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JCI Kagayhaan Gold accomplished its 7th Annual Christmas in a Basket (CRIB) Project in Barangay Kauswagan Activity Hall, Cagayan de Oro City last December 23, 2020. Buckets with PhP 500-worth of "noche buena" goodies consisting of rice, spaghetti noodles, pasta sauces, drinks, and canned goods were distributed to 34 family residents of Brgy. Kauswagan, who were affected by the fire that took place days before Christmas Eve. The Christmas baskets were sponsored by 21 JCI Members and private individuals. JCI Kagayhaan Gold would like to extend gratitude to these generous hearts who shared the spirit of Christmas. CRIB has become an annual tradition since it was first introduced as a baby project last 2014. Now, JCI Kagayhaan Gold starts off the Christmas Season with CRIB. Basket, box, bucket, what is important is the brotherhood that is truly felt during this time of year. Barangay Kauswagan Officials (SK Kagawad Miko Galon and Brgy. Kagawad Peter Balite) were present during the event. The project was spearheaded by Project Chair Christina Marie V. Aguirre and was facilitated by JCI KG Officers: JCI David Piol, JCI Kitty Tiukinhoy-Piol, JCI Joshua Waban, JCI Thea Alolor, JCI Grant Amoncio, JCI Jov Cobrador, JCI Joni Juaniza and JCI July Ann Gerona-Popovich.





Expressing love and appreciation knows no boundaries. In this pandemic, it is even more important to show our appreciation for the simple or grand moments. Mother’s day, for example, is a yearly celebration that we can not put aside since Filipinos value family a lot. For this year, the chapter took the opportunity to be the conveyor of these acts of love and appreciation through the Kilig Goodies program. It is making the celebration for Mothers special despite the limitation of interaction. Each kilig goodies set brought out joy to the “light of every household”. Aside from bringing surprise and happiness to the moms, Kilig Goodies is also a fund-raising program which makes use of crafts-making, arts, and baking to support different community projects that is in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. For this year, the Kilig Goodies program was able to sell 35 sets of goodies which surpassed last year’s sales. This meant that JCI Kagayhaan Gold, under this annual program, was able to fund more projects for the community that addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Flowers may vary




Beyond Gold: JCI Kagayhaan Gold joined JCI Philippines for the 2021 National Training Month Celebration with this year's theme "2021 TUKLAS: Onto A New Skills Development Paradigm". Beyond Gold Training Program which was launched last 2016 has always advocated skills development as the foundation for JCI. Celebrating via Motiv8, the chapter conducts 8 training every NTM with both official and non-official courses. The Motiv8 program, in its’ 5th year has now evolved to Motiv8+, where we go beyond the 8 trainings and use new platforms for skills development.

JCI KG showcased their trainers, both seasoned and new. The trainers include JCI Joshua Jones G. Waban, JCI Grant Amoncio, JCI Ma. Theresa Augusta Alolor, and JCI Anna Katrina Tiukinhoy-Piol. With the shift to conducting online events and meetings, JCI Kagayhaan Gold`s NTM activities were fully virtual following its launching last March 6, 2021. Through KGTV, they commenced their NTM with a non-official course on One Health Initiative by JCI Grant Amoncio. In the succeeding days, the LO conducted JCI Explore by JCI Thea Alolor, JCI Discover by JCI Josh Waban, Networking by JCI Kitty Tiukinhoy, Engage, Empower, Grow by JCI Janina Castillo, Geological Hazards by Jenisse Medel, Disaster Preparedness by Carl Walag and Katatagan at Galing ni Juana di Patatalo sa Corona by our empowered woman in the field, with guests: JCI Sherra Vacalares, Engr. Liberty Daitia, Dr. Hanisah Guro, PSMS Sheryl Llido, and Dr. Lorraine Nery. JCI-KG is dedicated to offering development opportunities to its member even after the NTM they are crafting engaging training modules for seasoned and aspiring trainers.



RVP Deo, Pres David, and EVP Kitty, interacts with kids during the event.


March 26, 2021, sister chapters JCI Kagayhaan Gold and JCI Surigao Wensie along with the Philippine Coast Guard brought in the smiles to differently abled kids.

12 kids were selected to be part of the project which included a program of singing and dancing from the kids, while the energetic 'titos and titas' of JCI also joined in the fun.

Boxes and bags of gifts, which included vitamins, school supplies, toys, and Jollibee treats were brought by both Local Organizations as part of their joint project as Twin or Sister Chapters.

The joint project allowed both LO chapters to strengthen their bond as sister chapters by encouraging coordination and collaboration. More importantly, the project showcased the chapters' shared love for kids in need.

JCI Week

Celebration 2021 Rise up by lifting others

Following years of tradition, JCI Kagayhaan Gold together with JCI Philippines celebrated this years' JCI Week with the unifying theme of Rising Up by Lifting Others last April 11 to 17, 2021. Also as per tradition, JCI Kagayhaan Gold celebrated the week by having at least one event every day with each event embodying a tenet from the JCI creed. To kick off the JCI Week celebration, JCI Kagyhaan Gold joined with the other Cagayan de Oro Chapters in the city for Sunday Mass at RER Parish and followed by fellowship and games at Opol Beach. This was attended by 14 members of the local organization and served as a great opportunity for new members to meet other members from the other chapters.

A few highlights of the week were the distribution of face masks and face shields to public utility drivers, the distribution of care kits to persons deprived of liberty in El Salvador Jail, and the fun trivia night training with sister chapter – JCI QC Capitol with Kapitol Games. Culminating the week-long celebration was a joint Regional General Membership Meeting with co-chapters from Northern Mindanao Region headed by RVP Deo Alcudia. This was held at Chimmy's Chicken and Beer where the chapters were given a chance to present the activities they conducted for the week.

33 PPEs Distributed 18 Job Listing Opened 16 Training Hours Completed 80 Care Kits Delivered 5 New Members 7 Days of Rising Up for Others


"A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles". - anonymous. We all need a miracle in these times. A year into the global pandemic, Foodpanda CDO and JCI Kagayhaan Gold felt that there was not enough appreciation for the brave frontliners who unselfishly put themselves in danger for us to maintain a convenient and “normal” day to day. What was supposedly a New Year reveal to welcome 2021, became the ECQ Anniversary Appreciation Day as JCI Kagayhaan Gold and partners unveiled the first ever Gratitude Wall in the City fronting the regional hub for COVID Response in Northern Mindanao. Months prior to the unveiling, Foodpanda and JCI Kagayhaan Gold looked endlessly for support to get the gratitude wall finished; from location, approvals, permits, sponsors and the all-important artists and message that the wall would convey. Ultimately, local artsists banded together to create a masterpiece of a tribute to the men and women who courageously face everyday risks for the majority to live in safety and comfort. During the unveiling, Ms. Javie De Ocampo - LLagas, the city manager of Foodpanda shared: "We would like to honor our frontliners, not only in the medical field, but also in other sectors who kept us going through this pandemic", "We are very happy to have partnered with the local government of Misamis Oriental to be able to highlight the bravery of our fellow Filipinos and value their perseverance and hard work even through these uncertain times," she added. JCI Kagayhaan Gold 2021 Local Organization President David Piol expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Government for allowing the Foodpanda, JCI KG, and Boysen to display the mural on one of the walls near the Provincial Capitol. JCI David Piol also led the partners in the ceremonial unveiling.

A vision brought to life. Initial sketch as imagined by the artists submitted to JCI Kagayhaan Gold

Provincial Tourism head lawyer Jeffrey Saclot attended the unveiling as the representative of the Provincial Government, along with Boysen Paint who graciously supplied all the paint materials needed to complete the mural. Ms. Jena Morales, one of the local artists who assisted in the completion of the mural shared that the main concept of the mural is centered on the herosim of the fronline healthcare workers, including the daily service Ceremonial Unveiling (L-R) Artist Emmanuel Mulawan, Atty Jeffrey Saclot, providers such as food delivery riders. Ms. Javie DeOcampo-LLagas, JCI David Piol and Mr. Patrick Ong

This project was a collaborative effort of Foodpanda CDO, JCI Kagyahaan Gold, Boysen Paints, The Province of Misamis Oriental and the Artists - Jenalyn Morales, Emmanuel Mulawan II, John Aaron Martizano, Jhuemarie Abueva, Jasper Rosalejos, and Romando Lonon. For one straight week members from JCI KG joined the artists work through the night after peak hours since the area is in a heavy traffic location. The struggle was well worth it as every night, since the mural was near literally across the hospital, hospital staff would drop by and admire the work or even engage in talks with the artists and JCI members. They all had one thing to say - thank you and what amazing artwork. But truly, what is amazing here is the dedication of all the frontliners in the city, in the province, in the country, and all over the world. The fight against this pandemic is far from over, but we choose to celebrate the small victories we make everyday. The valiant efforts made everyday by everyday heroes.

JCI KG Members take photos and spoke to partners and media on the concept behind the gratitude wall.

The Gratitude Wall serves a symbol of hope, of courage and unity - that together we can combat this pandemic. We have to do our share, and let us not forget to be grateful for everyday miracles.



Since December 2020, JCI Kagayhaan Gold has added a new focus area for its projects and programs: Animal Welfare. With a current BOD member who is also a Veterinarian by profession, the chapter has successfully conducted several advisories, programs, and training in relation to animal welfare; with the guiding principle of One Health for all. One Health simply means ensuring good health for all which includes good health and care for our furry companions. One of the latest initiatives of JCI Kagayhaan Gold is the Best for Pets Webinar Series in which we presented the topics of Rabies Awareness, Prevention, and Control, alongside Smart Pet Parenting. The seminar featured 2 guest speakers, namely, Dr. Jiff Nasser J. Velasco and Dr.Hazel Catalbas- Cajes both Veterinarians and experts in their fields. They discussed the importance of proper health for our pets and ensuring that they get proper vaccination to avoid any possible problems in the future as well as to ensure a long healthy life for our pets. Seminar attendees also grabbed the opportunity to have a free consultation with the doctors on questions they may have in caring for their pets. 8 lucky participants also got to bring home Pet-friendly goodies from Gokoon Industries inc., Maxime Pet Food. The project was also in partnership with the Cagayan de Oro City Veterinary Department and PetVet Central. - kdtp

KAMP GANAP: THE 33RD KG ANNIVERSARY JCI KITTY TIUKINHOY APRIL 16, 2021 On its 33rd year as a chapter, JCI Kagayhaan Gold celebrates in the mountains despite the heavy downpour by sharing stories of their experience within the organization. To maintain social distancing and other health protocols, yet be able to celebrate as one family - JCI KG members decided to take the celebration to the mountains of Balingasag to the private cliffside retreat of Past President Jun Borromeo. 20 members were able to join the festivities, 10 of which were past presidents all the way from 1989. Travelling from 2pm on a Saturday and finally pitching tents at around 4pm, the members were ready to rough it out with the absolutely breathtaking views of the cliffside with a river downstream.

The evening program was started off with a welcome message by 2018 LO President Owen Jaen, then a reveal of the past by 1992 LO President Jun Borromeo. Two baby JCI were also inducted to the fold - JCI Joriel Agod and JCI Ailet Castro - as regular members. 2021 LO President David Piol ended the evening thanking our gracious host and the members for pushing on despite the unprecedented challenges the organization is facing. The program wrapped up with a fundraising BINGO game which was hosted by baby JCI Janna Salvana. 33 years of excellence, of service, of community work, and of friendships. JCI Kagayhaan Gold turns 33 and cheers to many, many more.

n e n n e M h c a o C ONE ON ONE WITH


Once a baby Jaycee in 1993 and currently, an in-demand trainer of JCI Philippines, JCI Sen. Mennen Aracid or Coach Mennen as we fondly call him, has established an irremovable mark on JCI Philippines. Whether helping JCI Kagayhaan Gold (his chapter... ahem!) or the national organization mostly through training and workshops, the International Training Fellow No. 106 has always been an inspiration among all of us, not just with KG but to all JCI members who would get to know and meet him. To interview one person that we look up to will always be nerve-wracking so by the time I entered Google Meet for the online interview, I was sweating. However, I became at ease since Coach Mennen had the welcoming vibe to him... as usual. The things that I prepared for went off the hook and it felt like I just had a casual conversation with him. For somebody who has been in the organization for so long, he is an example of a true "fellow", keeping the conversation going and sharing a lot of meaningful insights. For the 20 minutes that we talked, there were so many ideas worth quoting. Starting in JCI For “older” members like me, a lot of us entered JCI because we have a friend who is already in the organization. It is one thing that Coach Mennen can relate with because he was also brought in by his university colleague and friend, JCI Senator Jovencia Dalaygon. “Di ba, that’s how you start? In the recommendation. So, if people keep on extending the opportunity to you, it means that they have found something there that’s worth benefiting from.” Coach Mennen shared. So, to all new members out there, you are worthy of the invitation. He furthered explained that as a new member, he saw a lot of opportunities in JCI. He recalled one of his early experiences, attending a National Convention in Zamboanga where he joined some workshops. “And that is where it clicked. At that time, I saw professionals speaking at the National Convention. That was how I got mesmerized. It is like ‘Wow! you’re talking to Jaycees from different parts of the Philippines.” True indeed, a new member would value his membership once he or she gets to see these activities in JCI.

Continuing the Journey Entering JCI is awesome but continuing the membership can have its own ups and downs, and when asked what made him continue his journey in the organization, Coach Mennen has so much to share. He took a second to think (remembering some memories, perhaps?) and shared a wonderful memory with his co- JCI Kagayhaan Gold members. If people keep on extending opportunity to you, it means that they

have found something there that s worth benefiting from.

“I always say this when people invite you, not so much because they have a membership goal, but they see, perhaps a space for you or an opportunity for you to grow in the organization. So, I think if somebody invites you and the value of the organization match that what you espouse, this “yes, mentor” or this “yes, coach” attitude goes a long way. I did not know what they had planned for me but later, I realized that there was a position being created at the national organization and they were also asked to look for people who can probably be good candidates for that. It was Tootsie Besinga (JCI Kagayhaan Gold’s first LO president) and Venzsha who was serving at that time. Dan (referring to JCI Sen. Dan Tan) and (JCI Sen.) Jun Borromeo was also present and active already in the national organization. Kagayhaan Gold was prominent there because we had our unique symbol. Anything that was yellow was always Kagayhaan Gold. We were also very vigilant while we were serving in the national organization. Any individual would be spotted. It might be an opportunity at the organization level, or it might be an opportunity at the national level. So, they prepare you for that. I was asked to prepare, take the courses and just be ready to serve.”

In hindsight, our experiences in the organization might not be the same as with Coach Mennen’s but he shared that being in JCI is a continuing opportunity. “Your leaders will show you but a big part of it is choosing which opportunities you want… because the external push will only go as far as where you see the opportunities but everything else is internal. Pangita lang ug trip… and see if you can develop from there. Get to know the organization, know your mentors, expose yourselves, and then you will find some things that would interest you. So, see if there is a path around that.” One path that members can choose to take is to be a trainer and Coach Mennen has taken that path as well. “In fact, I had more years as a trainer. I started in training ahead then became president later.”

One thing... he does everyday: Going online for classes he does on a lazy day: Find time to play with his 8 dogs. he hasn't done but want to try: To be an independent consultant he can't live without: Aside from family, it's JCI

Being in JCI Kagayhaan Gold is also a plus because the local organization has a strong mentoring and caddying system which he also experienced when he started, “so you get to be friends with individuals”. By getting good mentors and the friendships that he developed all throughout the years strengthened his membership in the organization. Reiterating what he said, “I cannot recall all of them, but I have a very vivid experience that Kagayhaan Gold already had a strong tradition of mentoring and caddying people.” Also, it’s important to go out and make friends with others because “these are the people who fill form part of your network. That is what is important. More If you are excellent in JCI, than the jobs and trips, it is the friendships at different levels, you have to be excellent in from chapter to international.”

Keeping Things Balanced

Being a member can take its toll sometimes and as members, we all aspects of your life. might experience burn-out and the the idea of leaving might come across our minds and with this, Coach Mennen emphasized the value of Integration. When entering JCI, we are bringing everything with us, so we need to be balanced and we need to integrate them. That means “if you are excellent in JCI, you Coach Mennen shares three things to must be excellent at work, you must take care of yourself, you have to make sure that your relationships are also not taken remember so you can maximize this for granted. You also must make sure that all your priorities opportunity of being a JCI member: are intact. “

1. Explore. 2. Volunteer. 3. Get Better.

Lastly, by being JCI members, we are called to serve, and our mission is to grow so we can make positive change in our communities. The organization hopes that, aside from friendships and fellowships, it would be one thing that would motivate a member to continue. “You realize that when you are called to serve in big and little ways, there’s so much help the world needs. And it is not just external, it might be your friends inside the chapter. Or even might be people in your own household.” Coach Mennen shared. +

Part of the Green is Gold initiative of JCI Kagayhaan Gold for this year is sustainable urban solutions especially in addressing food security. HAIL HYDRO - Hyfroponics Workshop together with Kids who Farm, a Zambonga based NGO was one of the most well attended online training of the LO for the year. The Hydroponics training focused on how to set up a garden with limited materials and from items that can be found around the house.

The Hydroponics training focused on how to set up a garden with limited materials and from items that can be found around the house. With the pandemic still very much felt in society, this simple solution can create a big impact especially if done right. The LO hopes to be able to bring this training to the community and start community gardens very soon. Hail Hydro also kicked of Think Green month and was attended by AC Jade Refuerzo, Area Chair for Think Green.

Culminating Environmental Month with Bamboos! Team Panda - a group of 4 aspiring JCI KG regular members composed of - Janne Salvana, Jacqui Cagande, Shari Emblawa-Patyaon, and Marco Lorenzo successfully pulled off BAMBOSS: The Bambo Solution Webinar. The activity was conducted to shed more insights on the bamboo industry as being one of the main focuses of DENR and JCI Philippines. Bamboo as we know has many uses and purposes and can prove to be a major resource for the Philippines and address several problems in the community. Bamboo planting is also the main thrust of the JCI Philippines National Program - Think Green.



Teach the Streets started as a community training program of the JCI Kagayhaan Gold in 2017. The aim has always been to promote the UNSDGs to school-age kids by going to the sitios and barangays and sharing the goals through kid-friendly activities. The chapter believes that despite the pandemic, the goals should still be a priority. Since the kids cannot be taught the goals face to face, JCI KG created an alternative program for the kids to learn about them by taking the goals back to their homes - Teach the Streets: Bring Home the Goals! The committee composed of EVP Kitty, PP Roxanne, LSDD Josh, RVP Jason, RVP Richmond, and PP Keny developed modules for the kids to learn about the UNSDG at home. The modules included SDG comics,

a primer and worksheets. The worksheets were called Teaspoons of change. Each kid was asked to identify 5 pressing problems in the community and offer solutions in their own way. 10 days after releasing the modules, JCI KG members went back and collected the answers given by the kids. These answers will be made into a formal survey and can be used as a reference to other studies. The first rollout of Bring Home the Goals was done in Pamalihi Elementary School in Pagatpat, with Grade 4 & 5 recipients.

Message Sent : KGTV Helps Spread Hope Online JCI OWEN JAEN The world went to almost a complete standstill when the pandemic hit more than a year ago. Lives and livelihood were changed, fear and uncertainty crept in. However, amidst all these challenges humanity has faced, one thing remains, the will to make things better. Out of this urge to not take this issue sitting down, KGTV was born an online social media Livestream platform through Facebook that helps spread positive news through the worldwide web. On its 4th offering aired on July 3, 2021, KGTV highlighted Stories of Hope, a special feature on real-life experiences of medical front liners and families that are challenged by the effects of the pandemic in their lives. This episode was particularly made special as it was in partnership with the Cagayan de Oro City Information Office and was streamed simultaneously in the Facebook Page of Music & the City, the weekly information and entertainment show of the LGU, and was also beamed on the airwaves through Mellow Touch FM 95.7. The hour and a half show remind the viewers to constantly be on guard against the spread of the virus and keep the effects at bay. Moreover, the highlight was the moving stories shared by the invited guests. JCI Nikki Improso, a member of JCI Kagayhaan Gold and a Public Healthcare Nurse of Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) expressed her daily experiences of being there for others while trying to keep herself mentally and physically strong. For her, the daily grind becomes a constant battle with unseen forces, where one must never let their guards down to be able to move much closer to victoriously pinning down this global health crisis.

A couple, whose family members succumbed to Covid-19 and saw the ill-effects first hand bravely shared their stories to the public in the hopes that their tale becomes an inspiration that we can still move forward, claim victory over this virus while we continue to band together as a community helping each other through all these adversities. Mr. & Mrs. Mackie and Mabel Siojo, courageously recounted how their family was exposed, the journey they had to go through, and the love and support they got from their families, friends, and community. Another person in the forefront in fighting Covid-19 in the area, Dr. Andre Labis reiterated the importance of vaccination, constantly practicing health standards, and being rightly informed since we are still in the middle of this fight and it will still take quite a while for the virus to be completely eradicated. In the age of social media where the power of information is sourced multi-ways, the need to bring the rightful resources to the public is needed more than ever. The more good news and inspiration we spread on the internet, the higher the chances that the public will be well equipped with the right knowledge to become empowered. This social media special is hosted by 2021 JCI Kagayhaan Gold EVP Kitty Tiukinhoy and 2018 JCI Kagayhaan Gold President Owen Jaen and a fifth KGTV episode is scheduled to be streamed in August 2021. To view past episodes of KGTV, visit the official Facebook page of JCI Kagayhaan Gold.


S . O







The JCI Kagayhaan Gold launched the Save Our Swine Program- an online and offline platform educating the public on its contribution in arresting the spread of African Swine Fever in the region and further save not just the swine but the farmers too. The following projects supported the SOS Program: 1. Social media campaign (Dec 2020) provided essential reminders to help stop the spread of ASF in the region. Partners: Central Mindanao University, The CMU College of Veterinary Medicine and its various student organizations, Department of Agriculture R10, and The Provincial and City Information Offices.

At the recent data from National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS), pork consumption is at 15kgs per capita. A typical NorthMin celebration will not be complete without any of the pork lechon, humba, adobo, or even dinuguan- it's cultural, we may have accessed it from the Spaniards. Aside from that our access to pork is easy as we have them grown in our backyard farms and NorthMin is one of the top swine producingranked 3rd before ASF affected Luzon (July 2019) and now the top producer while we are protecting the green zone areas in Northern Mindanao from African Swine Fever spread. Northern Mindanao is currently battling against the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) a highly contagious hemorrhagic viral disease of domestic and wild pigs, which is responsible for serious economic and production losses. As of July 16, 2021 Total affected farmers in NorthMin is 3,035 while total culled Swine is 12,247 heads. (Source: DA RFO 10 Regulatory) The ASF is classified as a transboundary animal disease (TAD) can be spread by live or dead pigs, domestic or wild, and pork products; furthermore, transmission can also occur via contaminated feed and fomites (non-living objects) such as shoes, clothes, vehicles, knives, equipment, etc., due to the high environmental resistance of ASF virus. Currently, there is no approved vaccine for ASF. It appeared in Montgomery in Kenya(1921), China (2018), Philippines (July 2019), and Don Marcelino, Davao Occidental in Mindanao (Feb 2020) due to travel restrictions (COVID19) the ASF spread slowed down and once movement eased up it appeared in Iligan City (Nov 2020) and Cagayan De Oro City (Feb 10, 2021).

2. Kaalam ug Giya posters in public spaces (Feb 2021, July 2021) at the public markets and bus terminals in the city. Partners: Northern Mindanao Hog Raisers inc, The Orovets, Pilmico, and the Cagayan De Oro City Anti-ASF Taskforce. 3. Animal Health Checkpoints provision of viricides (July 2021) at the newly recorded outbreaks in Misamis Oriental and in the protected green zones in Bukidnon. Partners: Northern Mindanao Hog Raisers inc, The Orovets, Pilmico, and the Cagayan De Oro City Anti-ASF Taskforce. 4. African Swine Fever in NorthMin update (July 2021). Further, the LO thought that conversations on saving our swine and saving our swine farmers are necessary to make sure to save the other swine and swine farmers in the region Partners: Northern Mindanao Hog Raisers Inc, The Orovets, Pilmico, and the Region X Anti-ASF Taskforce, Department of Agriculture 10, Cagayan de Oro City Information Office, Music and The City, Mellow Touch 95.7 At the end of the day, it is not just arresting the spread, it is all about food security. Together, let us protect our swine industry and be part of the solution in making sure each Filipino families especially in Northern Mindanao has access to one of the basic protein sources- pork.

BRIGADA NG AYALA Together with Ayala Foundation and Ayala Business Club of Cagayan de Oro, JCI Kagyhaan Gold delivered 161 EduCare Kits for the entire student population of Pamalihi Elementary School in Barangay Pagtapat Cagayan de Oro. Each EduCare Kit consists of a bag, alcohol, 2 Magiting reusable face mask, face shields, and soap from Ayala Foundation. These were augmented by JCI Kagayhaan Gold with school supplies from pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and coloring materials. Since the kids could not join in the physical turnover, the bags were handed to the school administration and the parents would have a chance to pick them up as soon as they return the modules. JCI Kagayhaan Gold has been a partner of Ayala Foundation for over 5 years starting with LEADCOM or Leadership Communities.

Joining in the turnover to the School Principal, Ayala Foundation lead Mr. Garret Nolasco expressed the importance of still continuing quality education regardless of the current circumstance. JCI President David Piol also reiterated the need for children to have access to educational materials especially since not everyone can access online resources. Ayala Business Club is represented by its President and also JCI Kagyahaan Gold member, KItty Tiukinhoy.- Piol.

JCI KG Members come together to deliver EduCare Kits to the rural barangay of Pagatpat. Full support from the chapter, including Past President Roxanne Fuentes and Past RVP Jason Alcudia





Plants are straightforward creatures -- they wither when underwatered, they rot when overwatered, and they die when totally neglected. Living with them is by far the most ideal give-and-take relationship we could have with no selfserving standards required. No doubts I am expanding my forest at home. May you find joy in planting yours too!

Look around you rather than stalk people on social media or binge-watch K-Dramas. Listen to understand that vaccines can save lives and that unnecessary suspicions can cause an untimely demise. Smell safety and danger around; safety is when you can hardly smell someone else's stink because you have your face mask on; the danger is when you are unaware of your own stench because you’ve been partying maskless for so long. Taste truthfulness with your own tongue; rub not a tinge of hypocrisy onto your skin.

2. PRATTLE WITH YOUR PETS. After a long-day at work, run to your pets and do a marathon of prattles. Doing it does not make you better than Dr. Dolittle, but it will make your more humane than ever. It may just be a wacky therapy, but the enduring lessons that it gives are without a fee: live with what you have and trust your instincts. If you feel like barking for a moment, just let yourself be. 3. PLAY IN YOUR KITCHEN. Now that going out is more of a risk than a luxury, let your kitchen be your own Disneyland. Food is a blessing so enjoy it to the fullest with all its looks, aroma, flavor, and nutrition in place. Let your knife be your swing, your cutting board be your slide, your ladle be your seesaw, and your range be your trampoline. Play and have fun! Let the hunger games end before the setting of the sun. 4. PAINT YOUR TOMORROW. Visualize your canvass, sketch your plan; and once the lines are in place, splash on some colors. If you are not as imaginative as my dream self, a DIY paint-by-numbers kit will always come in handy. Begin in any way you want; just make sure you’ll come up with your masterpiece – your plan! 5. PHONE REAL PEOPLE. Bored at home? Unlock your screens; tap your keypads, make that call! Reach out until your brain no longer takes boredom on board. Let your tech pieces show you that life is far better when shared with people than lived within the confines of your gadgets. Know this: even Cortana acknowledges that connecting to real people is more entertaining than interacting with Siri or Bixby. 6. POLISH YOURSELF. Ditch your I-have-no-time-for-this-and-that excuse and start learning a new craft. Furthering your skills usually comes with a certain fee, but if you still need to save some funds for those skill upgrades, you can always begin with Manners Refinement 101 and it is absolutely free.

8. PEE YOUR NEGATIVITY; POOP YOUR TOXICITY. All your organs are working so hard to ensure that every cell in your body survives. Unless you are born with a halo, you are never immune from all pathogens around. Thank goodness your excretory system is on duty 24/7 to eliminate all your gunk. Your toilet seat is waiting, go pee and poop it all out right now. 9. PAY YOURSELF FOR EVERY GOOD WORK DONE All work and play without pay scares the happiness in you away. Be it a sip of vanilla latte or an extra 20minute snooze, reward yourself for making it through the day. Take some time off while you bathe. Savor your solitude and daydream if you can. Remember: self-care is a necessity and it pays big time. 10. PRAY. PERFORM. PERSIST. Invest for yourself through praying, performing, and persisting. Communicating to the Divine nourishes your soul and spirit, but what is all that nourishment for if you will not practice your faith? Exemplifying what you believe will help build that spiritual muscle that will keep you going. And as you journey in life each day, never quit when you are tired. Push further! Another day awaits to make you see that the end of today is not all there is to live for. There are more words that begin with letter P than there are letters in the word pandemic. This goes to show that there is so much that we can together to see the light during these darkest hours. May these 10 Ps help you find the peace that you need in this time of chaos and uncertainties.