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There is nothing more valuable than your photographs. You have invested a lot of time and money in selecting the photographer that is just right for you, and your images deserve to be archived and presented in the best most stylish way possible! Choosing the perfect wedding album can be a daunting task, with so many wonderful, creative manufacturers on the market, it’s nearly impossible to choose! We have done a lot of research for you, and we have considered most of the best companies out there, and narrowed your choice to what we think are the two best options available today. After carefully considering the manufacturer’s styles and the varying needs of our clients, we have decided to offer two distinct styles. Our Fine Art Album, elegant and simple, beautifully bound in premium Italian leather, and our Classic Wedding Album, a distinctive hard bound coffee table style book. We hope that by narrowing your search, we have provided you with choices that will reflect your own personal style. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss what is available to you for design, sizing and payment options. Keep in mind that these numbers are only a starting point, an estimate for you to begin with. Thank you!! Jeff & Trish East


Classic Wedding Album Elegance Leather Coffee Table books Our Classic coffee table books are absolutely amazing, think Barnes and Noble art book. They are available in several sizes, with a classic leather cover and your names hot stamped into the front of the book, or as traditional hard cover books with photo dust jackets. The leather choice is presented in a sturdy photo front archival box, with room for a DVD in back. The Traditional hard cover books are also presented in personalized hard slip cases to protect your book from damage. The main difference between these and our Fine Art Flush mount books is seen when they are opened. Flush mounts lay open flat & flush so you can see every detail, even in the crease. The classics don’t they open with a crease like a typical book. We don’t design these books with images that spread across the crease for this reason.

Hey Jeff and Trish! We did get our album and WE LOVE IT!!!!!  It is everything that we wanted.  We were able to share it with our family this weekend as well.  I have had so many people at work ask who my photographer was for my wedding. They were very impressed with the quality of the work.  We really enjoyed working with you and look forward to possibly working together in the future!  Thank you for making the memories of our day so special!  - Kristen and Steve

Classic Wedding Albums 2011 Price list. BOOK BOUND LX LAMINATE (MATTE) (Premium Leather With Presentation Box)

BOOK BOUND EX LAMINATE (MATTE) (Coffee Table book w/ Dust Jacket)



20 SIDES (10 Pages ) $980 40 SIDES (20 Pages ) $1,100 80 SIDES (40 Pages ) $1,350

20 SIDES (10 Pages ) $925 40 SIDES (20 Pages ) $1,070 80 SIDES (40 Pages ) $1,360

10x10” Jeff, Our albums came yesterday. I saw them last night when I got home from work and they look really fantastic! We love them! Thanks! I cannot wait to share the parent albums with our parents! Thanks again for everything! They're really beautiful! -Ryan

20 SIDES (10 Pages ) $825 40 SIDES (20 Pages ) $970 80 SIDES (40 Pages ) $1,270

8x8” 20 SIDES (10 Pages ) $765 40 SIDES (20 Pages ) $880 80 SIDES (40 Pages ) $1,120

All albums require a 50% deposit to begin the design process.

One book, three sizes,six colors


We are so pleased to offer to you our premium, Italian leather Fine Art Albums!

Leather, baby.. These books feel good, real good. The leather is so supple, it’s almost sticky. Using full grain Italian leathers to wrap around these hand made albums, the leather is selected for it’s grain, strength & quality. Full grain hides feel better and are more attractive than bonded leather covers.

All albums require a 50% deposit to begin the design process.

One book, three sizes,six colors

BECAUSE SIMPLE IS HOT. Our Fine Art Wedding Albums are the most luxurious books we have seen yet. Heavy duty page stock resists tearing, and museum quality bindings make these books the perfect family heirloom. Quality and style in one sweet package!



Each two page spread is lovingly printed on thick heavy paper stock, (think the heavy pages in a children’s book.) with no seam in the center. Plus, they come packaged in swank, sexy, patterned, cloth bags.


Our Fine Art albums are available in three sizes. 8x8” , 10 x 10”, and 12 x 12”. They all have a minimum of 10 two page spreads and begin at $800. You may upgrade your album’s size and page number as your design needs, we will work with you on the perfect combination.




After you approve the design, we will send your album to print and will contact you as soon as it arrives! Don’t forget, if you approve your album design within 14 days of viewing the proof, you get 5% off your total order!

W W W . J E F F E A S T P H O T O G R A P H Y . C O M

All albums require a 50% deposit to begin the design process.

Fine Art Wedding Albums 2011 Price list. Yes! We received the album and it's gorgeous!  We absolutely love it!    Thank you so much for such a wonderful job! Why so expensive? Itʼs important to remember that your album is an individually designed artwork. We encourage you to allow Jeff to choose the perfect combination of images to create your book. Our goal is to tell the story of your day perfectly with just the right photos, in just the right sequence. Sometimes this means only one image on a page or some times one image spread across two pages for maximum impact! This all takes time, you are hiring a professional graphic artist to create your Art album. You of course will be included in our editing process. We have a fantastic online proofing system that allows you to make comments, changes or approvals page by page, then, e mails those changes to me. We allow three revisions in the price of your album. The design process depends on a few variable factors, however, we usually present design proofs within four weeks from beginning the process. After you approve the design, and we send it to the publisher, you can expect it back about five weeks. Your Album is a piece of fine art, individually crafted and assembled by some of the best manufacturers in the world. Our Fine Art Albums are completely hand made, with leather imported from Italy. I take great pride and care in the design, production and shipping of your albums, the process should never be rushed, and we always deliver an amazing product! This is really an investment in your most important memories. My goal is for you to be showing your album to your grandchildren - of course with tears in your eyes. Think of it this way: if your home catches fire and you have 30 seconds to grab one item as you rush out the door - you're going to grab that wedding album.

12x12” 20 SIDES (10 spreads of 2 ) $1,200 40 SIDES (20 spreads of 2 ) $1,460 80 SIDES (40 spreads of 2 ) $2,180

10x10” 20 SIDES (10 spreads of 2 ) $950 40 SIDES (20 spreads of 2 ) $1,250 80 SIDES (40 spreads of 2 ) $1,850

8x8” 20 SIDES (10 spreads of 2 ) $800 40 SIDES (20 spreads of 2 ) $1,040 80 SIDES (40 spreads of 2 ) $1,550

Custom Designed

Parent Albums

(Brag Books)

Our Parent books are perfect gift books for your wedding party or your parents! Hard bound with custom photo covers on each one, they begin at 5x5” square, or 5x7” Horizontal, with 10 pages each. You can insert your favorite images showcasing one image on each page.

Book Size

Standard paper



Hinged Pearl Paper

Book Size

First 20 Sides

Add’l Sides

First 20 Sides

Add’l Sides

First 20 Sides

Add’l Sides

5x5 - 5x7







8x8 - 8.5 x 11







All albums require a 50% deposit to begin the design process.

Guest Books 2011 Price list.

Thinking about purchasing a plain sign in book for your wedding? Don’t do it! Gone are the days where your family signs in on a plain lined page, only to be used to see where to send the thank you cards then put away forever. Our Guest books are the perfect way to show off your engagement or bridal portraits! Let us create a custom design from your images that can be published in a long lasting hard bound book! Your guests will love looking at your portraits as they sign in at the wedding or reception hall. These are real books, hard bound with dust covers, and pages that lay flat, flush mount style, so that it’s easier to sign and view! You will proudly display this book along with your wedding album, it makes a great companion piece as well as a fond remembrance of your friends and family.

Our guest books are available in two designer sizes, 8x8 square, and 8.5x11 landscape. (Two sizes, same price!) Custom designed, hard bound, 20 sides, flush mount with dust cover $189 Additional page spreads (2 pages) $15 each up to 50 sides.

2011 Wedding Albums  

Classic Wedding Album Elegance Leather Coffee Table books

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