justin can’t remember the accident, but learning to make his body and mind work again taught him lessons he will never forget.

Through positivity and determination Justin has completed many exciting adventures which range from a successful expedition to be the first to paddleboard in Arctic waters to suffering a major hernia whilst exploring a new route to the North Pole in the depths of an Arctic winter.

“Justin turned his dream into a tangible objective, developed by goals” Justin will be speaking about how he maintained such determination and positivity on Thursday 20th March from 6pm at Eversheds, 1 Station Road, Cambridge. Book your place at events.

JCI Cambridge Training Events

Be an Early Bird! The 2014 JCI World Congress will be held in Leipzig, Germany, from the 24th to 29th of November 2014.

on March 31st 2014. Register now to make use of the discounted price of 350 euros for JCI registered members!

JCI Cambridge is devoting this year to providing our members with opportunities to hone their public speaking skills. In February, Jon Torrens shared with us advice on how to enjoy public speaking. If you missed it, then join us on 9th April for a public speaking workshop, or on 7th of June for a fun debating workshop run by Sarah Beckwith. Debating is a fast way to develop your ability and confidence in public speaking. If this is out of your comfort zone, then sign up now. The workshop will provide you with a great opportunity to put into practice the valuable skills learned. You will benefit by having a friendly safe haven,

The theme this year is Freedom, Passion and Change. This is a fantastic opportunity to truly experience the international vibe of JCI as members from across the globe come together to share experiences and find new ways to create positive change on both local and global levels.

Details about conference, accommodation and travel options are currently available on the website: http://www.

Keen to speak more confidently or represent us in public speaking or debating competitions? a place where you can boost your self-esteem and get constructive feedback in order to ensure that you are ready to nail this all important skill. There’s more: on the 26th of March, we are delighted to welcome Mili Ponce, Managing Director of Social Media Frontiers Ltd. You are cordially invited to come and discover the power of social media as a tool for marketing your business and events. For more information see events or email training@ to discuss your training needs.

Early bird registration is currently available and will end

Please email international@, for any information. Experience Freedom, Passion and Change first-hand the JCI way!


4 JCI Cambridge Newsletter JCI A look back at 2013

Highlights from 2013

Another action-packed year of personal development at JCI Cambridge Award-winning Mo nopoly event, organi sed in collaboration with JCI Southampton .

of The Big Issue, John Bird, Founder . dge in June 2013 bri Cam JCI to spoke

2013 saw JCI Cambridge once again enjoy an amazing calendar of events. From business and training events, community projects and social gatherings, JCI Cambridge provided for, attracted and inspired its members, helping each of them move towards their own personal goals. We kicked off the year by hosting national event Inspiration Day, finishing with our black tie dinner before hosting our very own Business Skills Day. Based at the prestigious Jesus College, the event attracted a large number of delegates from around the country and was a great success! Our business and training programme offered a wide variety of speakers, including John Bird, founder of the Big Issue and James Boon, founder of Elephant Branded. Whether offering skills, advice or pure inspiration our speakers were very much enjoyed and well received by all that attended. To top off our training programme, August saw

several volunteer hours as well as funding seven JCI Cambridge members on to gust 2013. Au e, the nationally m m ra ining Prog Mentoring Tra recognised Mental Health First Aid training course, providing vital JCI Cambridge hold its very skills that could potentially first Mentoring Programme save someone’s life! which saw members train in all aspects of mentoring before being paired up with

“We provided for our members and helped them move towards their personal goals” a student from the local college to begin their very first mentoring relationship, with 2013 President, James Mitchell, providing continued background support. JCI Cambridge spent the year supporting local charity Mind in Cambridgeshire through events such as charity car washes, renovating the charity allotment, bucket collections at local supermarkets and our annual quiz. Not only did we raise just under £1000 for the charity, we also donated

Socially, a succession of well-attended events ranged from Pub Clubs, wine tasting, sushi making and a quiz, not to mention our award-winning ‘Monopoly’ event organised with JCI Southampton. Internationally, 7 members attended the JCI European Conference in Monte Carlo. 8 attended National Convention in Leeds, where we won National awards for our hard work, including best JCI UK publication for the second year running. The year was topped off with a fabulous Christmas dinner to celebrate our achievements in 2013. Overall we had a fantastic, successful and enjoyable year at JCI Cambridge and current plans for the future promise to make 2014 even better!

2013 National Awards All the hard work our JCI Members put into JCI Cambridge during 2013 was recognised when we were presented with a nice selection of awards at the JCI UK National Convention in Leeds. Howard Felstead, our Social Director, became JCI UK Extempore Champion after some outstanding off-the-cuff public speaking. He also won Most Outstanding InterOrganisation Collaboration Project, for the Monopoly event in London, organised in conjunction with JCI Southampton. Patrick McCrae, JCI Cambridge’s 2012 President, became JCI UK Public Speaking Champion, as well as being part of the winning Debating team. Our Mentoring Programme won Certificate of Merit for Best Local Skills Development Programme. We will be running this programme again this year, so get involved! Our Engage Magazine won Most Outstanding Regular Local Publication, for the second year running! We have many exciting events and projects lined up for 2014. Our members are what make these a success, so why not get stuck in and help make 2014 a year to remember!

JCI National Awards for 2013.

ISSUE 11 Spring 2014

JCI Previous events

JCI go networking with Cambridge Alternative Networking Building relationships with local business We began the year teaming up with a local breakfast networking group Cambridge Alternative Networking (CAN). JCI and CAN worked together to provide a relaxed but structured meeting where everyone attending presented their business to the room. There was the opportunity to start forging reliable professional relationships between JCI members and local businesses around Cambridge. Richard Tack, the Founder of CAN said, “A great event mixing experienced networkers with young dynamic individuals, it had a great vibe and was very successful .Thank you to the JCI team who helped make it happen.”

CAN believe that local businesses in Cambridge understand the need to forge strong, reliable and long-lasting business relationships. This takes time and effort to establish, but once in place they are very valuable in terms of business, which is generated by referrals and also by building your contact base of experts within their field should you ever need to call upon them. Cambridge Alternative Networking and JCI teaming together meant that the room was filled with a fantastic blend of entrepreneurialminded individuals and many guests benefitted from meeting new contacts and business that was referred. If you are

EXCLUSIVE: JCI Cambridge found in pub!!! The reaction of onlookers was one of shock when JCI Cambridge, in a surprising break with tradition, were found to be socialising in a drinking establishment between the hours of 6:30 and 11pm on Thursday 23 January. The venue was the Panton Arms, which is a rather cosy and traditional Cambridge pub and proved an excellent watering hole to host our informal Pub Club. One eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said, “JCI members loving life in a pub? I would never have expected that.”

CAN members at our JCI/ CAN joint networking event.

interested in finding out more about joining as a member then email Richard Tack at

Not so grim up north!

JCI Barnsley’s Inspiration Day, from the perspective of JCI newcomer, Damien Egan.

When you attend an event titled Inspiration Day, expectations are set high! This was my first ever JCI event, and the sense of camaraderie between the JCI members was clear from the start. I arrived in Barnsley with a hunger for information and was on a mission to know everything that JCI had to offer. Before I knew it, I was greeted and welcomed left, right and centre. Despite being a non-member I instantly felt accepted as part of the group. As an outsider, it was inspiring to see that members were asked to evaluate and contribute to the future of their JCI. This organisation is truly nothing without its members and it is refreshing to see so many people wanting to take part in positive change. We live in a society where people mostly think of themselves, forgetting that so many others need help. As a music producer myself I was very interested to hear the inspiring story of John Sanderson, founder of Pit Stop Productions Ltd. His struggle to succeed in the music industry resonated with me and I only wish he could have stayed around longer to chat. Needless to say, following the event I joined as a member of the JCI Cambridge chapter and hope that, in the future, I can inspire others too.


6 JCI Cambridge Newsletter JCI Cambridge Charity of the year news

JCI Cambridge team up with local homelessness charity for 2014

JCI Cambridge is delighted to be teaming up with local homelessness charity Wintercomfort as their charity of the year in 2014. Wintercomfort is a local charity working to help those who are homeless or at risk of losing their home in Cambridge. As well as offering welfare services such as hot breakfasts, use of a shower or facilities to wash and iron clothes, Wintercomfort also have a big focus on helping those in need to get back on their feet. With mentoring and job-skills sessions, English speaking classes and different types of workshops they offer

everything required for their service users to start getting back on track. It’s not about giving a hand out to the homeless but empowering them to make the changes they need to help themselves have a better future. Community Director, Kelly Tennick says “I am so excited to be working with Wintercomfort this year. The scope for getting involved and making a difference is massive! I am on a mission to get as many members as possible on board

and the range of opportunities we we are offering to get involved will appeal to a wide range of skill sets.” There will be a big focus on getting members directly involved with the charities’ services this year. Wintercomfort are especially keen to get volunteers into their mentoring and CV writing sessions, running every Wednesday and Friday from 10am-12pm. Even if you can only commit for a few weeks or even just a couple of sessions,

“It’s not about giving a hand-out to the homeless, but empowering them to make the changes they need to help themselves have a better future”

CASE STUDY Sean left school with no qualifications, got heavily into drugs and became homeless. He spent five years moving between friends’ floors, squats and the streets, his life made more difficult by bouts of depression. Finally, seeing his younger brother heading down the same path, Sean decided he needed to be a better role model. He overcame his addiction,

found somewhere stable to live and then came to Wintercomfort.

to pursue a career in the homelessness and mental health sector.

Many hot breakfasts and warm showers later, Sean felt ready to battle his dyslexia. At Wintercomfort he took English lessons and began sessions with a volunteer Life Coach. Now 27, Sean is free from drugs and back in employment as an apprentice Project Worker at Wintercomfort. He plans

“Wintercomfort picks you up from the bottom and treats you like a real person. People guide you rather than just tell you what to do. I’ve taken control of my life. I no longer live in a dream world but one where the dreams are real and achievable.”

ISSUE 11 Spring 2014

Wintercomfort provides catering training to service users, giving them the skills to work in the Wintercomfort Social Enterprise, Food4Food (

SPEED Networking.. BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT! Want to meet new people whilst having a great time full of adrenaline? Then look no further! On Friday the 25th April JCI Members and guests are invited to attend a fun afternoon Go Karting, Informal Networking and a tasty BBQ to top it off! Go Karting will be made up of teams of 4 – so you can partner up and compete together! Don’t worry, you can make a single booking and we will form a team with you in.

anyone that is keen to help in these job-skills sessions would be really appreciated. As well as our Charity Awareness Month in April, we are also planning a year-long clothing and sundries collection to help Wintercomfort continue their welfare services. As you can imagine, winter time requires warm woollies, waterproofs and sleeping bags, but there is also a big demand for other items throughout the year such as new underwear,

toiletries and sun cream in the summer months. Each month we will appeal for different items depending on the needs of Wintercomfort. Whether you want to commit to a regular volunteer post, can get involved in a one-off session or want to attend the JCI fundraising events, all of your efforts will be massively appreciated. To find out more about getting involved or the events planned for 2014 contact Kelly at community@

If Go Karting isn’t for you, no problem, come along as a spectator for the informal networking and BBQ. A bar will also be available to purchase a bevvy or two (after the Go Karting of course). For more info and registration go to uk/events or email

EVENT DETAILS Price: £25 +VAT for JCI Members, £35 +VAT for Non-Members and £15 +VAT for Non-Drivers! Venue: WildTracks Activity Park, Chippenham Road, Kennett, Newmarket, CB8 7QJ Times: 4:30pm start –around 8:30pm finish.


8 JCI Cambridge Newsletter JCI Upcoming events

Save the date JCI members!

JCI Infinity Challenge to take place on 23rd August on Parker’s Piece. As part of the drive to raise the profile of JCI in our community, JCI Cambridge is organising a major charitable event, which will take place on 23rd August 2014, and hopefully become a fixture on the Cambridge scene for years to come. The JCI Infinity Challenge concept is very simple. Entrants of all ages will complete a 500m circuit as many times as possible on either an individual or team basis. Prizes will be awarded for the most laps completed, so expect a competitive atmosphere!

The event will raise money for JCI Cambridge’s chosen charity for 2014, Wintercomfort, who provide a much-needed range of services to homeless people in Cambridge. Funds will be raised through participant entrance fees and sponsorship from local firms.

the future of our organisation, which is to the benefit of all involved in JCI and the business community.

The event is an opportunity for JCI members to develop a range of event management skills and make a great success of a new initiative. It will also give us the chance to raise our profile and attract new members. By doing so, we can sustain and develop

“The event will raise money for Wintercomfort, JCI Cambridge’s Charity of the Year for 2014”

JCI through a lens

So, save the date and please email to find out more about how to get involved.

Do you understand yourself? Understanding ourselves and others is key to being successful. On Tuesday 15th April, JCI Cambridge welcomes Caroline Robinson of Sandler Training to an interactive seminar to better understand ourselves and others.By using DISC profiling, Caroline will teach you how to communicate with other people in a way that makes you much more effective, helping you to achieve the outcomes you want and avoid the ones you don’t.

Andy Wilkinson, Founder of Shooting Image Ltd.

We’re excited to be working with Andy Wilkinson, Business Video Producer and founder of Shooting Image Ltd, which has produced nearly 250 films for businesses in the Cambridge area and further afield.

A DISC profile is a method of understanding behaviour and personality. By applying the results it can gain valuable insight into ourselves and others as well as being used to improve all aspects of both personal and professional development. Caroline runs Sandler Training based in Cambridge. She brings a wealth of experience in sales and business development and offers practical training, support and advice.

We met Andy at the JCI and CAN joint networking event in January, and he kindly offered to help us create a film for promoting JCI Cambridge. In true JCI spirit he will not do it for us, but has instead offered advice and mentoring on shooting and editing techniques, enabling a JCI member to do it for us. New member, Damien Egan, has kindly taken on this challenge! We’re not the only organisation Andy is helping; he sponsors the emergency medical charity Magpas Helimedix. The first film he produced for them has been entered for the Sony Production Awards 2014. For more info please visit

Caroline Robinson of Sandler Training.

Join us on Tuesday 15 April from 6pm at Eversheds, 1 Station Road, Cambridge Book your place at events

ISSUE 11 Spring 2014

JCI February Business Event

Be creative, convincing and concise (and throw away that PowerPoint!)

Communication Coach Jon Torrens taught JCI Cambridge members how to enjoy public speaking. His tips were less conventional than expected, so we have now thrown away our PowerPoints and are instead imagining ourselves in spaceships and testing the floorboards. Do you feel anxious about public speaking? If so, you should have attended our February Business Event, when Jon Torrens spoke to JCI Cambridge on the topic of ‘How to enjoy public speaking’. Jon was previously a professional stand-up comic and computer game designer. He is now a Communication Coach who shares his public-speaking wisdom with others. His message is: ‘Be creative, convincing and concise’. What he means is that you need to be different, you need to care about the things you are talking about and you should not waste your audience’s time. Jon stresses the importance of the presentation format. Do you really need to use

PowerPoint? If not, avoid it. Try and keep the presentation as conversational as you can. Tell stories that help the audience engage in the conversation. Make use of props in the room; a table and chair could easily become…a spaceship? And why not make a spectacular entrance? Jon encourages everything that adds a bit of creativity. Being nervous is normal. Even professional speakers get nervous; it’s the adrenaline. There is a big difference between being nervous and lacking confidence. The key to confidence is preparation. Carry around a notebook so you’re ready for bright ideas that pop into your head. When you get to the venue familiarise yourself with the stage; check it for creaky floorboards or lights that could glare in your

eye. You should also prepare yourself for the worst possible questions – what Jon calls ‘the 10 bastard questions.’ If you are prepared for these, you will be much more convincing. Many are afraid that they will forget what they are going to say. Rehearse, rehearse and then rehearse some more! Talking about what you want to say and then writing it down is more natural. In the end, 10 keywords on a page is usually enough. Keep it neat. Remember that 20 minutes is the attention span of your audience. And finally, if you’re worried there won’t be any questions at the end then planting them in the audience can be helpful and is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.


10 JCI Cambridge Newsletter Meet the 2014 Council

Left to right: Kelly Tennick, Martin Birch, Revathi Nathaniel, Lily Cheng, Jenny Willatt, Naily Makangu, Howard Felstead, Karen Dawson, James Mitchell and Ruchika Raj.

Meet the JCI Cambridge Council for 2014

Let us introduce you to the people running your chamber this year. If you have any membership enquiries, event suggestions, particular training needs, would like to join the council, or just want to get more involved with JCI Cambridge, then get in touch!

2014 President, Jenny Willatt, is a User Experience Specialist at Red Gate Software and will be overseeing all JCI Cambridge activity. Her main aim is to create a JCI Cambridge “For the members, by the members�, by involving members in creating a programme of events that engages them and caters for their personal development needs. Immediate Past President, James Mitchell, is Company Director of Cambridgebased Momentum, an experienced business development firm providing construction intelligence and tenders. Having been 2013 President, James is continuing to support the new President and help oversee activity in the chamber. Membership Director, Revathi Nathaniel, is a User Experience Specialist at Red Gate Software and hopes to use her Psychology and research background to grow the chapter and ensure members are getting the most out of their JCI membership. Communications Director, Karen Dawson, is Events & Training Coordinator for

Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce. With JCI Cambridge, she is responsible for the communication of all news and events. Finance Director, Martin Birch, is a Chartered Financial Planner and Cambridge Branch Manager for Money Wise. He manages all financial aspects for JCI Cambridge, including budgeting, accounting and ensuring our continuing fiscal sustainability. Community Director, Kelly Tennick (Dip.SM), is an experienced Sports Massage Therapist with clinics based in Cambridge and Suffolk. For the second year running, Kelly is looking forward to helping JCI members make a difference in their local community. Social Director, Howard Felstead, is a solicitor at Eversheds LLP specialising in Planning law. By night he specialises in JCI socials, ensuring they are moments when JCI members truly get to know one another, build their local and international network and, most importantly, make friends for life.

Business Director, Lily Cheng, is a Senior Business Development Manager at Cambridge Wireless. She is hoping to build business contacts for JCI Cambridge whilst getting our new Membership Benefits Card off the ground. Training Director, Naily Makangu, is a Software Engineer at Siemens Industry Software. As Training Director, she provides members with opportunities to hone their skills and reach their true potential. Strategic Partnerships Director, Ruchika Raj, is a Software Tester at Red Gate Software. She is hoping to identify organisations with which JCI Cambridge can form long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that add value to our members. Web Director, Adam Lord, is founder of Cambridge Web Solutions, a company that creates attractive websites easily found by search engines. He will be working his magic on our website this year and ensuring it is kept up-to-date with all the latest information.

ISSUE 11 Spring 2014 11

Member of the month

Ruchika Raj Ruchika Raj, our new Strategic Partnerships Director, is a Tester at Red Gate Software and is keen to broaden her perspectives through JCI.

As Software Test Engineer at Red Gate Software Ltd, I am a part of a team that focuses on delivering value to customers by creating ingeniously simple software. A typical day for me involves brainstorming about features and product ideas, working closely with a multidisciplinary team to ensure we’re building the right product for our customers. No two days are ever the same. I end up wearing multiple hats to help take the project forward by contributing in any means, be it writing a blog post, analyzing usage metrics, helping with designs and even negotiating with other divisions to manage releases. My greatest achievement in

my career to date was whilst working as a Software Tester in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft It was a great opportunity to work on trending technologies such as the Xbox Console, Kinect and even Microsoft’s answer to the iPod, the Zune (remember that?). I got great insight into the complexity of handling the business process behind building such technology. I’m a great admirer of Sheryl Sandberg, current Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. She’s a great ambassador for women in business and has given various lectures. I really enjoyed her TED Talk, titled: ‘Why we have too few women leaders’. It deals with the issue of the limited number of female

leaders in the world. Her recent book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” is on my list of must read books. The first thing that attracted me to JCI was the passion and enthusiasm its members displayed at the first ever JCI event I attended. I moved to the UK a couple of years ago and wanted to discover more about the culture and society here. JCI provided me with the opportunity to meet and network with professionals and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. Being from a technology industry, my association with JCI has helped me gain a broader perspective about different industries – whilst having fun at the same time!

New member

Welcome to our newest member Name

Izzy Maxwell Watts


I am a freelance marketing executive and events manager

Contact Details @IzMaxwellWatts iz.maxwell.watts

What is your role in the business? My freelance services include drafting and implementing social media marketing strategies and managing all media platforms. I have experience in organising corporate conferences, private dining and product launches,

charity fundraisers and fashion events. My responsibilities include networking, writing business proposals, planning and executing projects.

Greatest achievement in your career to date

My greatest achievement so far in my career is setting up my own business. I have a real passion for creative and innovative events and I found that working for someone else was restricting me from achieving everything I wanted. I spied a niche in the market for my talents and decided to go it alone. Within the past few months, I have met some really interesting people and worked on some fascinating projects. I am quite excited to see what the rest of the year will bring.

Biggest influence on you professionally

In order to answer this question, I consulted my group of close friends. I think the fact that I turned to them for help is proof of how much of an impact they have on my life but they also pointed out the blatant influence and inspiration my family have given me. My father has always been the fair critic and total believer, my mother has given me the creative portion of my mind as well as the emotional support. Not to forget, the equal admiration my brother and I have for each other also gives me that extra bit of confidence. All this support has given me the drive and passion that I have today.

Why have you joined JCI?

I have always enjoyed meeting new people and being part of new opportunities. JCI offers such a fantastic array of events

Izzy Maxwell Watts and training all over the world that I am excited to meet other like-minded, passionate people who I think share my interests as well.I am also interested in developing new skills and using my current skills to help the committee develop JCI’s reputation around the community and support local charities.

12 JCI Cambridge Newsletter Diary of events 2014

We run events throughout the year. From socials to business seminars and charity events, there’s something for everyone. March Mili Ponce: Social Media Training

Where? Eversheds, Kett House, 1 Station Road When? Wednesday 26 March, 6.30-8.30pm Price? FREE for JCI members, £15 for non-members

April Public Speaking Workshop

Where? Eversheds, Kett House, 1 Station Road When? Wednesday 9 April 6.009.00pm Price? FREE for JCI members, £15 for non-members

Caroline Robinson: Using DISC to better understand yourself and others.

Where? Eversheds, Kett House, 1 Station Road When? Tuesday 15 April 6.008.30pm Price? FREE for JCI members, £15 for non-members

Go Networking..!

Where? WildTracks Activity Park, Chippenham Road, Kennett, Newmarket, CB8 7QJ When? Friday 25 April, 4.308.30pm Price? £25 +VAT for JCI Members, £35 +VAT for NonMembers and £15 +VAT for Non-Drivers

June Training Event: Debating Training

Where? Eversheds, Kett House, 1 Station Road When? Saturday 7 June 10.00am-3.30pm Price? FREE for JCI members, £45 for non-members

August JCI Infinity Challenge

Where? Parker’s Piece, Cambridge When? Saturday 23 August Watch this space for more info!

To find out more about our events and to book, please visit www.jcicambridge.

JCI…be better! Karen is the Events and Training Coordinator for Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce and the new communications director for JCI Cambridge.

Like the sound of JCI Cambridge? Join today and be part of an international network. Membership will help you to: ✓ Meet like-minded people ✓ Extend your networks ✓ Improve skills through our training programmes Membership: £120 a year or £10 per month. Simply visit or email

THANK YOU to Esson Print for kindly providing the print and production of all copies.

I was inspired to get involved with JCI Cambridge following a joint Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce and JCI Cambridge networking event. I was introduced to a whole new group of people that I wouldn’t have met in my day-to-day role and I was keen to find out more. Having taken on the role of Communications Director, JCI Cambridge is giving me the opportunity to practise and develop skills I may not otherwise be using. I’m looking forward to attending events which offer inspiration and personal development in a very

welcoming environment. I’m particularly looking forward to gaining a better understanding of myself and others at Caroline Robinson’s workshop in April. I’m excited to be building the relationship further between Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce and JCI Cambridge, as well as meeting lots more. new people.

Karen Dawson

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the creative team at Method who have lovingly produced our revamped newsletter for the enjoyment of our business members. If you’d like to see other examples of effective marketing communication products, please visit

01223 781220

JCI Cambridge newsletter March 2014  

Engage March 2014

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