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Monthly Newsletter April 2014

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JCI Bradford

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global network for young people in their 20s and 30s. As a member you'll:  Broaden your network of contacts  Get a chance to travel to international events  Get involved in community projects JCI Bradford was established in 1959 making it one of the oldest junior chambers in the UK. People from all walks of life join JCI to learn, grow and lead projects in areas of business, training, international, community and social.

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4 New Members Evening Success story at our latest new member’s event!

6 Easter Egg Appeal Can we reach our 1000 eggs target?

8 Training To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create a positive change.

All the latest updates and new sessions

10 Quotes What our members think!

11 Vacancy roles What could you be?

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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What’s new…? We have just started a brand new #JCIHour! We welcome anyone with any JCI news or updates to join in and tweet between 6-7pm on Mondays to let us know what your chamber is up to!

 #JCIHour

 New members

We have had a recent rise in our members, which is fantastic news! “As a new member I think the work JCI does is brilliant, it has enabled me to help out with great causes and boost my personal development”- Brogan Hirst, Marketing Director

 Egg-citing new project

April 2014

We ran our first ever Easter Egg Appeal and it was a huge success!

JCI Bradford

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New Members Evening

It was a huge success!

Due to a rise in new members we held a new members evening to provide a bit of information on what JCI is all about and the opportunities available.

Quote from the Deputy President "I'm so pleased at the success of March's New Members Evening. It was amazing to feel such a positive vibe from all attendees and all existing members who came out to support us in our ambition to inspire some young, local people and encourage them to join and become active participants in the JCI movement. Given the tremendous success of this event; we're committing to running one every six months! I'd like to extend a special thanks to all of our speakers (Paul Mackie, President of Bradford Chamber, Emma Eastwood, IPP of JCI UK, Ben Hawley, President at JCI Barnsley and all of the JCI Bradford members spoke as well). Given the new members, to enormous amounts of community projects and training sessions we've got planned (on top of the occasional social event), I'd encourage everyone who is interested not to wait till September and reach out NOW and live the JCI Experience!"

Our next New Members Evening will be 22nd September

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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“It was, as always, a pleasure to be invited to a JCI Bradford event. I really enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm that was in the room and it was a great honour to be able to share some of my stories about why JCI has such a huge impact on my life. I hope that the new members that attended the event will get as much out of their membership as I have”Emma Eastwood, Immediate Past President at JCI UK

"JCI is often regarded as 'the world’s best kept secret'. I've been involved for 2 years and now, as President at JCI Barnsley, I was keen to share my opinions, insights and enthusiasm at JCI Bradford's New Members Evening to help spread the word and allow more people to benefit from JCI as I have"- Ben Hawley, JCI Barnsley President

"I thought the event was a huge success. It's great to see young people in the Bradford area taking action to develop themselves, extending their horizons and improving their local communities; all the while, having fun at the same time. Watch this space!"- Paul Mackie, Bradford Chamber President

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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Easter Egg Appeal

Yes we reached our target!

JCI Bradford has chosen this project because we believe that thousands of children in the Bradford District and surrounding areas suffer poverty and ill health and whilst many of us exchange Easter Eggs with friends and family without a second thought, we hoped that we could ask you to share just one egg with a child less fortunate. With support from projects like this families less fortunate and vulnerable can be helped. This is a new project for JCI Bradford, we are very experienced at running a similar scheme for disadvantaged children, the Secret Santa Appeal which started in 1989 and the Harvest Festival project a successful food collection scheme for the homeless and needy. “Our pilot Easter Egg Appeal has been a massive success all round. We have had support from our members and local organisations in our local community to donate eggs for deprived children in the Bradford District. The response has been overwhelming and I am proud to say we have collected 1070 eggs to needy children this year. I hope to make this appeal even bigger next year. A big thank you to all our members and the local organisations who got involved to make the appeal such a massive success!� –Michelle Pemberton, Community Director

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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April 2014

JCI Bradford

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JCI Bradford is the original out-of-hours training and personal development organisation in Bradford. We exist to develop our member's skills, personality and knowledge in networking, public speaking, leadership and confidence to name just a few. JCI UK has a pool of talented trainers on many different topics such as social media, public relations and leadership and we are supported by many local businesses and organisations who volunteer to provide workshops and short courses to our members.

“We will be running training sessions for members and this is going to include sessions on business start up’s, finances, identifying gaps in business and job searching. The Youth Training Initiative is designed to help NEET 16-18 year olds participating in the Joshua Project Activities to move onto something employment related such as self-employment, further education or apprenticeships. It will work with local providers to help them gain an understanding of the local labour market, employer expectations, key skills and hints and tips on being interviews. The initiative is due to run in the summer holidays alongside a volunteer placement�- Lucy Parr, Training Director If any members would like to learn or be trained in anything in particular then just let Lucy know at

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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Lucy will be running a training session on the 19th May on Job Hunting. The session will cover the following: Introduction to the labour market  Effective job searching  Small to Medium Enterprise’s recruitment  Recruitment agencies  And a mock job searching activity that will cover CV’s and application forms 

If you would like to book on please click here. "Training is a core element of JCI. If members are looking to develop themselves personally and professionally, and see real demonstrative value from JCI membership, training sessions are the best way to do that. We have an exciting set of training already planned and encourage members to reach out to us and tell us what they would like training on"- Philip Cockayne, Deputy President

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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“What a great month we’ve had so far! The Easter Egg Appeal is well underway, one of our member was awarded some funding to run a small urban regeneration project (supported by InCommunities) and our New Members Evening was an excellent success” –Philip Cockayne, Deputy president

“It has been a great start for me in 2014, I've been writing to all the people who supported the Secret Santa Appeal and thanking them for their hard work. I've also been working with our Community Director, Michelle Pemberton on planning for six projects this year. Our Easter Egg Appeal is nearly over but after Easter we will be putting out blood donation drive project together”- Philip Cavalier-Lumley

“JCI Bradford has really enabled me to progress, they took into consideration my interest in Marketing immediately, it’s a brilliant

way to boost up your CV”-Brogan Hirst, Marketing Director

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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“JCI has inspired me to look beyond my day to day job and make a positive change in my community by creating projects. This year is going to be the best yet as we already have lots of amazing projects planned”-Michelle Pemberton, Community Director

This could be you! We have plenty of places on our council available to any member! It looks fantastic on your CV and it really helps your personal development. Turn over for details of roles available…


You could become a… Business Director - Find patrons, liaise with local businesses, attend networking events and promote JCI Bradford Admin Director - Help organise events, write agendas, meeting minutes, plan meetings, book venues Events Director - Organise events and conferences. Assist with organising regional events Social Director - Plan social events (activities, meals, parties, nights out) International Director - Liaise with other chambers internationally, arrange talks and visits Fundraising Director - Co-ordinate fund raising events, participate, assist with community projects If you are interested contact: April 2014 JCI Bradford Page 11

A huge thank you to everyone who helped in our Easter Egg Appeal! Your support is really appreciated. The contributions came from: Oxenhope Primary and Village Church Bradford Grammar School Co-operative Funeral care and Shop RBS Commerce Court Tesco Extra Great Horton Rd People In Work Christyens Smith Spence Business Enterprise Fund JCI New Members Evening In Communities Miriam Lord Primary Lidget Green Sai Centre Job Centre Kirkgate Stall Blakehill Primary Asda Living LCF Solicitors Friends and Family

Thank you! Look out for next months!

April 2014

JCI Bradford

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April 2014 monthly newsletter  
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