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Junior Chamber International is growing up in Praha, more and more people find an interest to learning about our Organization. JCI give us the opportunity to imagine and build our future. There is also the advantage to develop your creativity via our program (Business, International, Individual and Community projects). Indeed, 2009 will be the year for the development of JCI but at least not the last it will be also the year to show you our impact in the society.

Creating Global Impact through Local Action On January 29th, 2009: Hanz-Henrik Queseth (Development Council Chairman for Europe) from JCI Denmark came in Prague to develop a presentation about Junior Chamber International structures, our impact in the world and our mission to motivate to be the leading global network of young active citizen. This meeting was established to the restaurant Bohemia Bagel thanks to the cooperation with Scott Bagel owner of this location. The participants found more information about our running.

Brainstorm Your Mind

Contact: Adeline BONNECHERE E-mail: Blog: jciinczechrepublic.blogsp Website: Call up to 18h: 773 278 443

The second meeting of JCI on February 12th, 2009 was the opportunities for everyone to develop their creativity around a brainstorming, first step was discovery of JCI projects in the world about different topic (Global Warming, entrepreneurship, exchange between our countries, after this presentation the way has been found to think what will be the project of this year and what can we do in Praha regarding the economical and worldwide situation. Result: Find a solution to the financial crisis and to make people aware about the new opportunities of entrepreneurship (micro-companies, micro-credit‌)

Next Meeting in Praha 24 February 2009: Cooperation with Leaders Magazine 26 February 2009: JCI Meeting: Learning by Doing 12 March 2009: 1st General Assembly organization for Praha. 21 March 2009: Participation to the JCI Baltic Conference in Vilnius

What’s news in the JCI World?? It’s only 4 months to go and more than 1000 delegates have registered as of today so there can be no question that we will rock the city! Business Networking Event, a free

Sightseeing Program and many more are in the current issue of the 2009 JCI European Conference, Budapest newsletter! Early Bird registration closes in 56 days so register now and save!

More information: Climate Change: Making global impact through local action Scientist tells us that actions taken—or not taken—will have a profound effect on the future of our world. As global citizens committed to positive change, environmental sustainability is a serious issue for JCI in 2009. JCI has a commitment to advance the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which both contain resolutions for environmental sustainability. That’s why in 2009 JCI is addressing this global problem. The 2009 JCI Leadership Summit at the UN in Geneva will focus on climate change and what we can do across the organization, but don’t wait until July to get started. Take action today to offset the negative effects of environmental damage. Commit In Japan, JCI Kyoto Members obtained certification for Kyoto Environmental Management System (KES), a set of standards to manage and reduce the burden to the environment in running organizations of any size. To maintain their certification, JCI Kyoto members set concrete goals and executed projects to preserve the environment, educate the public, raise awareness and reduce the organization’s burden to the environment.

New Year, New Role: President Shin Leaps into Action Visiting three countries in the first three weeks of January, 2009 JCI President Jun Sup Shin is quickly taking action as JCI President. After Hong Kong's installation ceremony and a visit to the USA, President Shin journeyed to his home city of Seoul, Korea for the JCI Korea Inauguration Ceremony on Jan. 17. He congratulated 2009 JCI Korea National President Joo on his inauguration and discussed new developments in 2009, particularly membership growth, corporate sponsorship and climate change, President Shin's working points under the theme of "Global Impact through Local Action." During the ceremony, President Shin thanked the members of JCI Korea for their support and ongoing contribution to their communities, and asked the members to be models of Active Citizenship in our society.

JCI Newsletter  
JCI Newsletter  

What happens in the evolution of JCI in Prague.