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2014 August Issue

Feature Interview

tfvsjs Make It Worth It

2014 United Nations Millenium Development Goals Project

“Care & Dare – A Bright New Horizon” Campaign

2014 Nothing But Coffee

In Support of Nothing But Nets of United Nations Foundation for Protecting African Children from Malaria

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2014 August Issue



President’s Message


Interview with NAEO


Feature Interview


Care & Dare

Carol Yeung

A Zenith of Leadership

Make It Worth It

Dear Jayceettes and friends Happy Summer! Thanks for all the support going to our e-SNAPSHOTS and the go-green mission over the past few months. Now, this print magazine is back with a basket of love, happiness and aspiration to share.

A Bright New Horizon


International Affairs

From our UN Nations Millenium Development Goals (UN MDG) campaign,


of neglected group of rehabilitated female young offenders in Hong Kong to ‘Nothing-But-Coffee’ campaign that protects African children and their family from Malaria, we are making a little step everyday to be a better self and one that might change the world.

JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (JCI E-Metro) / Jayceettes Development


45th Anniversary

Being a member of the Jayceettes family, we learn and grow together, and try to create positive changes not only in our own lives but also in other people’s lives.

Each of us are different as we are engaged in a variety of profession and roles in our daily life, BUT, we are the same as we lead and serve with passion. A discovery journey begins here - Recalling sweet memories at Yamagata and Yokohama in Japan with our sister chapters, meeting new faces at our propspective member orientation, then to explore the music power of the 6-man band, tfvsjs, in our feature interview - ‘Live life to the fullest and let there be no regret!’

Of ficial Visit to JCI Yokohama & 2014 JCI Asia Pacific Conference

Editorial Team

Publication Adviser

Naomi Chan Sunny Chan Carmen Mak Emily Wu

Mariana Ng

Design Mimi Cheng Sharron Ng

And of course – cheers and celebrate together at JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes 45th Anniversary Banquet ‘Sapphires in Symphony’ to be held on 19 October 2014! Editorial Team

JCI Creed


That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; That Government should be of laws rather of men; That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality; and That service to humanity is the best work of life.


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To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

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To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

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President’s Message

Living Passion for Brilliance It’s August and it is truly unbelievable that my journey as President of my beloved chapter has already passed the halfway mark with only few more months to go. There no doubt that the experiences are filled with countless laughs and tears, and that all the indescribable joy from all the challenges came from the passion of the Jayceettes to make brilliance for this 45th year. As President, I am most grateful for all the opportunities from interesting courtesy visits with prominent business partners to Government officials to being invited as guest speakers to Rotary District and Clubs luncheon to taking interviews with media, which all made me stronger and more confident as a young active citizen in this society. As always, the visit to sister chapter JCI Yokohama and ASPAC Yamagata were unforgettable to greet new and reconnect with fellow JC friends from around the world. With the launch of eSnapshots since February, my President Message focus on describing “passion” of Jayceettes’ shining brightly and brilliantly in various projects. For this printed issue, it is definitely not easy to write down every memorable moment, but before you enjoy reading this magazine for full coverage, I am pleased to highlight some significant a chievements: • In May, our Chapter had the privilege to be the hosting chapter of JCI Hong Kong’s project “2014 Nothing But Coffee”. With tremendous hard work in just two months, the project raised over HK$120,000 (approximately US$15,000) for UN Foundation for Nothing But Nets to help protect children and women in Africa from malaria.

• Our 2014 UN MDG project “Care and Dare: A Bright New Horizon” was named one of the UNESCO Social Peace project – this is the first-time ever for our UN MDG projects. It is also the Chapter’s first time to have a community project supported and with close collaboration with Hong Kong Correctional Services. • An official joint board meeting/dialogue session with our friendship pact JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (Penang, Malaysia), which may be the first time in last eight to nine years since the signing of the friendship pact. Lastly, the “Jayceettes 45” MemberSHIP 2014 is cruising down in great speed with the destination of 50% growth. We hosted three Prospective Member Orientations (PMO) and engaged close to 100 new friends. As of August, we have around 18 prospective members in progress with many to be i nducted soon. With Leadership Development working hand-in-hand with Membership Affairs and our new members proactively taking part in JCI Achieve, 5-Star Training, and even Public Speaking and World Debating Competition. Still a few months, but the most exciting is yet to come including the Annual General Meeting and Election of 2015 Board of Directors on 20 September, and then our grand 45th Anniversary Banquet on 19 October at The American Club (Tai Tam). Look forward to see you all. 2014 President Carol Yeung

Interview with NAEO

A Zenith of Leadership

Interview with

NAEO Zenith Lin

Vist of Lo Wu Workshop

the National Assigned Executive Officer (NAEO) of Jayceettes, Q1 Being what is your impression of Jayceettes?

With Jayceettes in JCIHK Inaugural Ball

I come from a male chapter (JCI Dragon) and this is in fact my first time to have close collaboration with a female chapter, and it definitely impressed me! JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes is a chapter full of passion. With a board of detail-minded and creative directors, they created a lot of good, cutting-edge programs which I think, have positive impact on the society, and myself. I remember a visit to Lo Wu Correctional Institution in an event organized by Jayceettes for the Care and Dare Flagship project where I had a chance to understand the lives of rehabilitated people. I felt it was very meaningful. I was very impressed!

a JCI member, what members have many commitments Q2 As Q3 JCI do you found to be the nowadays. As a businessman and happiest and most fulfilling?

First of all, it is the personal growth I see in both myself and others that is the happiest and most fulfilling. Second, the friendships I enjoyed with fellow JCI members. Third, it is the power to create positive changes that is the most rewarding.

JCI member, how do you manage to live life to the fullest?

Of course, it is not easy to manage everything at the same time, so I set priorities. Always do the most important things first. I also have to be well-planned and target oriented so that I could be efficient at whatever I do. Most importantly, I think it is my passion to be a leader and lead that drives me to manage that!

With President Carol in JCI HK Inaugural Ball

* National Assigned Executive is assigned from JCI Hong Kong to supervise a local chapter.

Nothing But Coffee

2014 Nothing But Coffee Fundraising Campaign Over US$ 15,000 Raised in Support of Nothing But Nets to United Nations Foundation

Being in Hong Kong, have we ever imagined that in every 45 seconds, a child dies in Africa because of malaria? Every year, malaria kills nearly one million of people, mostly infants and pregnant women. Not only does malaria cause millions of deaths but also induce huge economic loss of about US$12 billion is incurred in African countries each year as a result.

Nothing But Coffee’’ Fundraising campaign initiated by JCI Hong Kong (JCIHK) and hosted by JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes. vouchers) were donated, which aimed to raise fund by selling the coffee within two months from May to June. The fundraising store at Kingston Street, Causeway Bay on Monday, 5 May 2014, and proved to be a remarkable success in the community with over 100 in attendance for the event and over 10 media outlets. From this Nothing But Coffee campaign, we successfully raised over US$15,000 (or HK$120,000) for Nothing But Nets of United Nations Foundation, or about 1500 insecticidetreated bed nets can be purchased. The fund will be donated to United Nations Foundation for purchasing mosquito nets and for educating African families about the correct use of the nets in face of malaria.

Kickoff Ceremony

cups of coffee, symbolizing the whole idea of ‘‘2014 Nothing But Coffee’’ Fundraising Campaign with the care and prompt actions of the public, we can donate mosquito nets that can save African children and families from malaria.

Nationals Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs) in all communities around the world. In 2008, JCI and United Nations Foundation founded promotion and fundraising activities in the community. The ultimate goal is to raise fund of US$10,000,000 before year 2015 to purchase 1 million mosquito nets. Again, we express deep gratitude to the support we received from all cups of coffees for the fundraising, which made the event a remarkable success.

More than 10 media coverage


Ambassador with African drummers promoting awareness of Malaria

Charity Ambassadors Ms. Lisa Cheng and Ms. Janelle Sing

Group Package Coffee Sponsors*:

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Pacific Coffee Company

Donation of HK$9,000

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Rotary Club of Bayview Sunshine Hong Kong / JCI Hong Kong 2003 National President

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Feature Interview

Make It Worth It

Passion VS Action Decadence VS Vitality to Conversation VS Leave-Taking Reporters: Emily Wu and Sunny Chan

Draw up a list of Attainable Top 10 or Infinity – something that we may do at the beginning of every year. We plan ahead what goals we have to accomplish and dreams we want to achieve...spend more time with family, lead a healthier life, excel in career, set up new business or help the community. Very often, the next question that comes along is – Can I have more than 24 hours a day? Six young men with their own full-time profession in music, design, cookery and film-directing got together ten years ago via an online forum and formed a post-rock band, tfvsjs, and there, they embarked on an elongated journey not only on music, but a life-long exploration of possibilities. tfvsjs – seems like a jumble of letters, but, it carries deep meanings. Bass, two drums, trumpet, two guitars – a mix of unique sounds that accept an emotional range. The local mathrock delight expresses their opinion towards the world they are living in through uneven time signatures and without vocal. Underneath the cool faces are passion and love. The band released its debut album in July 2013, ‘Equal Unequals to Equal’. Their ‘first-in-town’ dual percussion section excited the music fans.

Feature Interview

‘‘Creativity is not unrestrained style of imagination. I find it a cliché that people always believe and encourage others to ‘think out of the box’’, Andonian Chan, the guitarist and founding member of the band says, ‘‘It is not practical at all. We are confronted with different limitations every day in our life. We should therefore look into what we have inside the box and make good use of them. A movie scene hit me so hard – a pianist performing on a cruise said there were always boundaries and limitations, like a piano with 88 keys that new pieces of music all born out of them. We are doing what we want with restrictions.’’ The discouraging force eviction from the band’s previous rehearsal studio in Kwun Tong gave rise to their fresh and bold idea of starting their own cafe in the same area where their music was born and grew. Having a starred chef from one of the top hotels in town of course push ahead the birth of their cafe. ‘‘We strongly believe the best way to counteract such damage is creation!.’’ The 4,000 sq. ft. multi-function space inside an industrial building comprises a cafe, recording studio, boutique drum shop Battle Stage and tfvsjs’s rehearsal studio. The brotherhood that used to dwindle away in doing nothing sometime or brainstorming new songs are taking up roles to run the cafe specialises in delicate and authentic Italian food. The band has been responsible for building their own furniture, or to be more specific, collecting other’s unwanted stuff left on the street, as well as cooking and serving every dish themselves. ‘‘For the six of us, three work full-time here and I come to help as waiter whenever I finish my own design work.’’ Andonian now spends 9 hours in design, around an hour in music, then the rest in the cafe. ‘‘We want to extend our music to reach farther and more people. The cafe is a platform for us to share our thoughts and music with the audience and customers.’’ Since the cafe was opened, they have organised a number of movie screening activities and they hope to hold regular design workshop for the community in the future. ‘‘We thought we could have more time to make music and jam together after we open this cafe but it turned out to be the other way round,’’ Adonian said they have more time to see one another now but less time to dedicate themselves to music. ‘‘Our goal for the time being is to train up loyal and trusted full-time staff to help look after the cafe so that we could continue with our music tours in China and other cities.’’ Adonian had his first encounter with music when he was 15. ‘‘I play cello and guitar. Actually, I hated music when I was young. I know it is totally ironic. The curriculum and education system in Hong Kong ruin the beauty of music.’’ Later when he started picking up music, he aspired to form his own band and he post message on a music forum. It took two years to form the band.

Creation is not to think out of the box, but making best of what we have in our box

‘‘Hong Kong is so small and has a space problem that it become quite common that people cannot afford to keep a drum set at home for practice and that’s why it is hard to find good local drummers,’’ Adonian added, ‘‘Internet has really sped up the transfer of knowledge and sharing of music.’’ Yet, Adonian stressed that the music standard in Hong Kong is falling far behind the rest of the world. From band members to business partners, the six men demonstrated how their different talents and intrinsic qualities mix and match to bring about new chemistry. ‘‘We develop our own way of living style within this society.’’ In his packed schedule, Andonian spare time to do volunteering service and conducted several visual communication and design workshops inside Lo Wu Correctional Institution. ‘‘I was amazed by the work done by the inmates. They are not confirmed by the bits and pieces of materials we gave them, and each come up with their own ideas and creation that we might not have thought about.’’ To imagine it is ten to twelve years from now, Adonian would not see a very different life ahead. ‘‘I think I would still be doing what I am doing now, but of course, in a much better way. I could not image a life without music, design and this cafe, things that make who I am now.’’ Apart from the tours in South-east Asian countries, Adonian hope that his band will be invited to perform in Europe or Japan where there are a lot of inspirational and powerful bands.

The cafe is a platform for sharing of thoughts and music with the audience and customers

‘‘We all don’t live a second life, so do our best when we can!’’

Care & Dare

2014 United Nations Millenium Development Goals Project

“Care & Dare – A Bright New Horizon” Campaign 聯合國千禧目標計劃 「Care & Dare 踏出一步, 邁向新生里程」 This is our 5th consecutive year running the UN MDG campaigns to address social and environmental problems and our campaign is also adopted as UNESCO Social Peace Project under “Social Peace” aspect. This year, we aim to enhance the self-confidence of neglected group of rehabilitated female young offenders and to offer opportunities for them to re-integrate into the community.

Love Action 1 Kick off Ceremony cum Education Seminar The kick-off ceremony was held on 12 April 2014 at the Hong Kong Science Park. Our Kick off Ceremony was officiated by distinguished guests and our Campaign Ambassador Miss Kate Tsui. The Education Seminar covered topics including the PSY Gym (Personal Growth and Emotion Treatment Centre) of Lo Wu Correctional Institution, the work of Correctional Services Department and Lo Wu Correctional Institution, and a sharing from Mr Ben Kuen, 2008 TOYP Hong Kong Awardee (香港十大傑青), on his experience to support rehabilitation and path to success.

2008 TOYP Hong Kong Awardee Mr Ben Kuen gave a personal sharing on rehabilitation and path to success

Love Action 2 Community Services in Lo Wu Correctional Institution Co-organised and sponsored by Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a Design Social Innovation Seminar was held to enhance our understanding on the concept of Social Innovation and how design can resolve conflicts and inspire our life.

Seminar participants are ready to foster harmony and trust in the society for rehabilitation

Care & Dare

T-shirt Design Workshops at Lo Wu Correctional Institution

The Theme of “Trust”

Four workshops and one advanced class were conducted with the theme of “Trust” in June and July, which enable the inmates to express themselves through designing logo/pattern print on T-Shirt. The advanced class had been filmed by NowTV and will be broadcasted in Now TV Culture Club (文化多面睇) in September. From these workshops, we saw inmates’ creativity and confidence, their enhanced communication skills as they express their ideas in a positive way, revolving around the central theme of Trust.

Media coverage to introduce T-shirt Design Workshops at Lo Wu Correctional Institution.

Wen Wei Po, A10, 13 April 2014

Interview with a workshop participant from T anzania Design as an Empowerment Our interviewee came from Tanzania East Africa, convicted with drug trafficking. Like everyone with one’s own story, she is experienced in making hina decorating flowers and tattoos design and the Care & Dare workshop meant a lot to her. To her, art design was an opportunity. When she finishes her sentence, she can use these skills to teach her children and others, even to open a shop and designing different things to continue her pursuit of life. It gives her hope to look forward to the future.

International Affairs

Dinner with JCI Yokohama

Official Visit to JCI Yokohama from 1 to 3 June 2014

Sharing by International Affairs Officer Carmen Mak

“Meeting our sister chapters and friendship pact was the most memorable experience in ASPAC. During our visit to Yokohama, JCI Yokohama’s warm reception made us felt like we are part of the Yokohama family. JCI Yokohama had shown their heart-warming welcoming by picking up from Narita airport which their representatives had to woke up at 3 am to drive to the airport. From that moment onwards we had received thorough care in every possible ways from catering, transport and sightseeing arrangement. We were brought to the renowned places for Japanese food such as sushi, soba and tempura. Other JCI Yokohama members and their friends were so kind-hearted to accompany us as translator!

Visit To Childcare Centre

The opportunity to join the Yokohama Port Festival and the visit to the childcare centre opened by one of their member were beyond my expectation as these could only be experienced with the reception of JCI Yokohama. Being arranged to seat at VIP reserve area for Yokohama Festival was an amazing experience and we were so lucky festival booths! This visit had no doubt deepen our bondings and enabled possibilities for future cooperation! Thank you President Koichi Saito and his members for the warm reception. I can’t wait to meet our friends from Yokohama again!

Yokohama Port Festival With Fireworks

International Affairs

2014 JCI Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC) Yamagata from 4 to 7 June 2014

The conference, which marked the first large-scale event held in three years after the earthquake and tsunami struck northeastern Japan, was successfully held with more than 90 Hong Kong delegates attended the event

Calendar & Highlights of Asia Pacific Conference, Yamagata (ASPAC)

1. Opening Ceremony with National President 2. JCIHK pledged to donate to United Nations Foundation Nothing But Nets campaign 3. President Carol at Quiz Game at General Assembly 4. Luncheon with JCI Manila 5. Entrance of Hong Kong Night 6. Breakfast with JCI Toyota 7. Meeting with United Nation Representative 8. JCI World Debate Championship 9. Japan Night 10. BBQ with JCI Yokohama 11. Award Ceremony with Vice President Pat Te Seng from Sister Chapter JCI Manila as Most Outstanding Member 12. Exchanged Souvenir with President Allen Lu of JCI Kaohsiung 13. Jayceettes with World President Shine Bhaskaran at Gala Dinner

JCI World Debate Championship in Asia Pacific Conference, Yamagata Sharing by Prospective Member Flora Zhang “Being able to try debating is very unexpected to me because I have never spotted one single bellicose cell in my body and I easily fall to others’ reasoning (sophism), which is just opposite to what I should do in debating. Now I was given the opportunity to try it, moreover, on behalf of Hong Kong delegation! Oh, what if I lose Hong Kong’s face on international stage?! Pressure was overwhelming at first. Thanks to a precontest special training given by Past President Winnie Yeung, a very experienced debater beaming with charm and passion, and having met two super nice teammates, President Justin from JCI Kowloon and Vice President Jasmine from JCI Victoria, I felt I had the courage to

finish this task, just as when I accepted this challenge in the very beginning. The preparation for debating was quite intense. We met up around 2 am when the after party of Hong Kong night was over to prepare for the big day. National International Affairs Director Olive, like a big sister, has been accompanying us along the way. On the big day, sitting on stage with my teammates, I was unexpectedly relaxed and confident. Wearing the scarlet JCI Hong Kong scarf, a present from our President Carol, and looking at my dear Jayceettes among the audience, I completed my part, which was a big victory to me!”

Reception of JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan

Reception of JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (JCI E-metro)

JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (JCI E-Metro) from Penang, Malaysia, which we have signed friendship pact since 2005, had paid a 2-day visit to us from 28 to 29 June 2014. Their President Choo Chee Wai, Secretary General Lim Sze Chyi, Honorary Treasurer Florence Choy, Past President Yvon Choo, Past President Pennie Choo and other delegates went on a cultural tour of Cheung Chau and had a taste of the local cuisines at Dai Pai Dong with almost 20 members. The reception made yet another milestone through a dialogue exchange incentives, project problem solving skills and future collaboration were discussed for better understanding and joint development.

At our June Fellowship Gathering

Board Dialogue Exchange on 29 June 2014

Signing of friendship pact at 2005 Asia-Pacific Conference Macau

Having a great time at Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Jayceettes Development

45th Anniversary

A series of celebration of the foundation of our chapter on 19 October 1969

Board Promotion of 45th Anniversary Banquet with Chairman Alfreda Yu

Congratulatory Message of JCI World President Shine Bhaskaran

Congratulatory Message of JCI Vice President Altanbagana Shiituu

Celebration with Honorary Life President and our overseas friends from JCI E-Metro

Looking forward to seeing you on 19 October!

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Project Chairlady: Alfreda Yu

Jayceettes’s Outreach in Community

Doris Leung, founder of n

Organizatio Being awarded Caring

Hon. Patron The Hon. Elsie Leung, GBM, JP

Diamond Cab

Dr. Joyce Wong, Founder of charity

New Sight

Chief Secretary Ms. Carrie Lam, GBS, JP

Ms Stephanie Leung, principal of SHIN

Japanese Learning Center

Tea gathering with Ms. Doris Leung and Mrs. San dra Mak, Vice president Women Professionals of HK & Entrepreneurs Associ ation (香港女工商及專業人員協會 )

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