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N “These are Jersey City teachers, they are not Bayonne teachers. They are a different breed. They will take action, and that fact really scares me.” “These are Jersey City teachers, they are not Bayonne teachers. They are a different breed. They will take action, and that fact really scares me.”

June 2014 Jersey City Education Association

15 Months of Negotiations!!!

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: speech or behavior which shows that you do not think someone or something is valuable, important, etc. : lack of respect

Shawn “Sully” Thomas, Jersey City Democratic Organization Chairman and Jimmy Carroll were on hand at the June 19 Board of Education meeting, to lend their support the members of the JCEA. We thank these gentlemen for their listening to our concerns, and supporting us in our quest to finalize contract negotiations.

Teachers, Students, Leadership WHAT’S GOOD FOR OUR TEACHERS

Speak Out at BOE Meeting

IS GOOD FOR OUR STUDENTS $4 Million Wasted this year $4 Million Wasted next year $8 Million Wasted So far

“These are Jersey City teachers, they are not Bayonne teachers. They are a different breed. They will take action, and that fact really scares me.” Marilyn Roman Member Board of Education Jersey City Public Schools


President’s Message I’d like to thank all 500 of you who attended the BOE meeting on Thursday, June 19. I was invited to the Superintendent’s office in the afternoon of June 19, in order to receive a new monetary proposal from the Board’s attorney that is handling negotiations. I am in the process of making salary guides to see how this will look. I want you to remember, however, the position of the Board of Education’s attorney: “You are not entitled to an increment” Remember, the increment is your move to the next step in the salary guide. The Board’s belief is that you should be frozen on your step for three years, and only receive a raise based on a percentage of the step you are currently on. This will give some folks a few hundred dollars over the life of the contract, and some people would see raises under $100. If you are on maximum, you would most likely see zero dollars over the life of the contract. Over 30 JCEA members spoke out about the sometimes horrid conditions that you and your pupils endure; bullying and intimidation tactics employed by administrators, the lack of resources and supplies, lack of clean drinking water, soap, towels, books, the endless weeks of standardized testing, the Common Core and the impending PAARC test, etc… You would think some of our schools are in so-called “third world countries,” judging by their condition. On June 19, the Board voted, 5-4, to renew the contact of Source4Teachers. This is $4 million that could have been used for contractual obligations. Consultants continue to be paid the per diem rate of $1500-$1800. Over $500,000 was spent on an attendance system using fingerprint technology, at “Central Office,” and most employees attest to the fact that the system often breaks down. Associate Superintendents were up for hefty raises, also. Fortunately, a few board members spoke up and said it is not wise to dish out raises well over $3000 to EACH associate supt. while the JCEA contracts are up in the air. Therefore, the Associate Supt’s were granted one year contracts without any raise. Overall, we have a board of ed that is difficult to conduct business with, and in one board member’s words, in her email, the “union is getting too vocal.” Well, if you choose to run for a board seat, you must be willing to take both critical and complimentary comments, in stride. I am meeting with the JCEA executive board and negotiating teams of all four (4) JCEA affiliates. We are negotiating the Teachers, Teacher Aides, Secretaries and Non Certified Administrators contracts, simultaneously. All of these affiliates make up the JCEA. Since the summer recess is upon us, I will be sending many communications out to you. You should make sure that: • •

JCEA has your correct mailing address on file. Our phone number is 201-435-6600. Go to click on red box “sign up for email updates” and enter your home email address, not the jcboe address.

I want to keep everyone abreast of the latest developments in our contract negotiations. I am in talks with City Hall, Trenton, and have scheduled meetings with our elected officials, representing Jersey City and Hudson County. I met with State Senator Sandra Cunningham, on June 20, to bring her up to speed on what is transpiring in our school district. She is scheduling a meeting with Dr. Lyles.

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The end goal is to achieve a fair and equitable contract. Our blue contract book took 16 months to get approved, and I’m confident we will get this contract approved. With the political climate, the Governor, billionaire hedge fund managers investing money in Jersey City, and other factors influencing negotiations, it’s tougher to negotiate than in past years. However, we will prevail as an Association, of professionals. We’ve proved this many times over many years.

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This summer we will be working on increment withholdings, terminations, Donaldson hearings, tenure charge cases, and most importantly, settling this contract.

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I wish you an enjoyable summer recess. Many of you work one or two jobs in the summer to make ends meet, but I do hope you find some “down” time to relax and unwind. This has been an incredibly challenging year for all; SGO’s, SGP’s, portfolios, new evaluation system, RAC, walkthroughs, etc… Keep your eye on your mailbox for correspondence, from the JCEA, during July and August. In closing, I wish you a happy, healthy, and an enjoyable summer. Ron Greco

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“You are not entitled to an increment” Negotiating Attorney JCBOE Christie Gives Staff Raises of 23% Executive Board President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President 3rd Vice President Corresponding Secretary Financial Secretary Treasurer

Ronald Greco Jr. Andrea Pastore Tina M. Thorp Charlene Bini Michael Franco Colleen Kelleher Eileen Cleary-DiPrima

Jersey City school principals, supervisors to get 5.9% pay hike over 3 years Jersey City teachers out in force at June 19, 2014 school board meeting

Members at Large Edward Fauerbach Tanea Felder Mike Greco Joseph Kelly Donna Middelebrooks

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“Silence never won rights. They are not handed down from above; they are forced by pressures from below.” Roger Baldwin

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15 months negotiating everyone get a contract but teachers and staff Ron's message on state of affairs the column 4 pages

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