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style go beyond aphotographer for art's sake You'll undoubtedly hire a shutterbug to document your nuptials, but some brides amp up the creative factor-and score original keepsakes-by also commissioning watercolors or paintings depicting their event. N.Y.c. watercolorist Anne watkins creates multiple vigneftes she presents post-wedding, while california artists Greg


Kalamar and Tom Fagan capture ceremonies on canvas as guests look on.


kick off your heels and slip into flats Midway through the reception, plenty of

brides-especially boogyirrg ones with sore feet-end up ditching their pumps or

stilettos. Avoid the unsightly barefootbride look by swappirrg high heels for flats of the same design. Making the switch is easy if your frock is on the shorter side;

for floor-length gowns, be sure to bustle


your dress beforehand so you (or a dance

partner) won't trip over your train.



White silk satin open-toe flats ($225) and pumps ($325), both with crystal accents, Matt

Clockwise from top: Paintings by Greg Kalamar (36" x 24", from $4,800; greg; AnneWatkins ('15" x 11", from $10,000la minimum of 12 watercolors;

Bernson;; and Tom Fagan (28" x 30", from $2,500;

take your flrst-dance cue from a famous scene-stealing routine If youte

a You Tube iunkie, chances are you've seen the hilarious clip

of the British couple doing their best patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey impersonation (just search for "Dirty Dancing"). \7ith the help of a few private classes at a local dance studio-and a DVD so )'ou can practice at home-you and vour groom can channel your favorite onscreen duos, guaranteed to have guests grinning and to start your reception in high spirits. Tempted? Below are some classic choreographed moments to inspire.

Dirty Dancing

Pulp Fiction


Top Hat



Scent of a Woman