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ABOUT ME Recent graduate from Northumbria University, driven to find new and interesting ways to solve problems and help improve peoples lives in a fun and creative way. The ability to self-motivate along with good organisational skills makes me a reliable and responsible individual, meaning I work well either in a team or independently. With a vast skill range and a strong interest in multiple areas of design this allows me to adapt to any given brief.

PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET Transition Freestanding Accessory Table Square bathstore



bathstore (2015)

Northumbria University (2012 - 2016)

3 Month Placement

Design For Industry BA Hons

Product Design

Upper Second Class Honours

RAW Creative (2014)

Leeds College of Art (2011 - 2012)

3 Month Placement

Art and Design Foundation Course

Graphic Design


A Sense of Space (2010)

Giggleswick School (2005 - 2011)

2 Weeks Work Experience

GCSE - A*, A, 6B’s, 2C’s

SKILLS Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Solidworks Keyshot

A Levels - A B B C






Northumbrian Water



November 2012

January 2013

March 2014

October 2014

November 2014

November 2014







BATHROOM TABLE A small bathroom table designed for bathstore’s Transition Collection.

Available at:

Overview While working on my placement at bathstore, I was asked to look into designing a table for the bathroom. It was to be used along side a bath. The bathroom is an ever evolving environment with more and more products being added to suit peoples needs. Women in particular enjoy reading in the bath or even having a glass of wine and there is no real table currently on the market.

Sketchwork Initial sketchwork looking to create a variety of simple and minimal designs.

CAD Concepts A number of Solidworks models were made to create a 3D representation of the design. Using Keyshot, materials can be added meaning the colour swatches of Rose Gold or Chrome with White could be tested.

There is no lip so the surface is smooth, there is also a chrome finish around the top.

Final Concept The final concept was a Chrome and White square table with rounded edges and an offset base. It was designed to fit in with the new Transition range, set to launch in June 2016

The towel rail is built in making it east to dry your hands if reading or on a device.

Weighted base to counteract the offset base and provide a sturdy base of support. The Stand is offset from the middle meaning that the table top will hang slightly over the bath.

Manufacturing The drawings of the chosen design were sent to ASAQ in China to have the drawings approved before being sent for manufacturing. 410


Top View



45 10














220 260

Front View

Side View 40




Insert in White Acrylic or Solid Cast Resin Material


Hidden fittings to be determined in development.



Scale Shown in mm Shown Detail Hidden Detail Phantom

H650 - D410 - W360mm BATHROOM SIDE TABLE 5 Parts Top - Soild Cast Resin or Acrylic Top Rim - Chrome/Rose Gold Chrome Towel Rail/Rose Gold Chrome/Rose Gold Pipe Base - Solid Cast Resin or Acrylic

Weighted Base in White Acrylic or Solid Cast Resin Material.

bathstore James Harr 15/06/2015


Square Bathroom Table SCALE: 1:1

Base View



On Sale Now... The product is now sale at bathstore, it is described as: “The Transition freestanding table is sleek and modern, the perfect spot for books, candles and magazines while you soak in the tub. This elegant table will add a touch of class to any bathroom.” The product has been newly introduced into the Transition collection and has been on sale since June 2016, retailing at £199

ACRYLIC RANGE A collection of Acrylic storage solutions for within the bathroom.

Shower Storage Designed to hold shampoo’s and showergel’s while having angled shelves to stop stagnant water. Clear design to ensure a non intrusive design

Bath Table Detachable table for the side of the bath

Towel Rail Detachable towel rail for the sink

Sketchwork Initial sketches, Identifying where storage would benefit in the bathroom.

CAD Concepts A selection of detachable acrylic products to help with storage within the bathroom

LIVING THE DRAIN Working alongside Northumbrian Water, think of a way to help prevent the blocking of drains

The Problem People often cannot be bothered to pour fat into the bin as it is hot and can burn through the bin bag, it is also much easier to pour it down the sink. When poured down the sink it solidifys and blocks the drain. ÂŁ15 million per year is spent on un

The Solution A foil lined “Fat Box� that is kept next to the sink. This box is made from flat pack card and is supplied free of charge by Northumbrian Water. This holds all excess fat and is thrown into the bin when it is full. The Fat Box comes with a fat scraper to help remove solidified fat.

How it Works

Pour your oil, grease or fat in

Close the box and peel back the tabs

Seal the box and throw it away

Scrape the solidified fat oil or grease out of the pan and bin it

Advertising Campaign “Refrain from the Drain� is an advertising campaign that would be run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help raise awareness of the problem.

H2LOW Helping to manage and encourage the reuse of water when washing yourself.

RSA “Sustainably Clean� Brief 2015

Design a product or system that allows people to wash and clean themselves using less water and/or lower water temperatures


People lack access to safe water in South America

The average Brazilian has

3 SHOWERS A DAY due to the heat


Sao Paulo’s in it’s worst drought now for



H2Low Helping the user manage water more sustainably

Makes washing easier - helps improve hygiene

Compact solution - for limited living space


H2Low 3 2

1 2 3

175ml Beaker 5 Litre Basin 1m2 Water Absorbing Mat



12mm Sponge top with a 3mm Rubber base

Pour over the body when washing

Holds water to wash your body with

Shower Mat to stand on

Sip when brushing your teeth

To shave in

Absorbs excess water to be reused

How It Works How to use each product. Once the water has been used it can be reused to irrigate plants as long as it doesn’t touch the leaves.

Shaving Shave using the basin: marker inside at 250ml to show you where to fill to

Brushing Your Teeth

Washing Your Body

Brush your teeth using the beaker, it holds 100ml of water which is enough to brush your teeth with

Wash your body on the mat using the basin and beaker. Roll the mat up to squeeze excess water out. This can be reused to water plants. Store away the products.

STABLE STABLE is a fun and interactive way to improve the strength and balance of elderly people by playing games, this reduces their risk of a fall. It is a tailored made exercise that can help reduce the risk of falls by up to 54%.

For a full understanding of the Product/Service, please refer to:

What Is STABLE? STABLE is a new fun and interactive way to help reduce your risk of falls by improving your strength and balance.

How STABLE Works? STABLE works with Physiotherapists and Doctors to create fun and simple exercise programs using games.

Why Use STABLE? STABLE is tailored to you and monitored by professionals. It will help promote a more active and able lifestyle.

The Product's STABLE contains two products for the user along with an Xbox Kinect camera which is used to track body movements to play the game with.

The Remote The remote is simple to use and specifically designed for the elderly. Elderly people tend to hold a remote with one hand and press the buttons with the other so the remotes shape is resigned around this.

The Console The Console is easy to install using colour coordinated cables and is switched on and off using the top button.

Using the Product STABLE is easy to install and contains games to play each day. Each game is 2 minutes long and you are advised to play 5 games a day.

LAMBORGHINI A Solidworks model of a Lamborghini Gallardo rendered in Keyshot.


+44 (0)7738 062295

James Harr Industrial Design Portfolio 2016  
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