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JCI Chisinau Newsletter - 2 Conferences/Seminars Ukraine:  In  the  beginning  of  April,  five  members  of  JCI  Moldova  participated  at   JCI  Presenter  and  JCI  Trainer  events  organized  in  Odessa,  Ukraine.  The  course   had  as  a  main  trainer  Filipe  Carrera  from  JCI  Portugal,  seconded  by  Rui  Sarmento   Santos  Clara  from  JCI  Portugal.  As  a  result,  JCI  Moldova  has  five  certified  trainers.    

Romania: Again  in  April,  two  of  our  JCI  members  visited  beautiful  Timisoara   for  the  event  called  “Business  days”  organized  by  JCI  Timisoara,  Romania.  It  was  a   great  to  find  out  about  new  business  opportunities,  clients  and  learn  a  lot  from   sessions  and  speakers  present  at  the  event.    


Content: •  Conferences  and  Seminars   •  Seminar  on  Fast  Learning  for  JCI  Board   Members   •  BNE  2nd  edition       •  Business  angel    Marius  Ghenea  meets   Moldovan  entrepreneurs   •  “Education  of  Young  Entreprenurs”   project,    organized  in  partnership  with   AIESEC   •  Future  Plans  Here  we  come  JCI   Moldova  newsletter  number  two  .  

Vision   To  be  the  leading  global  network  of   young  active  citizens.    

Mission To  provide  development  opportunities   that  empower  young  people  to  create   positive  change.  

Fast Learning  for  Board  Seminar   A  2  days  seminar  was  organized  in  the  beginning  of  May  by  and  for  the  Executive   Board  members  in  order  to  connect,  learn  and  better  understand  the   organization  of  JCI.    These  2  days  where  full  of  documents’  analysis,  which  got  us   to  go  throw:     • • • • • • •

Local Action  Guides   JCI  Constitution,  JCI  Local  Organization  Constitution  Guide   JCI  Marketing  Manual   JCI  Membership  Welcome  Kit   Starting  a  Local  Organization  guide   Provisional  Affiliation  Rules  and  Application   JCI  Affiliation  Process    

Values • That  faith  in  God  gives  meaning  and   purpose  to  human  life     • That  the  brotherhood  of  man   transcends  the  sovereignty  of   nations     • That  economic  justice  can  best  be   won  by  free  men  through  free   enterprise     • That  government  should  be  of  laws   rather  than  of  men     • That  earth's  great  treasure  lies  in   human  personality     • And  that  service  to  humanity  is  the   best  work  of  life.      

JCI Chisinau Newsletter - 2

As a  conclusion,  a  draft  model  of  the  JCI  organization  in   Moldova  was  formed  based  on  the  information  and   knowledge  taken  from  official  JCI  manuals  and  toolkits.     Besides  the  hard  work  part,  the  Board  had  a  wonderful   opportunity  to  interact,  share  and  connect  and  had   some  nice  teambuilding  activities,  ending  the  day  in  the   night  with  a  poker  game,  chill-­‐out  music  and  pleasant   atmosphere.    

BNE 2nd  edition    

The 2nd  edition  of  the  Business  Networking  event  took   place  on  16  of  May  in  XO-­‐Gallery,  Leogrand  Convention   Center,    16  people  participated  from  different  business   fields  like:  IT,  Media,  Outsourcing,  Education,  R&D,  etc  .     We  had    3  special  invitees:  Iulia  Iabanji  –  general  director   of  the  Organization  for  Small  and  Medium  Enterprises   Development  within  the  Ministry  of  Economy,  Vitalie   Arvinte    –  head  of  marketing  of  the  BCR  in  Moldova  and   Radu  Grosu  –  executive  director  of  a  big  IT  company  in   Moldova  -­‐  “Endava”.  The  event  was  a  success  and  you     can  get  added  evidence  for  it  from  the  pictures:  

2 Chișinău

Marius Ghenea  in   Moldova     Marius  Ghenea  is  a  successful  serial  entrepreneur  and   angel  investor  from  Romania.  Included  in  Top  10  most   important  business  people  of  2004,  Marius  also  received   the  award  for  the  most  visionary  manager  in  the  retail   area.  In  2009  he  was  included  in  the  top  most  important   people  in  the  Romanian  online.     Involved  in  the  development  of  the  business  environment   in  his  country,  Marius  supports  both  organizations  for   young  entrepreneurs  and  leaders   Marius  is  an  honorary  member  of  the  JCI  Romania.     On  May  22  JCI  Chisinau  organized  a  meeting  for  its  JCI   members  with  Marius  Ghenea,  who  took  this  chance  to   speak  about  entrepreneurship  in  general,  why  and  when  to   start  a  business,  how  to  start-­‐up  and  why  to  start.  JCI   Chisinau  members  were  very  active  and  took  this   opportunity  to  address  Marius  a  number  of  interesting   questions.  

“Education of  Young   Entrepreneurs”  –  ICO  project   ICO      -­‐  is  a  project  based  on  the  entrepreneurship,  designed  for  students  in  the   last  year  of  their  university,  or  recent  graduates.  The  project  aimed  at  providing   support  in  training  for  those  who  want  to  open  their  own  business.  Participants   had  the  opportunity  to  work  on  business  plans,  develop  skills  in  planning  and   management  of  startups  and  interact  with  companies  and  their  representatives   during  the  trainings  and  simulations  throughout  the  project.    The  project  ended   up  with  a  Business  Camp  based  on  UK  model  of   business  camps  for  startups.     The  project  was  organized  by  AIESEC  Moldova   with  full  support  of  JCI  Chisinau,  in  form  of     business  experts,  trainers  and  moderators.       We  delivered  trainings,  our  members  were   involved  in  Business  Plan  analysis  and   feedback,  and  also  at  designing  the  Business   Camp  as  a  part  of  the  project.    It  was  a  good   success  for  us  in  terms  of  brand  awareness  and   social  involvement  in  education  of  our   members.    

Contact Information   You can contact us anytime or send an email message. For getting in touch with the Executive Board email us at:

Future Plans

JCI Chisinau  is  planning  for  the  next  period  a  few  key  things  on  the  way  of   launching  and  developing  the  JCI  Moldova.       These  are:   •  Preparing  the  visit  of  EDC,    Mr.  Jorrit  den  Hartog.     •  Participation  at  EA  2011  in  Sweden     •  Entrepreneurship  survey    and  business  associations  study  in  Moldova.     •  Preparing  and  organizing  the  general  assembly  meeting.   •  Preparing  the  Launch  of  JCI  in  Moldova  and  Recruitment  of  new   members  in  order  to  create  the  full  sustainable  LOM/NOM.         Thank  you,     JCI  Executive  Board  Team       Chișinău 3   Chișinău

JCI Chisinau Newsletter 2  

• Conferences and Seminars • Seminar on Fast Learning for JCI Board Members • BNE 2nd edition • Business angel Marius Ghenea meets Moldov...