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Justin Timberlake is “the Swiss Army Knife of entertainers” and there is no denying that, unlike Ray J, Timberlake can do it all. Born in Memphis, Tenn.,Timberlake was destined for musical stardom when he began singing in his church choir. He then appeared on “Star Search,” where he sang country songs and starred in “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” with future love interest Britney Spears. At the young age of 13, Timberlake began his career with the world famous NSYNC. NSYNC alone has dwarfed any of the accomplishments of Ray J and skyrocketed JT into stardom. Now, frosted tips are not for everyone, but a good laugh is. In the early 00’s, Timberlake made numerous appearances on “Saturday Night Live” alongside Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg. During his time with SNL, he starred in “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” with comedy icon Jimmy Fallon and was a part of “The Lonely Island,” which had a skit that landed at No. 3 on the Rolling Stone’s Top 100. And we can’t forget about his incredible acting in movies like “In Time” and “The Social Network.” Ray J, where do I even start, the only reason this guy is famous is because he’s Snoop Dogg’s cousin and dated Kim Kardashian, and now he’s making Scoot-E-Bikes. Let’s face it, after his time with Kim K, his career went down the drain, and although my peer credits him with the success of the Kardashian family, I think our world would be better off without their makeup line and terrible acting.

­—Hunter Murphy, staff writer


Ray J

Fast facts January 31, 1981


January 17, 1981

$175 million

Net worth

nine albums


Eight Albums

Top song

“Sexy Can I”

“Can’t stop this feeling”

$6 million

Ray J is and always will be the King of Hip Hop. Most of you don’t believe me when I say this, but you can’t deny facts. Ray J has had a hand in everything that is currently occurring in popular culture, from VH1 to “The Life of Pablo.” William Ray Norwood Jr. starred in the reality show “Love & Hip Hop,” arguably the biggest show that aired on VH1. He was in “Moesha,” “The Proud Family,” “Mars Attacks!”, and many other amazing TV shows and movies. While dating Kim Kardashian, Ray J helped push the Kardashians into popularity, spawning the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” In that show, Kim Kardashian is seen using a BlackBerry, later becoming a paid endorser. Ray J single handedly helped save an entire company. If it weren’t for the Kardashian’s popularity, Kanye West wouldn’t have had a child with Kim Kardashian, which wouldn’t have inspired Kanye to make “The Life of Pablo,” a decade-defining album. Ray J’s music can help you when you’re in your feelings or when you’re just trying to have some fun. His artistic range is much better than Justin Timberlake’s, and he can hit notes that Justin Timberlake wishes he could hit. Ray J was in the Money Crew, which dominated hip-hop in the early 00’s. Justin Timberlake was in NSYNC, a boy band that was never as good as The Backstreet Boys. Ray J has the type of success story that could make a full-length feature film. Justin Timberlake has a success story that could barely be enough for a short film.

­—Juan Serrano, staff writer

A&E| ISSUE 2 | november 2016

Volume 79 | Issue 2 | 2016-2017  
Volume 79 | Issue 2 | 2016-2017