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Annual Report 2016

From our leadership It was a year of transitions, as JCC Association continued to strengthen the North American Jewish community. We moved forward with some powerful initiatives to give JCCs the tools to build robust, meaningful connections for the people who use them. We bolstered our progress in early childhood education through Sheva. We expanded Talent Management and deepened our role in professional development for the field. We sought a new leader for this organization, launched a Centennial Celebration and awarded grants to JCCs to get creative as they rejoiced—through music—100 years of the JCC Movement. Recognizing a need to provide consultancy in a more nimble and responsive way, we created the Sheva faculty, 14 experts who offer targeted consultation to JCC early childhood programs. This allows us to expand the ways we can advise JCCs, and help them Stephen P. Seiden successfully create learning communities for both the young CHAIR children and families they serve. You will see more of this diversified model of consulting in play. We are already expanding it to work with JCCs’ sports and wellness programs, an area critical to JCC fiscal health. Five more JCCs have been on-boarded in our Talent Management program, which focuses on recruiting, training and retaining the very best employees in the field. We must invest in those who desire careers in Jewish communal work, something at the heart of the services JCC Association provides. In 2016 we began laying the groundwork for new leadership programs such as the Jewish Leadership Training Institute and the Mandel Executive Leadership Program, which came to fruition in 2017. Our JCCs of North America Biennial was an exciting venue in which to launch our Centennial Celebration. During four intensive days we witnessed the power of the JCC Movement, as we came together to learn from the best and brightest in the Jewish community—and to begin celebrating 100 years of making a difference in that community. We look forward to what our Centennial year, 2017, has in store. In 2016, there was one lone email threat to the Roth JCC in Orlando. We had no idea that this meant anything more than a singular, random act of hate. It became a sign of things to come in 2017, as we dealt with a rash of such threats, most from the same source. How we dealt with them has helped shape the work we now do for the field. We also bid farewell to Rabbi Harold Robinson, who led JWB Jewish Chaplains Council for 10 years. Harold is a man of integrity and passion for the mission of serving Jews who serve in the U.S. armed forces. He saw the success of Torahs for Our Troops come to fruition, and a new siddur published during his tenure. We will miss him, but are eager to see what Rabbi Irving Elson, who we welcomed as the new director of JWB, has planned for this foundational part of our work. We also said l’hitraot to Alan Mann, who served as interim president for the year. Alan came out of retirement because of his belief in the JCC Movement and his dedication to JCC Association of North America. We thank him for his devotion to the mission, to our staff and his generosity of spirit. Our new CEO and president, Doron Krakow, helped us through the bomb threat crisis and we look forward to his tenure, as we continue work on ways we serve our JCCs and act to strengthen our Jewish community. As we look ahead, 2017 marks a unique point in our history, the century mark. Not many organizations reach 100 years. We have a storied history, we have a new leader, and we have the ability and resolve to continue serving the North American Jewish community, long into the future.


JCC Association of North America

ON THE COVER: Early Childhood teacher Evelyn Johnson with student Ilan Slomich at the Siegel JCC, Delaware.


It was a year of transitions. Change was in the air.

As we look ahead, 2017 marks a unique point in our history, the century mark.

Introduction What is the meaning of a movement? JCCs tied together by common cause have been serving their communities since before the beginning of the 20th century. Harnessing the power of the movement, they continue to be vibrant centers of Jewish connection, enabling their participants to lead engaged lives of purpose and meaning. We reach an estimated 1.5 million people weekly, through our JCCs, including more families with young Jewish children than any other group of organizations in North America. JCCs are, quite literally, where the Jews are. We are the largest network of Jewish engagement outside of the state of Israel. JCC Association is in the unique position to reach more than 25,000 professionals, along with the thousands of lay leaders in the JCC Movement, who have the ability to connect to and with their Jewish communities. We help them build relationships, find wisdom and take hold of the tools they need to build communities of belonging and purpose.

JCCs make a difference for millions, because we have made a difference for those who build and sustain them.

Our proprietary programs and services: • Professional development • Consultation and engagement • Signature events and convenings • Preferred vendors and partners • JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

Our mission statement:

We lead and connect the JCC Movement, advancing and enriching North American Jewish life.

Celebrating our first 100 years JCCs of North America 2016 Biennial

In 2016, we kicked off the Centennial Celebration of the JCC Movement at the JCCs of North America Biennial in Baltimore, Maryland, the home of the very first JCC! Nearly 550 of us gathered for a celebration and four intensive days of learning from one another and from leaders from Jewish communities around the globe. Everyone, from JCC lay leaders to U.S. military chaplains, were able to participate in painting our centennial banners with artist in residence Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen, which made their grand appearance on stage during the final plenary.

JCC Association Past, Present and Future Centennial Banners, created by participants at the 2016 Biennial, with input from JCCs across the continent.

Making Music Happen

During the Biennial, we announced a new granting initiative: Making Music Happen: The Soundtrack of Jewish Life in North America, made possible by a very generous gift from former board member, Marvin J. Pertzik, in partnership with the Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Foundation. JCC Association awarded 22 grants ranging from $2,000 to $7,500 to affiliated JCCs to support programs that highlight Jewish music’s contribution to arts and culture over the past 100 years. Performances took place throughout the Centennial year.

The programs JCCs created reflect the diversity of our JCC communities, and their ability to reach beyond their doors, create new partnerships within their communities, and invite new conversations to learn and grow. Visit to see the exciting work in progress and stay tuned in 2017 for the fruition of this creative project!


JCC Association of North America

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, Naturally 7 and the Maccabeats performed together, for the first time, at JCC of Greater Baltimore in January, 2017.

Highlights of 2016: Camp Camp at the heart of the JCC

Camp is one of the keys to JCC success as a gateway to lifelong Jewish living and community engagement, teaching children and young adults valuable life skills such as resilience, problem-solving, and leadership. Camp creates lifelong friendships and strong memories. And where there’s a JCC camp with a need, our consultants are there: In 2016 we provided valuable leadership and support to the field with in-person consultations to 50 day and overnight camps, guidance for and facilitation of director searches, new professional on-boarding, lay leadership development, staff training, and on-going coaching and mentoring. This year we engaged more than 200 of our camp professionals through professional development opportunities, including conferences, cohort-based learning, and virtual trainings. We know the best way to make camp great for campers is to make the people who bring it to them shine.

• Our overnight camps conference was the most highly-attended one in our history, with 45 camp professionals coming together to learn and share best practices.

• 67 camps received books through PJ Library Goes to Day Camp.

• 10 camp directors participated in Israel Up Close, our initiative to bring our JCC day camp directors to Israel to strengthen the connection between our communities and Israel.

• 950 visas processed for international staff to work at JCC camps

“Israel Up Close helps create a personal context with the shlichim (emissaries) and a personal perspective, and that enables you to speak about why you are doing this at camp. It becomes more important to me to make Israel a priority at camp.” —Seth Finkel, director, Camp Chaverim Annual Report 2016


Highlights of 2016: Health & Wellness HEALTHY STATS

• 15,000 early childhood students learned healthy habits through Discover CATCH at 70+ JCCs.

• 500 riders participated in the Hanukkah fundraiser, Cycle for Good at 25 participating JCCs. • 10 JCCs in Hadassah programs • 8 JCCs pilot the National Council On Aging’s Jewish Aging Mastery Program.

To your (JCC) health! As one of JCCs’ core businesses, health and wellness continues to keep the JCCs spinning. Our continental program partnerships broadened what JCCs can offer to their participants. The National Council on Aging’s “Aging Mastery” pilot integrated Jewish content into the program to create one specifically aimed at JCC participants. It provides education, goal setting and daily practice for baby boomers, enabling them to make life changes to ease the aging process. Hadassah’s Every Beat Counts offers heart healthy programming aimed at women.

“Because of these partnerships, it really opens other doors. It’s truly exciting and it makes me feel good that not only are we meeting the needs of the JCC but are also able to reach more in the community.” —Gail Wolven, community wellness coordinator for LifeBridge health, Baltimore, who works closely with the JCC of Greater Baltimore to bring health experts to the JCC


JCC JCC Association Association of of North North America America

Highlights of 2016: JCC Israel Center “The experience in Israel with the trip for adults with disabilities was nothing short of transformative. The JCC Israel Center took care of every detail and many well beyond anything I could have thought of.” —Carole R. Zawatsky, CEO, Edlavitch JCC, DC

Making Israel real JCC Israel Center works to create stronger Israel connections for JCCs and their communities by tailoring trips to their specific needs. Staff seminars and Boarding Pass trips offer JCCs’ staff, board members and participants a way to experience Israel through intensive, and intense, personal and professional learning. They not only absorb the amazing sites and sights of Israel, but engage with knowledgeable and fascinating people they would otherwise never meet. These experiences deepen the Jewish mission and inspire a greater passion in JCC members, leaders and staff. Each of these custom made trips and seminars are accompanied by comprehensive educational materials and guides for pre- and post-Israel trips. Whether created for those with special needs, members of the LGBT community, camp staff, or families, these visits help connect the JCC community to Israel—and to the JCC. In 2016 the JCC Israel Center team developed a comprehensive Jerusalem@50 program guide that included program ideas and a variety of resources anticipating the celebration of Jerusalem’s 50th anniversary in 2017. The JCC Israel Center launched a new partnership with the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. Through this partnership, JCCs were offered to host an Israeli artist as an artist in residence. In 2017-18 five JCCs will bring an Israeli artist to serve as an artist in residence.


• 520 JCC members and staff from 46 JCCs and JCC camps visited the Jewish homeland with JCC Association.

• 45 in-person consultations at JCCs and JCC Association conferences. •

18 JCCs hosted shlichim

serving in different capacities and roles.

• JCC Israel Center visited 20 JCCs resulting in a future commitment to running Israel trips, opening local JCC Israel Centers, or improving existing ones.

Annual Report 2016


Highlights of 2016: Professional Development “Talent Management has provided us with the in-depth look at ourselves, and our agency through trainings, inservices, on-site visits, one-on-one assessments, and development plans. We are thinking forward and moving our agency towards the future.” —Sandy Newman, Assistant Executive Director, JCC of the Lehigh Valley ©The Phillips Photography

Developing JCC professionals JCC Association’s professional development opportunities continue to support our unique and diverse workforce, who in turn create positive experiences and connections for their communities. In September, Talent Management Phase 2, a program that assists JCCs in identifying, training and retaining high performing employees, launched with eight JCCs: JCC of The Lehigh Valley, Mayerson JCC, David Posnack JCC, Charlotte & Dick Levin JCC, Harry and Rose Samson Family JCC, Mittleman JCC, I.J. & Jeanne Wagner JCC, Miles Nadal JCC, Schwartz/Reisman Centre, Mandell JCC Greater Hartford. There are now 20 JCCs in the program, with more than 450 employees enrolled. They are served by a new professional development webinar series exclusively created for Talent Management communities. During the year, the department also launched the JOFEE (Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education) Fellowship through Hazon, placing seven fellows at JCCs. The year-long fellowship seeks to invigorate the Jewish educational landscape by seeding Jewish communities with a cadre of outstanding Jewish educators versed in environmental issues. Additionally, we awarded four JCC Association scholarships and there were two tuition assistance recipients. Scholarship recipients are expected to begin or continue to work in a JCC following completion of their degrees.


JCC Association of North America


• Building a High Performing Team at the Katz JCC, in Cherry Hill, N.J. • JOFEE Fellowship launched with seven JCC participants. • BBYO International Leadership Training Conference presentation • Birthright Trip for JCC professionals • Tri-State Conference presentation


• 83 participated in Coast to Coast LGBTQ Inclusion: Our Jewish Communal Role.

• 35 took part in Department of Labor— New Regulations for All JCCs.

• 101 tuned in for What’s All The Fuss About Adults Age 55+ — and Why Should We Care?

Highlights of 2016: Benchmarking Measuring the J In 2016, 49 JCCs received their most recent Benchmarking results, marking the 11th year of this highly regarded JCC Association program, which measures performance in such areas as Jewish impact, user engagement, financial sustainability, staff satisfaction and board governance. Each JCC received a customized summary report as well as an on-site consultation to review their results with staff and lay leadership and begin identifying “priority action items” representing their greatest opportunities for growth. This year also marked the introduction of a new set of Benchmarking online tools and analyses around effective JCC Board governance.


• The 2016 Board governance Benchmarking findings reflected survey feedback from more than 1,000 JCC board members, reflecting an impressive 77 percent response rate.

“Benchmarking helped us to identify concrete ways to increase board engagement and ultimately led us to a very valuable board strategic visioning process.” —Annette Saxon, past board chair, JCC of Greater Baltimore

Annual Report 2016


Highlights of 2016: JWB JWB Jewish Chaplains Council: Serving Jews in uniform Rabbi Irving Elson, a veteran of the Iraq war and the highest ranking Jewish chaplain in the U.S. military when he resigned in 2016, took the helm of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council. He was the 10th director of the endorsing agency in its nearly 100-year history, following Rabbi Harold Robinson’s retirement after 10 years leading the organization. Elson lost no time bringing his can-do flair to the organization, galvanizing efforts behind a much needed second edition of the JWB Siddur for men and women in the U.S. military and Veterans Hospitals. We raised $125,000 toward the project, which will bring about a highly-improved edition of the siddur—the only Jewish prayer book endorsed by three major denominations of Judaism— available to our Jewish military personnel in 2017.


• 25,000 Jewish personnel and family members serving in the United States armed forces • JWB chaplains and lay leaders in 84 locations worldwide

• 11,614 siddurim (prayer books) and 3,285 tanakhim (Jewish Bibles) delivered

• 466 holiday packages shipped out for Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover and Shavuot

“Without military training and JWB, I couldn’t have met the challenge for the recruits. My Jewish identity was solidified through the Jewish military community; it will be my home community for the rest of my life.” —Marine Corps Sgt. Erik Uriarte, former lay leader at Camp Pendleton, who is now a rabbinical student at Hebrew Union College


JCC Association of North America

Highlights of 2016: JCC Maccabi


“My favorite memory of JCC Maccabi® was getting to meet Jewish teens from around the world. My biggest accomplishment was representing my family, city, community and heritage in such a great event!” — JCC Maccabi® teen participant

Beyond teen engagement with JCC Maccabi® More than three decades old, JCC Maccabi® continues to engage not only the teens who participate in the Olympic-style sports events and arts showcase, but also engages the community as a whole.

• 4,000 volunteers and host families engaged

In 2016, 3,300 teens participated in one of three host communities: the JCC of Greater Columbus in Ohio, the St. Louis Jewish Community Center in Missouri, and the Stamford JCC in Connecticut. It was a huge expression of community involvement and Jewish engagement, with nearly 11,000 people attending all three opening ceremonies.

• Over 1,200 spectators attended the JCC Maccabi ArtsFest® Final Showcase

In addition to gold, silver and bronze medals awarded for athletic performance at the JCC Maccabi Games®, more than 850 Midot Medals were awarded to teens for modeling the values exemplified in JCC Maccabi®. The Stamford JCC offered ice hockey for the first time, an enormously successful addition that attracted more than 200 iceslicing teens.


• 3,300 teens participated in JCC Maccabi®

• 11,000 community members attended the opening ceremonies

Annual Report 2016


Highlights of 2016: Jewish Education

A grounding in Jewish ideas and ideals In 2016, several cohorts of programs run by the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Jewish Education (MCJE) got underway. Whether the program was designed to provide a perspective on the Jewish mission of the J, create an environment of Jewish living and learning or engage with Jewish text, the goal is to create leaders and educators grounded in the language and knowledge of our tradition. Additionally, there are 22 Chizuk Fellows working in as many overnight camps, providing Jewish expertise at camps with directors who have participated in Lekhu Lakhem, but who lack the Jewish background or time to implement a Jewish vision at camp. And 2016 saw the development of TAGtivities, individual activities, searchable by keywords, that allow camps to create custom-made TAG programs from our existing archive. TAG, which stands for Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Chasadim (loosely, worship, spirituality and kindness) comprises a library of approximately 55 activity units, with 10-15 activities around a theme, allowing campers to explore daily living through a Jewish lens, a unique resource that only JCC Association offers.


JCC Association of North America


• 5th cohort of Kivunim (direction, or orientation), for first-time JCC executives

• 4th cohort of Lekhu Lakhem, a two-year fellowship for JCC camp directors, funded by the AVI CHAI Foundation

• Netivim (pathways), a continuation of Lekhu Lakhem III; 80 percent of eligible camp directors elect this program • 22 educators took part in the MCJE’s annual Jewish Educators Seminar, with the theme of ritual.

Highlights of 2016: Arts & Culture Elevating the J through Arts & Culture Music, visual arts, literature, theater, film and dance all find expression at the J. All are paths to strategic engagement through a uniquely creative, Jewish lens. And JCCs are hungry for more. We saw this with the robust response to Making Music Happen, which so inspired funder Marvin J. Pertzik that he made an additional gift of $100,000 for the development of long-term arts and culture engagement at JCC Association, inviting strategic growth and professional development for arts and culture professionals as a gateway to ultimate community engagement. Stay tuned for Making Music Happen in 2017, in honor of JCC Association’s centennial celebration!


• 40 JCC professionals attended JCC Association’s annual Arts and Culture Gathering in New York

• 30 arts and culture professionals participated in our launch of the Jewish Film Festival ZoomMeet, creating a virtual community of film programmers that share knowledge and practice • 345 arts and culture professionals share resources and develop professional relationships through the robust arts and culture Listserv

“My thoughts are still swimming with some of the things that were discussed at the conference. Thank you all for this most useful professional development opportunity. I hope to return next year for another round with my JCC arts and culture colleagues.” — Esther Arbeid, manager of adult arts and culture and the Toronto Jewish Film Society at the Miles Nadal JCC Annual Report 2016


Highlights of 2016: Sheva

“What a wonderful experience to be able to see Susan’s center, to talk to her staff and to be inspired by her. Our field is about developing relationships. Once a relationship is developed, trust and respect grow.” —Eleonora Caporalini, Director of Child Care Services at the Rady JCC

Sheva continues to shine “What does it mean to be a JCC Association Sheva Lab Community,” asks Susan Hoppenfeld, the director of early childhood education at the JCC of Greater Vancouver. “[Our] JCC is a site for early childhood research, experimentation and innovation. Rather than be a place where other JCC early childhood teams might stop for a single visit, we decided that a long-term partnership was perhaps more in keeping with our core values that focus around relationships and community. The team at the Rady JCC was a natural choice.” This is the kind of community-building JCC Association fosters. Among early childhood educators, it creates networks of shared learning, inspiring educators to develop as professionals, adapt their practice, and engage in their own learning. It helps them re-envision the role of the early childhood educator in connecting early childhood educators to the JCC’s mission and to the Jewish community. We reimagined our consultancy model, providing 14 Sheva faculty to serve the field with varied, area-specific expertise. We conducted the U.S. pilot of Ayeka: Becoming a Soulful Parent, an Israeli-developed parenting approach grounded in Jewish wisdom that creates a community of parents who put their experience as parents at the center.


JCC Association of North America


• 11 Sheva learning groups with 120 early childhood professionals studying monthly together.

• 20 early childhood administrators attended Sheva Covenant Director’s Institute.

• 14 Sheva faculty serve JCCs • Sheva Educator’s Forum has the potential to reach 4,000 classroom educators.

2016: Making our mark JCC Association staff are recognized for their leadership and expertise In 2016 Rabbi Abbi Sharofsky, Deputy Director, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council, received the JPro Network Young Professionals Award.

And the following staff had articles featured in EJewishPhilanthropy: Joy Brand-Richardson, Vice President and Director of Training and Professional Development, published Succession Planning Starts Today. Robin Ballin, Senior Vice President, Program Development and Director of JCCs of North America Biennial Convention, published Celebrating JCC Association’s 100 Years of Service to the Jewish Community. Randy Ellen Lutterman, Vice President for Arts and Culture and Director, JCC Maccabi Games® and ArtsFest®, published A Summer of Engagement with JCC Maccabi®. Mark Horowitz, Vice President, Director, Sheva Center for Innovation in Early Childhood Jewish Education & Engagement, published with URJ’s Kathy Rolland, Early Childhood Education Centers are Revolutionizing Jewish Engagement.

2017: Highlights & Moments of Note Jewish Chaplains Council

In 2017, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council will publish a second edition of its 2014 siddur. It is completely updated, with both pocket and full-sized editions, and will include educational materials and guidance on using the siddur with military personnel wherever they are stationed.

Centennial Events

We’ll see the culmination of Making Music Happen events, continue sharing stories from those who love the JCC, award the winners of 100 Days of Fitness, share recipes, and conclude our centennial celebration at the 2018 JCCs of North America Biennial in Memphis, Tenn.

Culture of Safety Initiative

Ten JCCs are participating in the Culture of Safety Initiative with our partner, The Redwoods Group. The program is taking a deep look at safety practices at JCCs, selected for diversity in size, location and populations served, in order to assess where they are doing well and what needs more work. By improving safety, we can protect the people who use the JCC, and JCCs can improve their bottom line.

JCC Security

JCCs across North America endured weeks of harassing, threatening threats, forcing evacuations and a reevaluation of security procedures. JCC Association was there to assist throughout, providing public relations and security guidance for all JCCs in North America, no matter their affiliation. We were able to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss the seriousness of the issue. Out of this we emerged stronger, witnessing bold community support through multi-faith rallies. We were able to support new legislation, provide crisis communications, develop security planning tools and offer a new communications platform for security issues.

Annual Report 2016


Endownment-Funded program support Endowed Programs

Endowed Scholarship Fund

MERRIN CENTER FOR TEEN ENGAGEMENT JCC Association is grateful to Anne Heyman z”l and Seth Merrin whose generosity established the Merrin Center for Teen Engagement, which is dedicated to enhancing the work of teen professionals and providing programming for the youth they serve.

JCC ASSOCIATION GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP FUND The future requires well-trained professionals. JCC Association recognizes donors who endowed the Graduate Education Scholarship program.


Ella and Gerrard Berman Scholarship Fund


Robert L. Adler Memorial Scholarship Fund Alumni Scholarship Fund Elayne and Julian Bernat Scholarship Fund Harold Dinerman Memorial Scholarship Fund Shirley and Royal H. Durst Scholarship Fund Joan and Jesse Feldman Scholarship Fund

JCC ASSOCIATION SCHOLARS FUND Syril z”l and Leonard Rubin z”l

Frances and Samuel Finkelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund

THE LENNY RUBIN ISRAEL EDUCATION FUND In honor of Lenny Rubin z”l, support of Israel education for JCC Association staff. We thank the generous donors who contributed to this fund in 2016.

Israel Goldberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

Laura Rubin Kate Obstgarten Family Foundation

Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Scholarship Fund

Frenkel Memorial Scholarship Fund Goodstein-Kleitman Memorial Scholarship Fund Edwin Hochstader Scholarship Fund Joan and Irwin Jacobs Scholarship Fund Philip R. Kaplan Memorial Scholarship Fund Bea D. Katcher Scholarship Fund Charles R. Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund Mary and Solomon Litt Scholarship Fund Minnie and Louis Nathanson Memorial Scholarship Fund Pesses-Sachs Scholarship Fund Evelyn S. and Shaol L. Pozez Scholarship Fund Henry S. and Anne S. Reich Scholarship Fund Joanna S. and Daniel Rose Scholarship Fund Syril and Leonard Rubin Scholarship Fund Michael-Ann Russel Memorial Scholarship Fund Fedgie and Hy Schulltz Memorial Scholarship Fund Geraldyn and Henry Sicular Scholarship Fund Diana S. Simberloff Memorial Scholarship Fund Avraham Soltes Memorial Scholarship Fund Sam Sulstan Memorial Scholarship Fund Olga F. and Oliver B. Winkler Scholarship Fund Helen and Harold O. Zimman Scholarship Fund


JCC Association of North America

JCC Association 2016 Annual Fund $18,000 AND ABOVE Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs Irene and Eddie H. Kaplan Lisa and Thomas Mandel Stephanie and Eric Nislow Sharon and Stephen P. Seiden and the Russell Berrie Foundation Paula L. Sidman Sharon and David Wax $10,000-$17,999 Harriet and George Blank Joanne and Donald W. Brodsky Ruth and Michael Fletcher Howard and Rosalyn Jacobson Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Millie and Lawrence Magid Evelyn and Jerome Makowsky Geri Pollack Mark Ramer Amy Rosenberg Jill and Ken A. Steinberg $5,000-$9,999 Kara and Paul Bierman Lisa and Ron Brill Carol Weintraub Fogel and Ronald P. Fogel Richard Frankoff and Laurie Robinson Jane Gellman Catherine and Michael Gildenhorn Alison and Paul Gillis Joyce and Neil Goldstein Felicia and Michael Gottdenker The Irma T. Hirschl Trust Barbara B. and Stuart Hochwert Robert and Arlene Kogod Family Foundation Joshua Langenthal and Diane Halberg Ronald L. Leibow Judith Lieberman Alan Mann Adrienne and Rick Matros Sharon R. and Marc Merklin Jane Tzinberg Rubin Linda and Barry Russin Annette and Michael Saxon Philip Schatten Elizabeth and Edward Schreiber Shirley and Allan Solomon Andrea and Alan P. Solow Susan and Richard Strait Joan and Peter Swartz Phyllis Tabachnick Francine Zorn Trachtenberg and Stephen Trachtenberg Suzanne Albin Tucker and Richard Tucker Jeffrey and Jennifer Tuvlin

$1,000-$4,999 Lynn and Daniel M. Bernstein Jane B. and John C. Colman Alan Goldberg JCC of Rockland County Laurie F. Lieberman Amy and Alan Meltzer Rick Nelson David Peltz Barbara and Stuart Raynor Arlene Swartz Roz and Richard Warshauer $500-$999 Arthur Allen Robin Ballin Dr. A. David and Mrs. Judith Bernanke Joel and Elena Dinkin Michael Feinstein Carol Folkerth Leah Garber Donna Gilbert Gordon Gross Ivy Harlev Rachel and Jonathan Hoffer Adele and Andrew Newman Andrew Paller Steve R. Reiner Todd Rockoff Aliki and Peter Rzepka James Schwartz Sharon and Mark Shapiro Lynn Wittels $250-$499 Abrams Foundation Patrick Azria Rosalee and Richard Davidson Rhonda Glyman Linda and Alan R. Goldstein Joanne Harmon Alfred E. Heller Emily and James Holdstein Susan and Michael Hyman Robert D. Kimsal Andrew Klugerman David and Ruth Lapp Marilyn and Richard David Levin Local Independent Charities of America Sherry and Gerald Merfish David E. Posner Pottstown Jewish Federation Pearl Seiden Stanley Srochi Strong Foundation of New York Havva and Etan Zellner $100-$249 Susan and Herbert Bard Steven Becker Michelle and Stephen Beinhacker

Joel D. Berkowitz Joan and Alan Brout Andrew Burger Marla Cohen Marc S. Cooperman Jeff Dannick Sherry and Lenny L. Dubin Foundation for Jewish Camp, Inc. Deborah and Lawrence C. Franco Sidney Freedland Dr. Betsy Gidwitz Lt. Col. Michael and Mrs. Rochelle Goldstein Hon. William S. and Mrs. Betty Greenberg Glenn Harada Melvin L. Hecktman Harvey and Terry Hieken April and Albert H. Hiller David Jacobs Jewish Federation of Central New York Richard Kaplan Susan L. Kattan Susan and William Kleinman Ila Lauter Marcy Lazar Pam and Neil Lazaroff Micki and Jim Leader Ellen and Robert Leibenluft Howard Levine Cynthia and Peter Liebman Sandra and Stephen A. Linker William Lipschultz Nancy and Sheldon Mann Judith R. and Michael Margulies Herman P. Markell Ronen Marmorstein Harry Maziar Susan Mintz Kantrow Ellen and Harry Nadler Elizabeth and Benjamin Neufeld Brigitte and Ira L. Rezak Fred Richman Steven Rod Michael Rosenberg Claudia and Lester Ross Morris Rutchik Dr. Joel Schneider Linda and Jerome Schultz Sharon and James A. Schwarz Sarah H. and David Shapiro Morton Spector Yetta B. Speiser Viera and Joseph M. Strahs Arthur D. Tenenholtz Claire and Morris Weinbaum Susan and Elliot Weinstein Solomon Weiss George Weisz Evelyn Wisenberg Wendy C. Wolf Lisa Zbar

The National Federation/Agency Alliance is a partnership that provides a significant amount of funding to several national agencies including $1,012,212 to JCC Association of North America in FY 2016. The national agencies that make up the Alliance engage in critical work to build capacity and support the work of the federations and their local affiliates. They also help advance the federation system’s goals on a national and international stage. While mindful of its role in evaluating and monitoring the national agencies, the Alliance works to promote deeper relationships and create synergy between the national agencies and the federations.

Annual Report 2016


2016 JCC Association of North America program and project support THE JACK, JOSEPH, AND MORTON MANDEL CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT JCC Association is grateful to The Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Foundation for its grant created to sustain the Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management. THE JACK, JOSEPH, AND MORTON MANDEL CENTER FOR JEWISH EDUC ATION JCC Association is grateful to The Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Foundation for its grant created to sustain the Mandel Center for Jewish Education. JCC Association acknowledges The AVI CHAI Foundation for its support of training programs within the Mandel Center for Jewish Education: Lekhu Lakhem IV: Brings JCC Association’s proven Jewish educational leadership to the wider Jewish resident camp community in collaboration with the Foundation for Jewish Camp. Chizuk: Recruits, trains and places Jewish educators in Lekhu Lakhem camps to support the camp’s Jewish mission. CENTENNIAL FUND As JCC Association and JWB celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2017, we are delighted to acknowledge the generosity of the following donors: Lisa F. and Ron Brill Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Stephen P. and Sharon Seiden and the Russell Berrie Foundation SHEVA CENTER FOR INNOVATION IN EARLY CHILDHOOD JEWISH EDUC ATION & ENGAGEMENT JCC Association supports the largest number of Jewish early childhood centers, often a family’s first and most significant gateway to Jewish communal life. The Sheva Center raises the level of excellence in early childhood education. The Covenant Foundation The Crown Family The Myra Reinhard Family Foundation


JCC A SSOCIATION GR ADUATE SCHOL ARSHIP PROGR AM Elizabeth A. Schiro and Stephen L. Bayer Shirley and William Grossman Louis & Anita Perlman Family Foundation MERRIN CENTER FOR TEEN ENGAGEMENT The Merrin Fellowship’s mission is to give JCC staff working with Jewish teens the skills to better serve this critical sector of the Jewish community. Matilda Blendes Fund Seth Merrin and Anne Heyman z”l JCC MACC ABI GAMES ® AND ARTSFEST ® The largest gathering of Jewish teens in North America, JCC Maccabi® has helped teen athletes and ar tists strengthen their Jewish identity as they hone their skills, engage in JCC Cares community service, be part of a global Jewish community and integrate Jewish values into their everyday life. The Feldman Family Foundation Glassman Family Charitable Fund Jody and Robert Mansbach Soref-Breslauer Texas Foundation The Redwoods Group Foundation, Inc. David and Sharon Wax JCC GROWS Supports community gardens at JCCs and produce donations to emergency food providers. The Robert Sillins Family Foundation, Inc. MAKING MUSIC HAPPEN: THE SOUNDTR ACK OF JEWISH LIFE IN NORTH AMERIC A Made possible by a grant from Marvin J. Pertzik and the Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Foundation. JCC A SSOCIATION HA ZON JEWISH OUTDOOR, FOOD & ENVIRONMENTAL EDUC ATION (JOFEE) FELLOWSHIP Harriet and George Blank Ruth Fletcher

JCC Association of North America

2016 JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

JWB JEWISH CHAPL AINS COUNCIL A SIGNATURE PROGR AM OF JCC A SSOCIATION For nearly 100 years, JWB has proudly fulfilled its mission to provide services that meet the religious, educational, and spiritual needs of Jews in the United States Military, veterans, and their families. $10,000 AND ABOVE Fran and Alan Broder Joanne and Donald W. Brodsky* Nancy and Irving Chase* Ralph Dweck* Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York Sandy Fainbarg* Catherine and Michael Gildenhorn* Irene and Eddie H. Kaplan* Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman* Adrienne and Rick Matros* Marvin J. Pertzik Barbara and J. Victor Samuels* Sharon and Stephen P. Seiden* Leonard Shaykin* The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc. Patti and Dan Steiner* Myron Steves* Sharon and David Wax* $5,000-$9,999 Deborah Ratner and Michael Salzberg* Jewish War Veterans of the United States, Washington, DC $1,000-$4,999 Dr. David C. Ackerman* Rabbi Alvin K. Berkun Joshua Bernstein* Kenneth J. Bloom B’nai Israel Congregation, Rockville, MD Barbara and Mark Brookner* Congregation Beth Sholom, Teaneck, NJ* Covenant B’nai B’rith Unit #2215 Phil Darivoff David Eisner* Federation of Jewish Women’s Orgs. of Maryland Robert A. Hammel* Jewish War Veterans Post 755, Fort Worth, Texas Susan and William Kristol* Connie and Jay Krupin* Judith Lieberman Lanie Gordon and David Mincberg* A. Mark Neuman

Melanie and Larry Nussdorf Esther and Gary Polland* Zoe and Clive Rock* Dr. Paul and Mrs. Harriet Rosen The Robert Sillins Family Foundation, Inc. Rabbi Matthew H. and Mrs. Sara Simon* Sisterhood of North Shore Jewish Center, Port Jefferson, NY Albert and Lillian Small Foundation* Muriel and Myron Strober The Marion and Norman Tanzman Charitable Foundation Temple Israel of the City of New York Tidewater Jewish Foundation Robert A. Waldman* $500-$999 Adath Israel, Merion Station, PA Albert Einstein Academy Meredith Arfa Susan Benezra Dr. and Mrs. Ari Berenson Harriet and George Blank Sally and James Booth Dr. Maria Brecher Congregation Shomrei Emunah, Montclair, NJ Susan and Steven Fanaroff David Faust Ruth L. Herman Robin Hettleman Weinberg Jewish Federated Charities of the Shoals The New Kalman Sunshine Fund Pittsburgh Conference Jewish Women’s Organizations Dr. Bernard Rosenberg Susan S. Ruttner Don Schwarz Blossom Siegel Temple Jeremiah, Northfield, IL Harriet and Nathan Wasserstrum Dr. Preston M. Wolin Edwin P. Yates $250-$499 Ahavath Achim Congregation, Atlanta, GA The Howard & Nikki Applebaum Foundation Rhoda and Henry R. Bernstein Beth Israel Congregation, Ann Arbor, MI B’nai B’rith Charities Foundation of Allentown, PA Jeffrey Braverman Michele Jacobson and Andrew Burstiner

Michael Busch Colonial Heights American Legion Post 284 Congregation B’nai Israel, Saint Petersburg, FL Sheldon Daitch Rabbi Beth D. Davidson Rabbi Robert S. Feinberg Dr. Arnold Felsenfeld First Sergeant Barton Fendelman Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Ezra H. Friedman Laurie and Jerry Friedman Neil Friedman Sharlene and Sol Galper Beth E. Gamel Dr. Mark Goldfarb Ellen and Richard B. Goldstein Michael L. Green Leah R. and Jonathan S. Gross Jay Grossman Holyoke Combined Jewish Appeal Peri A. Horowitz Jewish Community Center of Harrison, NY Jewish War Veterans Post 536, Manalapan, NJ Mitchell D. Kaplan Robin and Larry Kaplan Arthur H. Kaplansky Karen Kolodny Rabbi Cary and Mrs. Sheryl Kozberg Rabbi Doniel Z. Kramer Melissa and Arthur Kreitenberg Rabbi Gail Labovitz Captain Hugh and Mrs. Jill Mainzer Ronnie A. Mason Martin G. Mendelssohn Cynthia A. Mirsky Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Karol Musher Lauren and Rick Neufeld Matthew Podell and Jessica Haber Dr. Harlan Pollock Max and Rebecca Rochkind Family Foundation Howard Rosenbloom Linda Saltz-Gato Nancy and Stephen Schwartz Ruth and Stanley Seemann Stuart F. Shapiro Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith Vicki and Lewis Snow Lea and Joshua Steirman Temple Beth-El, Ithaca, NY Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El, Wynnewood, PA Temple Beth Shalom, Needham, Mass. Temple Har Shalom, Warren, NJ

*We are delighted to acknowledge the donors making generous, multi-year gifts.

Annual Report 2016


2016 JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

Tifereth Israel Synagogue, San Diego, CA Susan and Martin E. Toher United Jewish School Randi and Barry Weiss Havva and Etan Zellner Sandra and Alan M. Zwickel $100-249 Michael Abramowitz Wendi and Daniel Abramowitz Col. Benjamin L. Abramowitz, USA Ret. Agudas Achim Congregation, Alexandria, VA Dr. and Mrs. Hymie Akst Joan H. and David Alexander Caryn and Donald Altman Andrew Apostolou Ruth and Jack Appel Geila and Martin Aronson Rabbi Stanley and Cecille Asekoff Buffalo Frontier Post No. 25 Rabbi Laurence Bazer Robert Mandel Beckerman Idie Benjamin Dr. Wendy B. Bernstein Bet Torah Nursery School, Chappaqua, NY Beth Israel Center, Madison, WI Beth Sholom Men’s Club, Elkins Park, PA Elaine and Joseph S. Bettman Rita Blacker Jeffrey Bluestone Linda and Gerald W. Blume Jacqueline K. Bodin Barbara and Richard Braun Andrea and Terry Bresnick Sue Ellen Bromberg Les Burger Steven H. Caller Deborah Carper Central Synagogue, New York, NY Barbara Chazen Martin Cirkiel Ann and Robert W. Citron Jane and Michael Civins Franklyn Cohen Dyan and Alex Cohen David Joel and Doreen Cohen Fred M. Cohen The Community Synagogue, Port Washington, NY Congregation Ahavath Sholom, Fort Worth, TX Congregation B’nai Israel, Boca Raton, FL


Congregation Etz Chaim, Marietta, GA Congregation Or Zarua, New York, NY Congregation Tifereth Israel, Columbus, OH Congregation Torat El, Oakhurst, NJ Stuart Davis Anne Dayer Barbara and Neil Demchick Major Eugene F. Deutsch, USA Ret. Frederic E. Dorkin Arlene G. Dryer Davina M. Dubnick Barbara Dubnick Dagmar and Joseph Eckfeld Laurence Eckstein Bernard Edison Bella Ruth and Seymour Ehrenpreis Nancy and Michael B. Eisenstat Celia and Phillip L. Elbaum Dr. Morton and Dr. Esther Fridman Laurie Pearl and Howard Friedman Phyllis M. Gilmore Lt. Col. Michael and Mrs. Rochelle Goldstein Nancy and Warren S. Goldstone Dr. Wendy and Dr. Michael Gordon Paula and Jerome Gottesman Rabbi Irving and Mrs. Blu Greenberg North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, IL Anna and Gerald Greenhouse Elaine and Kerry Greenhut Alissa Grill Sharon M. Guten Mark Guyer Jane and Philip Hanser Joanne Harmon Arlene and Ira S. Harris Katherine M. Hatwell Stephen Hazan Arnoff David Hechinger Rabbi Jonathan L. Hecht Elissa Heilicher Joanne Hagadorn and Clifton Hertel Howard C. Horn Rabbi William Horn Cantor Mark S. Horowitz Sheila and Robert Hyatt Sheila Israel Jeff Jacobs Joan and Irwin Jacobs Jo-Ann and Arnold Jacobson Faye and Paul Jeser Jewish Community Center of Schenectady, NY Jewish War Veterans Department of NJ Rabbi Valerie Joseph

JCC Association of North America

JWB Women’s Services Committee of Columbus, OH Barry Kahn Rabbi Alan M. Kalinsky Elliot Kalman Col. Bernard S. Kamine Cynthia and Leonard Kanarvogel Beth Kane Stefanie and Robert Karon Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue, San Diego, CA Helaine Katz Kehillah of Lakewood Ranch Hannah and Paul Kirschenfeld April Stewart and Paul Klausner Jeffrey Korn Evelyn and Martin Koss Judith and Sheldon E. Koven Rabbi Leonard and Mrs. Hanna B. Kravitz Major Richard A. Kronick, USAF Ret. Shirely and Gerald Kurlander North Suburban Synagogue Beth El, Highland Park, IL Dale Latiff L. E. B. Enterprises, Inc. David E. Lefton Susan and Joseph E. Leibenhaut Ellen and Robert Leibenluft Eliane and Bernard K. Levy Suzanne and Howard Liebreich Judith D. Lobel Dietra Loughran Bennet J. Luckens Katherine and Russell Lynn Ian MacDonald David Magidson Russell E. Makowsky Daniel and Susan Marder Ruth and Michael L. Margolin Nechama Masliansky Steven F. Mazer Dr. and Mrs. Morton Meltzer Lt. Col. Allen Miliefsky Vivian I. Miller Cynthia Mindell-Wong Nevin J. Mindlin Tari Modes Joan Morgenstern Les B. Morris Martin and Kim Moskowitz Martha Nathanson Judith and Aaron Nathenson Susan L. Neidich Vivien and Robert Newman Amy and Allen M. Olender Amy and Anthony Pardo Stephen A. Pearlman

2016 JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

Dr. Barry Pinchefsky Rabbi Richard J. Plavin Bettye and Benard H. Plotkin David E. Posner Michael and Lisa Pottiger Reisner Family Charitable Fund Monroe Richman Henry Rieser Lee and Ron Robinson Esther H. Rose David Rosenzweig Lynne G. and Robert Rubin Dr. Lewis Rubin Daniel Rubinstein Janis K. and Thornton Saferstein Jack A. Samosky Ray Samuelson Barbara W. Sasser Gilda M. Saul Laura Schaffer Rabbi Philip E. Schechter Stanley J. Scher Diana M. Schlesinger Rabbi Ora Schnitzer Sally and Mark Schulberg Lynn Schwarz Alan M. Seidman Jerry Seitzman Andrew J. Shaevel Rabbi Abbi Sharofsky Shomrei Torah, Wayne, NJ Bettie and Ted Shrensel Rabbi Marion Shulevitz Sidra and Peter Silton Joel S. Silver & Co., PC Merle and Seth M. Silver Silversolutions, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Silvers Herbert F. Slavin Linden and Roger S. Sofer John Sogn Yetta B. Speiser Joy and Nicholas Spill Max Spinner Jacques Sredni Stanley Srochi Sara E. Sussan Michael Sydney Jeffrey Tabachnick Glenn M. Taubman Temple Beth Torah, Fremont, CA Temple Beth Am, Randolph, MA Temple Etz Chaim, Thousand Oaks, CA Temple Emanu-El, Providence, RI Temple Rodef Shalom Religious School,Falls Church, VA

TI Sunday Morning Minyan Charity Fund, Charlotte, NC Diana and Morton Tobin University Synagogue Sisterhood, Los Angeles, CA David Valinsky Arnie Waldman Mindi Wapner Sally G. and Robert E. Waters Stacy Weile Norman Weiner Ellen and Norman Weingart Sybil and Joe Weingast Barbara and David Weisel Dr. Fredric and Mrs. Cynthia Weiss Marcia J. Weiss Ann Deborah Werner Clifford Will Kendra and Peter Winkelstein Kenny Wintman Lori B. Wittlin Arlene Wizwer Dr. Hal Wolfson Betsy and Herbert L. Wolk Colby Wycoff Dina Yakar Betsy and Joel Zeligson Lois Zoller Dr. Howard and Mrs. Judith Zucker

Annual Report 2016


JCC Association Revenue & Expenses


8% 23%




Total Revenue







Program Enrichment Services Community Consultation Services Jewish Education and Israel Operations Finance & Administration Marketing & Communication Professional Leadership Financial Resource Development Services to the Military

Total Expenses


1,097,000 5,382,000 2,339,000 700,000 668,000 3,114,000

8% 40% 18% 5% 5% 23%

13,300,000 100%





National Federation/Agency Alliance and Individual Federations Affiliate Dues Annual Giving and Foundation Grants Corporate Sponsorships/Other Draw from Investments for Operations Program Fees

JCC Association of North America

2,401,000 18% 1,648,000 12% 2,561,000 19% 3,290,000 25% 1,325,000 10% 668,000 5% 727,000 6% 576,000 4%

13,196,000 100%

JCC Association Officers and Board 2016-2018 Officers CHAIR Stephen P. Seiden, West Orange, NJ

SECRETARY Harriet I. Blank, Bridgewater, NJ

PRESIDENT AND CEO Doron Krakow, New York, NY

VICE CHAIRS Donald W. Brodsky, Houston, TX Joyce Goldstein, Essex Fells, NJ Gary Jacobs, San Diego, CA Howard T. Jacobson, Overland Park, KS Ronald L. Leibow, Los Angeles, CA Eric M. Nislow, Baltimore, MD Francine Zorn Trachtenberg, Washington, DC

A SSOCIATE SECRETARIES Lisa F. Brill, Atlanta, GA Felicia Gottdenker, Rockville, MD

INTERIM PRESIDENT (2016) Alan Mann, New York, NY

HONOR ARY CHAIRS Edward H. Kaplan, Washington, DC Ann P. Kaufman, Houston, TX Jerome B. Makowsky, Memphis, TN Morton L. Mandel, Cleveland, OH Daniel Rose, Bronx, NY Paula L. Sidman, Boston, MA Alan P. Solow, Chicago, IL

PRESIDENT EMERITUS Allan Finkelstein, Columbus, OH

2016-2018 Board of Directors Arthur R. Allen, Dallas, TX Alvin K. Berkun, Pittsburgh, PA Kara Bierman, Memphis, TN Harriet I. Blank, Bridgewater, NJ Lisa F. Brill, Atlanta, GA Donald W. Brodsky, Houston, TX Alex Budnitsky, Brooklyn, NY Joel Dinkin, Houston, TX Andrew L. Eisenberg, Boston, MA Michael Feinstein, Rockville, MD Cheryl Fishbein, New York, NY Carol Weintraub Fogel, Detroit, MI Carol Folkerth, Columbus, OH Richard Frankoff, Las Vegas, NV Jane Gellman, Milwaukee, WI Michael Gildenhorn, Rockville, MD Paul Gillis, Denver, CO Joyce Goldstein, Essex Fells, NJ Felicia Gottdenker, Rockville, MD Ivy Harlev, Wilmington, DE Barak Hermann, Baltimore, MD Stuart B. Hochwert, Chicago, IL Gary Jacobs, San Diego, CA Howard T. Jacobson, Overland Park, KS Edward H. Kaplan, Washington, DC Ann P. Kaufman, Houston, TX Stephen M. Kaufman, Houston, TX Bonnie J. Koppell, Mesa, AZ Ira I. Kronenberg, Passaic, NJ Josh Langenthal, Berkeley, CA Ronald L. Leibow, Los Angeles, CA Judith M. Lieberman, West Orange, NJ Lawrence Magid, Searington, NY Jerome B. Makowsky, Memphis, TN Morton L. Mandel, Cleveland, OH

Thomas A. Mandel, Akron, OH Adrienne Matros, Irvine, CA Marc B. Merklin, Akron, OH Richard Nelson, Richmond, VA Eric M. Nislow, Baltimore, MD David Peltz, Toronto, ON Geri Pollack, New York, NY Mark Ramer, Atlantic Beach, NY Stuart Raynor, West Orange, NJ Stephen R. Reiner, New York, NY Daniel Rose, Bronx, NY Amy Rosenberg, Ft Lauderdale, FL Jane Tzinberg Rubin, St Louis, MO Linda Russin, Rockland County,NY Annette G. Saxon, Baltimore, MD Philip Schatten, New York, NY Brian Schreiber, Pittsburgh, PA Edward Schreiber, Houston, TX Stephen P. Seiden, West Orange, NJ Mark F. Shapiro, Milwaukee, WI Paula L. Sidman, Boston, MA Shirley Solomon, Boca Raton, FL Alan P. Solow, Chicago, IL Kenneth A. Steinberg, Memphis, TN Susan B. Strait, Milwaukee, WI Joan P. Swartz, Austin, TX Phyllis Tabachnick, Chicago, IL Francine Zorn Trachtenberg, Washington, DC Suzanne Albin Tucker, Scotch Plains, NJ Jeffrey A. Tuvlin, Louisville, KY David S. Wax, San Diego, CA Craig Weiss, Memphis, TN Lynn Wittels, St Louis, MO Eric M. Zachs, West Hartford, CT

HONOR ARY BOARD MEMBERS Gilbert Fox, Nashville, TN Marilyn Fox, St Louis, MO Sandra O. Gold, Tenafly, NJ Gordon Gross, Getzville, NY Mark D. Litt, White Plains, NY Gerald S. Ostrow, Pittsburgh, PA Marvin J. Pertzik, St Paul, MN Irwin Jay Robinson, New York, NY Harriet L. Rosenthal, West Orange, NJ J. Victor Samuels, Houston, TX Norman Seiden, Tenafly, NJ Jerome Spitzer, New York, NJ Myron Strober, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Annual Report 2016


JCC Association Staff and Services ADMINISTRATION Doron Krakow President and CEO (212) 786-5096 | Allan Finkelstein President Emeritus (973) 224-0984 | Yael Lubofsky Coordinator of Board Relations and Manager of Special Events (212) 786-5084 | Vanessa Waye Project Coordinator to President and CEO (212) 786-5083 | OPERATIONS Alan Goldberg Senior Vice President of Operations (212) 786-5122 | PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP AND THE MERRIN CENTER FOR TEEN ENGAGEMENT Joy Brand-Richardson Vice President | Director of Training and Professional Development (212) 786-5114 | Ellen Gettinger Professional Development Coordinator (212) 786-5099 | Sarah Hecht Talent Management and Professional Leadership Associate (212) 786-5093 | Dina Yakar Conference Coordinator and Registrar (212) 786-5152 | MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS Joanne Harmon Vice President | Creative Director, Marketing and Communications (212) 786-5101 | Marla Cohen Director of Communications, JCC Circle Editor (212) 786-5092 | Morgan Weiss Digital Media and Marketing Manager (212) 786-5117 | Loraine Machlin Graphic Designer (212) 786-5087 | Angela Tranquille Marketing Administrator (212) 786-5154 | JCC MACCABI® Randy Ellen Lutterman Vice President, Arts and Culture | Director, JCC Maccabi Games® and ArtsFest® (212) 786-5123 | Jordan Zarin Lanczycki Host Community Liaison, JCC Maccabi® (212) 786-5145 |

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Robin Ballin Senior Vice President, Program Development | Director, JCCs of North America Biennial Convention (212) 786-5112 | Shlomo Schwartz Program Development Associate (212) 786-5155 | SHEVA CENTER: INNOVATION IN EARLY CHILDHOOD JEWISH EDUCATION & ENGAGEMENT Mark Horowitz Vice President | Director of Sheva Center (212) 786-5098 | Mackenzie Noda Director of Strategy and Communications, Sheva Center | Coordinator of Health and Wellness Strategies (212) 786-5095 | HEALTH AND WELLNESS Steve Becker Vice President, Health and Wellness Services (212) 786-5105 | 3

JCC ISRAEL CENTER Leah Garber Vice President | Director, JCC Israel Center 011-972-2-625-1265 | Sara Sless Assistant Director, JCC Israel Center | Director, Israel Seminars 011-972-2-625-1265 | Shira Lupiansky Hasson Boarding Pass Associate | Israel Seminars 011-972-2-625-1265 | Vicki Rosenberg Office Administrator, JCC Israel Center 011-972-2-625-1265 Adam Blue JCC Maccabi Israel® Program Manager (202) 370-4030 | Elkana Bar-Eitan JMI Program Manager, JCC Israel Center (202) 537-6056 | Lilach Shalom Accountant, JCC Israel Center 011-972-2-625-1265 | COMMUNITY CONSULTATION Janet S. Elam2 Senior Vice President, Community Consultation and Executive Leadership (512) 241-1118 | Dori Denelle1 Vice President | Certified Governance Consultant, Emerging Leadership, and Community Consultation (651) 452-2219 |

Michael Gordon Program Director, JCC Maccabi® (212) 786-5116 | Dena Sokol Associate Program Manager, JCC Maccabi® (212) 786-5081 |


JCC Association of North America

THE JACK, JOSEPH AND MORTON MANDEL CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC PERFORMANCE David E. Posner Vice President, JWB | Community Consultation | Director, Strategic Performance (212) 786-5124 |

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Bob Kimsal Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (212) 786-5141 |

Andrew C. Paller Vice President, Community Consultation | Director of JCC Benchmarking, Strategic Performance (212) 710-6432 |

Irina Abramov Accounting Assistant (212) 786-5133 |

Michael Rowland Marketing Consultant (212) 786-5153 | Yuliya Mazur New Resource Communications Manager (212) 786-5140 | JWB JEWISH CHAPLAINS COUNCIL Rabbi Irving A. Elson Director, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council | Director, Armed Forces and Veterans Services (212) 532-4949 | Rabbi Abbi Sharofsky Deputy Director, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council (212) 786-5137 | Janine Acevedo Program Associate, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council (212) 786-5090 | THE JACK, JOSEPH AND MORTON MANDEL CENTER FOR JEWISH EDUCATION Dr. David Ackerman Senior Vice President | Director, The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Jewish Education (212) 786-5110 | JCC CAMPS Aaron Greenberg Senior Consultant for Day Camp Initiatives (212) 786-5150 | Jodi Sperling Senior Consultant for Overnight Camps (347) 931-7002 | Amy Grassel Program Coordinator for Camping Services (212) 786-5109 |

Dina Rudolph Controller (212) 786-5132 |

HUMAN RESOURCES Irina Khomina Manager, Human Resources (212) 786-5131 | Elaine Vasquez Accounting and Benefits Associate, Front Desk (212) 786-5136 | INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Andy Zhang Manager, Information Technology (212) 786-5103 | Bernardo Arocho Associate, Information Technology | Network Administrator (212) 786-5094 | PRODUCTION Franklin James Supervisor, Production and Facilities (212) 786-5118 | Donald Credle Production Assistant and Front Desk (212) 786-5113 | D’wayne Haywood Shipping and Receiving (212) 786-5107 | FINANCIAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Arlene Swartz Senior Vice President Financial Resource Development (212) 786-5135 | Lisa Zbar Director, Individual Giving (212) 786-5120 | Samantha Hordes Development Associate (212) 786-5126 |


JCC Association Midwestern Services Office 2478 Pond Circle West St. Paul MN 55120 (651) 452-2219


JCC Association Southwestern Services Office 2303 S Third Street Austin, TX 78704 (512) 241-1118

Beth Garfinkle Hancock Chizuk Coordinator Yael Warach Program Associate, MCJE | Arts & Culture (212) 786-5088 |

3 JCC Israel Center Solomon and Mary Litt Building 12 Moshe Hess Street Jerusalem, 9418513, Israel 011.972.2.625.1265 fax 011.972.2.624.7767

JCCs, YM-YWHAs, and Camps of the JCC Movement Canada

JCC Chicago, Chicago, IL

Calgary Jewish Community Centre, Calgary, AB

JCC of Greater Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

Camp BB Riback, Edmonton, AB

Rose and Max Rady JCC, Winnipeg, MB B’nai B’rith Jewish Community Camp, Winnipeg, MB

Miles Nadal JCC, Toronto, ON

Schwartz/Reisman Centre, Vaughan, ON

Y Country Camp, Montreal, QC

Prosserman JCC, Toronto, ON

JCC of Windsor, Windsor, ON

United States

Levite JCC, Birmingham, AL

East Valley JCC, Chandler, AZ

Valley of the Sun JCC, Scottsdale, AZ Tucson JCC, Tucson, AZ

JCC of the East Bay, Berkeley, CA Peninsula JCC, Foster City, CA

Merage JCC of Orange County, Irvine, CA

Lawrence Family JCC of San Diego County – Jacobs Family Campus, La Jolla, CA

Barbara and Ray Alpert JCC, Long Beach, CA Westside JCC, Los Angeles, CA

Addison-Penzak JCC of Silicon Valley, Los Gatos, CA Shalom Institute, Malibu, CA

Oshman Family JCC , Palo Alto, CA

Camp Mountain Chai, San Diego, CA

JCC Maccabi Sports Camp, San Francisco, CA Camp Tawonga, San Francisco, CA

JCC of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA Osher Marin JCC, San Rafael, CA

Contra Costa JCC, Walnut Creek, CA Valley JCC, Woodland Hills, CA

Early Childhood Services – JCC at Woodland Commons, Buffalo Grove, IL Children, Family & Wellness Services, Chicago, IL Day Camping Services, Chicago, IL

Ezra Multi-Service Center, Chicago, IL Florence G. Heller JCC, Chicago, IL Hyde Park JCC, Chicago, IL

Bernard Horwich JCC, Chicago, IL

Riverdale YM-YWHA, Bronx, NY

Edith & Carl Marks JCH of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY Kingsbay YM-YWHA, Brooklyn, NY

Shorefront YM-YWHA of Brighton Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY Sid Jacobson JCC, East Hills, NY

The JCC of Greater Buffalo Benderson Family Building, Getzville, NY Holland Family Building, Buffalo, NY

Early Childhood Services, Chicago, IL

92nd Street Y, New York, NY

Pritzker Center for Jewish Education – Mayer Kaplan JCC , Skokie, IL

Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp, New York, NY

Bernard Weinger JCC, Northbrook, IL

Resident Camping Services – Camp Chi, Lake Delton, WI

Florence Weiss Perlstein Vacation Center, Lake Delton, WI

JCC of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN

JCC of Greater Kansas City, Overland Park, KS JCC of Louisville, Louisville, KY

YM & YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood, New York, NY Surprise Lake Camp, New York, NY Moise Safra Center, New York, NY

JCC of Schenectady , Niskayuna, NY

Barry & Florence Friedberg JCC, Oceanside, NY Long Beach Division, Long Beach, NY Sunrise Association (Sunrise Day Camps Association, Inc.), Oceanside, NY

New Orleans JCC, New Orleans, LA

JCC of Greater Rochester, Rochester, NY

JCCs of Greater Boston, Newton, MA JCC Brookline, Brighton, MA Metrowest JCC, Framingham, MA Leventhal-Sidman JCC, Newton, MA

JCC Rockland, West Nyack, NY

Goldring-Woldenberg JCC – Metairie, Metairie, LA

Springfield JCC, Springfield, MA Worcester JCC, Worcester, MA

JCC of Greater Baltimore, Owings Mills, MD Park Heights Branch, Baltimore, MD

Harold and Elaine Shames JCC on the Hudson, Tarrytown, NY Shaw JCC of Akron, Akron, OH

Mandel JCC of Cleveland, Beachwood, OH Mayerson JCC, Cincinnati, OH

Camp Livingston, Cincinnati, OH

The JCC of Greater Columbus, Columbus, OH

Marjorie and Oscar Boonshoft – Center for Jewish Culture and Education, Dayton, OH

Capital Camps & Retreat Center, Rockville, MD

JCC of Toledo, Sylvania, OH

Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

B’nai B’rith Camp, Beaverton, OR

Bender JCC of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD

JCC of Greater Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI

JCC of Youngstown, Youngstown, OH Mittleman JCC, Portland, OR

The JCC of the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, PA

Staenberg-Loup JCC, Denver, CO

Fresh Air Society/Tamarack Camps, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Greenwich JCC, Greenwich, CT

Mandell JCC of Greater Hartford, West Hartford, CT

St. Louis JCC, St Louis, MO

Siegel JCC, Wilmington, DE

Asheville JCC, Asheville, NC

Jewish Community Alliance of Northeast Pennsylvania, Wilkes Barre, PA

David Posnack JCC, Davie, FL

Charlotte & Dick Levin JCC, Durham, NC

York JCC, York, PA

Boulder JCC, Boulder, CO

Jewish Senior Services, Bridgeport, CT JCC of Stamford, Stamford, CT

JCC of Metropolitan Detroit, West Bloomfield, MI Jimmy Prentis Morris Building, Oak Park, MI

JCC of the Greater St. Paul Area, St Paul, MN Marilyn Fox Building, Chesterfield, MO

Pinemere Camp, Philadelphia, PA

JCC of Greater Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

South Hills Branch, Pittsburgh, PA

Camp Poyntelle, Little Neck, NY Scranton JCC, Scranton, PA

Edlavitch JCC of Washington, DC, Washington, DC

Adolph and Rose Levis JCC, Boca Raton, FL

Sandra and Leon Levine JCC, Charlotte, NC

Kaiserman JCC, Wynnewood, PA

Jewish Community Alliance of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Raleigh-Cary JCC, Raleigh, NC Omaha JCC, Omaha, NE

Dwares JCC of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, Providence, RI

Betty & Milton Katz JCC, Cherry Hill, NJ

Katie and Irwin Kahn JCC, Columbia, SC

JCC Princeton Mercer Bucks & Abrams Camps, East Windsor, NJ

Gordon JCC, Nashville, TN

The Roth Family JCC of Greater Orlando, Maitland, FL Dave & Mary Alper JCC, Miami, FL

Galbut Family Miami Beach JCC on the Simkins Family Campus, Miami Beach, FL

Michael-Ann Russell JCC, North Miami Beach, FL Rosen JCC, Orlando, FL

Mandel JCC of the Greater Palm Beaches JCC, Boynton Beach, FL JCC, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee, Sarasota, FL Tampa JCC, Tampa, FL

Bryan Glazer Family JCC, Tampa, FL

Augusta JCC, Augusta, GA

Marcus JCC of Atlanta, Dunwoody, GA

Zaban Park, Dunwoody, GA

Jewish Educational Alliance, Savannah, GA

The Staenberg Family Complex, St Louis, MO

Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA

Shimon and Sara Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater, NJ

Charleston JCC, Charleston, SC

JCC Jersey Shore, Deal Park, NJ

Memphis JCC, Memphis, TN

NJ Y Camps, Fairfield, NJ Nesher, Round Lake and Kislak Adult Camp, Lake Como, PA

Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake, Teen and Mountaintop, Milford, PA

Milton & Betty Katz JCC, Margate City, NJ JCC of Central NJ, Scotch Plains, NJ

Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly, NJ

Bergen County JCC, Township of Washington, NJ

JCC Metrowest, West Orange, NJ Leon and Toby Cooperman JCC, West Orange, NJ JCC of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV Sidney Albert Albany JCC, Albany, NY

JCC of Austin, Austin, TX

Aaron Family JCC of Dallas, Dallas, TX Evelyn Rubenstein JCC, Houston, TX

JCC, West Houston, TX

Barshop JCC of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX I.J. & Jeanne Wagner JCC, Salt Lake City, UT JCC of Northern Virginia, Fairfax, VA Weinstein JCC, Richmond, VA

Marilyn and Marvin Simon Family JCC, Virginia Beach, VA Stroum JCC, Mercer Island, WA

Harry and Rose Samson Family JCC, Milwaukee, WI

Annual Report 2016


Stephen P. Seiden Chair Doron Krakow President and CEO 520 Eighth Ave, 4th fl., New York, NY 10018 212.532.4949 |

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JCC Association Annual Report 2016  

JCC Association of North America Annual Report 2016

JCC Association Annual Report 2016  

JCC Association of North America Annual Report 2016