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Studio Journal 7 Jerome Chiam

Readings Roof Systems

Flat Roofs - Frame -Slight slope - Waterproof membranes.

Sloping Roofs -Roof slope affects material allowed to be used - Low 0-15 degrees -Medium 15-25 degrees -High 25-45 degrees

Steel Truss System

Tutorial • Tutor led site visit

Steel framing was used in the exterior Concrete columns were found in the basement of the building. Used to transfer the weight of the building down towards the footings.

Construction Materials: Mainly steel beams

Steel framing used for construction of this area

Timber truss system with metal shielding.

References Stratco n.d., Steel Truss System, Stratco, viewed 3 October 2013,<>

Studio journal 7  

Constructing Environments ENVS10003 University of Melbourne

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