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On Friday morning JCI members from many countries took part in the football & basketball (3x3) tournaments. Catalonia team won the basketball tournament, however, the other teams (Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Turkey) played very well too.

JCI World Debating Championship


Friday morning 8 JCI teams were ready to participate in the JCI Debating Championship. The debating competition was chaired by Vice President Lesley Young from JCI United Kingdom. During the day we heard a lot of interesting and intense debates between teams from different countries. For example, JCI Turkey advocated that it should be compulsory for JCI members to tweet every day. JCI Catalonia was against this argument. The two finalists, JCI Scotland and JCI Norway, advocated equality between men and women and primary education respectively. The winning team of this Debating Championship will be announced at the Award Ceremony on Saturday evening.

As for the football tournament, Romanian team has become the champion after beating the team from the Netherlands. Teams from Catalonia, Finland, Switzerland and Turkey also took part in the football championship and they had a lot fun and shared a day full of friendship and laughs.

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JCI Solidarity German Night International Party

On Friday night we experienced another great party....JCI Germany presented their country very well and everybody could taste their sausages, bread or soup and drink a German beer and Jaegermeister. Thanks to the open space the music was heard from anywhere so people were chatting and dancing at the same time and having a good time.


Today’s Highlights Saturday - Culture & Values Day

Every Jaycee from any country shares the same values that JCI spreads over the entire world. Today, the keynote

speakers will focus on values like charity, teamwork and peace. Learn, Share & Love to Become Active Citizens!

09.00 - 14.00

Trade Show, Presentations & Tasting Activities

Tarragona Fair Palace

09:00 - 12:00

General Assembly

Tarragona Congress Center - August Foyer

10:00 - 11:00

Keynote Speaker - Susan Moody, Director of Communications at - “How Technology Can Change Education in the Developing World”

Tarragona Congress Center - Eutyches

11:00 - 12:00

Keynote Speaker - Jil van Eyle, Founder of “Teaming”

Tarragona Congress Center – Eutyches

12:00 - 13:00

Keynote Speaker - Federico Mayor Zaragoza, President of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace - “Building a Culture of Peace in the 21st Century”

Tarragona Congress Center – August

19:00 - 02:00

Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

Tarraco Arena Plaça



eynote Speakers


JCI European Conference June 1-4, 2011 • Tarragona Catalonia

June 4 2011

Cecilia Attard-Pirotta, Deputy Secretary General Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean was created by the 43 Euro-Mediterranean Heads of State and Government in Paris on 13 July, 2008. There are six priority areas. The call for a change is not only on a political level, but also on a social level to stop corruption and poverty among other things. Today, Facebook and twitter have become popular tools and individuals can participate because “public opinion has to be taken on board,” according to Attard-Pirotta. “Education is important if we want to move forward, start tapping on the human resource”. UfM offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in the region”.

Pau Garcia-Mila, Founder EyeOs Everyone can have a good idea and there are good ideas in Europe too. Encouragement is important, although people in Europe rather advise you to be careful because you could fail. You need to persist and follow your idea even if there is no market and your main competitor is from the US and has a lot of resources.

Notes from the General Assembly

Dear delegates,

uring the General Assembly (GA) important D issues were discussed, i.e. global impact, how to increase number of members in JCI and other topics. JCI Tarragona presented an interesting initiative called Changeglobal ( which is the 1st network in Spain that helps share social problems and brings people together to promote change. The GA is also going to decide if the European Conference 2013 is going to be in Monte Carlo.

the EC2011 in Tarragona is slowly coming to its end and we hope you had a great time in our lovely city, you enjoyed the Mediterranean emotions, you met a lot of interesting people and hopefully this conference will remain in your memories for a long. It was great to have you here. Have a good journey back home. EC2011 team P.S. Enjoy the Gala dinner tonight!


20°C | 14°C

Interview with Lesley

Lesley is the Vice President assigned to Europe and one of her assigned National Organisations is JCI Catalonia. We asked her few questions:

Q: What is your impression of this Conference? The Conference is fantastic and I am very impressed by the COC, they are very very good, professional, I am very proud of them. I would like to thank the COC, they did a fantastic job.

Q: JCI Catalonia is one of your assigned countries. What is your impression of JCI Catalonia? I have been very very impressed throughout the year and especially during my visit in March. Members were excited about people coming to Tarragona and I was impressed by their efforts to improve English.

Q: What would you like to say to the congress participants? Thank you for coming to Tarragona. I hope you all have an excellent time and if this is your first time here, I hope it is the first of many more times. Thank you.

Weather Forecast for Saturday



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JCI EC 2011 Daily News 4th June