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Spring ‘11

Defining M ments A Newsletter of Jewish Child & Family Services

From Law School to Karaoke: One Volunteer’s Inspiration

Bruce Goldman Gets Irving B. Harris Award at A Striking Event

How do I get my preschooler to...? Ask a Clinician

Beep Beep! JCFS Launches Car Donation Program

Defining M ments Spring ‘11

A newsletter of

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Deanna Shoss

Director of Marketing, Communications and Business Development

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Marketing and Communications Manager


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Development Associate - Endowments

Shannon Houston

Development Associate - Donor Relations

Elizabeth Judd

Development Manager of Community Engagement

Dana Rhodes

Director of Resource Planning and Grants

Stacey Shor

Director of Development

Howard Sitron

Chief Executive Officer

JCFS is a partner in serving our community, supported by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation. Licensed by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services. Accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Children & Families, Inc.

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A Message from

Howard Sitron Chief Executive Officer

Among the many services that Jewish Child & Family Services prides itself on is our incredible legacy of caring for abused and neglected children and those with special needs. JCFS’ commitment to our kids and their families continues today through our therapeutic day school, residential programs, foster care, respite, counseling, testing and early intervention services. However, our ability to maintain the high quality of care that our kids need and deserve is being sorely tested by the critical condition of the Illinois state budget. For JCFS, which provides crucial services through contracts with the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services and the State Board of Education, these budget shortfalls will challenge our ability to deliver necessary services. Several of our programs have not had a cost of living increase in years. Contract terms are changed with little or no notice. Funds are cut, payments delayed in order to help the State’s cash flow. Many nonprofits are struggling to stay afloat. With each that fails, at-risk kids lose desperately needed services while the burden on those agencies remaining deepens. How can you help? Our kids still depend on our love and care, and we are committed to being there for them in every way we possibly can. Whether you are the parent of a child with special needs, close to someone who is, a professional serving this population, or simply someone who values caring for the most vulnerable in our community, please act now by urging your State senators and representatives to protect Illinois human services. JCFS and Jewish Federation are members of Illinois Partners for Human Service, a network of organizations that advocate for high quality, responsible, and sustainable approaches to providing human service in Illinois. Please visit their website to learn more and sign on as a partner to receive news and action notices at Our voices count in Springfield. Our elected representatives need to know that we, their constituents, believe there is a positive return on the investment in raising healthy, educated and well-adjusted children so that they can become the taxpayers, volunteers and leaders of tomorrow.

From Karaoke to Caring Friend:

Volunteering at Yad b’ Yad --Ross Neihaus, Yad b’ Yad Volunteer

How did a 20-something Northwestern University law student find himself the star of Karaoke night at Yad b’ Yad, a JCFS program that connects young adult volunteers to young adults with learning and developmental disabilities? “I thought I could be a friend to people who are often excluded from typical social situations,” said Ross, who has volunteered with Yad b’ Yad (literally “Hand in Hand”) since 2007, when he moved to Chicago for law school. “But after I attended a few monthly events, I learned that these friendships run both ways. We eat together, dance together, and even bowl together.”

“Just start a conversation and tell a few stories and jokes. You’ll end up having a great time.”

As for the Karaoke Party, Ross’ first thought was that given the developmental disabilities of the group members, many would be too shy to sing. “My original premonition was flat-out wrong,” Ross admitted. “I guess that’s the power of a microphone,” he joked. “The biggest display of power that night was “Girl Power” when a large group of women got up to sing (and dance) to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

While Ross also volunteers delivering food during Rosh Hashanah and Pesach through Moat Chitim, he says that Yad b’ Yad is his favorite volunteer activity, and he loves the energy there. As for advice for people who might be new to interacting with people with developmental disabilities, Ross’ suggestion is simple: “Just start a conversation and tell a few stories and jokes. You’ll end up having a great time.” For more information about Yad b’ Yad, please call Meredith Sices at JCFS, 773-467-3813. Interviews for this story were collected by Brant Dykehouse, Coordinator of the JCFS Illinois Refugee Family Strengthening Project, and a member of JCFS’ Anthology Project, designed to “Connect Through the Power of Stories.” 1

Please join us for our second annual A Striking Event—an event that is striking on so many levels. You might bowl a strike as you enjoy an afternoon of bowling, bocce and delicious food at this stylish, bright and airy venue. More importantly, it is striking how meaningful an afternoon of fun can be, as we join together to benefit the many supportive, therapeutic, and educational programs of JCFS. “JCFS is about family and personal connection. This event is designed for families and it captures the personal stories of donors and beneficiaries. I’ve seen the amazing impact JCFS has had on people’s lives. That’s why I will be there.” --Benn Feltheimer, Board Member and Co-Chair of A Striking Event

“Redefine What’s Possible” is the spirit of JCFS, and that theme is manifest in this year’s honoree, Bruce Goldman, who will receive the Irving B. Harris Award. We also will share the story of Judge Julian Frazin and his sister Betty, who were raised in the Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans from 1935 to 1942. JCFS is delighted to welcome Northern Trust as a lead sponsor for this year’s event, allowing us to present a VIP reception with Mr. Goldman and Judge Frazin in April. For sponsorship information, please call 312-673-3202, or e-mail “This event offers a fantastic way to showcase my employer’s (United Scrap Metal) commitment to those in need and to help our community. Social Service agencies have seen a disproportionate negative impact as the Illinois State Government makes cuts to balance the budget. Corporate sponsorships are critical for JCFS to continue to provide direct services to make day-to-day lives of those in need easier.” --Becca Gruenspan, Board Member and Co-Chair of A Striking Event

JCFS’ vital, results-driven services “Redefine What’s Possible” in a person’s life. Join us in support of those who provide help, those who receive help and the thousands of others served annually by JCFS. Buy your tickets after April 1st via the “A Striking Event” link at 2

Save the Date

June 26, 2011 4:00–7:00 pm Pinstripes, 1150 Willow Road, Northbrook, IL

“From the time I was a kid, my family taught me the importance of giving back.”

--Bruce Goldman

Bruce Goldman is one of a long line of agency board members and donors for both Jewish Child & Family Services and Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. As past president, Bruce’s leadership shaped JCFS into the agency it is today. Recently retired, Bruce, his wife Lisa and their family are moving from the Chicago area. His lasting legacy in Chicago is recognized with the Irving B. Harris Award, which bestows the highest honor for outstanding commitment to giving, of both time and resources, to improve the lives of families.

“The unselfish actions of the kind and loving orphanage staff instilled in me a sense of compassion, which has made me a better father, husband, lawyer, teacher and judge.”

--Judge Julian Frazin

Five-year-old Julian Frazin and his older sister, Betty, moved to the Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans (a JCFS legacy agency) in 1935 after their mother passed away. During their seven-year stay, Julian treasured outings with board members, picnics in Jackson Park, holiday celebrations, and regular visits and support from his father. Julian grew up and became an Illinois Circuit Court Judge, adjunct professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at UIC, an author, publisher and lyricist. Judge Frazin is grateful for the safe haven he found in JCFS and the brothers and sisters he gained along the way. 3


a Clinician


I have such a hard time getting my child out the door for pre-school in the morning, even though we follow the same schedule every day! Any advice?


Marlies Gramann, MA, CCC-SLP, and Director of JCFS’ Integrated Pediatric Interventions Program (IPI), says “children with and without special needs can require some motivation and help understanding routines.” She adds, “pointing out simple pictures or examples of these routines within their favorite TV shows and books is a great way to provide an example in a way that resonates with a child.” For Evelyn, a mom in Skokie, salvation was found in a new product she discovered, thanks to her daughter Leah’s Occupational Therapist (OT): Seamless Socks. Working with an OT at the IPI Program revealed that Leah had mild Sensory Integration issues. Rather than it being simply a defiant child, it turns out that Leah really couldn’t bear the feeling of the seams in her socks. Taking 20 minutes of “put your socks on” vs. “NO!” out of the morning made a world of difference. And, when simply saying, “Because I’m the Daddy” doesn’t work when reasoning with a child, Lili Gray, LCSW, and Director of the JCFS Community Counseling Center in Arlington Heights, has some advice. “Even when you have your kid’s best interest at heart, you may find yourself in a power struggle. The simple reason for that is no one likes to be bossed around! The best way to avoid a power struggle with kids is to have them be part of planning and implementing. Give them a choice in the process—not too many though—and make sure it’s something you can live with (Would you like to shut your alarm off yourself or have me come do it and help you get up? Will you be picking the green or the blue pants to wear tomorrow?).” JCFS’ highly skilled, compassionate staff of social workers, psychologists, speech, developmental and occupational therapists and other professionals is committed to continual professional training in the latest proven methods of child, adult and family treatment. Fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Families, JCFS is recognized as a leader in consultation, training, research, education and continuous quality improvement. We’re here to help. Send us your questions to


So many ways to JCFS Now Accepts Car Donations. Or Boats. Or Motorcycles. Or Jet Skis. Or... Thinking about selling your car, boat, motorcycle, truck, or other vehicle? Donate it to Jewish Child & Family Services instead! The JCFS Vehicle Donation Program provides funds that support our programs and services and lets you receive a tax deduction when you itemize your return. All you need is a clear title, and we’ll take care of the rest, including pick–up, at no cost to you. Once your vehicle has been sold, you’ll be sent a receipt for your tax records, and the sale proceeds will be donated to Jewish Child & Family Services in your name. To learn more about this exciting program, call our specially dedicated toll-free number, (855) 700-JCFS/ (855) 700-5237, or visit


North Shore Auxiliary News “Everyone is a winner during the Key Card week—the merchants, the consumers, and the children who benefit from the programs of JCFS.” --Janice Blum and Stacy Sternberg Co-Chairs, Key Card Week North Shore Auxiliary

WHAT IS IT? The Key Card is your key to shopping bliss. Key Card owners receive 20% savings on all full price in-store merchandise at over 200 participating area retailers and restaurants in Chicago and the suburbs from August 13-20, 2011. With a large selection of specialty shops, discounted items range from clothing and accessories to luxury linens and bedding. Spa packages, jewelry, luggage, children’s clothing and various restaurants ensure that there is something for everyone. Since the North Shore Auxiliary created Key Card Week over forty years ago, thousands of key cards have been sold raising much-needed funds for critical programs of JCFS. More than 2000 cards are sold annually. WHY SHOULD I CARE? You get fabulous savings at your favorite shopping and dining destinations, AND you can feel good about your purchases. The cost of the card, $75, is a donation to the North Shore Axiliary of JCFS, to support programs and services that redefine what’s possible for vulnerable children in our community. HOW DO I GET ONE? Order your $75 Key Card online beginning in June at or by calling the Key Card Hotline at 312-357-4610. 5

1 for you, 1 for me... JCFS is always in need of new toys, books, clothing and more. Next time you’re out shopping, why not pick up something extra for someone in need. We are particularly in need of the items listed below. Perhaps when you’re buying a birthday gift for a child, you could buy two and give the second to JCFS—keep one for you, give one to us and make a child in need smile. To make a donation, please call Elizabeth Judd at 773-467-3778 or ElizabethJudd@jcfs. New Items Needed Backpacks

School Supplies


Twin Size Sheets

Theater/Sporting Event Tickets

Gifts Cards (Grocery, Target, Best Buy)

Thank You. Thank You!

We extend our heart felt thanks to the following donors for their generosity.

This list reflects activity from Nov. 1 – Dec. 31, 2010. We regret any omissions or errors.

Individual & Group Gifts Robert Ackerman Pamela & Steven Adelman Jim & Enna Allen Eli & Annette Alson Alfred & Helen Amado Steven & Janet Anixter Anonymous (24) Brian Arbetter Ben Arkes Steven Baerson Jonathan & Deborah Ebroon Barker Bela Barner Pepi & Robert Barr Colman & Felice Becker Glenn & Elizabeth Becker Joseph Becker Karen Benson Lindy Bergman Philanthropic Fund Margot Bergman Dayle Berke Eileen & Mike Berkson Kenneth & Esther Berliant H. Bruce & Janice Bernstein Dr. Ira & Mrs. Susie Bernstein Steven Blonz Susan Blumenthal & David Kreinick Cindy & Allen Bolnick Jennifer Borowitz-Gutzke Ryan Bottger


Mr. & Mrs. Allan & Beverly Brodsky Dr. Nicole Brodsky Steven & Deborah Brown Colman & Susan Buchbinder John Camper & Mary Galligan Audrey Cantor Joel & Leasha Carp Chest Medicine Consultants, S.C. Clonick Family Foundation Clarice Cogen Diana Cohen & Adam Spitulnik Jack & Bonnie Cohen Jennifer Cohen Norma & Eddie Cohen Rabbi Paul Cohen Robin Cohen The Cohen-Lewe Family Mrs. Sarah Collins Kevin & Linda Conway Elizabeth & Sarah Copeland Jim Crounse & Family Betty Dayron John E. & Alice Deimel Larry & Nanci Dobkin Steven & Jill Dorfman Eric & Jodie Draut Barry A. & Gail A. Duberchin Richard A. & Hylene S. Dublin Morris G. & Lois R. Dyner Earl M. & Margery C. Chapman Foundation Shirley Ehrlich Donna & David Einhorn Maureen Eisenberg

David & Lisette Eisendrath Foundation Marilyn Eisenstein Sheila Ellis Daniel T. Engle Mr. & Mrs. Fainman Fred & Judy Feinstein Chad & Melissa Feldman Henry & Elizabeth Feldman Sari Feldstein Donna & Martin Field Neil Fine Donald Finkelman Frieda Fireman First Bank of Highland Park Foundation Karyn & Jay Fishman Jeremy & Naomi Fogel Rachel Frank Mr. & Mrs. Bud Frankel Suzanne Franklin Ruth A. Fruehauf Donna & Glenn Garfinkel Hilda Garlock James & Annleola Gervasio Betsy Gidwitz Patricia N. Gillman Ellen Gilman Helene & Richard Gilman Susanne K. Glink Steven & Susan Glover Evan Raskas Goldfard Michael & Karla Goldman Marcey Goldner Roslyn & Howard Goldner

Harlan & Margaret Gordon Richard & Willie Green David Greenberg Donna & Jack Greenberg Jack Gross & Marjorie Goldman Geoffrey & Susan Grossman Edith Grosz Trust Allan & Debra Gruen Rebecca Gruenspan Susan & Gary Gurvey Allison Gutterman John R. Halligan Charitable Fund Harold Handelsman Gerald Handler H. Reed Harris Jeffrey Harris Michael & Judy Harris George & Susan Heisler Linda Hess Mrs. Harriette Hirsch Melvin & Miriam Hirsch Michael & Kathleen Hirsley Edward & Lois Hollander Dr. Kenneth Holz Shirley J. Homer Frances G. Horwich Horwitz Charitable Fund Claudia & William Houston Harvey & Ellen Jacobson Elaine & Cort Jacoby Ted R. Jadwin & Ellen J. Morris Holly & Paul Jin Holly Johnston, Ph.D. Eugene Kahan Randall & Marcy Kahan

Thank You. (cont.) Barry & Sherry Kaplan Pam Kaplan The Selma Breskin Kaplan Foundation, in memory of her daughter Terri Vivian S. Kaplan Daniel & Jill Katz Ellen & Richard Katz Herbert & Leslie Katz Susan & David Katz Julie Kaufman & Elizabeth Wright Michael & Renee Klass Judy Knight, M.D. Lawrence & Judith Kohn Thomas & Marcia Korman Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kravis Lake County Health Deparment Naomi Angel & Jory Lannes Latkin Family Foundation Stephen Leapman Charles & Jane Leffler Dr. & Mrs. Steven Leibach Sheldon & Pearl R. Leibowitz Foundation Leonardi Insurance Agency, Inc. Howard & Barbara Lerman Robert Leshner Janet & Scott LeVee Liza Levenson John Levi Sheri & Ivan Levi Norman Levin Nancy Levinsky Penny Levy Richard Levy Julius Lewis Marc Adam Lewison Lexus of Highland Park Richard A. Lifshitz Janice Linn & Richard Pincus Robert & Kathy Lipke Alan Littman Elana Loew Vikki A. LoMonaco Sharon & Henry Lorsch Suzanne Lynch Beth Machlin Lynda & Bernard Maram Martin & Gail Sussman Marcus Mrs. Marianne Marx Jacqueline & Adam Masia Shelley McNaughton-Sulkin Mary W. McTigue Stanley & Jean Meadows Julia Mellow Charles & Bonnie Mervis Beth & Steven Metzler Dr. Stuart & Mrs. Sandy Meyer Midwest Construction Partners Harry Miller The Avrum Miller Family Mr. Ronald N. Mora Dr. Jack Morgan & Ms. Barbara Brotine Nathan & Lea Muller Alan & Bobbie Newman David Ofman Mrs. Jane Oguss

Jayne Olefsky Nancy O’Reilly Elisabeth Osten Dorrine Palmer Stephen & Marie Palmer Nan Parson Florie & Andrew Perellis Perlman Family Foundation Stefanie & Richard Pervos Thomas & Betty Philipsborn Larry Loubet & Ron Podolnick Bernard Press Mr. & Mrs. Marc Price Selwin & Syril Price Eva Raumann Bella Raytur Susan Reed & Edward Schwartz Susan & Howard Reese Renee & Alan Reich Mr. & Mrs. Reiches Marc & Ann Reinisch Barbara & Richard Reinish Joan Revsine The Rhoades Foundation Dana Rhodes Mitchell Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Harold Robbin Burton Rosenberg Rabbi David & Mrs. Frances Rosenberg Warner Rosenthal Charlotte Rothenberg Rubens Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David M. Rubin Marion Rubinstein Marilyn & David Samson Lynne & Shel Sandman Ronald & Ellen Saslow Marilyn Schiffman The Schmarak Family Renee Schneider Elizabeth Schrayer & Jeffrey Schwaber Skip & Lynn Schrayer Mary & Barry Schreibstein Evelyne Schwaber Esther Joy Schwartz David & Cheri Seffren & Family Natalie & Melvin Seglin Bill & Janie Seiden John Selix Naomi & Jerry Senser Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Settler Juliana Sanchez Shafer Mae Shanberg Dr. James & Mrs. Rita Sheinin David & Stacey Shor The Siebert Family Ann Siegel Ralph Siegel Jonathan Silver Barbara & Robert Silver Ivy Silver Lois & Ralph Silver Howard Sitron & Deborah Burger Shirley Sitron Suzanne Siverling The Skokie Hospital Endoscopy

Lab Staff Mitchell & Valerie Slotnick Elyse Sollender Marney & William Solomon The Sondheimer Family Charitable Foundation Paula Sonenschein Mae & Mark Spitz Robin L. Stein Abraham J. & Susan Stern Paul & Doris Sternberg Dr. & Mrs. Leonard & Helene Stone Suzan Sultan Howard Suskin Marilyn & Richard Swoiskin Dr. Martin Szanto & Ms. Marilyn Klein Rosemary Tepper Eugene & Nicole Terry Ruth & Stan Terry Thompson Coburn, LLP William Thurmond Jamie Topolski Nancy Colman Tudor Gerald & Nancy Turry Wendy & Mark Unterberger Harriette B. & William R. Wagner Susan & Paul Wagner The Wagner Foundation Deborah Walker Arthur Wandner Joseph Weil Dean & Jody Weinberg Weinger/Spector Foundation Lita & Marshall Weinstein Lila & A.I. Weinzweig Samuel & Judith Weiss Simone & Barry Weiss Richard & Roberta Wexler Stuart Widman Alan & Stephanie Wiener Carol & Mike Winfrey Bruce & Bitsy Winograd Maynard I. & Elaine Wishner David & Marilyn Wittenberg Lauren Wolf Rona & Stuart Wolf Dr. & Mrs. Steven & Radyne Wolf Aaron & Arlene Wolff Barry Wolk Beth Yas Eileen & Irwin Zeidman Jay & Idyth Zimbler Frances & Stuart Zimmerman Rachel Zivin Carole & Alan Zlotnik Lois Zoller

Grants Anonymous (2) D & R Fund The Irving Harris Foundation Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago Kaplan Family Foundation

Michael Reese Health Trust United Way of Lake County The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Endowment Toby Bernstein, in memory of his mother Miriam D. Bernstein Robert Bloom, for the Sydney Bloom Fund Susan Blumenthal & David Kreinick, to benefit Foster Care & Child Welfare Services Jim Crounse, to benefit the Virginia Frank Child Development Center Donna & Marty Field Debby Hecht & Greg Stewart Julia Mellow, for the Julia Mellow Technology Fund Phyllis Mellow, for the Julia Mellow Technology Fund Howard Sitron & Deborah Burger, for the Sitron Family Fund Shirley Sitron, for the Sitron Family Fund The Jewish Child & Family Services Endowment Foundation was created in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago’s Agency Endowment Program, which was established to assure that JCFS and our sister agencies have the necessary resources to meet growing and evolving Jewish community needs. All commitments to the Agency Endowment Foundation are recognized as gifts to the Jewish Federation’s Centennial Campaign.

In-Kind Donors Am Shalom B’nai Torah Congregation Beth Am Congregation Beth Judea Congregation Beth Shalom Congregation BJBE Kipling Elementary School Students & Families LTD Commodities, LLC Lifeway Foods Noel & Sandy Wilner & Family Olive Garden Olympia Moving and Storage North Shore Congregation Israel Bradley & Susan Schulman The Standard Club Temple Beth El Temple Beth Israel Temple Chai Temple Jeremiah Vela Insurance Services, LLC


What’s YOUR Story? We want to know!

One powerful story can make the world of difference in communicating the value of the work of JCFS to the communities we serve. We can tell you that we offer speech, occupational and developmental therapies for children ages birth to nine, and we do. But what do you visualize when we tell you about Noah, a beautiful fiveyear-old boy with serious developmental disabilities, who was unable to speak and make meaningful connections with people? After a year of intensive support from the clinical staff at JCFS, he progressed and blossomed into a child who could talk to and relate with other children and his family. We can tell you that we offer educational assessments, and we do. But what do you see when we tell you about Sarah, a 34-year-old adult professional who was having trouble focusing at work, and it was affecting her performance to the point of jeopardizing her job? Sarah connected with our Psychological Services for a complete psycho-educational assessment and found out for the first time, in adulthood, that she had ADHD. With a combination of behavioral and other interventions, Sarah was able to re-focus her efforts at work so that she could be appreciated for the deep knowledge and experience she brought to her work. And we can tell you about Larry, who lived in one of JCFS’ residential homes, as a young boy. Now an adult and successful business executive, Larry has become an active donor to JCFS. His personal story of connection and giving is much deeper than a final tally.

“A story is the shortest distance between people.”

--Pat Speight, Irish storyteller

These stories are so important, but we can only share them if you are willing to share with us. So please consider this a formal invitation to share your story of redefining what’s possible, either because of services that helped you at a certain point in time, or perhaps how you redefined possibility in someone else’s life, by giving. Or maybe it’s both. Stories can be confidential, with all identifying information changed, or not…your choice. And participation is completely voluntary. Stories might be used in newsletters, on our blog at, or in appeal letters.

To share your story, please call Deanna Shoss at 312-673-2777, or if you prefer to write it out, please send it to


Here’s MY Story “After following the clinic’s advice I started my son in therapy with an awesome organization called, Jewish Children & Family Services. I received so much support there, and they really concentrated on finding out why Mikey was having so much difficulty. Magic, at nearly six years old, I finally can understand why my son behaves the way he does.”

--Ann M, Mom in Chicago

“[I gave] in honor of our four grandchildren... who already know the importance of giving and sharing.” -- Mitchell Rhodes

“[I gave] because I worked at JCFS for more than 40 years and respect the quality of the services provided to clients and the support and training given to the staff.” --Betty Dayron 9

lives in the community.

infused with Jewish values to strengthen

is to provide help, healing and caring services

The mission of Jewish Child & Family Services

JCFS 216 W Jackson Blvd Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60606

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