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JCI Chișinău Newsletter - 4 Identifying and creating the committees At the beginning of November, JCI Chișinău potential members identified the committees and the projects in which they want to get involved in order to bring added value to the organization. Also, the first committee directors were elected, and the first meetings of the committees took place. The following 7 committees have been created:      

Human Resources Committee – responsible for creating the Recruitment Guide and the Induction Guide, and for developing the spring recruitment process; Trainers Committee – responsible for ensuring a continuous learning process for the JCI Chișinău members by organizing thematic trainings regularly; Strategic Planning Committee – responsible for creating the organization's strategic development plan for the next five years, and identifying the resources needed for achieving it; Marketing Committee – responsible for developing a marketing plan designed to promote JCI brand in Moldova; Finance Committee - responsible for developing financial policies and creating the financial plan and annual budget of the organization; BNE Committee (Business Networking Event) – responsible for organizing "fast networking" events, where during 2 hours, 16 to 24 business people from various backgrounds could interact in order to identify business opportunities. National Business Plan Contest Committee - responsible for developing and implementing the National Business Plan Contest, aiming to support young people with potential and entrepreneurial skills who want to develop their own businesses.


Content • Identifying and creating the committees • Evenings with Entrepreneurs - Silvia Radu – the host of the First Evening with Entrepreneurs - Alexandra Can – the director with 600 employees - Gheorghe Efros – the director of the company „ProEra” • Active Citizens Day • Christmas Party • Orientation Conference • Future Plans

Vision To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

Mission To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Values Manhattan Meeting I meeting with the new members

Capitoles Meeting II meeting with the new members

 That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life  That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations  That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise  That government should be of laws rather than of men  That earth's great treasure lies in human personality

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 And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

JCI Chișinău Newsletter - 4

Evenings with Entrepreneurs "Evenings with Entrepreneurs" is a unique project, run by JCI Moldova exclusively for the young entrepreneurs - members of the organization. The project aims to create opportunities for JCI members to interact with successful entrepreneurs from Moldova.

Silvia Radu – the host of the First Evening with Entrepreneurs The First Evening with Entrepreneurs took place on December 8, 2011 at the „Red Union Fenosa” Company. The participants had the unique and the fascinating opportunity to learn from the experience of a successful lady – Mrs. Silvia Radu, who is now the president of “Red Union Fenosa” – a company that has more than 1000 employees and generates sales that are bigger than the entire budget of our capital. During this meeting, the participants also made a trip through the entreprise, and had the opportunity to communicate with the employees and to compare the soviet dispatchers with the current management system of the company.

Alexandra Can – the director with 600 employees Mrs. Alexandra Can – the director of the leather goods factory „Artima” was also very receptive to our invitation. In a few years of directorate, Mrs. Alexandra brought the business to it’s full capacity and paid back all the company’s debts; and now she is proud for administrating a company that is one of the major contributors to the budget of our country. She spoke to us with a lot of dedication about the company, and about her career ascension: from bookkeeper and public servant, to director of an enterprise and Minister of Industry. Mrs Alexandra conquered us through it’s simplicity, and with the pieces of advises she gave to us.

Gheorghe Efros – the director of the company „ProEra” Mr. Georghe Efros – the director of the consulting and training company “ProEra”, was the third and the last entrepreneur with which JCI Chișinău members had interacted in the 2011 year. During this meeting, the participants addressed to Mr. Gheorghe many interesting questions from various topics, at which he answered with a lot of wisdom.

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Active Citizens Day On JCI Active Citizen Day that what was celebrated throughout the world on December 11, JCI Chișinău (Moldova) in partnership with AIESEC Chișinău organised the NGO's Volleyball Cup. At this competition participated 7 most active NGO's of Moldova: The National Scout Association, BEST Chișinău (Board of European Students of Technology), JCI Moldova, MediaPoint, AIESEC Chișinău, LeaderShe and Proplus. The purpose of this competition was to promote the concept of active citizenship and among the participants collect a certain amount of money, that will be donated to an orphanage in Moldova. In this way we want to make the first steps in reaching the first UN Millennium Development Goal, which is eradicating poverty in our country.

Christmas Party Songs of the ’90s, positive emotions, interactive games and contests – this is how the Christmas Party can be described. The Party was organized on 24 December only for the JCI members and their partners in one of the restaurants of the capital. In this relaxing atmosphere the members forgot about their everyday problems, they sang, they danced, and they had a great time.

Orientation Conference JCI Chișinău members participated at the First Conference organised by JCI Chișinău – the Orientation Conference. This Conference took place in Ukraine, Ivano – Frakivsk region, and lasted three days, 27-29 January. At this Conference, the members had part of 4 training sessions about JCI Identity (Mission, Vision, Values), JCI History and Structure, Active Citizenship and JCI Brand. Afterwards there was a session of discussions about JCI Moldova, during which the members shared their ideas, opinions and expectations. Living a healthy lifestyle, the members chose to spend their free time on the ski tracks, in search of new adventures and sensations. Finally, we can say that all the activities we had during the weekend managed to strengthen the JCI Chișinău team.

Future Plans Organizing the IIIrd Business Networking Event; National Business Plan Contest Launch; Organising the weekly events: Evenings with Entrepreneurs, Training, Social Event, Cultural Event.

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