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“Leadership: Lessons from St. Ignatius”

A talk on leadership from the perspective of St. Ignatius and his spirituality: What does it mean to be an Ignatian leader? What do Ignatian discernment, transcendence, and companionship have to do with the complexities of leadership?


“Moving Instruction Forward with the Backward Design”

A session that will illustrate the logic behind Understanding by Design (UbD), drawing from actual grade school and high school lessons and examples, and demonstrating how to design instruction that promotes student engagement and understanding.


Slots: 35

Executive Director Emmaus Center for PsychoSpiritual Formation

Slots: 40

For teachers and administrators interested in an introduction to UbD.

For all educators, whether or not in administrative positions, who would like to lead with discernment, with Magis, and Cura Personalis. “Passing the Torch: The Jesuit Four Core Leadership Values”

A session on Chris Lowney’s Heroic Leadership. Learn how ten men with no capital, no business plan, and no experience in running schools built what would become the world’s largest higher education network.

Slots: 30

For administrators and teachers who would like to practice Heroic Leadership by living an integrated life of service grounded on four Core Values: Self-Awareness, Ingenuity, Love, and Heroism.

“Firestarters: Igniting the Passion Within” Slots: 40

An inspirational talk on why teaching is a passion and a mission more than just an occupation, and why teachers are not just educators or learning guides, but leaders, missionaries, and visionaries.

Ms. Ma. TRICIA SANTIAGO Founder & Director Life Academy

A workshop to challenge us to “think out of the box” and to expand our creativity as teachers.

Slots: 25

For the bold who dare to submit themselves to unorthodox ways of learning creativity, as facilitated by an esteemed Philippine Cultural Icon.

“Sowing the Seeds of Social Justice among Our Students Today”

A personal sharing on how an alumna was influenced by the Jesuit ideal of social justice and how her formation has led to her subsequent participation in public life.

Slots: 40

“Some Like It Hot: A Workshop on Imaging”


Slots: 60

For teachers who want to put spice into their otherwise bland daily routine and to become among the school’s head-turners.

Slots: 40

Slots: 30

“21st-Century Teaching Tools and Innovations” Ms. GILDA CORDEROFERNANDO

Slots: 35

Writer, Publisher and Artist


Party-List Representative AKBAYAN

Personality Development Training Center Thousand Oaks

A workshop that will teach a set of strategies to empower students to engage in active learning. For teachers of different subject areas who are eager to transform passive students into engaged and active classroom learners. A basic, hands-on workshop focused on Apple iLife applications like iMovie, iPhoto and Garage Band designed to help teachers make full use of media and the tools that are available to them.


High School Assistant for Academic Affairs Xavier School

Mr. FREDERICK PEREZ Assistant to the Chair High School English Xavier School


Principal, Chatsworth International School East Campus. Apple Distinguished Educator

For teachers interested in integrating technology into their instruction and assessment.

“Teaching with Technology”

A hands-on workshop that will Fr. ANTHONY PABAYO, SJ introduce computer-assisted instruction High School Principal (CAI) and illustrate how to make it work. Ateneo de Davao

Slots: 30

For novices who want to push the boundaries and experiment teaching using the available tools in technology.

“Ctrl D: Bullying, Discipline and Rules of Law”

A panel discussion designed to help us understand and deal with new issues in discipline, such as bribery, fraternities, and cyber-bullying. Resource persons are formation personnel from different Jesuit schools who will draw from their experiences and share their insights on these novel disciplinary issues and problems.

Slots: 40 Ms. PATTI BETITA

A workshop that will provide Dr. NILDA SUNGA techniques on teaching students how to Academic Director learn through group work and how to Angelicum College acquire the increasingly essential 21stcentury life skill of collaboration. For teachers who are interested in exploring a more student-centered instructional approach.

Professor UP College of Education

For teachers who seek a deeper understanding of social justice and how it affects the formation of students in their basic education years. A make-over session to transform the drab to fab through practical tips on how to economically remedy those common fashion sins. When it comes to teaching, the messenger often becomes the message, and the content of the message is often judged based on the image that the messenger projects.

“Teaching Cooperative Learning”

“Designing Student-Led Roundtable Discussions”

For teachers who are seeking to be reignited in their commitment to the profession. “Trailblazing Creativity in the Classroom”

High School Principal Xavier School

For those working in formation teams.


Associate Principal for Student Affairs Ateneo de Manila High School


Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs Ateneo de Davao Grade School

Mr. MICHAEL DELOS REYES High School Assistant Principal for Formation Xavier School


Head of Student Services Sacred Heart – Jesuit

Facilitator: Ms. JENNY MATEO

JBEC Congress Workshops  

A line-up of 16 workshops for Congress Delegates to choose from during the LIYAB + SILAB + ALAB Jesuit Basic Education Sesquicentennial Cong...

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