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Francis Xavier SJ 1540: Sent to Asia 1542: Arrived in Goa 1549: Arrived Japan 1552: Died on Sancian, outside China


Messages of GC35 Our own conversion

“To believe is to change – when the Gospel touches a person, that person changes.”

“Mediocrity has no place in the vision of Ignatius.” - PH Kolvenbach

Creative tension: - at frontiers - at the heart of the Church In this world of constant sound and stimulation … a strong sense of the sacred … joined inseparably to active engagement in the world… GC35 Decree 2

Our vision






Messages of GC35:

Collaboration at the Heart of Mission •  “profound sharing of labour for the life of the Church and transformation of the world.” •  “a grace given us at this moment...consistent with our Jesuit way of proceeding.”

Build a universal body for a universal mission •  Globalisation is a fact, use it creatively. •  “Our governance structures and ways of proceeding should flow from a perspective of greater universality.” GC35 Decree 5

A new period for the Society •  •  •  • 

50 years since Vatican II commenced After Fr General Arrupe (1965 – 1983) Peter Hans Kolvenbach (1983 – 2008) Refounding of the Society’s mission, way of proceeding, links with the Church •  A new confidence of the Pope GC35 opens a new period for the Society

JCAP Operational Priorities •  Jesuit Formation (for universal mission) •  Regions, esp. Myanmar, Cambodia & East Timor; add Thailand, Micronesia, Malaysia-Singapore •  Re-imagine international co-operation

International Theology Program A high quality Asian theological college

•  for the formation of Asia Pacific Jesuits for our universal mission •  for the service of the Church in Asia Pacific •  to promote theological research and writing in Asia Pacific contexts

East Timor

Site for new Jesuit Educational Initiative






Refugee camp: Thai Burma border

Study of Context of Our Mission in Asia Pacific 1.  ‘Map’ persons and institutions taking creative social initiatives 2.  Find who will be helped by international cooperation 3.  Consult them to learn the context of Jesuit mission in Asia Pacific today

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Forced displacement Environment (& governance of natural resources) Indigenous peoples Peace building, conflict resolution Inter-religious dialogue Civil society participation, governance Sustainable development Access to education for all Natural disasters Youth family and rehabilitation

Access to Education Observations: •  Respondents highlight greater scope for sharing of expertise and resources between Jesuit mainstream schools and alternative schools for the poor

“The current crisis obliges us to re-plan our journey… an opportunity for discernment in which to shape a new vision for the future.” Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate, #21 How to re-plan?  Look at our environment with fresh eyes.  Look at ourselves with fresh eyes. New lights and shadows.  Discern: What we can do best.

Our way of planning In terms of mission frontiers rather than works and provinces?

Our presence among the poor A meaningful presence among the poor?

Strategic Choices

Our institutions Our formation Can we consolidate, concentrate resources, enhance efficiency?

Are we preparing Jesuits and partners for their real missions?

Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific ‘Frontier’ Projects for Conference-wide cooperation Identified at JCAP meeting in Seoul, Korea, July 2010 : •  Apostolic projects •  Governance projects

Conference ‘Frontiers’ Cooperative Apostolic Projects

• Migration • Environment • Colégio São José, Timor Leste

Conference ‘Frontiers’ Governance Projects

•  Formation: plan Jesuit formation - deep integration in culture, a heart for the poor •  Re-shape governance and apostolic vision for Myanmar •  Conference to build a fund for mission and formation

Migration - People on the Move •  •  • 

Conference commits to care for people most in need outside their place of origin We offer our presence and services that are human, pastoral, and educational. We undertake research and advocacy, sharing information, and networking for cooperative solidarity action.

Where will the world’s workers come from?

Care for the Environment Reconciliation with Creation is to be a concern of the whole Conference: through our institutions, in formation of young people, in governance of natural resources. Conference encourages many initiatives in each province. Conference entrusts a facilitating role to the Social Ministries.

Jesuit education - East Timor Transition of Colégio de São José: Conference commits planning support, appropriate educational expertise and material resources.

Conference Cooperation ‘Frontiers’ Internal Governance: Formation Conference to work together to develop fresh plans for formation, suited to the situation of applicants to the Society in Asia Pacific, helping them integrate deeply in cultures, fostering a heart for the poor.

Conference ‘Frontiers’ Internal Governance Project: Myanmar

Rethink and re-structure the Myanmar ‘Mission’ to become a Region with its own governance arrangements.

Conference Fund For greater capacity to support its apostolic and formation initiatives, and with help of its members, Conference will build a fund for Formation and Apostolic Works.

More than ever I find myself in the hands of God. This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth. But now there is a difference; the initiative is entirely with God. It is indeed a profound spiritual experience to know and feel myself so totally in God's hands. Pedro Arrupe SJ

Jesuits must be … able to face with intelligence and love the world of tomorrow…. I am…afraid that we Jesuits may have little or nothing to offer this world… that we may repeat yesterday’s answers to tomorrow’s problems Pedro Arrupe

Summary GC35 •  Our own conversion •  A renewed vigour and fervour •  Go to new frontiers •  Reconciliation with God, one another and with creation •  A universal body for a universal mission •  Collaboration with others •  A new period for the Society

Put ourselves in their school

A new period for the Society

Fr. General: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Now is the time to move – Church in crisis Spiritual depth – identity, community, mission Africa and Asia: contribute to the whole Society General wishes to listen and learn Clarifying role of Conferences in governance Frontiers: our role at limit of what Church can do Collaboration – at the heart of our mission Ignatian Spirituality in Asia for the whole Society (formation of formators)

JECAP Introduction  
JECAP Introduction  

This was Fr. Mark Raper's presentation at the Colloquium in Fukuoka.