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Studio Journal 3 Jerome Chiam

Readings Foundation Systems Lowest division of a building

Settlement Gradual subsiding of a structure as the soil beneath its foundation consolidates under loading

Support & anchor superstructure above & transmit load safely into earth

Image 1: Foundation Systems

Shallow Foundation Employed when stable soil of adequate bearing capacity occurs relatively near to ground surface

Image 2: Shallow Foundations

Deep Foundations Employed when the soil underlying the foundation is unstable. They extend down to transfer building loads to more suitable stratum

Image 3: Deep Foundations

Tutorial Site visit to locations Oval Pavilion

Concrete flooring on top of wooden beam fames Frame work could be seen being built first. Bars, Slabs and low bearing walls seen developing. Trenches being dug up for internal functions

Ormond Theology Centre reception

Concrete and Steel Beams, Glass grids and concrete cantilevers

Queens College Extension

Concrete panels, Timber framing and Eaves gutter

References Holmes, M 2012, Foundation Systems, Homebuilding & Renovating, viewed 22 August 2013, < > Gibson, A 2010, Shallow Foundations, Unity College Passive House, viewed 22 August 2013, <> Median, S 2011, Deep Foundations, Trilita Frame Invest, viewed 22 August 2013,<>

Studio journal 3  

Constructing Environments University of Melbourne

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