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Max Lasko, who attends the Bender Early Childhood Center via a telepresence robot, and his classmate interact. Please see story on page 2.

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CENTER STORY A BEAM of Light at the Bender Early Childhood Center By Andrea Kronzek

“It’s fun to have Max in our class. I like that Max doesn’t bump into too many kids with his robot. The robot helps him learn with his friends at school.”

—Sahil, Max’s classmate

Meet Max, a 3-year-old student at the Bender Early Childhood Center. Max has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a motor neuron disease which leads to degeneration of the muscles that help the body to move. Because Max’s mind and sensory nervous system are unaffected, he thinks like a typical child his age.

it meant to welcome someone new,” Kristen explains. “Max quickly became a beloved member of the class.”

Kristen and Yahnatan Lasko, Max’s parents, knew that in order to help their bright, differently-abled little boy reach his full potential, they needed to find a welcoming preschool community with teachers and staff who were willing to step into unfamiliar territory. They approached the Bender JCC preschool to discuss enrolling Max.

“We talk with Max about what he is learning in school and marvel at how the interests of the class influence what he chooses to explore at home,” Kristen remarks.

“The administration was willing to join us on the journey and quickly set about making this a reality,” says Yahnatan. Because respiratory infections pose a significant risk to children with neuromuscular weakness, Kristen and Yahnatan proposed a telepresence robot as the best idea for how to get Max safely into the classroom. Thanks to cuttingedge technology, Max now attends preschool at the Bender JCC via BEAM, a telepresence robot. Max’s BEAM is his daily “avatar” in the classroom; through it, he learns and interacts with the class. “Max’s teachers, Allyson and Victoriya, prepared the class to explore what

Every day for up to two hours, Max “BEAMs” into class. He loves art, music, chasing friends (and being chased), and talking with his friends.

“Having Max join our class through his BEAM robot has been an incredible experience,” says Allyson Levine, Max’s teacher. “The relationship that has formed, and continues to deepen every day between Max and the other children, is inspiring. The children went from being extremely excited about having a robot in our class to simply being excited to have Max in our class. It’s as if they don’t even see the robot anymore. They are all constantly finding new ways to connect with him.” To his classmates, Max is a good friend who has much to contribute. Eli loves being Max’s classmate. “Max helps us learn about him and his robot. I never want to take my eyes off his robot because he’s so interesting.”

CENTER SCENE EDITORIAL STAFF Treva Bustow, Chief Marketing Officer | Mauricio Garcia, Production Artist/Design | Andrea Kronzek, Editor

Eli’s mom, Elizabeth, says that it’s great that this technology exists to allow kids to interact and be exposed to children with differences. “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet a child they might not have otherwise met.” Kristen and Yahnatan say they are extremely grateful that the Bender JCC Preschool has welcomed Max, helping him to learn and grow. “The Bender JCC Preschool surpassed our best hopes.” By the same token, the Bender JCC is grateful to the Lasko family for choosing our preschool and meaningfully enriching the lives of our students, teachers and all who come in contact with Max. For more information about Max, please visit For more information about the Bender Early Childhood Center, please contact Ora Cohen Rosenfeld at 301.348.3830 or


For information on advertising in Center Scene, please contact Treva Bustow at 301.348.3750 or

The Bender JCC embraces and welcomes the diversity of our community and encourages everyone to seek meaning and fulfillment by participating in our rich programming inspired by our Jewish heritage. We open our doors to everyone, including people of all backgrounds, religions, abilities and sexual orientations, and interfaith couples and families.

Center Scene assumes no responsibility for the kashrut status of products advertised.

Inclusion permeates our Center. Inclusion is belonging.

Center Scene, the magazine of the Bender Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, is issued monthly from September through June. The Center is a member of the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America, a beneficiary agency of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and receives support from the United Way and Combined Federal Campaigns.


Max, Yahnatan and Kristen Lasko enjoying a sunny day.

6125 Montrose Road • Rockville, MD 20852 • • 301.881.0100

LEADERSHIP OFFICERS Felicia K. Gottdenker, Chair of the Board of Directors Heidi Hookman Brodsky, Chair-Elect Helen Rubin, Administration/Finance Chair & Treasurer Arthur Polott, Development Chair Adam Polsky, Membership & Programming Chair Holli Beckerman Jaffe, Governance Chair Noam Fischman, General Counsel Andrew Chod, Secretary Brian Gaines, Assistant Secretary Matthew Weinberg, Assistant Treasurer Lisa Gunty, Ombudsperson IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Bradley C. Stillman BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brent Berger, MD Randi K. Meyrowitz Mindy Berger Jill Myers Robert I. Black Candace Ourisman Nathan Bortnick Tracy Bloom Schwartz Andrew Bridge Reed Sexter Elana Fine Andrew P. Shulman Noam Fischman Dale Singer Brett Friedman Maurice “Mac” Samuel Gallo VerStandig Ron Gorfinkel The Honorable Jeff Toby Gottesman Waldstreicher Meredith Jacobs Sharon Zissman Rami Kandel COUNCIL OF ADVISORS Daniel H. Abramowitz Michael Smith Liss David S. Bender Lawrence Mann Stuart Bindeman Alan Meltzer Dean Eisen Pamela Nadell, PhD Bernard Forseter Robert Phillips Greg Friedman Howard Ross The Honorable Julie Silver Douglas F. Gansler Kathy Sklar Toni Goodman Marc Solomon Eric Kassoff Robin Taub Michael Kay Michael E. Winer Mark Lerner Susan Zuckerman Jeffrey Linowes PAST PRESIDENTS Morris Cafritz z”l Steven D. Lustig Marcella E. Cohen Philip N. Margolius Scott M. Cohen Col. Benjamin Ourisman z”l The Honorable Sydney M. Polakoff Stuart E. Eizenstat Richard B. Reff, M.D. Barry P. Forman Leo Schlossberg z”l Rosalie B. Gerber z”l Burnett Siman z”l Michael S. Gildenhorn Beth C. Sloan Col. Julius Goldstein z”l Charles E. Smith z”l Simon Hirshman z”l Andrew M. Stern Lesley Israel Bradley C. Stillman Rosalyn Levy Jonas John D. VerStandig Edward H. Kaplan Bernard M. Weisz Joel S. Kaufman z”l Bernard S. White z”l Harry King z”l Morton H. Wilner z”l Fred Kogod z”l Donald E. Wolpe Robert P. Kogod z”l Samuel Lehrman of blessed memory Harry M. Linowes EXECUTIVE TEAM Michael Feinstein, Chief Executive Officer Treva Bustow, Chief Marketing Officer Debra L. Cooper, Chief Financial Officer Amy I. Gantz, Chief Operating Officer Tom Rogers, Human Resources Director Adam Tennen, Chief Development Officer EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EMERITUS Robert H. Weiner z”l

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The Strangers Message from Michael Last month, following the fourth wave of bomb threats against JCCs, the president condemned the rise in anti-Semitism. He said, “The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible, and are painful, and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil.” For some, his statement came too late and said too little. At least there was finally a statement, although I would have liked to hear a commitment about how the federal government is going to help address the issue.

integrated into American society. Every Jew is a Jew by choice – we can identify ourselves as Jewish or not. The Jewish community is established, prosperous and accepted. We are in a position to speak up and take action on behalf of those who are disadvantaged and those who are outsiders, our society’s “strangers.”

I watched with astonishment and horror as the vile discourse of the last election focused on demeaning the stranger: the Mexican immigrant, the Muslim, the woman and the disabled. This was followed by post-election hate crimes right Michael Feinstein, President & CEO Does the increase in hateful here in Montgomery County. I threats and acts represent an actual increase found myself called to be at the “Stand up for in anti-Semitism or an increase in visible anti- the Montgomery Way” rally in Silver Spring to Semitic acts? Has the public discourse made it speak up for the stranger. more acceptable to engage in hate speech and hate crimes? I don’t know the answers but it is But then a rise in anti-Semitic incidents around a sobering reality that to many in this country, the world spread across our country and to Jews are still outsiders. our county. It included multiple waves of bomb threats directed at 53 JCCs in 26 states in less The Torah has a lot to say to us about how Jews than six weeks. Clearly, I was naïve. Even in should treat outsiders or “strangers.” We are 21st century America, we are still the strangers told that “You shall not wrong a stranger or to many. What keeps me going are the notes oppress him, for you were strangers in the land and emails, mostly anonymous, that I have of Egypt.” No other commandment is repeated been getting in the mail each week expressing more often throughout the Torah - no less than support. One signed, “an atheist family in 36 times according to the sages. Moses tells us Tennessee;” another, “your Baptist neighbors that “[God] defends the cause of the fatherless in Takoma Park.” All are from people who are and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving not Jewish. him food and clothing.” Why is the treatment of strangers given such prominence in the Even more encouraging is that our upcoming Torah? According to Nachmanides, caring for MultiFaith Film Fest includes the Interfaith the stranger is important because the stranger Conference of Metropolitan Washington and is powerless and psychologically isolated. The the Islamic Community Center of Potomac as Torah’s fixation on the stranger reflects the co-sponsors. Those seeking to intimidate Jews, very history of the Jewish people. Abraham Muslims and other minorities are, in actuality, becomes a stranger when he leaves his home bringing people of faith together in new ways. and goes to Canaan. Jacob becomes a stranger in his uncle’s home. Joseph is a stranger in As Jews in America today, we may still be the Egypt and ultimately the entirety of the Jewish stranger to some. But we are not powerless or isolated. We are the stranger who must include people are oppressed strangers in Egypt. and care for every stranger. Torah scholars tell us that to build a just society – one that cares for the stranger – As a Jewish Community Center, welcoming we had to experience exile and slavery, and the stranger runs in our veins. It always has, it know what it means to be the stranger. Every always will. year at Passover, we re-enact our history. Until recently, I thought that Passover was a reminder of the distant past. I believed that living as a Jew in 21st century America was unique in Jewish history. Our Jewish community is fully






Photo by Shmulik Almany


SUPPORT LEADERSHIP Celebrating Diversity through Film Message from Lisie We are so lucky to be a part of such a dynamic and inclusive community. As our welcoming statement says: The Bender JCC embraces and welcomes the diversity of our community. We encourage everyone to seek meaning and fulfillment by participating in our rich programming inspired by our Jewish heritage. We open our doors to everyone, including people of all backgrounds, religions, abilities and sexual orientations, and interfaith couples and families. Inclusion permeates our Center. Inclusion is belonging. To that end, I hope that you will all join me at the Multifaith Film Fest happening at our Center from March 22-26 (please see page 9 for details). Our staff has worked hard to create this exciting opportunity, the first of its kind in this community. It was crafted to promote peace, understanding and friendship among the many faith communities in Montgomery County. We are partnering with a number of organizations, which is AMAZING, as we are truly engaging a


broad cross-section of the Montgomery County community. In particular, we have worked very closely with Rabbi Batya Steinlauf, Director of DC Government and Community Relations, Director of Social Justice Initiatives and Inter-group Relations, from the JCRC. She was instrumental in helping identify partner organizations and panelists for the films. Our partner organizations, as of February 21, include Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County; The Embassy of Israel to the United States; HIAS; Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington; Islamic Community Center of Potomac; Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington; The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington; Kids 4 Peace; and Maryland State Arts Council. We have a variety of panelists from many different organizations, including Tzedek DC,

6125 Montrose Road • Rockville, MD 20852 • • 301.881.0100

HIAS, and Kids 4 Peace. We have also engaged clergy members from different faiths to serve as panelists for our films.

Lisie Gottdenker, Board Chair

In addition, please keep your eyes open for lots of other exciting cultural offerings coming your way. The board has created an arts and culture task force, led by Heidi Brodsky and Lisa Gunty, which has been working closely with the staff to formulate a year-round robust offering for our entire community. Whether you enjoy movies, literary offerings, culinary adventures, art or music, we are looking to be your go-to location. I am so proud that we have taken the lead in creating the Multifaith Film Fest, an innovative and timely event. It will surely be a worthwhile and meaningful experience for all who attend. See you at the movies!

SUPPORT Honoring Thursday, May 25 | 6:30 PM Please join us as we present Bruce Lane with the Benjamin Ourisman Memorial Award for Civic Achievement in recognition of his outstanding contributions to our community. At the same time, we will raise much-needed funds for the Bender JCC’s scholarship fund.

Leadership Council and the National Council of AIPAC. In early 2013, Bruce co-founded and became co-chair of the AIPAC Greater Washington Real Estate Division. Bruce previously served on the Board of the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) and chaired its corporate giving for two years.

Bruce joins an esteemed group of leaders, activists and philanthropists who have received this award. He has long believed that community service is an essential part of living a fulfilling and productive life. Many local and national organizations have benefitted from Bruce’s energy, passion and generosity. He has served on the National Board of Governors of the American Jewish Committee, and has travelled with AJC delegations to Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and five Arab countries to work with government and community leaders.

IMAGINE the difference you can make for individuals and families who are struggling financially, yet want to participate in our programs. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Bender JCC’s scholarship fund, which enables us to provide a sense of belonging and the warmth of community to so many.

Bruce is a member of the Board of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a think tank that focuses on securing American interests throughout the Middle East. He serves on the DC

IMAGINE what we can make possible, together. Those who make a sponsorship level commitment by March 10 will be included on the event invitation. For more information about this special evening, please contact Jodi Shulimson at 301.348.3769 or

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and the Bender JCC present

SUNDAY, MAY 21 Join us as we celebrate Israel @ 69! Watch for details in Center Scene and at, or contact Jennifer Smith at 301.348.3778 or

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HEALTH & FITNESS Group Exercise

Adult Co-Ed Softball Leagues

New Group Exercise Coordinator Rachel Ossman is certified in several diverse class formats, including many Les Mills offerings. Rachel holds a Master’s Degree in education. From Les Mills BodyPump and Zumba® to Spinning®, yoga, water aerobics and more, the Bender JCC offers free daily group fitness classes for all interests and skill levels. Led by certified instructors and designed to boost endurance, strength and motivation, classes are free to members. Check out our line-up of more than 100 weekly group exercise classes at

Love a good softball game? The Bender JCC’s active co-ed softball league is always on the lookout for a few good players! Interested in joining? Please contact Anthony Hunter at 301.348.3852 or Rachel Ossman, group exercise coordinator and Bodypump instructor, looks forward to helping you meet your fitness goals.

Sunday Morning League | April 9-July 30 Games played at county fields at 9 AM and 10:30 AM Weeknight League | April 24-August 1 Games played at the Bender JCC on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM, 7:45 PM and 9 PM


Les Mills Born to Move

Mondays, March 6-April 24 | 4:30-5:15 PM

Sunday, March 26 | 10-11:30 AM Give us your feedback on our fitness programs and partake in some goodies! You can also find out more about group exercise classes and register early for the spring session of aquatics lessons and classes. For more information, contact Dawn Hubbard-Powell at 301.348.3891 or

Fit Tip

Did you know that nearly one in four gym-goers is over 55? AARP and the American Council on Exercise recommend a fitness consultation with a certified personal trainer to help determine the best fitness program for you! Did you also know that you can take advantage of a consultation with a trainer right here at the Bender JCC? Contact Dahhia Smith-Johnson at 301.348.3894 or to set up a complimentary half-hour session with a trainer. Our trainers can help you navigate the fitness center and make sure you are getting the most out of every second you are in the gym! Under 55? Finding it challenging to balance working out with family life? Let our trainers help you! You can still take advantage of this offer and bring your child to babysitting while you’re here. Kids love us!


6125 Montrose Road • Rockville, MD 20852 • • 301.881.0100

For children age 8 to 12 years, Born to Move is designed to help progress motor skills appropriate to this stage of development by giving children fun exercise routines! Simple choreography allows children to master moves quickly. Confidence increases as they develop new abilities. We create a safe and happy environment where everyone feels like they belong. For details and to register, please visit

CHILDREN & FAMILIES, YOUTH, TEENS AND CAMP Shabbat Shabbang Friday, March 10 | 5:45 p.m.

Every Summer Has A Story

Readers’ Pick, Best Summer Day Camp



Session 1 Session 2 June 26–July 7 (no camp July 4) July 10–21

Session 3 July 24–August 11

Summer Kids Club Aleph Week | June 19–23 Bet Week | August 14–18 Gimmel Week | August 21–25

Applications are now open to all.

At the time of application, member rates require a family level membership in good standing through summer 2017.

$13 per adult $8 per child age 2+ Under 2 - Free $45 for families of five or more

For more information, please call 301.348.3883 or send an email to

Celebrate Purim with Us!

Join the Camp JCC Staff Family

Put Color in Your Life with Enrichment Classes

Sunday, March 12 | 10 AM-12 PM


We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate, creative and dependable teachers, college students, teens, moms and dads for the positions of unit head, head counselor, counselor, specialist, swim instructor and nurse. Apply online at camp. For more information, please contact

center scene

Come ready to party and play in your favorite Purim costume at the J! We’ll be making hamantashen, noise makers, and other fun crafts. Kids will also get a chance to meet and greet some of their favorite characters such as Spiderman and Minnie Mouse. Other fun activities include storytime and family gym. For details, contact Lauren Dworkin at 301.348.3837 or





Join us at the Bender JCC to welcome Shabbat— and Purim— with a BANG! Families with children in our toddlers, 2s, 3s and 4s classes are invited to Shabbat Shabbang, a program designed to create a community of new and old friends. We will share in a gourmet meal and be delighted by professional entertainers — Peter McCory, ChildTIME Magic, or Mr. Bond and the Science Guys — that will be fun for both children and parents. Dress in your favorite Purim costume! For more information, please contact Jennifer Radosh at 301.348.3848 or

Register now for spring youth enrichment classes — sports, art, chess and cooking — at benderjccgw. org. Classes begin in mid-April.

Spring Break Camp April 10, 13, 14

Spend your break with us enjoying arts & crafts, sports, swimming and a field trip! Please contact Phil Liebson at 301.348.3880 or




Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks

Sunday, March 19 | 3 PM

duo parnas

Cello + Violin Sunday, March 5 | 7:30 PM

duo parnas is the stunning collaboration of supremely musical sisters, violinist Madalyn Parnas and cellist Cicely Parnas. The duo has earned rave reviews for their exciting and technically flawless performances.

Alon Goldstein & Fine Arts Quartet Piano + String Quartet Sunday, April 2 | 7:30 PM

Alon Goldstein’s artistic vision and innovative programming have made him a favorite with audiences and critics alike. The venerable Fine Arts Quartet ranks among the most distinguished and authoritative ensembles of our time.

For tickets, please visit or call the box office at 301.348.3872.

Docents Sought for “A Lifetime of Perspective” April 23-May 14


The New Orchestra of Washington (NOW) presents a program, inspired by the fantastic, that is perfect for audiences of all ages. RAVEL Mother Goose Suite DUKAS The Sorcerer’s Apprentice MUSSORGSKY Pictures at Exhibition Bring the entire family to enjoy these timeless masterpieces in imaginative new arrangements that are tailormade for NOW. Tickets are $15 for youth age 12-18, $35 for Bender JCC members (with promo code JCCGWNOW), and $40 for the general public. Children under 12 are admitted for free. To purchase tickets, please visit

The Jews of Africa:

A Photographic Journey into Ancient and Awakening Communities

By Jono David March 10-April 16

Open when the Bender JCC is open “A Lifetime of Perspective: 19 Years Celebrating Art & Creativity” will be featured in the Goldman Art Gallery next month. Volunteers are needed to help as docents during the exhibit between 11 AM and 5 PM. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Stacy Katz Olivera at 301.348.3889 or solivera@ Chaired by Karen Kaplan, “A Lifetime of Perspective” was created by Deena and Jerome Kaplan and their family in memory of Deena’s parents, Eve and David Berliant. The exhibit is underwritten by the Kaplan family, the Bender JCC’s Deena and Jerome A. Kaplan Fund for Senior Adult Programming, and the Berliant/Kaplan Fund of the United Jewish Endowment Fund of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.


Read Now, Discuss Later The Hadassah/Bender JCC book group is always open to new members. For details, contact Ellen Elow-Mintz at 301.897.2796 or ellenlovesbooks54@


“The Jews of Africa” is a celebration of the life, culture and history of the Jewish peoples of Africa, past and present. For more information, please contact Lisa Del Sesto at 301.348.3756 or

6125 Montrose Road • Rockville, MD 20852 • • 301.881.0100

Thursday, March 9 | 1 PM “Shylock is My Name” by Howard Jacobson Thursday, May 11 | 1 PM “Safekeeping” by Jassamyn Hope Thursday, June 15 | 1 PM “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” by Sarit Yishai-Levi


Thursday, March 23 | 7 PM “Jerusalem” is a breathtaking film that explores the intersection of science, history and religion in this ancient, enigmatic place. A Q&A session follows the film with Father Josh Thomas, Kids4Peace Director, and Susan Barocas, “Jerusalem”crew member.


Sunday, March 26 | 10 AM Rochel is an Orthodox Jew, and Nasira is a Muslim of Syrian origin. They are both going through the process of arranged marriages. A Q&A session will follow the film.



Wednesday, March 22 | 7 PM “Let the Church Say Amen” chronicles the daily life surrounding World Missions for Christ Church in Washington, D.C. A Q&A session follows the film with Ariel Levinson-Waldman, Tzedek DC Founder & Director-Counsel, and Pastor Charles McNeill.


Saturday, March 25 | 8:30 PM In German-occupied Paris, an Algerian earns his living as a black marketeer. Arrested by the French police but given a chance to avoid jail, he agrees to spy on the Paris Mosque. A Q&A session follows the film with a representative from HIAS.

Sunday, March 26 | 6:30 PM On the eve of her vows in 1960s Poland, 18-year old Anna, a sheltered orphan raised in a convent, is tasked by the Mother Superior to visit her sole living relative. A Q&A session will follow the film.

We thank the following organizations for their support of the Bender JCC Multifaith Film Fest:

Live from NY: Tevye & Friends

Still We Rise: A Women’s Seder

Saturday, March 18 | 8 PM

Sunday, April 2 | 5 PM

Allen Rickman, Yelena Shmulenson-Rickman and Shane Baker

Created by and featuring Hollywood, TV and Broadway stars Allen Rickman and Yelena Shmulenson-Rickman and international Yiddish star Shane Baker, this show is based on the writings of Sholem Aleichem. The material is presented in both Yiddish and English, primarily via hilarious simultaneous translation woven into the performance and with subtitles. Tickets are $18 for members of the Bender JCC or Yiddish of Greater Washington, and $22 for the general public. Visit or contact Debbie Sokobin at 301.348.3760 or

center scene




Forget what you know about women’s seders. Led by Rabbi Johanna Potts. “Still We Rise: A Women’s Seder” promises to be an original haggadah-reading, wine-drinking, food-loving, voice-raising, story-telling, music-singing, laughter-inducing, emotion-causing, action-inspiring, not to be missed, women’s seder. Come together for a magical evening of women’s solidarity, empowerment and freedom. Together, we will rise! Tickets available at For details, contact Lisa Del Sesto at 301.348.3756 or .




ADULTS ALL (Adult Living & Learning) Spring Semester Debbie Sokobin | 301.348.3760 or Heroes & Villains Explore controversies throughout our recent history: the display of Confederate symbols and statues, ethical decision-making by scientists during the development of the atomic bomb, Malcolm X, and balancing national security and privacy. Instructor: Paul Levy. Wednesdays, March 8-29 | 1-2:15 PM $25 members/$30 general public Code 15986 Folk Songs for our Times Cantor Karen Webber will take you on a song journey through melodies that have a rich history only to have become a part of the lexicon of American Song. We will sing “Lemon Tree,” “Dona,” and many more! At the Bender JCC Wednesdays, April 5, 19 | 1-2 PM $20 members/$25 general public Code 15987

At Leisure World Thursdays March 16, 23 | 1-2 PM $20 | Code 16018

at Leisure World

Exploring Ultra-Orthodox Life in Israel, Part II We will conclude the second season of the highly-acclaimed Israeli television series “Shtisel.” Instructor Ira Weiss will precede each episode with a discussion of this unique perspective of life in Israel, and follow the episode with a Q & A. At the Bender JCC Wednesdays, March 1-April 5 10:30 AM-12 PM $30 members/ $40 general public Code 16019 At Leisure World Thursdays, March 2-April 6 10:30 AM-12 PM $30 | Code 16017

Thursday, May 18 10 am-2 pm Grand Finale Concert

3-4 pm Presented by Bender JCC’s Coming of Age in Maryland

Help Sell Hamantashen We will be selling hamentaschen in the lobby in celebration of Purim, and need volunteers to assist us. Sales will begin on Friday, March 10 and continue Sunday, March 12 through Thursday, March 16. Shifts are 8-10 AM, 10 AM12:30 PM and 12:30-3 PM. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Stacy Katz Olivera at 301.348.3889 or

Co-sponsored by Jewish Residents of Leisure World Watch for details at and in Center Scene magazine, or call 301.348.3832.

Wednesday, March 15 | 2:30-4 PM

Helping our Neighbors in Need

AARP Driver Safety Refresher Course Wednesday, March 22 10 AM-2:30 PM

Alzheimer’s Association Memory Cafes offer a fun and relaxed way for people living with early-stage memory loss to connect through social events that promote interaction and companionship. For more information and to register, contact Lindsay Vajpeyi at or 240.428.1342.

In conjunction with Good Deeds Day on April 2, the Bender JCC will have collection boxes in the lobby starting the first week in March for the following items: • Gently-used eyeglasses with or without lenses • Men’s new white t-shirts • Men’s new white socks • Travel-sized toiletries Thank you in advance for your donations. For more information, please contact Stacy Katz Olivera at 301.348.3889 or

Memory Café



6125 Montrose Road • Rockville, MD 20852 • • 301.881.0100

$15 AARP members/$20 general public (Make checks payable to AARP) Contact Debbie Sokobin at 301.348.3760 or

CONTRIBUTIONS Thank You for Your Support To make a tribute gift, please visit tribute or contact Katya at 301.348.3855 or katya@ The following list includes gifts made between December 13, 2016 and February 10, 2017. CAMP R. Andrew Helgeson “Heart of Gold” Memorial Endowment Fund for Camp JCC Counselor Awards • in memory of “our son, Andrew” by Rita and Richard Helgeson • in honor of what would have been Andrew Helgeson’s 30th birthday on March 3rd by Rita, Richard and Jennifer Helgeson • in honor of Jennifer Helgeson’s birthday on March 1st by Rita and Richard Helgeson. • in honor of Rita Helgeson’s birthday on March 14 th by Richard and Jennifer Helgeson • in honor of Richard Helgeson by Jennifer and Rita Helgeson • in honor of Dr. Alan and Mrs. Louise Schneider by Rita, Richard and Jennifer Helgeson Jane Hulman Camp Scholarship Fund • in honor of Jerry Hulman by Jane and Fred Cantor • to celebrate the birth of Zoe Jane Schtevie by Jerry Hulman; Andi Kronzek

David Lev Kandel Memorial Endowment Fund • in memory of Stuart Gordon by Melanie and Rami Kandel • in memory of Robin Greenblat’s parents by Melanie and Rami Kandel Aviva Kaufman Penn Memorial Fund for Special Needs Programming • in honor of Leah Schwartz by Aaron Kaufman

JEWISH FAMILY LIVING & LEARNING Dweck Family Hebrew Language Endowment Fund • in memory of Musiana Gorelik’s husband by Marta Wassertzug SENIOR ADULTS Coming of Age • in honor of Frieda Enoch and the Coming of Age team by Susan and Max Bronstein Morris and Sonia Savage Memorial Fund for Senior Adult Education Programs • in honor of “mother’s yahrzeit” by May Savage Senior Adult Chorus • in appreciation of senior adult chorus by Donald Weisman

CULTURAL ARTS Vera and Ralph Deckelbaum Music Endowment Fund • in memory of Kitty Strauss by Vera and Ralph Deckelbaum Mary and Charles Oshinsky Memorial Fund for Dance Programs • in memory of Mary and Charles Oshinsky by Monica Baena and Charlie Barnett • in honor of Bernice and Joel Breslau by Sarah and Jim Barnett EARLY CHILDHOOD Lee and Isidore Forman Endowment Fund • in honor of Barry Forman by Marilyn and Marty Berger Marc Jeffrey Streidel Memorial Playground Fund • in memory of Morris Green by Robin and Glenn Streidel • in memory of Bruce Kantor by Robin and Glenn Streidel • in honor of Oliver and Dylan Cardeli by Sharon Apfel GENERAL SUPPORT Annual Fund • in memory of Kim Goldberg’s mother by Jodi and Mark Shulimson • in memory of Herbert Heldman by Michael Greenhut; Paul Heldman • in honor of Lisie Gottdenker and Heidi Hookman Brodsky by Robin London

Sweetbaum Family Endowment Fund for Senior Adult Programs • in honor of Gerry Breslow by Selma and Harvey Sweetbaum SPECIAL NEEDS Ruth and Irving Fogel Fund for Exceptional Children • in memory of Ruth and Irving Fogel by Elaine Parks Benjamin L. Friedberg Endowment Fund for Children with Special Needs • in memory of Ben Friedberg by Toby and Michelle Friedberg; Ruth Newhouse • in memory of Joey Newhouse by Toby and Michelle Friedberg • in honor of Josef Osterwell on his special birthday by Toby and Michelle Friedberg Alma and Joseph B. Gildenhorn Endowment for Children with Special Needs • in honor of Adrienne Arsht’s special birthday by Alma and Joe Gildenhorn • in honor of Leonard Silverstein’s special birthday by Alma and Joe Gildenhorn • in honor of Alma and Joseph Gildenhorn by Janice and Lawrence Peters • in honor of Alma Gildenhorn’s birthday by Leah Bitounis; Barbara Franklin


Special Needs & Inclusion Program • in honor of Joan Weinberg by Jane Cantor • in honor of Zachary Galipeau by Betty and Rudolph Ressler • in honor of the Shorr family by Aaron Wildavsky • in honor of Jacob Jaffe by Elliott Kagan TEENS Barry P. Forman Past President’s Fund to Benefit Teen Programs • in honor of Barry Forman’s birthday by Irving Warshaw VOLUNTEERS Jacob Siegel and Sarah Siegel Sacks Memorial Fund for Volunteer Services • in memory of Shirley Rosenberg by Gloria Derkay and Debbie Sokobin • to celebrate the birth of Zoe Jane Schtevie by Jerry Hulman

Senior Adult Programs • in memory of Herb Heldman by Bender JCC Men’s Club; James Burgin; Paul Heldman; Alan Kreger; Debbie Sokobin; Paul Weinberger • in memory of Kim Goldberg’s mother by Debbie Sokobin

Camp Kochavim • in honor of Avishai Bilsky by Rachel Dotter

center scene

• in honor of Michael Feinstein by Stephen Baars • in honor of Mitchell Berliner’s induction into the Bender JCC Hall of Fame by Estelle and Rick Vernon • in honor of Jake Revzan’s bar mitzvah by Beth and Leonard Sloan • in honor of Esther Silverman’s special birthday by Elisabeth Posner Schouten

Donate your vehicle and support three agencies. • jewish Foundation forfor • Jewish Foundation GroupHomes Homes group • Bender JCC • jewish community center Greaterwashington Washington ofofgreater • Jewish Councilforfor the Aging • jewish council the aging

Contact Adam Tennen 240.283.6000 at 301.348.3815 or J C C








12:30-6 PM MCPS School Out Day. 301.348.3767

1:30-3 PM Coming of Age meets at Shaare Tefilah for a concert of Jewish Russian and world music with violinist Vladimir Gamarnik, accordionist Pinchas Zahavi, and guest vocalist Frieda Enoch. $7. 301.348.3832






6-9 PM MC Live Evening of Comedy


7:30 PM Concert: duo parnas (page 8) 10:45 AM Coming of Age excursion to Toby’s Dinner Theatre for brunch and the musical “Show Boat.” $50/bunch & show; $20/ transportation. 301.348.3832


1 PM Hadassah/Bender JCC Book Group: “Shylock Is My Name” by Howard Jacobson (page 8) 5:30-7:30 PM Goldman Art Gallery opening reception (page 8)


5:45 PM Shabbat Shabbang (page 7)


10 AM-12 PM Family Purim celebration (page 7)


7 AM-6 PM CESJDS School Out Day. 301.348.3767


2:30-4 PM Alzheimer’s Association Memory Café (page 10) 8 PM Biblical Archaeology Forum: “Amenhotep III, Tiye & Sakhmet Lion Goddess Statues at the Temple of Mut” with Betsy Bryan, Johns Hopkins University.

8 PM “Live from NY: Tevye & Friends” (page 9)

1 PM Music and Medicine. Jazz musicians will perform, along with a discussion on breakthroughs for Parkinson’s disease. RSVP 301.348.3891. 3 PM Concert: “Witches, Wizards and Warlocks” (page 7)


10 AM-2:30 PM AARP Driver Safety Refresher Course (page 10) 12:30-3 PM Coming of Age Food & Fun at Mykonos. $25/lunch & program. 301.348.3832. 7 PM Multifaith Film Fest: “Let the Church Say Amen” (page 9)


7 AM-6 PM CESJDS School Out Day. 301.348.3767


Good Deeds Day (page 5) 5 PM “Still We Rise: A Women’s Seder” (page 9) 7:30 PM Concert: Alon Goldstein & Fine Arts Quartet (page 8)

1:30-3:30 PM History Club. 301.348.3760 7 PM Multifaith Film Fest: “Jerusalem” (page 9)


8:30 PM Multifaith Film Fest: “Free Men” (page 9)


10 AM Multifaith Film Fest: “Arranged” (page 9) 10-11:30 AM Health and Fitness Meet & Greet (page 6) 6:30 PM Multifaith Film Fest: “Ida” (page 9)



Tuesdays Bender JCC in Rockville


2nd & 4th Wednesday of Each Month Har Tzeon Congregation in Wheaton

HEALTH & FITNESS HOURS Monday-Thursday 5:30 AM-10:00 PM Friday 5:30 AM-8:00 PM Saturday 7:00 AM-8:30* PM *Open until 8 PM beginning March 18

Sunday 7:00 AM-8:00 PM The building closes ½ hour after H&F closes.


Mondays Ring House in Rockville

1st & 3rd Wednesday Of Each Month Young Israel Shomrei Emunah Congregation in Silver Spring


7 AM-6 PM CESJDS School Out Day. 301.348.3767 1:30-3:30 PM Coming of Age meets at Leisure World Clubhouse II: Showing of the documentary “Rosenwald,” followed by discussion. $7. 301.348.3832



Thursdays Har Tzeon Congregation in Wheaton

1-2:30 PM Coming of Age meets at Temple Beth Ami with Jewish music for the soul presented by Caron Dale of Lox & Vodka. $7. 301.348.3832.

11 AM Women’s Connections 1-2:30 PM Senior Chorus/Song Circle 1 PM Men’s Discussion Group 2:30 PM Chess


10-10:30 AM Storytime Singalong. Age 5 and under with parent/caregiver 2:15 PM Men’s Discussion Group

6125 Montrose Road • Rockville, MD 20852 • • 301.881.0100


1 PM Scrabble 3 PM Drop-in Discussion in Hebrew


10-11 AM Shabbat Shalom Age 6 mos.-3 yrs. 10 AM-12 PM Chess