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Q&A | peyton capehart Senior Peyton Capehart started a club to provide education on sexual assault. What’s the focus of your new club? Braves Fighting Back is a student leadership club that’s goal is to end sexual violence through education and prevention. Why have you started this club? It’s my Senior Project, and this is an issue that I am very passionate about. It is an issue that I have heard a lot of stories from students about, and I just feel like the way to end sexual violence is through education­— educating victims and perpetrators alike. Who are the club’s sponsors? The club is going to be taught through Katie Russell, who is a prevention specialist for MOCSA. French teacher Lori Ann Neighbors is the sponsor and she will chime in. What is MOCSA? MOCSA is the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault; they’re a local organization that works for education and prevention and victim advocacy. How often does your club meet? We meet every Wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m. in Mrs. Neighbors’ room, Room 222. Who can join? As long as you’re able-bodied, you’re welcome to come. What are some of the subject or topics you expect to cover in this club? Next week we’re going to talk about gender roles and how that leads into rape culture and gender-based violence. We’re going to be covering a broad range of topics. I tweet the topic for that week on Twitter @BSHS_BFB every Monday. Was it difficult to get this approved? It really wasn’t. Mr. Moulin has been great. Sexual violence is a part of bullying, so he’s super supportive of us and super supportive of everything we do. —Paige Krone, news editor


A variety of new clubs have been added for students’ enjoyment.


club cubed

If you want to “catch them all,” then join social studies teacher Terese Quenette and science teacher Billie Taylor for after-school walks and nearby visits to advance further in the Pokemon Go world. Quenette said the new club is a great way to get involved in extracurricular activities while having fun with other students. “I play it with my kids at home,” Taylor said. “We thought this was something the students would like, and it’s definitely an activity that’s more fun in a big group.” The 10-member club had one hunt during the first quarter and is planning another one soon. If you are interested in being a part of the next hunt, ask Mr. Taylor in Room 245 or Mrs. Quenette in Room 225 for a sign-up form.

If you give senior Hunter Amego a Rubik’s Cube, you’ll see a solution in less than a minute. Amego has loved solving puzzles since his grandparents gave him a Sudoku Cube as a child. Two years ago, he found a Rubik’s Cube at Toys R Us and he has been obsessed with them since then. In fact, his collection of Rubik’s cubes is now 50 plus. Amego has taken this passion and made it the focus of his Senior Project through the creation of Club Cubed. Amego hopes to teach as many members as possible to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s Cube in under a minute before the end of the semester. The group will meet during Seminar. If you are interested in improving your mental capability and want to join the club, you can contact Amego for details. —Trinity Jones

­—Trinity Jones

geopolitics club

Photo |Hunter Murphy Drafting his country for the month, junior Wyatt Hall chooses wisely at a Oct. 27 meeting.

“The Geopolitics Club is a group of students who meet once or twice a month to play games that incorporate news and geography from around the world,” sponsor Terese Quenette said. The club members draft nations that they predict will be in the New York Times the most each month and that decides how many points they earn from that month. The club also utilizes Geoguessr, a program that goes through GoogleMaps. Geoguessr drops you in a random location on Earth, forcing you to use context clues to identify your location. —Paige Krone





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Volume 79 | Issue 2 | 2016-2017