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October 26, 2012 The Chariot

R EVIEWS Finding new favorite stores, movies and bands





ALICE BARSKY, editor-in-chief

J. Crew

(500) Days of Summer

. Crew offers fashionable, smart apparel. Clothes from both Madewell and Zara, located in Perimeter Mall, accomplish a similar look. A recently reinvented Gap sells trendy, quality items focusing mainly on basics that fit into any wardrobe. Ann Taylor Loft also contains many surprise finds for chic shoppers. Asos, Topshop, Modcloth, Ruche and A thread are some of my favorite online clothing sites. All five deliver stylish, long-lasting clothes for a youthful and classy style. However, shopping online can be risky because of sizing variances. Asos is known for its free return policy, and Topshop and A thread offer free shipping on orders over 50 dollars. An interesting aspect of A thread is that the website will donate five percent of the purchase to a non-profit organization of the buyer’s choice.

quirky, romantic comedy is always a hit. Indie love stories are often less cliché than the big time rom-coms and offer smart, witty rhetoric on top of a touching story. This summer, “Moonrise Kingdom,” “Safety Not Guaranteed” and “Sleepwalk with Me” all graced theaters. Both “Moonrise Kingdom” and “Safety Not Guaranteed” will captivate any viewer with an adventurous spirit. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Blue Valentine,” “Lost in Translation” and “Garden State” will satisfy viewers with a taste for love and drama. Michael Cera’s “Youth in Revolt” is also a film not to be overlooked. Despite being one of Cera’s less popular starring roles, “Youth in Revolt” was a pleasant surprise. An older film that would excite fans of “(500 Days of Summer)” is Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall.”



The Black Keys


ood indie rock and roll is hard to come by these days, but The Black Keys never disappoint. Although their sound is quite unique, many bands resonate with the same audience as The Black Keys. The Strokes and The White Stripes are classics in modern rock and roll, and any fan of The Black Keys is sure to love them if they do not already. The Black Lips, Smith Westerns, Harlem and The Strange Boys also come to mind although many have a pop influence. A classic 90s indie band is Jeff Mangum’s Neutral Milk Hotel. Alabama Shakes is an up-and-coming band sure to please with their soulful female lead and heavy sound. Nobunny, despite being a truly odd performer, has infectious hits like “Breathe.” Portugal the Man offers a more psychedelic take on the style, but is also a band to check out.

Bubble tea ‘Quickly’ becomes a hit

Best of instant Netflix

SHANE MOHSIN, features & production editor

Netflix has hundreds of movies and television shows from which members can choose. There are numerous online streaming television shows to choose from, so in order to help Gladiators pick the best, The Chariot staff put together a list of favorites.

a plethora of choices regarding the drink’s flavor, consistency and fillings. “Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a flavor for that,” commented senior Sarah Peck. Although my first experience with bubble tea was enjoyable, that may not be the case for everyone. Considering the fact that it is so unlike typical American drinks, I would say that people need to be open-minded when trying bubble tea and give the unique flavor a chance. “The idea of mixing tea and tapioca seemed kind of weird at first, but after I tried some, I knew I wanted more,” said freshman Preeti Iyer.

“Arrested Development,” follows the life of Michael Bluth as he tries to balance his dysfunctional family after his father goes to prison.

“Laguna Beach” is a MTV reality show that followed the lives of a group of teenagers in California during their last years of high school.



espite its growing popularity, many people are unsure about what bubble tea really is. In its most basic form, bubble tea is a fairly sweet mixture of milk and cold tea served with marble-sized tapioca balls, or boba, that sink to the bottom of the glass. The drink comes with oversized straws so that customers can chew the boba while drinking. “I really love bubble tea because it has such a distinct flavor that you can’t really describe or compare to any other foods,” said junior Dana Jeon. In the past few years, bubble tea, which originated in Taiwan, became popular because of its unique flavor. Now, numerous shops sell bubble tea throughout the country, and boba tea mixes and powders are readily available in Asian grocery stores such as H Mart and Great Wall Supermarket. Restaurants that sell bubble tea in Johns Creek include Quickly and Yogur-Le-Hee, both located in the Regal shopping center, and Snow Mountain on Abbotts Bridge Road. These locations sell a variety of different bubble tea flavors, slushies, smoothies and Asian snacks. Some standard flavors available at most bubble tea stores include mango, lychee, coffee, taro, caramel mocha, strawberry, honeydew and green tea, among others. In addition to the boba, adding toppings such as egg pudding and jelly flavors including coffee, grass and rainbow create a unique and a personalized drink. Customers can also add fruit syrups to make sweet iced slushies. “People who like strange combinations of coffee, jelly, milk and tea would definitely enjoy it,” said senior Noah Johnson. I drank bubble tea for the first time this month at the nearby Quickly, and it tasted incredibly different from any other drink I had ever tried; the boba were unlike anything I had ever eaten before. The boba filled about a fourth of the cup and were very chewy and sticky. I ordered the original flavor, but there are

Bubble tea is a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for any weather. Caramel mocha bubble tea is one of the most popular flavors available at Quickly. The drink has a semi-sweet caramel taste and a creamy texture which the boba complement nicely.

Comedy show “Parks and Recreation” shares the drama filled life of Leslie Knope, the leader of the Parks and Recreation Departments of Pawnee, Indiana, who is obsessed with politics and keeping her little town in order.

Taking a turn into later life, “White Collar” exposes the friendly relationship between con artist Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke who work together to solve crimes in New York City. ALL ART: ELIZA CLARY

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