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Each panel is cut using a CNC water jet cutting machine from a solid sheet of aluminum measuring 10” x 26” x 3/8” The blue flange at the top is folded over to give strength to the panel and supporting arm

They are bent into the curved panels using a four roll hydraulic rolling machine

The Flange is bent over and welded back together where it separated. Braided steel cables secured from the top of the axis pole to two points on top of the panel provide extra stability


Square aluminum rods attach to the curved panels and can be adjusted in height to accommodate vertically hanging works of art.

A French Cleat system is integrated into the mounting rods allowing for a secure and concealed attachment of the artwork.

Horizontal shelves can be cantilevered over the rods to support small sculptural works of art, while larger pieces can be displayed on the ground, using the panels as a backdrop.

The central steel axis pole supports the five aluminum panels and is embedded 24 inches in a concrete footing.

The aluminum at the start of each arm is curved around the axis pole creating a hinge for the panels to orbit around.

Orbis is a temporary outdoor Gallery Space designed for the Austin Art Alliance. This exhibition space is constructed from aluminum sheet metal using digital fabrication methods. The fabricated panels are hinged to a central axis pole, allowing them to be repositioned to accommodate various forms of art, or nestled together for easy transportation. At night the structure is lit from within, casting intricate patterns over the dark landscape to entice visitors.

Site at lady bird lake trail


The Orbis fits in a 10’ x 10’ footprint when in its folded up state, protecting the artwork


The Primary arrangement caters best to hanging art with the panels spread out equally around the center creating a nautiluslike gallery space



The secondary arrangement is more open, allowing space for mixed media such as wall art and sculpture while creating a more open gallery space



The tertiary arrangement creates a backdrop for performance art by fanning out the panels on one side of the axis, creating openings for passage between front stage and backstage

TOGS Art Competition