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Jacksonville Community Council Inc. Credo Jacksonville Community Council Inc. recognizes that we have assumed a solemn community trust by establishing ourselves in the legal category "to serve the larger public good". Because we accept financial contributions from the public and enjoy certain benefits applicable to nonprofit organizations, we must adhere to high ethical standards. In recognition of both the legal and ethical responsibilities, we pledge ourselves to this credo: 1.

To know and obey the laws that governs our tax exempt status as a public benefit organization


To avoid any form of self-dealing that puts personal benefit ahead of public benefit


To accept and practice the principle of appropriate full financial and program disclosure


To state fully and clearly in all fundraising activity the proposed use of the funds


To uphold standards of fair, objective, and thorough research and reporting


To assure that all programs and projects are consistent with our stated mission


To aspire to be models of openness, representativeness, diversity, tolerance, fairness, honesty, and democratic principles


To reflect these values and qualities in our internal operations including the treatment of those who work with and for us


To acknowledge that the board, as trustees in the literal and legal sense, bear the ultimate responsibility for the organization's ethical behavior


To conduct an annual ethics audit as a means of assuring that the organization is observing this credo and, thereby, is in compliance with its public trust. To test ethical dilemmas against this credo and the words of Thomas Jefferson: "Whenever you are to do a thing, though it can never be known but to yourself, ask yourself how you would act were all the world looking at you and act accordingly."

Adopted 10/91

JCCI Credo  

JCCI Credo