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For Maritime Diesel

Overview Enviroleen™ is a family of clean fuel solutions designed to address the various limitations and harmful effects of fossil fuels such as gasoline ,diesel and maritime diesel. Enviroleen, an EPA registered organic liquid solution, when blended with hydrocarbon-based fuels, creates a cleaner burning, longer lasting and better performing fuel. Enviroleen treated fuels improve fuel economy which directly translates into a carbon footprint reduction. Enviroleen’s proprietary blend is organic and made from petroleum derivatives that are nonhazardous and non-flammable. Enviroleen™ contains no napthas, solvents, or harmful organo-metalics.

Enviroleen • M & Maritime Diesel Enviroleen • M is specifically designed to address the deficiencies inherent in maritime diesel fuels such as sludge buildup, water build up ,high sediment in lower quality fuels ,increased engine wear and tear and emissions. When directly added to maritime diesel fuel, Enviroleen • M separates clustered hydrocarbons in fuel allowing for better oxygenation. This process produces optimal combustion and energy output when Enviroleen-treated fuel combusts with oxygen in the engine’s combustion chamber to produce a more efficient and cleaner burn (by acting like an oxygenator). This significantly reduces harmful emissions because most of the fuel is utilized in the combustion chamber and improves fuel efficiency per expenditure of energy resulting in reduced fuel consumption. Certain characteristics and properties of Enviroleen • M such as surfactant, de-emulsification agent, micro lubricant, algaecide further address limitations of maritime diesel.

Application Enviroleen • M is easy to apply to existing fuel distribution models and equipment by simply adding it directly to fuel. It requires no mechanical retrofitting or modifications with equipment or any carbon-based fuel platforms. A splash blend requires a residence time of 48-72 hours for improved results. Pre-blended fuel requires no residence time. In addition, circulating pumps or diffusers can be installed on underground or above ground fuel storage tanks for optimal blending.

Benefits Reduces Carbon Footprint & Carbon Buildup Enviroleen • M treats and conditions maritime diesel fuel to burn cleaner and hotter. This improves fuel economy which equates to a reduction of carbon footprint. In addition the buildup in slag, soot, and carbon deposits are significantly reduced resulting in cleaner stack discharges. Ships using Enviroleen will see dramatic reduction in heavy black stack discharges overtime.

Increases Fuel Efficiency / Power Output Enviroleen • M dramatically reduces fuel consumption by improving combustion in maritime fuel. It treats maritime fuel by separating hydrocarbon chains as well as reduction of fuel’s surface tension to greatly improve vaporization and atomization. This results in the treated fuel producing a more complete combustion for better power output per expenditure of energy.

Decreases Certain Harmful Emissions Enviroleen-treated maritime fuel burns cleaner and more completely than untreated maritime diesel. Consequently this leads to decrease emissions. Enviroleen-treated diesel fuel has demonstrated decrease in diesel particulate matter (DPM), HC, CO, CO2, SOX and NOX.

Increases Fuel Stability Enviroleen • M dissolves sludge or sediment buildup in fuel tanks. The algaecide present dissolves microbial growth and inhibits further algae formation. In addition the deemulsification properties of Enviroleen • M prevents water buildup, fazing and foaming therefore improving overall fuel quality. Enviroleen • M also reduces the viscosity and pour point of marine diesel. The reduced pour point provides a huge benefit to biofuel blends.

Decreases Wear Metals & Extends Engine Life Enviroleen • M treated fuel reduces the buildup of soot, slag, and carbon deposits within a ship’s engine. This optimizes heat transfers along fireside tube walls and furnaces. Over time, the reduced buildup yields significant savings in lowering maintenance costs and increases longevity of equipment. The ship’s engine equipment operates quieter, smoother while performing at higher efficiencies exceeding original equipment operating specifications. In addition, the micro-lubricants present in Enviroleen ensures the reduced wear and tear within the combustion chamber by countering the drying effect of low sulfur diesel.

For Equilibrium™

ENVIROLEEN∙M For Equilibrium™

For Maritime Diesel

Additional Benefits • Gradual reduction of virtually all existing soot deposits over time

Additional Enviroleen Products In addition to ENVIROLEEN•M for Maritime Diesel, 3E offers other Enviroleen blends which are EPA registered products to address other fuel types such as:


• Net increase in steam produced per gallon of oil fired (SPR) resulting in better combustion performance • Increase in shaft horsepower

• Optimize heat transfers along fireside tube walls and furnace surfaces • Inhibits corrosion in fuel tanks as well as storage

Technical Specifications • 100% organic chemical composition containing Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Ketones • Contains no napthas, heavy metals, solvents or harmful organo-metalics • Completely soluble in diesel fuel including low sulfur diesel • Appearance: Light Green Liquid • Odor: Camphor (pH: 7.2 to 7.5)

• Chemical Viscosity: 1.62 cSt @ 104°F (40°C) • Flash Point: Closed Cup 158°F (70°C)

Enviroleen, an organic liquid fuel catalyst, addresses one of today’s most critical problems- efficiently balancing the environment and economy. The Enviroleen solution adds value at every stage of the fuel chain, from production to storage to consumption. Key benefits of our solution include reduction of harmful emissions, improved fuel economy, enhanced engine performance, reduced wear and tear, cleaner fuel and optimal fuel quality resulting in overall positive environmental and economic impact. Enviroleen has been developed and applied for many years, with narrowly targeted distribution and a base of loyal customers. Prompted by the alarming rate of global warming and rising fuel prices, 3E EnviroSciences was founded to gear up for national and international product launch and distribution. Company Contact Info

• Storage temperature: -15° — 150° F (-26° C — 65° C) • Pour Point: Below -18° F (-27° C) • Storage Life: 5 years

• Enviroleen • M is an EPA registered product

• Blending Ratio: One (1) gallon of Enviroleen • M with five hundred (500) gallons of maritime diesel

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3E EnviroSciences, Inc is an environmental solutions company based in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to provide our customers with market ready clean fuel solutions with environmental and economic advantages. 3E was founded by a team of entrepreneurs with the right vision and values to bring this unique technology to the global market place. Collectively they bring a sustainable and lasting experience of many decades —from high tech start-ups to environmental campaigns, and from international business to community service – that will enable them to steer the company towards achieving its mission. The driving force behind 3E is to find ways and transitional technologies in order to provide innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges TODAY.

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Enviroleen clean fuel solutions for maritime diesel

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