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Annual Report

2018-19 Season

Inspiring Excellence in Young Singers

Dear Friends of The Chorus, In what has become a tradition of the JCC, the 2018-2019 fiscal year was spectacular. During the 2018-2019 season, the JCC served 912 area children. 334 of those children participated in year-long choirs — that’s 334 area children whose lives were forever impacted by their involvement in the JCC! So many of those children would not have the life-changing experience of the JCC without you, our supporters and donors. In fact, your financial support enabled us to provide $103,212 in scholarships, enabling over 44% of our young performers to participate in the JCC. Our singers learn discipline, confidence and teamwork — skills that will benefit throughout their entire lives, whether they become professional singers, electricians, mechanics, business owners, engineers, nurses, doctors, or lawyers. They experience people and places many of them would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience. Our singers perform for audiences around our city, our country, and our world. They perform for their peers, their parents, for businesses, for the elderly, and for you. During the 2018-2019 season our choirs performed at nearly 20 locations around our city, held four full-production concerts, and performed in four choir festivals throughout the U.S. And as we approach the 25th anniversary of this amazing organization, one that began in 1995 with just 16 children, we look forward to your continued support of the outstanding work of the JCC developing our area’s children into excellent performers and outstanding citizens. With Sincere Thanks,

Heather Solanka Chair, Board of Directors


2018-2019 Annual Report

The mission

The mission of the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus (JCC) is to provide highquality choral music education for children of diverse backgrounds, fostering teamwork, selfdiscipline, accomplishment and pride while filling an important cultural need in the community and sharing the beauty of the choral art form through artistically excellent performances. The JCC was founded in 1995 at Jacksonville University to fill a need for a children’s music program, led by Dr. Frances B. Kinne, then-JU president, and implemented by Dr. Jon O. Carlson and Jim Taylor. From 16 voices in 1995, the JCC has grown to serve 912 singers in year-long choirs and outreach programs in FY 1819. Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


Why Sing?

Top Reasons to Sing! The first reason to sing is for JOY! Joy for yourself, joy to others, and joy with others! If you can sing, you won’t want to stop singing for your own pleasure and those around. • Singing is a great CONFIDENCE booster, giving you a sense of well being and happiness, all while filling the mind with beautiful words and sound. • EXERCISE. Singing exercises the heart aerobically, as well as the facial muscles. • To be able to LISTEN better. You hone your audio skills through vocals and other sounds in general. • It’s FREE. You can do it anywhere, any place and with anyone. Or alone. Loud, quiet, anyhow. • It’s FUNDAMENTAL to sing. Whoever you are. From pro to hairbrush… We all sing in one way or another. From musicians that live and breathe it daily, to the people that hum away to unknown songs on a radio. We all sing and enjoy music to some degree. It would be a travesty if we didn’t. 4

2018-2019 Annual Report

– From the London Singing Institute

Year-Long Choirs At the JCC,

it is our goal to provide environments rich with opportunities for diverse children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to develop social, emotional, and intellectual well-being through the study of vocal performance, thereby stimulating readiness for participants to succeed across broad disciplines. In the 2018-2019 program year, the JCC accomplished this by offering seven year-long choir experiences of differing difficulty levels through 20 different weekly classes located across Northeast Florida






Training 2-4 4

SITE LOCATIONS Downtown & Southside Downtown, Mandarin, Orange Park, & Southside

Treble 4-6 4 Downtown, Mandarin, Orange Park, & Southside Lyric 4-6 4

Downtown, Mandarin, Orange Park, & Southside

Young Men’s



Downtown & Orange Park




Downtown & Orange Park




Downtown & Orange Park

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


I was a singer with the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus through all four years of high school. Being a part of this chorus greatly shaped my teenage years, and left me not only with quality music education, but also lasting friendships and skills to help me in life. Music has been a passion of mine for a long time, and the JCC gave me an environment where I could learn music and perform around Jacksonville and all around the world. It left me with some truly unforgettable memories, and I’m so grateful that my mom convinced me to audition.” —Sarah, Alum

The musical directors [my daughter has worked with] are at the top of their field. The amount of growth I have seen in my daughter not only musically but personally has been tremendous. As she matures and her voice develops she has learned breath support, pitch control, sight singing, pitch recognition, as well as singing in multiple languages. Personally, she has learned how to be part of a team as well as the dedication, sacrifice, and hard work that is required to be successful.” —Sarah, JCC Parent

Socio Economic Stats and Scholarship Info Providing scholarships

is part of the JCC’s core values. Over the years, The Chorus has expanded from 16 singers in 1995, the JCC has grown to a year-long membership of over 334 singers in 2019. Even with this growth, The Chorus has maintained several core values: that diversity within its singer membership is essential to its mission and that no child who wishes to sing should be turned away. Scholarships ensure access for everyone. Scholarships provide tuition, uniforms, and cover the cost of performances and trips — the chance of a lifetime for our region’s children, many of whom have never left the state of Florida. The JCC is committed to responsible growth. The JCC established its scholarship program in 1998, and now more than 44% of JCC’s singers receive full or partial scholarships every year. To maintain this percentage alongside such growth and interest, the JCC has had to fundraise a bit more each year to keep up. More often than not, the JCC is providing more tuition scholarships than what is funded by the community. The number of scholarships awarded each year reflects our community’s need. In FY 1819, 148 singers received full and partial scholarships; in FY 1213, 70 singers received assistance. Each year, the scholarship need exceeds funds available. This year, we provided $103,212 in scholarships, yet raised $32,710 for this purpose. Last year, we gave $93,257 in scholarships and raised $50,675. The JCC anticipates scholarship need in the amount of $101,948 for FY 1920.

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


Scholarships provide more than you might think. The JCC offers our community’s children a place to express themselves, develop special skills, and become strong and confident musicians. While music is offered in schools, music teachers often only see students twice a month for 50 minutes — not enough time for students to grow and develop skills. The JCC’s young singers benefit from learning music theory, voice, leadership skills, positive character traits, and personal ethics they will carry into adulthood. Singers learn teamwork, respect, kindness, self-discipline, and experience the reward that hard work and dedication can bring through outstanding performances. Music education is fundamental to a child’s growth. Clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Sherry Kelly recently reported music stimulates the brain’s centers that develop language, attention, organization, spatial awareness, emotions, planning, and motor skills. This distinct connection between music, language processing, and reading during childhood promotes listening skills and enhances learning throughout life. Scholarships enable excellence throughout a child’s life. At the JCC, your support advances student success beyond the disciplines of performance art. Each child develops social, and emotional intelligences, which foster good health and well-being and, ultimately, success in life. Since FY 1617, scholarship dollars disbursed have increased by $10,000. This is due in part to having three traveling choirs, as compared to just one choir in the previous years. In June 2019, the Concert Choir once again traveled nationally, to Asheville, NC, to participate in the North Carolina Summer Institute in Choral Art (NCSICA). Adding a national tour to the Concert Choir program in recent years has helped to retain


2018-2019 Annual Report

Members of the JCC during their attendance at the North Carolina Summer Institute in Choral Art (NCSICA) near Asheville, NC.

Concert Choir members whose musical growth and sophistication continues to demand more challenges. Additionally, in an effort to provide the Young Men’s Chorus with new opportunities and challenges, they have been provided with their own opportunities to travel and to represent Jacksonville in their own right. In 2019, the Young Men’s Chorus participated in the Stetson Tenor/Bass Festival, a musical event designed to affirm the participation of young men in the choral arts. They also joined the Concert Choir at NCSICA. These experiences teach our young singers how to be musical ambassadors for northeast Florida, to collaborate with artists from different backgrounds, and that establishing relationships in our global economy is integral to success as artists and as citizens of the world.




Members of the Young Men’s Chorus traveled to Stetson University in Deland, FL to take part in the Tenor/ Bass Festival in 2019.


































*Beginning in FY 1617, both Touring and Concert Choirs started touring, thus the increase in scholarship expense.

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


“The JCC helped me grow in so many ways. I met new, talented people from all over the world and learned that music unites us all in song and breaks barriers of race, class, and color. It gives hope for a better future, understanding, and cooperation.” ­— Jasmin, JCC Alumna 10

2018-2019 Annual Report

Performances In addition to providing world-class, year-long, choral education programming for our young singers, the JCC also offers over 32 different performance opportunities throughout the year in 28 venues world-wide. Performing on stage helps children expand their self-efficacy by increasing confidence and self-presentation skills, developing empathy and compassion for others, and increasing perseverance and problem solving. Performing regularly also teaches children self-reliance and that collaboration with others is necessary to reach a common goal. Many studies have proven that children who habitually perform also experience higher academic achievement and learn that there are many different pathways to develop a skill. In programming year 2018-2019, our singers sampled cultures and traditions from all over the world and performed in several different languages, including:

Chinese English

Lakota Latin

Greek Hebrew

French Swahili

Italian Japanese

Tagalog Torres Strait Islands

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


Racial Diversity Stats and Age Statistics

“ Our daughter joined JCC

in 2011, and to be able to describe her experience with the chorus for the last {8} years would be impossible. JCC has not only given our daughter confidence, but has also made her part of the community. She has been provided with life skills, self-discipline, and time management. As her parents, we are amazed by the acceptance found in the choral community, as well as by the different backgrounds and social groups found within the members. Despite all of this, every week they gather together to make music. They learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to help one another. JCC has enriched our daughter with amazing pieces of music, outstanding guest-singer experiences, and amazing performances. We are so thankful that she is a part of this exceptional organization!

–Sonia, JCC Parent

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus








FY FYE 6/30

The JCC served 912 children in year-long and outreach programs in FY 1819, compared to 421 in FY 1112.



279 142 421 10,325 36



280 248 528 51,550 168

1314 77

306 273 579 51,631 170

1415 124

338 222 560 62,112 171




485 854 84,283 176

1617 130


601 1,003 81,448 174




418 718 260,177 129






91,739 126

*The drop in singer numbers was due partly to lower registrations and singers dropping as a result of Hurricane Irma.

Age Distribution In FY 1819, age distribution for the JCC’s year-long choirs was: 7% age 0-5, 54% age 6-10, 35% age 11-14, and 4% age 15-18.

Age 15-18


Age 0-5


Age 3-5 Age 6-10



Age 11-14


Year-long Choir Members

>Age 3


Preschool Programs

(Not including Preschool Programs) 100


Gender Distribution The trend continues

FY 1112

to include more boys: in FY 1819 year 33% were boys (18% in FY 1112).



FY 1819 60



FY 1819



FY 1112


Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


Young Men’s Touring Concert Lyric Treble Training Primary Preschool 20%








Ethnic Distribution This exceeded Jacksonville’s—the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Community Survey reports that 39% of Jacksonville’s residents are non-white. Last year, 41% of JCC’s singers were African American, Hispanic, Mixed-race and Other, or Asian and Pacific Islander. In FY 1819, the JCC served four differently-abled children — one child uses a wheelchair, one child is on the autism spectrum, and two children are visually impaired — all participated in year-long choirs and performances.


2018-2019 Annual Report


Outreach Programs The JCC is unique among its sister Jacksonville arts providers; it is the only children’s chorus of its size and professionalism in Northeast Florida and serves over 912 children and area music educators in year-long choirs and outreach programs. The JCC offers our community’s children a place to express themselves and become strong and confident musicians. While music is offered in public schools, often those programs take a back seat to the rigors of testing and instruction, which leaves little time for students to grow and develop musical skills. JCC’s outreach activities – preschool music classes, First Coast Honors Choir Festival, River City Choral Festival, and continuing education for state-wide music teachers – serve children from preschool to 12th grade and adults.

The program was amazing. My son was shy at first, but soon he was singing, moving and talking into the microphone and interacting with the other kids. He was very interested in playing with all of the different musical instruments! — First Steps in Music, Parent

There was a nice variety of musical modalities and instruments- something for everyone. The modern music that accompanied the class and the parachute helped promote interaction and cooperation among the kids.

— First Steps in Music, Parent

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


Outreach Programs Preschool Music Classes These serve children ages 18 months to five-years old and allow children and parents to experience singing, creative movement, simple instruments, and finger plays through traditional songs and rhymes. Due to generous funding from the Chartrand Foundation, the JCC was able to expand its free preschool music classes starting January of 2017. This prompted a pilot project offering a fee-based preschool music program for 5 weeks. In FY 1819, the JCC offered one 5-week session in the fall, and three 5-week sessions in Spring 2019, respectively, funded by PNC Foundation.

17th Annual First Coast Honors Choir Festival Created in 2003, this day-long annual festival serves area fourth through sixth graders recommended by their music teachers from public and private schools. Two Guest Clinicians conduct.

Winter Music Workshop This free workshop for school-based music teachers is a morning breakfast seminar hosted alongside the Honors Choir Festival. A Guest Conductor provides continuing education for teachers invited from 180 area schools.

River City Choral Music Festival In June 2019, the JCC held the second annual summer choral festival for 2nd – 12th graders. Attendees included singers from local area schools. This Festival also included a Piano track, where students were be able to experience various festival activities while learning basic keyboard knowledge, beginning piano skills, note reading, and rhythm skills.


2018-2019 Annual Report

Financials Earned Revenue - 49%

Contributed Revenue - 51%






Programs Tickets



Individuals Government Corporations




Earned Revenue The JCC earns revenue from several sources including ticket sales from its over 32 different concerts­— held annually in Jacksonville and all over the world, from tuition payments of year-long choir singers, and from registrations for its various outreach programs offered throughout the year.

Contributed Revenue Contributed revenue at the JCC is considered “revenue from charitable sources” and comes from corporations, city and state government grants, foundations, and individuals. These dollars provide the JCC much-need support to underwrite tuition scholarships so that no child who wishes to sing is turned away. The JCC spent $103,212 on tuition scholarships last year.

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


Administrative Expense Administrative expenses directly relate to the operations of the organization such as accounting expenses — including staff salaries and our annual nonprofit audit fees, fundraising expenses including staff and postage for mailing request letters, and administrative rental space so our organization has a mailing address and a place to take payments.

Artistic Expense Artistic expenses include artistic staff salaries, sheet music, production expenses, instruments, fees for world renowned guest artists and musical experts, and rehearsal space. These expenses related directly to the production of our year-long choirs and outreach programs.

Operating Expenses





2018-2019 Annual Report


Our Community 1,031


Worldwide Venues





Year-long Choir Singers and Outreach Participants

39 nce 7 , 1 9 udie

A s Live ember M


2018-2019 Annual Report


Community and Parent Volunteers

Our Team 7







Board Members


Guest Artists


Administrative Staff

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus


“Our partnership makes an indelible mark on our community. Music plays a major role in a child’s development. It enriches lives and helps students to express themselves and explore new ways to communicate.” — JCC community partner

Thank You Donors Sustainer’s Divisions ($50,000 and up) Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

Conductor’s Circle ($10,000 and up) Baker Family Advised Fund Gary and Nancy Chartrand Florida Blue Community Fund Florida Blue Foundation Henry and Lucy Gooding Endowment Joan and Preston Haskell Sharon and John C. Myers, III Meninak Club of Jacksonville One Digital PGA Tour, Inc. PNC Bank Delores and J. Wayne Weaver Delores Barr Weaver Forever Event Fund est. 2015

Benefactors ($5,000-9,999) John E. Anderson Anonymous bestbet

Ruth P. Conley Stephanie and Tim Cost Cummer Family Foundation Terry Fowler Crystal and Michael Freed Delores Barr Weaver Fund est. 2012 DuBow Family Foundation Ellen and James Wiss Haskell International Management Company Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation Claire Joyce Cara McCuen Live Oak Contracting Robert & Kay Onstead Foundation Laura Lee Pattillo Norquist Charitable Foundation Publix Super Markets Charities Rice Family Foundation St. Johns Ship Building State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs JoAnn Tredennick and Jack Meeks Kathy and Tom VanOsdol

Our Children’s Chorus is not just an artistic and educational institution of great impact upon our community, but an entity which can play a behindthe-scenes role for the betterment of our city. As it approaches its 25th Anniversary, it is a shining example of a non-profit organization stepping beyond its core mission to enhance the quality of life of its neighborhood and to help jump start initiatives such as the Cathedral District.

– Preston Haskell, JCC Donor Jacksonville Children’s Chorus 25

Thank you

for your civic leadership. Because of you, Northeast Florida is a vibrant place to live, work, and play. As a leader of our region, the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus is appealing to you to consider supporting its efforts. If the JCC is to become a world class children’s chorus, our best and brightest “ambassadors of harmony” must showcase one of Jacksonville’s most treasured exports — our song. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Dear Community Leaders, Reflecting on the successes and challenges of the year, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of support from our community. 2018-2019 was a very challenging year for The Chorus from a financial standpoint, having lost more than $165,000 in funding due to the unfortunate dissolution and restructuring of many foundations and individual contributors. However, because of the generosity of our community members, not only were we able to move forward with all planned programming, but we actually increased our reach over that of the previous year! As you have read, we also continued to experience a growing need for tuition assistance among our membership. While scholarship needs have steadily increased for the past several years, this year was significant, jumping from 37% to 44%. It is because of your dedication and increased giving that allows this program to serve more and more families each year. Scholarships not only help to provide the world-class music instruction, but also once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities. This past year, 50% of singers in our traveling choirs received scholarships, affording many the chance to travel nationally and internationally. Our Young Men’s Chorus attended the Stetson Tenor/ Bass Festival, and later joined our Concert Choir for the North Carolina Summer Institute in Choral Art. The Touring Choir then embarked on a 16-day tour through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Belgium, and Netherlands. These tours allow our singers to act as musical ambassadors for Jacksonville, and contribute to their success as artists and citizens of the world. One last exciting development is the addition of our professional adult ensemble — ­ Voices of Jacksonville. This group is now providing a home for our JCC alumni to continue their musical career after completing their collegiate music studies. We are fortunate to live and work in a community that appreciates the value of the arts. It is because of your belief in our mission that we have come this far and impacted thousands of children’s lives over the last 24 years. And now, as we enter into our 25th season at the JCC, we ask that you renew your investment in our singers by making a donation today. With your help, we will continue to change lives through music for the next 25 years, and beyond! With gratitude,

Darren Dailey, President and Artistic Director

225 E. Duval Street • Jacksonville, Florida 32202 • (904) 353-1636 www.JaxChildrensChorus.org

Photography courtesy of Paul Varner.

Profile for Jacksonville Children's Chorus

JCC Annual Report | 2018-19  

Our annual report for the Jacksonville Children's Chorus 2018-19 season.

JCC Annual Report | 2018-19  

Our annual report for the Jacksonville Children's Chorus 2018-19 season.

Profile for jcchorus