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October 26, 2012

The Chariot

F EATURES TAG interns explore future careers CLAIR OWENS, advertising editor


he TAG program offers a helpful solution for students only requirement for eligibility. Spots are limited, but there hoping to add another accomplishment to their high are multiple seminars available in order to ensure that all school transcript while gaining knowledge about their interested students will have the opportunity to apply for dream career. an internship. Eligible students can participate in beneficial scholastic During the seminar, Brown and Ms. Graham, the TAG opportunities through the TAG program, which offers coordinator, advise students by helping them write their real world internships own résumés and interviewing each working with locallystudent to make sure that he or she is Brittany Danzig operated companies. ready to work as an intern in a profesSenior “There are other sional setting. “[My internship] departments within the “[My internship] has given me a school that have their better idea of what the medical field is has given me a own various types of calike. You have to become accustomed to better idea of reer programs, mentorwhat the medical things that might make people squeaships, business education, mish or uncomfortable. I have also field is like.” etc. [However,] these learned how to dress and communicate internships and sites professionally,” commented senior BritJennifer McNaughton tany Danzig. have been developed over Junior the 30 or more years that The best-fit students for this opporthe program has been tunity are characterized as “mature, in existence,” said Ms. “[The program] helps dependable, and eager to learn,” comBrown, the TAG internmented Ms. Brown. prepare me for the ship coordinator. These core characteristics are also work force because I Because students only get to see how local necessary for young adults to have when work as an intern during they begin to search the job market later businesses work.” one class period for a few in life. days every week, intern“[The program] really helps prepare Faith Han ships are more flexible me for the work force because I get to through high school prosee how local businesses work and how Senior grams such as TAG than they organize events, meetings, and so “I intern for North coordinating an internon,” said junior Jennifer McNaughton, ship outside of school. Point Periodontics. I who interns with the local Johns Creek This way, students are shadow the surger- Chamber of Commerce. able to spend time on However, future interns should keep ies and help with their internship during in mind that they will need to leave one implants.” the school day. period of the day available in order work Interns, who demonas an intern with the TAG program. strate commitment and Most students are able to go to their ascapability, are able to gain more favorability with colleges. signed location during first or sixth period for two to four In addition to letters of recommendation from professiondays each week. als that train them, students can receive valuable experience Intern hopefuls should be aware: the TAG program does which can help them acquire jobs in the future. not provide transportation to and from business locations. Internships with local businesses can be applied to variMost current interns recommend obtaining a school parkous career paths, from brain surgery to journalism. ing permit or having an available parent at the ready. “I intern for North Point Periodontics. I basically shadow “[Students] should get an idea of what they might want the surgeries and implants, and I clean the dental instruto do and start contacting and networking with people in ments,” said senior intern Faith Han. that field,” said Danzig. Han hopes to go to college, study orthodontics, and folTAG internships offer a professional interviewing prolow the career path to become a dentist. cess, benefits on a college application, and abundance in “Internships help students get into certain schools such as real-world experience. “[The interns] find out if [the internship] is really a vet and dentistry,” commented Ms. Brown. career for them,” commented Ms. Brown, who assigns stuFor dedicated students, joining the internship program is dents to a company that suits their career interests. easy. The prerequisite seminar, Inside Link to the Outside ALL PHOTOS: DANIEL FUNKE World, which the TAG program offers each semester, is the


Keeping up with the Kardashians’ Korporations ELIZA CLARY, design & managing editor


ith a $40 million contract signed, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” airs for yet another three seasons. Amidst the multitude of family members and crass humor, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe have become media magnets. Some argue they are famous simply for being famous; others compare them to Paris Hilton because they are half loved and half hated by America. Regardless of which category the Kardashian sisters are in, the girls have turned their name into what it is today. Their keen understanding of smart business practices is what has helped them turn their 15 minutes of fame into nine seasons’ worth.

Kustomers A happy customer is normally a paying customer. Smart business entails forming bonds with clients in order to keep them coming back. The Kardashians’ show, whether scripted or not, depicts real life events and moments in which viewers are able to connect and form a relationship with the family and the sisters. Through this bond, the sisters have gained a following of fans that feel these girls know exactly what the fans are going through in life. These fans have supported Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe through each of their clothing line endeavors, book releases, Twitter hash tags, Instagram posts and along every step of their fame path.

Kapital Gain Despite the mockery these girls often receive, it is Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe who are laughing their way to the bank. According to Forbes, Kim is reportedly worth more than her other sisters at $38 million, Kourtney is worth $12 million and Khloe is just behind at $11 million.

Kommercialism Although Kim Kardashian has a scandalous claim to stardom, with her sisters at her side, Kim has used her original fame to help shine a more positive light on her family as well as herself. The optimistic vibe they give off during talk shows in addition to their active support of charity organizations and their effort to become role models has helped the sisters market themselves into an international empire.

Student artwork, continued from page 01


school. Throughout the year, exemplary pieces from every class fill the display cabinets in the front of the school. Additionally, there is an annual art show of stand-out student pieces that is free for the public. The shows are generally held in the auditorium lobby at the end of the year and contain an eclectic mix of pieces from all levels and classes. Students also have opportunities to showcase their work outside of school in various festivals and contests, like at the Johns Creek Arts Festival on October 27 - 28. “One of the major things we do is take artwork to the Superintendent Gallery downtown to show our pieces to everyone in the county. There are a lot of festivals too, like the ones at the Roswell Arts Center and The Forum,” said Ms. Kim. These outlets are some of the many ways students are involved in the city’s thriving arts scene as they continue to beautify the school.

The art teachers choose student pieces that have the best technique, color, composition, and content to display at the front of the school. The department offers a wide range of classes like graphic design, jewelry, and ceramics that produce a variety of exceptional artwork.