2021 Impact Report

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2021 Impact Report

Artwork of Tzedakah box created for this report by longtime JCC member, lap swimmer and professional artist, Cathy Kravitz.

A Letter from the Board Chair Steve Harms

Several years ago, I had a cycling career ending crash resulting in a severely fractured femur. After surgery, I knew that I would need serious rehab. I had not been in the JCC for many years, but had heard great things about the fitness center. After a scheduled facilities tour, I became a JCC Member on the spot, appreciating what an outstanding facility the JCC is. And my love for the J and the community of friends and acquaintances I’ve developed has become deeper and richer over these past several years. A colleague invited me to participate in the Frank-Larner Leadership Program where I gained an incredible appreciation for Jewish culture and developed strong bonds with the other program participants. Culture of Philanthropy As board chair, the more I learn about the J,

A Letter from the CEO of the J Eric Koehler

“Persistent anticipation” seems to best describe 2021. It seems like the world looked forward, month after month, for the “all clear” that never came. But we all pushed forward, making headway where we could and when we could. In the following pages, I hope you are as pleased as I am with the impact we were able to make, thanks to your support. I’m grateful to our board of directors for their support and leadership in helping us navigate successfully around and through the bumps in the road. I’m grateful to staff who continued to work above and beyond as we recruited to no avail to fill positions that would have provided some relief. I’m grateful to members for their patience and understanding as we worked to make sure we brought back programming safely and sustainably. I’m grateful to the Jewish Federation

the greater my fondness and appreciation grow. I am struck by how awesome our board, staff, members, former members, friends and neighbors have been in stepping up to ensure that the J remains a community resource. Not only did I just learn about the fundamental Jewish value of Tzedakah, or charitable giving, I’m seeing it in abundance at the J and witnessing the good that happens when it is embraced by a community. Like with our new J Cares program, a community service initiative that provided hundreds of turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday to seven partnering agencies to distribute to neighbors in need. Numbers Are Only Part of the Story In the following pages, you’ll

see some yearly facts and figures that help illustrate the impact your support has meant to our community. Behind these numbers are people, including those who made it happen - teachers, instructors, program managers, volunteers and many, many others. But mainly, behind these numbers is you; none of the programs and services would have been possible without your support. We’re grateful to you for your membership, your program participation, and your financial contributions that make our J a community for all of us.

The theme for this annual report is ‘Tzedakah’ which is typically seen as charitable giving. We are grateful to our members, former members and friends for showing us the true meaning of Tzedakah.

of Greater Indianapolis, United Way of Central Indiana, Lilly Endowment and so many other foundations for providing grant opportunities and funding. And after a banner year in 2019, I am grateful to donors who continued to contribute, closing the gap that our non-profit faces every year because membership dues, tuition and program fees don’t cover the cost of what it takes us to operate such a beloved community resource. Tzedakah Tzedakah lies at the heart of Judaism’s understanding of mitzvot, or interpersonal duties, the basis for a good society. In translation, tzedakah is about justice. Mishpat refers to retributive justice, or the rule of law. But Judaism recognizes that there needs to also be distributive justice. That’s tzedakah. The directive is to “Be open-handed and freely

lend him sufficient for his need in that which he lacks.” The kind of society the Israelites were charged with creating is one in which no one is without the basics. Those who have more than they need share some of their surplus, e.g., the blessings of wealth, with those who have less. Additionally, a person dependent on tzedakah must himself or herself give tzedakah, or pay it forward. Todah Rabah Thank you very much for showing us Tzedakah. And thank you to member and professional artist Cathy Kravitz for the gift of the image of a Tzedakah box for our cover. Because of the progress we made in 2021, we are in an excellent position to move further forward in 2022.

After School Care | Camp JCC

306 Average of

Days sold of School’s Out Programming



students served monthly across ASC Spring and Fall semesters

given in ASC scholarships providing an opportunity for 10 children who would otherwise not be able to attend

Voted in the TOP 3 Indy ’s Bes t Summer C amp!



Unique campers attended Camp JCC

weeks of camp sold



weeks of pre/post camp sold

given in Camp scholarships to 23 children who would otherwise not be able to attend

Early Childhood Education

Children in the J’s Early Childhood Education program learned about Tzedakah, both receiving The new recycled-bottlecap bench (their families and JCC members serving as role models) and giving. • ECE families collected items for Popsie’s Pantry for the Passover Drive and purchased A North Wing Twos student doing artwork on the new recycled-bottle-cap picnic table gifts and essentials for a family of five for Jewish Family Services’ Adopt-A-Family. • The Lilly Lane 3-month bouquet fundraiser The ECE Family Cookbook brought in $1,050 to purchase a mud kitchen. • The framed puzzle fundraiser brought in $530 to purchase equipment for the Kofim and Gimmel students delivering playground. to Popsie's Pantry • The ECE Family Cookbook of teachers’ favorite dishes raised about $800. • Donations of recycled bottle caps created a bench and picnic table. • A family purchased a glockenspiel to honor a namesake.


Teachers Mollie and Cristina with Administrator Abby (middle) participated in a week-long professional development opportunity in Chicago focused on Sheva lenses and nature-based learning.


Classrooms Infants through pre-kindergarten children served



Personal Training trainers


Pilates Reformer sessions completed

2,161 Training sessions sold 14

Land-based Group Ex classes added


New boxing bags from a donor for a class that doubled


Average monthly Yoga/Pilates participants

Gymnastics participants (10 sessions)


Total participants in Youth Sports

* Does not include: Aquatics, Tennis, tNBA basketball, Softball, Dodgeball and Pickleball leagues in the gyms and softball field

JumpBunch Indoor Soccer participants (2 sessions) JumpBunch participants (4 sessions) Karate participants (7 sessions) Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido participants (3 sessions) Youth Dance (13 sessions)

73 16 19

66 33 98

Aquatics | Racquet Sports Private and semi-private swim lessons A 75% increase over 2020!

3,056 $191k

$57k $45k 98



Revenue from private lessons Double 2020.

In revenue, including rentals (pre-COVID was $150k) In revenue from rentals Jayden getting ready to practice with a swim bar

Spent on pool chemicals Lifeguards who completed their training at the J ie Dip

Dogg Indy Goldens at

Dogs at Doggie Dip


Participants in youth and adult tennis programs

Evah at tennis


In revenue for Tennis. Tennis Camp revenue increased 300%, league revenue doubled and lessons increased 25%

Evan keeping his eye on the ball

New in 2021 were tennis and pickleball mixers.


The Ann Katz Festival of Books & Arts is the largest festival of its kind in central Indiana. For 23 years, it has showcased a wide variety of authors as well as films, dance and performing artists.


1,500 85


Programs (and 19 Taste of Ann Katz Programs) People enjoyed the programming Festival Passes sold in Sponsorships

Sponsors include:

• Glick Philanthropies • Irwin and Ann Katz Cultural Arts Endowment Fund • Herbert Simon Family Foundation • Christel DeHann Family Foundation • Lilly Foundation

11 32


Donors Raised to support arts programming

The Save Your Seat Chair Campaign to purchase 200 comfortable chairs raised






The Unity Project’s goal is to build respect and understanding between various communities, especially Black and Jewish communities, through the arts and intentional dialogue.

Jewish Life


Heartland Film Arte Mexicano en Indiana Indianapolis Jazz Foundation Indianapolis Jazz Festival Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library Congregation Beth-El Zedeck Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Congregation Sharray Tefilla Congregation Beth Shalom Carmel Library Dance Kaleidoscope Jewish Book Council Indiana Writers Center National JCC Literary Consortium Indianapolis Historical Society Women for Change Spirit and Place

BBYO teens helped build the community sukkah


BBYO is the the leading pluralistic teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful Jewish experiences.


A total of 68 members: BBG Members (Girls)


AZA members (Boys)


In-Person Events and 4 virtual events (Local & Regional)


The J hosted two Israeli ambassadors, recent Israeli high school graduates who deferred army service for a year. Our Shinshinim worked with 10+ community organizations for in-person and virtual events, educate youth in the J’s ECE and Afterschool Care programs and connect with 255 Followers on Instagram and 134 on Facebook. Funding for the Shinshinim program has been provided by Beth-El Zedeck, Congregation Shaarey Tefilla, Diane & John Abrams, Hasten Hebrew Academy, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, Jewish Agency For Israel and Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis.

Program Support Provided by: • Shirley Rose Morgan and Harry Golden Morgan Tuition Assistance Fund for scholarships in Afterschool, Camp and Early Childhood Education programs • Mordoh Family Capital Equipment Fund for fitness center repair & replacement • Irwin and Ann Katz Cultural Arts & Education Fund for arts programming • Leon Mordoh Lip Sync Program Endowment for CampJCC • Alexis (Lexy) and Jeanette Levin Fund for Day Camp Program Enrichment • Bruce and Linda Frank Education and Development Endowment for leadership development, lay & professional, including the Frank-Larner Leadership Academy • Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Endowment for Eskenazi Aquatics Complex program supplies, repairs & replacements of equipment

Kitchen Fun Facts

Shop to Support


10,000 served 4,230 Half gallons of 1% milk

48,000 Paper cups


From members who designated the JCC for Kroger Community Rewards program


Was donated to the J through AmazonSmile

Donors Saved the J Financials Source

Source of Funds*


$1,749,768 Membership Dues 2.4% Up $179,815 from previous year




incl United Way

$3,314,615 Program Fees Up $333,930 from previous 40.7% year


incl United Way





23.2% DUES


Out of the $7,504,659 total in expenses: Out of the $7,086,651 total in expenses: $4,297,833 (57.3%) is Staff Compensation $3,746,370 (52.9%) is Staff Compensation $1,719,720 (22.9%) is Rent, Utilities & Insurance $1,782,582 (25.2%) Rent, Utilities Down $160,955 fromisprevious year & Insurance. $939,880 in in-kind from the 5.5% program Federation for supplies Rent (of which $43,178 is pool chemicals); 6.2% service fees e.g., credit card $517,089 is for service processing(7.3%) fees and 10% Otherfees $442,605 (6.2%) is for supplies, e.g, program supplies like food for ECE ($226k) The remaining expenses include contracts, e.g., cleaning services cost $150,000.

* Unaudited * Unaudited financials financials

27.2% $419,248 Contributions andPROGRAM Grants DUES$462,738 from previous FEES Down year

$1,603,106 Jewish Federation of Greater IndianapolisY Down $4,165 from previous year which was 21.6% 9.2% down $245,577 from 2019; $1,172,371 is inJFGI kind. The Federation waived our payments CONTRIBUTIONS & GRANTS on interest of our loan, saving the J $54,021 $7,539,344 TOTAL REVENUE Up $84,237 from previous year

Fast Facts

$1.9 million Decrease in revenues from 2019

Fast Facts

$1,812,951 million $84,237 Amount expensesfrom were2019 below budget due Increase in revenues to staff efforts $502,245 $407,444 Favorable operating variance in the net Gas, Electric and Water bill (cut $79,443 deficit from the previous year from previous year) $382,186 in Gas, Water and Electric $25,258 lower than the previous year; a total savings of $104,701 over two years $95,631 Credit card processing costs

Tzedakah ‫צדקה‬ This report is an overview of the impact the JCC was able to have on the community, thanks to the Tzedakah, or charity, shown to us by members, former members, friends and neighbors. The artwork on the cover is our gift to you, created specifically for this report, an incredible gift from longtime JCC member, lap swimmer and professional artist, Cathy Kravitz.

Arthur M. Glick JCC | 6701 Hoover Road | Indianapolis, IN 46260 | 317-251-9467 | JCCindy.org JCC Indianapolis is a non-profit affiliated agency of the United Way of Central Indiana, the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, Inc. and Jewish Community Centers Association of North America.