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committed 2008 annual to values report

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“The goal of the JCC Movement is to create a community of Jews who are consciously Jewish, who are respectful of Jewish differences, and who are knowledgeable of and committed to Jewish values and practices.”


ith these simple yet stirring words, the Commission on Maximizing the Jewish Educational Effectiveness of JCCs, chaired by Morton L. Mandel, took the JCC Movement on a continuing journey for more than twenty years, a path that is as joyous in the traveling as it is in the terminus. Creating a community of conscious and committed Jews is what JCCs do, and supporting JCCs in that mission is what we do. Through our many programs for children, teens, and adults, through our educational gatherings and training conferences, through our consulting and personnel services, through our outreach to Jewish military members and their families, through all the ways that we help JCCs save money and run more efficiently, we help them create, support, and maintain that community of conscious and committed Jews.

The special gift of the JCC is that it never presumes to define conscious or committed. We are confident that everyone who walks into a JCC will find a way to explore or express some new and exciting aspect of Jewish life and culture. We have worked hard to design programs and materials that embody all the richness and complexity of our Jewish heritage. In this sobering economic environment, we also know that JCCs need to work effectively and efficiently. That’s why we have ramped up our business and management publications, webinars, consultations, trainings, and other services to help JCCs get the most out of their budgets. Both on the programmatic and management sides, we are helping JCCs achieve that overarching goal.

committed 2008 annual to values report Dear Friends, We are proud to celebrate 2008 as a great year of helping JCCs provide service to over two million users—for many reasons:

Alan P. Solow

• We grew and enhanced our signature programs throughout the year, and invigorated JCCs across North America in the process. • We gathered the leadership of the Movement in the spring at a Biennial in Miami that was as educational as it was energetic. • We analyzed benchmarking results for 48 JCCs, and helped them chart a course to continuous improvement and capacity building. • Over the summer, our JCC Maccabi Experience programs gave 5,000 teens a path to follow their passion for sports, for the arts, and for Israel—and along each of those paths they discovered a new enthusiasm for their Jewish heritage.

Allan Finkelstein

But perhaps what we’re most proud of is helping JCCs respond to the extraordinary and tumultuous economic climate of 2008.

JCCs of North America

• We responded early to the looming stormclouds. In the first part of the year, we published a new business model guide for JCCs, a paper on management strategies for recessionary times, and a manual on maximizing annual appeals. • With the dramatic turn for the worse in September, we began delivering a daily economic hotline message, bringing JCCs a wealth of information about the potential economic pitfalls...and how to avoid them. • All the while, we have maintained the highest levels of service to JCCs while weathering the impact of this unprecedented economic story ourselves. We are deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support, understanding, and encouragement from Jewish Community Centers and our generous donors. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship as we work together to significantly impact the Jewish community across the continent, and build much to celebrate in 2009.

Alan P. Solow Chair

Allan Finkelstein President

Addressing the historic economic downturn quickly became an unprecedented priority


n October, the Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management launched the Economy Hotline, a daily briefing on issues relating to the management of JCCs: • lines of credit • marketing in a downturn • staff recognition when raises are frozen • communicating the JCC’s value to members • fundraising strategies • ways to cut utility costs • keeping leadership informed • meeting short-term cash needs We added experts in financial services to answer JCCs’ questions about managing investments and debt. The response from JCCs was immediate and unanimous. They found the Economy Hotline useful for the information it included and for the conversations it sparked. JCC executive directors shared it with their board members and with

Free Marketing Concepts 3 Words. Endless Possibilities.

their financial professionals. They planned board meetings around the Hotline’s findings. They reported back to us so we could share their experiences with the field. “The JCC Assocation hotline provides me with useful data points that serve as conversation starters with board members and staff leads who chair the JCCSF committees,” said Susan Diamond, president of the JCC of San Francisco. “The economy hotline is a very valuable service provided by JCC Association.” In addition to our daily economic briefing, we are doing everything we can to give JCCs the tools they need to come through the downturn successfully. To provide information to JCCs that they could use right away, in the middle of 2008 we published Weathering the Storm: Management Strategies and Tactics for JCCs in Recessionary Times and Business Model Guide.


ur financial experts recommend maintaining or increasing marketing efforts during tough times, so we developed a series of ads for JCCs to customize and use in their local markets. Witty, eye-catching, and varied, these ads gave JCCs professional-quality products at no cost,

did you know? JCC Association’s five niche-market ad campaigns are specially designed to help JCCs increase and retain membership. They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re free. We’ve done the creative work—just drop in your info and go! Visit, click on JCC Resources, and download everything you need to get your message out.

Timely, practical, and evidencebased, the reports helped JCCs remain agile and competitive in a challenging situation. Earlier in the year, we published Getting the Most from Your JCC’s Annual Appeal, written by our fundraising consultant, David Valinsky. It’s an invaluable aid to JCCs, who must depend on fundraising now more than ever. l The Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management is funded by an annual, renewable grant from the Mandel Foundation.

“The economy hotline is a very valuable service provided by JCC Association.” Susan Diamond president of the JCC of San Francisco

and JCCs loved them. We also uploaded a wealth of images, photographs, banner designs, illustrations, and card designs to our intranet site JCC Resources for JCCs to download and use completely free. Marketing support and consultation is part of the broad array of services we offer to JCCs. l

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Annual Report 2008

Managing the crisis


Like GPS For JCCs

With our benchmarking on board, JCCs find the smart route to ongoing excellence


ave you ever wondered how your JCC builds Jewish community? Or why JCC members decide to renew their membership each year? Maybe you’re curious what motivates staff to continue working at a JCC. Thanks to the Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management’s JCC Excellence: The Benchmarking Project, we can now answer those questions. Through Web-based surveys that we administer to staff and members and with detailed financial and program participation data that staff provides, the Benchmarking Project offers comprehensive analysis of a JCC’s finances, operations, staffing, membership and program participation. Over the past three years we have collected a multitude of data rich with information. Participating JCCs have learned: • how to improve their bottom line • how to better engage their members, users and staff • how to increase participation in their programs • strategies for improving customer service • how to communicate between staff and members

JCC Association of North America

• how to retain more members


JCCs recognize the value of this information and have been clamoring to be included in the Benchmarking Project. Forty-eight JCCs have participated in JCC Excellence: The Benchmarking Project, and potentially over

20 more will take part in 2009. JCC Association provides JCC Excellence: The Benchmarking Project to member JCCs at no cost. One JCC learned from its benchmarking analysis that their retention of members was below average for JCCs their size. To increase retention, the JCC developed new techniques that helped them retain 15 percent of the members wishing to cancel. How did they do it? Before they left, members completed brief online surveys about which departments they had been using and why they were not renewing. One simple follow-up call by a friendly staff member (and in some cases a few perks like a free personal training session or a massage) was all it took to remind 15 percent of those members why they should retain their memberships. Through JCC Excellence: The Benchmarking Project, JCCs are now able to develop a baseline of key indicators of success, find out where they excel and where there is room for improvement, and chart their progress in making those improvements from year to year. The Benchmarking Project is providing objective, data-based information so JCC leadership can be proactive in addressing problems before they become crises and in implementing creative programming and management strategies. In these stressful economic times, that’s more important than ever. l

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Getting our green on We’re commited to greening our offices, meetings, and conferences. Here are a few of the ways we’ve started to make a difference:

Refillable coffee mugs have us drinking green—and saving money

Reuseable program binders reduce waste at conferences

restorative plants release oxygen— and tranquility—into the office environment

Payoff guaranteed Investing in JCC staff through professional training always pays dividends. We make it easy.


e’ve known for a long time that the influence and impact of a JCC on its members depends on its staff. The more dynamic, the more inspiring, the more Jewishly literate and informed the professional, the more able that person is to radiate the joy of Jewish life and culture. Research shows that JCC staff today has much more Jewish education and experience than it did 25 years ago, and a higher percentage feel that their Jewish identity is important. These statistics are heartening, for they indicate that the JCC is indeed a place that inspires Jewish journeys. A large number of our graduate scholarship recipients, the future leaders of the JCC Movement, are working on advanced degrees in Jewish communal work or Jewish studies.

Our greening initiative saves JCCs money while it helps save our planet


udaism has a vision for the kind of world we as Jews are striving to bring about. It is remarkably similar to the vision of a sustainable world that is emerging from today’s environmental movement. Both look to build a society that can sustain itself over time—from generation to generation— while nourishing its members in the present both materially and spiritually. This year we made the commitment to mobilize the resources of the JCC Movement to making the vision of a clean, green, sustainable world a reality—a world that is not built on waste and excess. What better way to start than by greening the JCC Association Biennial? JCC leaders took notice of our efforts in Miami to reduce waste, encourage recycling, and share information about greening JCCs. We continued this effort with a “reduced paper” board meeting, and will expand our efforts at all JCC Association meetings and conferences. Now JCC leaders are turning to JCC Association for information about how to go green. Over 100 JCC professional and volunteer leaders are sharing information and ideas on a “greening” Listserv.

What else are we doing to find, nurture, and motivate topnotch professionals? We’re researching and sharing the best practices in management and programming. We’re showing executives how to be great leaders. We’re recruiting the next generation of JCC staff from top college programs. We’re making it easier than ever for JCCs to fill openings. We’re helping future JCC stars get advanced education degrees by providing scholarship help. We’re connecting thousands of JCC professionals across the continent. We coached over 250 professionals from more than 50 JCCs on the finer points of supervision and customer service, and responding to demand, we’re planning more training sessions. To keep JCCs staffed with energetic, committed young people, we engage in an extensive recruitment process. In 2008, we visited over thirty college campus career centers, Hillels, and Jewish studies departments, sharing stories

In New York we are getting our own house in order by greening the JCC Association headquarters. Our staff members now drink fair trade coffee from reusable mugs to reduce waste. At our annual staff retreat we potted and distributed plants to create a healthier environment in our offices. We are revising our purchasing policies to favor suppliers with a commitment to sustainability. Each of us has taken on the responsibility to speak up and take action when we see something that we can do to make our operations more environmentally sound. Achieving sustainable lifestyles is fundamentally about changing values and behavior. As such, JCCs and camps can play an important role by engaging people in experiences that encourage appreciation for nature and understanding of environmental problems. Building operations are a major source of stress on the environment. With the right tools and resources, we can manage facilities in ways that will provide a healthy environment within the JCC and reduce harm beyond the facility. JCCs can also use their position of leadership to inspire community action. As we move ahead we take our inspiration from Jewish teachings that guide us to have reverence for all of creation, to use our human faculties to improve the world, to value modesty in consumption and to pursue justice for all people. We embrace our responsibility for our communities and celebrate the potential that we have to contribute to tikkun olam—repairing the world. l

about the rewarding work and opportunities that can be found at JCCs. We also made it a point to speak with thousands of teens, coaches, and delegates at the 2008 JCC Maccabi Games® and JCC Maccabi ArtsFest®.

We train the field: We helped JCCs invest in their staff by providing training in the following areas: Aquatic Safety Closing a Sale Communication Skills Customer Service Early Childhood Education Fitness & Wellness Governance Internal Customer Service Judaic Enrichment Management Supervision Teen Services

In order to fill vacant positions at JCCs, we have introduced a streamlined, making it easier than ever for applicants to send their resumes and cover letters, and for JCCs to inform job seekers everywhere about open positions. Launched in early October, the site had over three thousand hits in its first month. l

did you know? In 2008, our Graduate Scholarships helped 15 full-time scholars pursue graduate degrees, at schools including Columbia University, New York University, and Jewish Theological Seminary. Upon graduation, they will put their knowlege to work at a JCC. Our Tuition Assitance Programs helped six current JCC professionals afford part-time study towards advanced degrees that will make them even more effective in serving the JCC Movement.

Annual Report 2008

Go green, save green


JCC day & resident Camps:

jcc camps

Some memories last a lifetime. resident camps day camps resident campers day campers

the largest network of Jewish camps in North America

did you know?

Fitness Financial Resource Development Governance Marketing Membership Programming Sports & Wellness Strategic Planning

JCC Association of North America

Contact Alan Mann at to get in touch with your JCC Association consultant.


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Our initiatives are transforming Jewish camping, helping JCCs impact a generation of Jewish youth Jewish values—served daily Thanks to support from the Legacy Heritage Fund, we gave 48 grants to JCC day and resident camps for JCC Association/Legacy Heritage Fund Days of Caring and Sharing projects so they could make tikkun olam and community service an essential part of their program. With help from the Foundation for Jewish Camp and the Genesis Philanthropy Group, we helped children from Russian-speaking families attend Jewish day and resident camps, which meant they had the chance to experience a joyful Shabbat perhaps for the first time and learn what it means to be Jewish and proud in America.

Shalom, shlichim: Israelis on board

Each JCC has a dedicated JCC consultant who can assist you in the following areas: Benchmarking Board Development Camping Crisis Management Early Childhood Education Emerging Communities Executive Search

Directing a cast of thousands



Long Beach, CA Long Beach, NY Los Angeles Los Gatos Louisville Maitland Malibu Manalapan Manhattan Marblehead Margate Marietta

Those boys and girls certainly met some of the 400 Israeli shlichim we interview and train and place in JCC day and resident camps each summer. In partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel, we have been involved in this longstanding program for many years, and the impact of young Israelis in JCC camps continues to be profound— both for them and for the campers. The campers who interact with Israelis daily feel a bond to the Jewish State that is personal and immediate. The learning and intimacy go both ways.

“JCC residential camps can make Judaism magical.” Yossi Prager Director of The AVI CHAI Foundation, which is the recipient of the Morton L. Mandel Jewish Education Leadership Award

How do camps spell inspiring? T.A.G. Campfires, scary stories, best friends, Shabbat songs— these are all hallmarks of Jewish camping. Because studies tell us over and over that Jewish camping is a transformative experience, we work tirelessly to make JCC camps inspiring as well as fun. In 2008, our Mandel Center of Jewish Education’s Jewish values-based camp initiative, TAG: Jewish Values Through JCC Camping®, brought two new curricular units to 60 JCC day and resident camps across North America. We developed a new program unit about the summer fast day of Tisha B’Av, and our JCC Association/Legacy Heritage Fund Days of Caring and Sharing unit tackled the subject of “Shalom: Pieces of Peace.” We now offer 40 substantive and funfilled curricular units to infuse our JCC camps with Jewish values-based programming. In addition, we have made all TAG units accessible online so camps can easily download them. A day camp director told us what a huge difference the TAG materials made at his camp: “Now, our Oneg Shabbat consists of Torah portion skits, announcement of weekly or summer mitzvah projects, Shabbat prayers, the ruach stick, staff awards and other group activities. The skits and mitzvah projects alone have been a huge success in getting the kids to be more aware of what they can do to help the JCC, the environment, and the community.”

JCC pilot camps during the summer of 2008 and will be in nine camps in the summer of 2009. Based on a model program currently being used at Chicago’s Camp Chi, Yisrael Sheli will be available to 15 JCC resident camps in the summer of 2010, with new and different programs for ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade campers. It will be offered to all JCC resident camps in 2011.

Developing serious Jewish educators Participants in Lekhu Lakhem: Jewish Educational Journeys for JCC Resident Camp Directors have told us how much the program meant to them, and how it has changed their self-perception—they now view themselves as serious Jewish educators as well as administrators. Meanwhile, our alumni group, Hemshekh: A Program of Continuing Jewish Learning and Growth for Lekhu Lakhem Cohort I Alumni, has been meeting monthly for ongoing mentoring with Jewish educators. The AVI CHAI Foundation has generously underwritten these two programs, as well as a new program for JCC resident camps. Through Chizuk: Jewish Programming Directors Strengthening Lekhu Lakhem-JCC Camps, participating camps obtain a Jewish programming director on staff to integrate meaningful, purposeful, quality Jewish content and experiences in all aspects of the camp program. l The Mandel Center for Jewish Education is funded by an annual, renewable grant from the Mandel Foundation.

did you know? In 2008 we stripped down and rebuilt JCC Resources, our online solution supersite. Completely revamped with new software and a powerhouse search engine, the new JCC Resources is a one-stop source for the tools and information you need to tap into the collective brainpower of the JCC Movement.

Many campers nowadays are in their teens, and to reach these young people at a particularly impressionable age, the Mandel Center for Jewish Education launched an initiative for teenagers at camp to give them an in-depth understanding of contemporary Israel before they leave for college. The Goodman Family Institute - Yisrael Sheli (My Israel): A Teen Program of Israel Education and Experience is a three-year program for ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders underwritten by a generous grant from the Goodman Family Foundation. It is designed to enhance teenagers’ knowledge of, familiarity with, and emotional attachment to the Jewish State. Goodman Fellows, the professional staff specially trained to implement Yisrael Sheli, brought the program to ninth grade campers in three

Visit and click on JCC Resources today.

Annual Report 2008

Talking Israel to teens


To life? To learn!


Our new adult education initiative pairs Jewish identity with wine. And food. And humor. And more...

e designed our adult initiative, Journeys: Adult Jews Living and Learning, to strengthen our Jewish interest and identity through viewing all aspects of life and culture through a Jewish lens. We successfully piloted the first Journeys program, entitled, “Food: A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and You,” in the winter and spring of 2008, and it is now in use at JCCs across North America. It presents the Jewish experience with food through film, text, personal remembrances, baking, and wine tasting. The activities in the program lead participants to know themselves and each other in a deeper way, and to appreciate the specifically Jewish aspects of their interactions with food.

We produced a second pilot unit on the subject of Jewish humor, “To Laugh! Jews and Humor: A 5,000 Year Old Love Story,” and this unit investigates the rich and profound relationship Jews have with puns, irony, sarcasm, and other forms of humor, again through film, literature, text, and audio. The response to these programs and their accompanying marketing materials has been enthusiastic, and we are developing new program units, with the intention of rolling out two to three per year over the next several years. Ultimately, Journeys will provide an array of captivating and unique learning experiences to engage the minds and hearts of Jewish adults in our JCCs. l

This year’s (role) model Training teen professionals to help shape the Jewish young adults of tomorrow

JCC Association of North America



n 1999, Seth Merrin and Anne Heyman decided to invest in Jewish teens. They established the Merrin Teen Professional Fellows program to raise the profile of the people who worked with adolescents in their JCCs, and to help those people more effectively attract and inspire teens. Since then, 69 Merrin Fellows have completed the program, with the sixth cohort selected in 2008. These professionals have brought their deepened understanding of human development and their enriched appreciation of Judaism to their JCCs and their young constituents. As Aaron Selkow, the new director of the Merrin Center for Teen Services, said, “If we want to enhance their skills as teen professionals, the single most important thing we can do is make them the best Jewish role models they can be.” Child development data shows that the maturity associated with adolescence is arriving earlier, and as a society, we are allowing our children to remain “teens” longer. This is the time when young people are forming their deepest values and associations, when they are trying out new and varied identities. JCCs and JCC camps must have highly motivated and well trained professionals in place to capture the attention and imagination of teens so they develop a lifelong attachment to Jewish life and culture. l

“Our primary resource is the richness and variety of Jewish culture.” David Ackerman director, Mandel Center for Jewish Education

Twenty thousand young adults can’t be wrong


any JCCs have succeeded in programming for young adults—a notoriously difficult group to reach—through GesherCity, our Web-based multi-city and community approach to engagement. Now in 20 communities, GesherCity helps JCCs strengthen their organizations and the community at large by reaching out to newcomers and locals in their twenties and thirties on behalf of the Jewish community. GesherCity’s unique approach uses technology and theme-based cluster groups to reach this mobile, technologically savvy demographic. Nearly twenty thousand members participate in these clusters, and we have seen GesherCity bridges that started with a small Shabbat dinner cluster of four people expand after only a year to more than five different Shabbat dinner clusters (with over thirty members) held throughout the city every Friday. Thanks to the support of the National Federation/Agency Alliance, the number of GesherCity events has almost doubled since 2007, reaching close to four thousand! l Communities of the JCC Movement: Memphis Miami Miami Beach Milford Milwaukee Minneapolis Mount Vernon

Nashville Newark New City New Orleans Newburgh Newton Centre Norfolk



Northbrook N. Miami Beach Oak Park Oceanside Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando

JCC Maccabi: A powerful thing happens when over 5,000 Jewish teens encounter over 5,000 years of Jewish culture and values...


veryone here is Jewish! I didn’t realize there were so many Jews my age!” The JCC Maccabi Games® makes it possible for every Jewish teen to suddenly know how it feels to be among not just friends, but a huge extended family. In 2008, over four thousand young Jews were able to feel that thrill of recognition and acceptance at the JCC Maccabi Games in Orange County, California, Detroit, Michigan, and Akron, Ohio. It’s hard to beat the excitement of Opening Ceremonies, when each delegation marches into the arena to shouts and cheers from fans. Competing against Jewish teens from the U.S., Canada, Israel, and countries around the world brings home the message that Jews live everywhere, and that wherever Jews live, they are one people. Taking part in a community service project through the Days of Caring and Sharing enables teens to perform the mitzvah of helping others, just as the Rachmanus Rule reminds them that the Games are much more than competition, they are an arena to live their Jewish values of compassion and respect for others. In between athletic events, teens learn about Israel through games and conversation with Israeli shlichim—a way to make Israel real for them as a modern society, a place where they can feel at home. In 2008, they were able to meet 67 athletes from Israel, kids like themselves, with Facebook pages and iPods and dreams for the future. Another central experience at the JCC Maccabi Games is the memorial to the Munich 11, the Israeli athletes callously murdered at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The only public event outside of Israel that commemorates this tragedy, the JCC Maccabi Games reinforces the sanctity of the bond between Jews. Celebrating the unity of the Jewish people in northern Virginia and the importance of giving thanks in Minneapolis, a specifically Jewish theme set the stage for JCC Maccabi ArtsFest® in 2008, as it does each summer. Accomplished artists-inresidence encouraged the teens they worked with to look at art and life in a Jewish way, and in response, the young artists created work inspired by our deepest values. Young photographers took pictures of the poor and the homeless, to honor Isaiah’s injunction to “observe what is right and do what is just,” and an improvisational group put on a skit about kibbutz life. Signs in Hebrew, Jewish art on display, information about Jewish artists, maps of Israel, and Israeli dancing added to the Jewish environment the young people enjoyed. Three Israeli Partnership 2000 communities (Beit Shemesh, Pisgat Ze’ev and Tiberias) sent delegations, and interacting with their Israeli peers helped the American teens to appreciate the diversity of Israel. Both communities threw gala Israel@60 parties that included Israeli music, Israeli food, and a multitude of activities dealing with Israel, including a camel! The Jewish teens participating spanned the spectrum of Jewish observance. Thanks to the support of the Legacy Heritage Fund and many other donors who invested in this program, teens from Orthodox homes and those from secular backgrounds created and performed together, and learned the true meaning of K’lal Yisrael. Our teen travel program, JCC Maccabi Israel®, provided an even more memorable experience for teens visiting Israel. Groups from JCC camps and communities spent four fabulous weeks exploring the Jewish state, and seeing for themselves the miracle that is Israel. The young adults that came on the free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip had the time of their lives—and two of them even got engaged! l We are grateful to The Coca-Cola Company and the Jewish Sports Foundation for their support.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by that much love, passion for Judaism, and support of the arts.” Megan Kimmel JCC Maccabi ArtsFest® participant

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did you know? Our continental Preferred Vendors can bring JCCs great products and great savings on everything from insurance to flooring, from fitness equipment to websites. Visit and click on Preferred Vendors to see the complete list, and start saving today.

Annual Report 2008

Introducing teens to the bigger picture


“When my daughters and I see a spider in the house we don’t kill it because they have learned in An Ethical Start® that everything matters and everything counts.” Stephaney Avital An Ethical Start® parent IJ & Jeanné Wagner JCC Salt Lake City, UT

A solid footing

Our early childhood services are geared to give children a foundation in ethics— and JCCs a reputation for excellence


hat’s the right time to introduce children and their families to the richness of Jewish values and traditions? It’s never too soon, and An Ethical Start®, JCC Association’s signature early-childhood valueseducation program, is proof. Over five thousand children and almost 900 teachers participated in An Ethical Start in 2008. Close to fifty percent of JCCs that offer An Ethical Start benefited from site visits from our early childhood services professionals, and more than three thousand parents eagerly took part in parent-learning events. This level of enthusiasm shows us that we are on the right track. To further help JCCs raise money to support their use of An Ethical Start, we developed a customizable fundraising brochure, and 29 JCCs received grants to fund their program. We are grateful to the Marcus Foundation, the Lisa & Ron Brill Charitable Trust, and the San Francisco Community Endowment Fund for making this work on An Ethical Start possible. We are determined to maintain the continental reputation for excellence of JCC early childhood

JCC Association of North America

did you know?


programs, so early childhood services, under the leadership of Director Mark Horowitz, continues to expand the services we offer to the field. The department hosted luncheon seminars at two national educators’ conferences—the Coalition for Advancement in Jewish Education and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. We coordinated a busy sitevisit schedule, spanning a wide range of topics including educational philosophy, governance, ideal educational environments, staff development, and more. We hosted a phone conference for 50 participants because we know that the field is hungry for the learning and information they need to make their JCC early childhood programs the very best. We are starting the planning needed for a generational shift in early-childhood directors, which is fast approaching, and we’re studying how to prepare a new generation of inspired and inspiring teachers. So much depends on the excellence and success of our JCC early childhood centers, and we intend to be ready. l

“Our goal is that when people come to a new community, they say, ‘we have to find a JCC because they have the best preschool.’” Mark Horowitz, director, early childhood services

Peer K. Explorer® visited over 500 early childhood classrooms last year and helped young children learn about Jewish values. Contact to learn more about Peer K. Explorer and An Ethical Start.

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Connecting flights

From high-tech Tel Aviv to time-lost Havana, we’re committed to building meaningful relationships between North American Jews and all of K’lal Yisrael

Looking deeper into Israel

Because we believe that Jews in America and Israel need each other, we include extended visits to Israel in our leadership training programs. We know that the participants will then bring a sense of pride and commitment to the people they serve. Leah Garber, director of

our Israel office, sends a monthly electronic newsletter to JCC presidents and leaders to provide a behind-the-scenes view of Israeli life so we maintain our sense of connection and commitment. We make sure that Israel is a part of everything we do. l

“What surprised me as a first-time visitor was Israel’s deep involvement in venture capital, technology, and innovation. Clearly, entrepreneurship has become part of the Israeli DNA and economic culture.” Andy Shaevel JCC Association board member

“...the time, money, effort, and thought put forth by the organizers and contributors merits more than a thank-you note: I plan to return to Israel within a few months to live for a while, and to find a more personal way to give back.” Diana Saville JCC Maccabi Israel/Taglit-Birthright Israel participant

Mission to Cuba Although the number of Jews in Cuba has been dwindling since the 1950s, there are still three active synagogues in Havana. The more than one thousand Jews who remain suffer the same economic hardships as all Cubans, and the additional pain of being cut off from the larger Jewish community. In 2008, JCC Association led two humanitarian missions to visit the Jews of Cuba, bringing drugs, cosmetics, medical supplies, books,

“American Jews have always reached out to Jews in other countries when they are at risk, politically or economically.” Arlene Fickler JCC Association board member

and baseball cards for the children. The first group, made up of JCC Association board members, left Miami right after the 2008 JCCs of North America Biennial. The second group of JCC members from across North America arrived in Havana a day after Hurricane Paloma. Both groups connected with Cubans in the three congregations to let them know that they are not forgotten, that American Jews know about their situation and care what happens to them. l

Annual Report 2008

JCCs must bring the joyfulness and diversity of Israeli life to North America. So said JCC Association Chair Alan P. Solow at the 2008 JCCs of North America Biennial, and we’re working to make that happen. Our office in Jerusalem planned seminars for a variety of JCC groups in 2008. An interfaith group from San Francisco shared their experiences in a blog, and a parent group from Manhattan placed their children in day camp with Israeli kids while they traveled. Groups from Detroit to Miami visited and every person returned with a new perception of the Jewish state—as a modern, vibrant society—to share with their friends and colleagues.


Jews in the military: we serve those who serve Jewish men and women serve in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces in all parts of the world. Since 1917, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council has supported these troops during peace and war. We have sent them holiday packages, brought messages from home, and made sure that they know that we are behind them. The chaplains that JWB has endorsed have provided comfort and guidance to young people in circumstances where they feel isolated and frightened. In 2008, we gave them the first new translation of the Hebrew Bible Jewish military personnel have received since 1941. Thanks to the generosity of the Everett Foundation, together with the Jewish Publication Society, we published a pocket-sized copy of the JPS Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures for Jewish Personnel in the Armed Forces of the United States, one that was specially designed to fit into a military uniform pocket. This Tanakh has since been distributed free to military personnel throughout the world. For the first time, Jewish enlistees can request a Hebrew Bible when they report for active duty, just as their fellow non-Jewish enlistees have been able to do with their own sacred texts.

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We expanded our efforts to recruit more Jewish chaplains, visiting six different rabbinical schools in the U.S. and Israel and escalating our outreach to rabbis in the field. The result was several new chaplains and chaplain candidates. For the coming year, our goals include still more intensive recruiting and providing more extensive training for our lay leaders. Jewish service men and women look forward to receiving our holiday package shipments. One soldier wrote, “It’s tough being the only Jew around (that I know of) and you helped to make my yontif a little nicer.” l In 2008, we distributed 10,000 copies of the JPS Tanakh—the first new translation of the Hebrew Bible Jewish military personnel have received since 1941.

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We’ve always said that “You Belong Here.” And the research data backs it up.


We began work on a new edition of the Prayer Book for Jewish Personnel in the Armed Forces of the United States. When it is ready, this will be the first such edition to appear since 1985, and will be the latest in a series of special editions dating back to JWB’s inception during World War I.

he JCC Movement has long been the place where Jews come to express themselves Judaically in whatever way they want—through the arts, through Jewish education, even through playing basketball with other Jews. JCCs welcome everyone, and give everyone the opportunity to belong in their own way. We’ve always known how valuable that open and welcoming environment is to the whole Jewish community, and now there is data from JCC Association-Florence G. Heller Research Center to support that perception. Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life released two of three main reports from its massive study, the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. The questions in this survey covered a broad range of matters of religious belief, behavior, and belonging. To highlight Jews and issues of interest to JCCs, we used this data set as the foundation of a report, Belonging Without Believing, comparing Jews to

three major population segments of Christians in America. Our report highlights the findings that Jews uniformly score lower than all three Christian groups on all available measures of religious belief. However, as we in the JCC field well know, Jews belong to a wide variety of religious institutions. In fact, their levels of belonging and participation are quite similar to the three Christian groups we examined.  In this area, Jews’ relatively high scores stand in sharp contrast with their low levels of conventional religious belief. Thus, they may believe like the religiously unaffiliated, but they belong like the religiously committed Christians, information that’s critically important to JCCs. We also published AAA Membership Practices, a study of effective membership practices. Membership growth is the lifeblood of any institution, and JCCs are no exception. We are currently working on a three-part study of JCC day camp staff, parents, and directors. This multi-piece study will help us better understand the potential and challenges facing JCC day camps in regards to providing high-quality Jewish education for their campers. l

“... we want to thank you for a great four days. Our board members couldn’t have been more complimentary. Our delegation is already sharing with their peers that they can’t afford to miss going to Atlanta in 2010.”

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Buddy Sapolsky, executive director, JCC of Greater Baltimore

After attending Biennial 2008 in Miami, Jewish leaders from throughout North America returned home energized by much more than the Florida sun


ll the months of planning and preparation paid off. The 2008 JCCs of North America Biennial in Miami was overwhelmingly designated the best ever—and the greenest. Delegates raved about the seminars, the speakers, the sense of unity, the learning, and everything else about the conference, and they enthusiastically recycled their binders, papers, and badges, determined to save energy, save trees, and save the earth. Biennial Chair Noreen Gordon Sablotsky deserves much of the credit for making the Biennial a great success. With the support of the Dave & Mary Alper JCC, Michael-Ann Russell JCC, and Miami Beach JCC, she did her cosmopolitan city proud. Getting the Biennial back to basics, President of the University of Miami Donna Shalala focused in her keynote speech on the complex and reinforcing relationships of economically stressed families, a reliance on unhealthy fast foods, the lack of exercise in schools and their dependence on snack-food companies, and the health care crisis affecting America. All of these issues are critically important to JCCs, a point that was reinforced by Rear

Admiral Steven K. Galson, the acting U.S. Surgeon General, at the Jewish Peoplehood Plenary when he urged JCCs to work with the government to slow the increase in childhood obesity. “I personally identify with the mission of The AVI CHAI Foundation,” said Morton L. Mandel at the Inspiring Jewish Journeys Plenary, when he presented the eponymous Jewish Educational Leadership Award to the organization that supported TAG®, Lekhu Lakhem, Hemshekh, Chizuk, and other JCC Association Judaic leadership training programs at JCC resident camps. “It is especially meaningful to accept this from Mort Mandel,” said AVI CHAI’s director, Yossi Prager, explaining that the foundation was gratified by how much richer Judaically the environment of JCC camps had become through the efforts of the Mandel Center for Jewish Education. Ronald L. Leibow presented the Frank L. Weil Award to Edward H. Kaplan, former JCC Association chair, for distinguished contributions to the JCC field. “The real honor is that you have allowed me to serve the movement,” said Kaplan graciously. “I’ll always be here for you.” The Florence G. Heller Award, which

recognizes the contributions of staff to the JCC Movement, went to Avrum Cohen, the retiring director of the JCCs of Chicago, and Solomon Greenfield, the former associate executive director at JCC Association. At the Leadership Plenary, JCC Association Chair Alan P. Solow bestowed the JWB Jewish Chaplains Council Military Leadership Award on Major General Ronald David Silverman, Commander of the Third Medical Command. Solow also recognized the program at the JCCs of Chicago that reaches out to Jewish recruits at the Recruit Training Center at Great Lakes Naval Base. For the first time, JWB held its meeting for chaplains and military lay leaders concurrently with the Biennial, and the presence of so many men and women in uniform powerfully reminded delegates of the importance of the work of Jewish chaplains in the armed forces. The Biennial found time to celebrate Israel’s sixtieth birthday in a big way, too, with a theatrical performance and a knockout concert by international singing star Noa. Substantive, inspiring, and festive, the 2008 JCCs of North America Biennial in Miami was maravilloso. l

“I was really scared to death to be the president of our JCC, but it was one of the most exhilerating times in my life. Being the president was not about me; it was about turning people on to the work of the JCC.”

Annual Report 2008

Southern exposure

Steven Dorsky, chair, Professional Development Services Committee


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Donors JCC Association Endowment and Capital Funds Launched in the fall of 2005, the Meeting the Challenge: SECURING JEWISH FUTURES campaign is making it possible for JCC Association to achieve a tripartite goal: • Creating and endowing the new Merrin Center for Teen Services, to benefit both Jewish teens throughout North America and the professionals in JCCs who work with them; • Enhancing the JCC Association general endowment, to enable us to meet the rising costs of our current initiatives, maintain the quality of our signature programs, and to respond flexibly to new JCC needs as they arise; and • Meeting the capital expenses of our relocation to new offices, necessitated by the changing real estate market in New York. Our new headquarters are providing a fiscally responsible, cost efficient, technologically sophisticated home with room for growth in the years ahead. We thank the donors whose commitment and generosity have helped us achieve more than two-thirds of our $12,000,000 goal at the midpoint of this five–year campaign*: The Merrin Center for Teen Services Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin The Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Family Conference Center Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs The Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Lobby Irene and Edward H. Kaplan The Barbara and Morton Mandel Executive Suite Barbara and Morton Mandel Program Services Suite Joan and Irwin Jacobs

Work Stations Mandell L. Berman Marshall B. Coyne Foundation, Inc. Deena and Jerome A. Kaplan I. E. Millstone Barbara and J. Victor Samuels Irene and Philip M. Shiekman President’s Office and Senior Staff Office Mezuzot Dana Egert The Redwoods Group, Inc. Shirley and Allan Solomon Roberta and Allan Weissglass

President’s Office Betty and Norton Melaver

Mezuzot Harriet and George Blank Ruth and Michael Fletcher Debby and Hal Jacobs Judith and Lester Lieberman Fani Magnus Monson and Michael A. Monson Alan and Janet Mann Ronna and Michael Segal Amy and Andrew J. Shaevel Charlene and Jack G. Shaffer

Senior Staff Offices Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Sharon and Stephen Seiden Sharon and David Wax

Deferred Gifts Stephen Fitzsimmons Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten Linda and Jerome Spitzer

Management Team Offices Irene and Philip M. Shiekman David Sterling

Nonspecific Gifts Myrna Block Ronald M. Katz Laura Rubin and Leonard Rubin z”l Toby and Robert Rubin Sandra Saltzman Doris and David Yorysh

Conference Rooms and Department Suites Noreen Gordon Sablotsky Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky Geri and Lester Pollack Paula L. Sidman Andrea and Alan P. Solow

Staff Lounge D’vora Tager and Robert Dietz Professional Team and Consulting Staff Offices Michael Ostroff, The Ostroff Group Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Guest and Visiting Personnel Suite Virginia A. and Francis Maas Entryway Mezuzah Barbara and Edwin Goldberg

*As of January 25, 2009 For information about contributing to the Meeting the Challenge: SECURING JEWISH FUTURES Campaign, or to learn about naming opportunities in the new JCC Association continental headquarters, please contact Fani Magnus Monson, Vice-President of Development, by email at or by telephone (212) 786-5135.

JCC Association is ranked as a 4-Star Charity We are proud that Charity Navigator has awarded JCC Association its 4-star rating for four years running. This coveted designation compares the ratio of donated dollars that go directly to support the work of the agency vs. dollars spent on fundraising, and other markers of sound fiscal management. Only 7% of rated charities have received four or more consecutive 4-star evaluations; this stamp of approval indicates that JCC Association is a worthy and deserving recipient of donated funds.

Annual Report 2008


Endowment Funds: Beyond 2000

Endowment Funds:

JCC Association is grateful to the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation of Baltimore, and proud to have partnered with it in this successful campaign, which enhanced our endowment by a total of $5,100,000. We thank the following donors whose generosity in contributing $3,600,000 made it possible to meet the Weinberg Foundation’s $1,500,000 challenge grant:

The following individuals made a leadership commitment to JCC Association’s Endowment Fund to assure that the work of the JCC Movement continues in perpetuity. We give them our special thanks. These gifts were received prior to the inception of the Beyond 2000 Endowment Campaign.

Visionary Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. Founders Edgar M. Bronfman Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky Benefactors Jane Gellman Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Arlene and Robert Kogod Jacqueline Blatt and Ronald L. Leibow Merle and L. Michael Orlove Geri and Lester Pollack Syril Rubin and Leonard Rubin k”z Noreen Gordon Sablotsky Paula L. Sidman and Edwin N. Sidman k”z Carol Brennglass Spinner and Arthur C. Spinner Lee and John M. Wolf, Sr. Builders Estate of Matilda Blendes Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Betty S. and Norton Melaver Anne S. Reich & Henry and Anne Reich Family Foundation, Inc. Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten Linda and Jerome Spitzer Roberta and Allan Weissglass Patrons Anise and Ronald Belz Ruth White Brodsky and Joanne and Donald Brodsky Marvin Gelfand Barbara and Edwin Goldberg Virginia A. and Francis Maas Phyllis and Philip Margolius Marvin J. Pertzik Aliki and Peter Rzepka

Patrons, cont’d. Barbara and J. Victor Samuels Barbara and Norman Seiden Judith Shiekman k”z and Philip M. Shiekman Sharon and Edwin Toporek Linda Cornell Weinstein and Sherwin Weinstein Barbara and Douglas Bloom Barbara and Daniel Drench Annette and Lionel Goldman Tillie Mazor Foundation/Judith Lieberman Judith and Mark Litt Estate of Mary Litt Children and Grandchildren of Jerome B. Makowsky, 19982002 Chair, JCC Association, in his honor Lynn and Gerald Ostrow Patricia and Stephen R. Reiner Shirley and Allan Solomon Andrea and Alan P. Solow Estate of Henrietta Weil Friends Wendy and Warren Blumenthal Eleanor and Edward Epstein Laura Rubin and Leonard Rubin k”z Charlene and Jack G. Shaffer Randi and Ian Sherman Peggy and Philip Wasserstrom

Visionary: $1,500,000 Founders: $250,000 and above Benefactors: $100,000 and above Builders: $50,000 and above Patrons: $25,000 and above Sponsors: $10,000 and above Friends: $5,000 and above

Endowing Today for Tomorrow

Founders Joan and Jesse Feldman k”z Florence G. Heller Memorial Fund Florence G. Heller Trust Mary and Solomon Litt k”z Barbara and Morton L. Mandel Samuel Morganroth Geri and Lester Pollack Esther Leah Ritz k”z Guardians Lili and Max M. Hahn Syde Hurdus Sam Sulsten Lee and John M. Wolf, Sr. Benefactors Beatrice and Irving Edison Henry Kaufmann Foundation Evelyn Goodstein and Jacob Goodstein k”z Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Frances and Joseph Kruger k”z Judith and Lester Lieberman Minnie Nathanson k”z Janet and Irwin Jay Robinson Arlene and Leonard Rochwarger k”z Joanna and Daniel Rose Charlene and Jack G. Shaffer Judith Shiekman k”z and Philip M. Shiekman Jeanne and Milton Zorensky Builders Jean Adler and Robert L. Adler k”z Hyman J. Cohen Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Leo and George P. Frenkel Yetra Goldberg and Israel Goldberg k”z Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Judith and Mark D. Litt Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky Joan and Martin E. Messinger Anne S. Reich & Henry and Anne Reich Family Foundation, Inc. Syril Rubin and Leonard Rubin k”z Muriel Russell Helen Zimman and Harold O. Zimman k”z Patrons Ella and Gerrard Berman k”z Elayne and Julian Bernat


JCC Association of North America

Patrons, cont’d. Shirley and Roy Durst Edwin A. Hochstadter Bea D. Katcher k”z Charles R. Katz Lynne and Charles Klatskin Arthur Kokot Jacqueline Blatt and Ronald L. Leibow Norma and Alfred W. Levy Betty S. and Norton Melaver Susan Mintz and Donald R. Mintz k”z Merle and L. Michael Orlove Pesses-Sachs Family Evelyn S. and Shaol L. Pozez Anne S. Reich and Henry S. Reich k”z Barbara and Norman Seiden Geraldyn and Henry Sicular Roseann and Alan Simberloff Linda and Jerome Spitzer Sponsors Gerry and Charles Aaron k”z Dinerman Family Barbara and Daniel Drench Andrew L. Eisenberg Linda Fischer k”z and Robert Fischer Annette and Lionel Goldman Alvin Gray Dolores and Solomon Greenfield Anise and David A. Kaplan Janet Kaplan and Leonard Kaplan k”z Clara Larner and Martin L. Larner k”z Lynn and Gerald Ostrow Marvin J. Pertzik Harriet L. and William Rosenthal Anita Rotman and Arthur Rotman k”z Eugenia and Irving Ruderman Milton A. Shorr David Sterling Muriel and Myron Strober Sharon and Edwin Toporek Peggy and Philip Wasserstrom H. S. Weil Estate Linda Cornell Weinstein and Sherwin Weinstein Roberta and Allan Weissglass

Founders: $250,000 and above Guardians: $150,000 and above Builders: $50,000 and above Patrons: $25,000 and above Sponsors: $10,000 and above

Endowment-Funded Program Support

Support of JCC Association Israel Office Judith and Mark D. Litt

Esther Leah Ritz Next Generation Memorial Fund To honor the memory of Esther Leah Ritz, former continental chair and founder of the JCC Association Endowment Fund, we established the Esther Leah Ritz Next Generation Memorial Fund. Proceeds of this endowment underwrite the cost of the Next Generation program, which supports the development of lay leadership for Jewish Community Centers.

Jewish Education Programming Geri and Lester Pollack

We are grateful to the donors to this endowment fund:

JCC Association Scholars Fund Syril Rubin and Leonard Rubin k”z

Judith and Joseph D. Hurwitz Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Carol and Leonard Lewensohn Philanthropic Fund Barbara and Morton L. Mandel Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky Melanie Katzman and Russell Makowsky Geri and Lester Pollack Laura Rubin and Leonard Rubin k”z

Merrin Center for Teen Services JCC Association is grateful to Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin whose generosity established the Merrin Center for Teen Services, which is dedicated to enhancing the work of teen professionals and providing programming for the youth they serve.

Lenny Rubin Israel Education Fund This fund, named in honor of Lenny Rubin k”z upon his retirement, supports the continuation of Israel education for JCC Association staff. We thank the generous donors who contributed to this fund in 2008: Kate Obstgarten Private Foundation Laura Rubin In addition, we thank the many people of the JCC Movement—lay and professional—who contributed to the fund to honor Lenny Rubin’s memory.

Endowed Scholarships JCC Association scholarships enable students who plan to make careers in the JCC Movement to pursue their education at the master’s level. We are grateful to the donors of these scholarship funds: Robert L. Adler Memorial Scholarship Fund Alumni Scholarship Fund

Ella and Gerrard Berman Scholarship Fund Elayne and Julian Bernat Scholarship Fund Harold Dinerman Memorial Scholarship Fund Shirley and Royal H. Durst Scholarship Fund Joan and Jesse Feldman Scholarship Fund Frances and Samuel Finkelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund Frenkel Memorial Scholarship Fund Israel Goldberg Memorial Scholarship Fund Goodstein-Kleitman Memorial Scholarship Fund Edwin Hochstader Scholarship Fund Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Scholarship Fund Philip R. Kaplan Memorial Scholarship Fund Bea D. Katcher Scholarship Fund Charles R. Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund Mary and Solomon Litt Scholarship Fund Minnie and Louis Nathanson Memorial Scholarship Fund Pesses-Sachs Scholarship Fund Evelyn S. and Shaol L. Pozez Scholarship Fund Henry S. and Anne S. Reich Scholarship Fund Joanna S. and Daniel Rose Scholarship Fund Syril and Leonard Rubin Scholarship Fund Michael-Ann Russell Memorial Scholarship Fund Fedgie and Hy Schultz Memorial Scholarship Fund Geraldyn and Henry Sicular Scholarship Fund Diana S. Simberloff Memorial Scholarship Fund Avraham Soltes Memorial Scholarship Fund Sam Sulstan Memorial Scholarship Fund Olga F. and Oliver B. Winkler Scholarship Fund Helen and Harold O. Zimman Scholarship Fund

The National Federation/Agency Alliance is a partnership that provides a significant amount of funding to nine national agencies including $1,625,886 to JCC Association of North America in FY 2008/2009. This year the Alliance additionally awarded $65,500 in funding specifically to support GesherCity, JCC Association’s signature outreach and networking program to engage the next generation. The national agencies that make up the Alliance engage in critical work to build capacity and support the work of the federations and their local affiliates. They also help advance the federation system’s goals on a national and international stage. While mindful of its role in evaluating and monitoring the national agencies, the Alliance works to promote deeper relationships and create synergy between the national agencies and the federations.

Annual Report 2008


JCC Association 2008 Annual Funds CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE

Annual Fund 2008

Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management JCC Association is grateful to the Mandel Foundation for its annual renewable grant, which created and sustains the Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management.

JCC Association gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have made generous contributions to the 2008 annual support program:

JCC Association thanks Irene and Edward H. Kaplan for their support of a program within the Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management dedicated to helping new and emerging Jewish communities to create Jewish Community Centers. Mandel Center for Jewish Education JCC Association is grateful to the Mandel Foundation for its annual renewable grant, which created and sustains the Mandel Center for Jewish Education. JCC Association also thanks the following for their support of programs within the Mandel Center for Jewish Education: The AVI CHAI Foundation: Lekhu Lakhem: Jewish and Educational Journeys for JCC Camp Directors, a senior fellows program; and Hemshekh: an alumni program for cohort I of Lekhu Lakhem George S. Blumenthal: TAG: Jewish Values Through Camping®: Touching Torah Goodman Family Foundation: The Goodman Family Institute: Yisrael Sheli (My Israel)

Leadership Circle Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Platinum Plus Club Joan and Martin E. Messinger Geri and Lester Pollack Barbara and J. Victor Samuels Gold Plus Club Lois Rosenthal Sharon and Stephen Seiden Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten Paula L. Sidman Shirley and Allan Solomon Jeffrey and Lynda Solomon Foundation, in honor of Lenny Silberman Andrea and Alan P. Solow Silver Plus Club Fern and James Badzin Anise and Ronald A. Belz Lisa F. and Ron Brill Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Ruth and Michael Fletcher Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Jacqueline Blatt and Ronald L. Leibow Judith and Mark D. Litt Virginia A. and Francis Maas Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky Betty S. and Norton Melaver Irene and Philip M. Shiekman Linda and Jerome Spitzer Sherry and Doron Steger Sharon and David Wax Roberta and Allan Weissglass Michael Wolfe Bronze Plus Tanya and Stephen A. Bodzin Joanne F. and Donald W. Brodsky The Eric Brown Foundation, Inc. Marcella E. and Neil Cohen Lori and Stephen Dorsky Dale T. and Edward Filhaber Freddi and Marvin Gelfand Jane Gellman


JCC Association of North America

Bronze Plus (cont’d) Barbara and Edwin Goldberg Roslyn and Ricky Haikin Mary Anna and Michael D. Kaplan Judith and Lester Lieberman Millie and Lawrence Magid Janet and Alan Mann Marilyn and Alvin Mars Fani Magnus Monson and Michael Monson Marvin J. Pertzik Rose B. Robinson Enid and David Rosenberg Wendy and Steven Rubin Linda and Barry Russin Noreen Gordon Sablotsky Lori Barnet and Jeffrey Savit Debra and Gerald K. Schwartz Ronna and Michael Segal Super VIP Associate Anonymous Elizabeth Schiro and Stephen L. Bayer Harriet and George Blank Barbara and Douglas Bloom Wendy and Warren Blumenthal Barbara and Daniel Drench Dana Egert Jeanne and Donald Epstein Arlene Fickler Marilyn and Sam Fox Maxine and Jay Freilich Sandra and Arnold P. Gold Robin Frederick and Michael Gold Rita and Lawrence Gotfried Sharon and Barry S. Kantrowitz Ronald M. Katz Jeannie and Brian Kriftcher Beth and Todd Leonard Laurie F. and Paul Lieberman Barbara and Sidney F. Miller Scott A. Menaker Leonard M. Robinson Nancy and Lawrence I. Rosenberg Jane Tzinberg Rubin and Kenneth Rubin Toby and Robert Rubin Amy and Andrew J. Shaevel Randi and Ian Sherman Carol Brennglass Spinner and Arthur C. Spinner David Sterling Muriel and Myron Strober Carol and Robert Wertheimer

Super VIP Associate (cont’d) Mary Rita and Norman Weissman Lee and John M. Wolf, Sr. Jessica and Eric Zachs VIP Associate Anonymous Julian Bernat Joshua Bernstein Marjorie and Morley Blankstein Ruth Brodsky Jane and John C. Colman Ann F. and Robert Eisen Janet S. and Doron Elam Carol and Howard F. Fine Florence and Barry Friedberg Ellen B. Gaber Alan Goldberg Joyce and Neil Goldstein Amy and Barnard Kaplan Lori and Ron Kasner Carole and Morton H. Katz Lowenstein Brothers Foundation I. E. Millstone Lynn and Gerald S. Ostrow Amy and David Posner Joan Karlin and Paul Resnick Janet and Irwin Jay Robinson Barbara and Martin Rosen Harriet L. and William Rosenthal Daniel Rubin Laura Rubin Marcia and Martin J. Satinsky Charlene and Jack G. Shaffer Linda S. and Kenneth Simon Johanna and Arnie Sohinki Jeanne and Jordan Tobin Enid and Barrie M. Weiser Linda Cornell Weinstein and Sherwin Weinstein Nannette and Michael Wien Anita and Earl Winestock Executive Associate Anonymous Robin and Bob Ballin Haya and Steven Becker Renee and Gary J. Bomzer Cheryl and Hal Bordy Nancy and Irving Chase Marion Lev Cohen and Steven M. Cohen Marian Edelstein Judith Corn and David Fried Robert Fischer

Program and Project Support Executive Associate (cont’d) JoAnn and Paul Gillis Cathy S. and Charles Glaser Emily G. and James Holdstein David Jacobs Jerome A. Kaplan Hannah King Brian Krost Sherry and John Kulman Richard David Levin Jeanmarie and Gary S. Lipman Saul H. Magram Phyllis and Philip Margolius Garth Potts Patricia and Stephen R. Reiner Marcia Reisman Fred M. Richman Sidney and Lois Robbins Francine and Steven Rod Miriam and Harold Robinson Susan and Alan Sataloff Brian Schreiber Elizabeth and Edward Schreiber Marilyn and B. Lee Skilken Jennifer Tobenstein and David Polson Sharon and Edwin Toporek Ricki and Howard Wasserman Charlene and Steven Wendell Jerry Wische We thank the myriad federal employees who supported JCC Association through contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign.

JCC Association gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and foundations who have made generous contributions in 2008, making these programs and projects possible: Camping /The Legacy Heritage Fund Days of Caring and Sharing in Day and Resident Camps The Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd. Early Childhood Initiative/An Ethical Start® The Lisa and Ron Brill Charitable Trust The Marcus Foundation San Francisco Jewish Community Endowment Fund Young Adult Initiative/GesherCity The National Federation/Agency Alliance JCC Maccabi Experience JCC Maccabi Arts Fest JCC Maccabi ArtsFest is presented with support from the Legacy Heritage Fund Ltd. We also thank the following donors for their generous support: The Budd and Nanette Mayer Support Foundation, Inc. Feldman Family Supporting Foundation, Inc. Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Barbara and J. Victor Samuels Ronna and Michael Segal Sherry and Doron Steger David Stone JCC Maccabi Games JCC Association thanks its collaborative partners in presenting the JCC Maccabi Games: Maccabi Canada Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel Maccabi World Union We also thank the following donors for their support: Lisa Altman Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Jewish Sports Foundation Support of Continental Youth Sports Programs in JCCs

Leadership Circle: $25,000 and above Platinum Plus: $18,000 - $24,999 Gold Plus: $10,000 - $17,999 Silver Plus: $5,000 - $9,999 Bronze Plus: $2,500 - $4,999 Super VIP Associate: $1,800 - $2,499 VIP Associate: $1,000 - $1,799 Executive Associate: $500 - $999

Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Program Initiative National Basketball Association JCC Association/NFL Youth Partnership National Football League Youth Football Fund National Football League Players Association NHL Street National Hockey League

Scholarship Programs We gratefully acknowledge the generous supporters of the JCC Association Scholarship Program, which enables students who plan to make careers in the JCC Movement to pursue their education on the master’s degree level. Elizabeth Schiro and Stephen L. Bayer Ed Lee and Jean Campe Foundation Crown Family Foundation Shirley and William L. Grossman Israel Goldberg Memorial Scholarship Fund Louis and Anita Perlman Family Foundation Barbara and J. Victor Samuels JWB Jewish Chaplains Council We thank B’nai B’rith International for its extraordinary financial support that helped provide Passover necessities to Jewish military personnel, and for their collaborative efforts that led to the creation of the B’nai B’rith Buddy Bear/Chanukah Hug program in support of children of Jewish military personnel. JCC Association gratefully acknowledges the individuals and organizations supporting the work of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council with contributions of $500 or more: Ari Berenson Harvey J. Bloom Jeffrey Braverman Alan J. Broder B’nai Israel Congregation, Rockville, MD Buffalo Grove, IL, Auxillary No. 89 Estate of Benjamin Bernstein The Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland Congregation Beth Israel, Worcester, MA Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York Covenant B’nai B’rith, CA, Unit 2215 Lora Friedman Gavlin Family Foundation Ruth Herman Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County, NJ Michael M. Katz Rhonda Shelzi Kugelman Martin S. Lasky Norman S. Lipson The New Kalman Sunshine Fund Max Rochkind Aliki and Peter Rzepka Harold Z. Scheinman William Seligman Jennifer Turner New York Metropolitan Region - United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Annual Report 2008


JWB Jewish Chaplains Council (cont’d)

United Way of New York City Robert A. Waldman Nathan Wasserstrum Randi and Barry Weiss Etan Zellner

Corporate Sponsors We thank and acknowledge Loeb & Loeb LLC for providing pro bono legal services regarding intellectual property for JCC Association’s signature programs.

Military Chaplaincy Rabbinical School Scholarship JCC Association thanks the following donors of scholarships for rabbinical students committed to entering the Unites States Armed Forces: Rabbi Phillip Silverstein, in memory of his wife, Adina Silverstein Jerry Weinstein, in memory of his uncle, Irving S. Weinstein Florence G. Heller-JCC Association Research Center We thank the following donors whose generous contributions support the Florence G. Heller–JCC Association Research Center’s practice-oriented research for Jewish Community Centers and YM-YWHAs: Marion Lev Cohen and Steven M. Cohen Sandra Gold Marvin Israelow Michael D. Kaplan Ferne Katleman Ronald L. Leibow Judith Lieberman Mark D. Litt Bernard Marcus Norton Melaver Barbara Rosen Toby Rubin Stephen Seiden Andrew J. Shaevel Shirley Solomon Carol Brennglass Spinner

We gratefully acknowledge the following companies who provided support to JCC Association continental programs: JCC Maccabi ArtsFest The Coca-Cola Company Just Born, Inc. JCC Maccabi Games The Coca-Cola Company CIBC World Markets Miracle Day Just Born, Inc. JCCs of North America Biennial 2008 AAA Flag & Banner Mfg. Inc. American Friends of Magen David Adom The Coca-Cola Company Just Born, Inc. Commerce Bank cMarket Sterling & Sterling Inc. Network Services Company Subway Staples The Redwoods Group, Inc. The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia JCC Circle JCC Association thanks the following company whose contribution is earmarked to the publication of JCC Circle: Kades Financial, Inc.

Preferred Vendors The following companies provide preferential continental account status or services to affiliated JCCs and/ or financial support to JCC Association programs: Accrisoft Corporation Adolph Keifer & Associates Advecor, Inc. Am-Finn Sauna & Steam Inc. American Council on Exercise Balanced Body Inc. cMarket Club Resource Group CSI Software Cybex Expresso Fitness Fabiano Designs 20

First Data Oracle FreeMotion Fitness Iron Grip Barbell Company, Inc. iTech Fitness Landscape Structures Les Mills West Coast, Inc. Matrix Fitness Systems Corp. Mondo Network Services Company The Ostroff Group Inc. Personal Training on the Net Power System, Inc.

JCC Association of North America

Precor The Redwoods Group, Inc. Retention Management Sheletron, Ltd. Staples Star Trac Sterling & Sterling, Inc. STOTT Pilates Strive Enterprises, Inc. Take It Off Technogym USA Corp. XerGames Technology, Inc.

Program Partners American Council on Exercise Hobby Quest International Council on Active Aging Silver Sneakers T.G.I. Healthworks, Inc.

2008-2010 Officers Chair Alan P. Solow

Secretary Shirley Solomon, Boca Raton, FL

Treasurer Edwin Goldberg, Louisville, KY

President Allan B. Finkelstein

Vice-chairs Lisa Brill, Atlanta, GA Donald Brodsky, Houston, TX Cheryl Fishbein, New York, NY Gary Jacobs, San Diego, CA Virginia A. Maas, Los Angeles, CA Stephen R. Reiner, New York, NY Toby Rubin, San Francisco, CA Stephen Seiden, Livingston, NJ Paula Sidman, Boston, MA

Associate Secretaries Enid Rosenberg, Cleveland, OH Michael Segal, Miami, FL Michael Wolfe, Salt Lake City, UT

Associate Treasurers Stephen Dorsky, Birmingham, AL Andrew J. Shaevel, Buffalo, NY Doron Steger, Bridgewater, NJ

Honorary Chairs Edward H. Kaplan, Washington, DC Ann P. Kaufman, Houston, TX Jerome B. Makowsky, Memphis, TN Morton L. Mandel, Cleveland, OH Lester Pollack, New York, NY Daniel Rose, New York, NY

2008-2010 Board of Directors James Badzin, Leawood, KS Arlene Barron, New Orleans, LA Stephen L. Bayer, W. Hartford, CT Alvin Berkun, Pittsburgh, PA Harriet Blank, Bridgewater, NJ Douglas Bloom, Detroit, MI Warren Blumenthal, Milwaukee, WI Stephen Bodzin, Alexandria, VA Gary Bomzer, No. Miami Beach, FL Lisa F. Brill, Atlanta, GA Donald W. Brodsky, Houston, TX Nancy I. Brown, Alpine, NJ Edward Cohen, Boca Raton, FL Marcella E. Cohen, Washington, D.C. Stephen Dorsky, Birmingham, AL Dana Egert, Boca Raton, FL Julius Eisen, Bergen Cty, NJ Andrew L. Eisenberg, Boston, MA Donald Epstein, Cranbury, NJ Arlene Fickler, Philadelphia, PA Dale T. Filhaber, Boca Raton, FL Howard Fine, San Francisco, CA Cheryl Fishbein, New York, NY Ruth Fletcher, San Jose, CA Robin Frederick, Stamford, CT Maxine Freilich, Stamford, CT Marvin Gelfand, Los Angeles, CA Jane Gellman, Milwaukee, WI Sandra Gold, Englewood, NJ Edwin Goldberg, Louisville, KY Joyce Goldstein, Essex Fells, NJ Lawrence Gotfried, West Orange, NJ Roslyn Haikin, Houston, TX Emily Holdstein, Worcester, MA David Jacobs, W. Hartford, CT Gary Jacobs, San Diego, CA Barry Kantrowitz, Rockland Cty, NY

Amy Kaplan, Voorhees, NJ Edward H. Kaplan, Washington, DC Ron Kasner, North Brunswick, NJ Morton H. Katz, New Orleans, LA Ronald M. Katz, Indianapolis, IN Ann P. Kaufman, Houston, TX Stephen M. Kaufman, Houston, TX Peter Knobel, Evanston, IL Brian Kriftcher, Stamford, CT Ira Kronenberg, Clifton, NJ Sherry Kulman, Toronto, ON Ronald L. Leibow, Los Angeles, CA Laurie F. Lieberman, Chicago, IL Gary Lipman, Stamford, CT Virginia A. Maas, Los Angeles, CA Larry Magid, Searingtown, NY Jerome B. Makowsky, Memphis, TN Morton L. Mandel, Cleveland, OH Betty S. Melaver, Savannah, GA Dr. Scott Menaker, Charlotte, NC Dr. Sidney Miller, Columbus, OH Marvin J. Pertzik, St. Paul, MN Geri Pollack, New York, NY Lester Pollack, New York, NY Ronald Prehogan, Ottawa, ON Stephen R. Reiner, New York, NY Paul Resnick, Palo Alto, CA Leonard M. Robinson, Fairfield, NJ Rose Robinson, Boca Raton, FL Daniel Rose, New York, NY Enid Rosenberg, Cleveland, OH Lawrence I. Rosenberg, Baltimore, MD Howard Rosenbloom, Lutherville, MD Lois Rosenthal, Scarborough, NY Daniel Rubin, Tenafly, NJ Jane Tzinberg Rubin, St. Louis, MO Steven Rubin, St. Paul, MN

Toby Rubin, San Francisco, CA Linda Russin, Rockland Cty, NY Noreen Gordon Sablotsky, Miami, FL J. Victor Samuels, Houston, TX Alan Sataloff, Palo Alto, CA Martin J. Satinsky, Philadelphia, PA Jeffrey Savit, Boston, MA Philip Schatten, Brooklyn, NY Brian Schreiber, Pittsburgh, PA Gerald K. Schwartz, Miami, FL Michael Segal, North Miami Beach, FL Stephen Seiden, West Orange, NJ Andrew J. Shaevel, Buffalo, NY Jack G. Shaffer, Denver, CO Cheryl Sherman, Staten Island, NY Ian Sherman, Ottawa, ON Philip M. Shiekman, Philadelphia, PA Paula L. Sidman, Boston, MA Philip Silverstein, Columbia, SC Linda Simon, Pittsburgh, PA Shirley Solomon, Boca Raton, FL Alan P. Solow, Chicago, IL Carol Brennglass Spinner, New York, NY Jerome Spitzer, New York, NY Doron Steger, Bridgewater, NJ Jeanne Tobin, Cleveland, OH Howard Wasserman, Brooklyn, NY David Wax, San Diego, CA Allan Weissglass, Staten Island, NY Mary Rita Weissman, Dayton, OH Robert Wertheimer, Baltimore, MD Michael S. Wien, Marietta, GA Anita Winestock, Vancouver, BC Michael Wolfe, Salt Lake City, UT Eric Zachs, Hartford, CT

Honorary Board Members Julian Bernat, El Paso, TX Daniel Drench, MetroWest, NJ Irwin L. Elson, Detroit, MI Gilbert S. Fox, Nashville, TN Hugh W. Greenberg, Detroit, MI Gordon R. Gross, Buffalo, NY Henry Kohn, New York, NY Mark D. Litt, Larchmont, NY I.E. Millstone, St. Louis, MO Gerald S. Ostrow, Pittsburgh, PA Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, Israel Irwin Jay Robinson, New York, NY Harriet L. Rosenthal, MetroWest, NJ Irving Ruderman, Rochester, NY Norman Seiden, Palisades, NJ Myron Strober, Palm Beach, FL Henry Taub, Tenafly, NJ John M. Wolf, Sr., Pittsburgh, PA

Annual Report 2008


Staff and Services Please note that if you are in our telephone system through the main switchboard (212) 532-4958, you can contact additional staff members via their extensions (Last four digits of their number below). Staff members can also be reached directly at their telephone numbers listed below.


Allan Finkelstein President Tel: 212-786-5082 | E-mail: Yael Lubofsky Coordinator of Board Relations Tel: 212-786-5084 | E-mail: Rabbi Alvin Mars Senior Consultant to the President, Educational Development Tel: 603-292-6205 | E-mail:

Community Services consults with all

communities to enhance the functioning of JCC boards, executives, and staff. Provides JCCs with ongoing training in areas such as lay leadership development, staff development, programming, finances, etc. Helps JCCs improve their services by conducting research, gathering statistical data, and strategic planning studies, developing annual work plans, and providing seminars for management and lay leaders. Community Services sends a bi-weekly electronic communication packet to executive directors and presidents to share resources, information, and trends. Research & statistical data provided by Florence G. Heller-JCC Association Research Center.

Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management in Jewish Community Centers

transforming the field by allowing JCCs to assess their management effectiveness and leadership needs, to be more responsive to difficulties as they arise, and develop a practical approach towards continuous selfimprovement over time. MCELM is helping JCCs meet the challenges of the future with confidence and proficiency. Alan Mann Executive Vice-President, JCC and Community Services; Director, Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management Tel: 212-786-5138 | E-mail:

Community Consultants Ann Eisen** Vice-President, Community Services; Consultant on Leadership Development Tel: 504-866-5090 E-mail:

Finance and Administration Services

Brandi Young-Kin** Southern Office Administrative Assistant Tel: 504-866-5090 E-mail:

Bob Kimsal Chief Financial Officer Tel: 212-786-5141 | E-mail:

Janet S. Elam* Vice-President, Community Services; Consultant on Emerging Communities Tel: 512-241-1118 | E-mail:

Accounting Rita Niyazova Controller Tel: 212-786-5132 E-mail:

David E. Posner Vice-President, Community Services Tel: 212-786-5125 | E-mail: Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management in JCCs Alan Goldberg Vice President, Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management and Community Services Tel: 212-786-5122 | E-mail: Deann Forman Director of Benchmarking for JCC Association Tel: 212-710-6432 E-mail: Kay Mitchell Manager of Information Resources Tel: 212-786-5109 E-mail: Lana Ifraimova Program Associate, Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management and Community Services Tel: 212-786-5145 E-mail: Florence G. Heller-JCC Association Research Center Prof. Steven M. Cohen Director, Florence G. Heller-JCC Association Research Center E-mail: Lauren Blitzer Assistant Director, Florence G. Heller-JCC Association Research Center Tel: 212-786-5121 | E-mail:

Gladys Goldman Executive Assistant Tel: 212-786-5088 E-mail:


JCC Association of North America

oversees management of financial and human resources record keeping, financial reports, and information technology. Assists JCCs in developing data-processing plans and in conducting financial reviews.

Irina Abromov Accounting Assistant Tel: 212-786-5133 E-mail: Human Resources Irina Khomina Manager, Human Resources Tel: 212-786-5131 E-mail: Information Technology Andy Zhang Manager of Information Technology Tel: 212-786-5103 | E-mail: Jason Blackstone Associate, Information Technology Tel: 212-786-5094 E-mail: Production Franklin James Production Supervisor Tel: 212-786-5118 | E-mail: Donald Credle Production Assistant Tel: 212-786-5113 | E-mail: D’wayne Haywood Shipping and Receiving Tel: 212-786-5107 E-mail: D’ Reception Jamella Hall Receptionist Tel: 212.532.4949 E-mail:

Financial Resource Development is responsible for JCC Association’s fundraising efforts, including annual support and designated giving, JCC Associates, grant-seeking, corporate sponsorship and preferred vendor programs, special events and the MEETING THE CHALLENGE: Securing Jewish Futures capital and endowment campaign. Fani Magnus Monson Vice-President of Development Tel: 212.786.5135 | E-mail: Ziva Davidovich Director of Annual Funds Tel: 212.786.5099 | E-mail: Elaine Vasquez Financial Resource Development Administrator Tel: 212.786.5136 E-mail:

JCC Association’s Israel Office

represents the interests of North American JCCs and provides services for them in Israel. It also implements Israel-based Jewish educational programs including training seminars for JCC professional staff and lay leaders, JCC Maccabi Israel® experience programs for teens, Taglit-Birthright Israel for young adults, partnership initiatives between JCCs and community centers in Israel, and creates specialized Israel trips for JCC members. Leah Garber*** Director, Israel Office 011-972-2-625-1265 E-mail: Sara Sless*** Program Director, Israel Office 011-972-2-625-1265 | E-mail: Avigail Barkai *** Secretary, Israel Office 011-972-2-625-1265 | E-mail

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

is a US Government-accredited agency to serve the religious, educational, and morale needs of Jewish personnel in the armed forces, their families, and patients in VA hospitals. Its Council Advisory Group consists of Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform rabbis and active-duty Jewish chaplains, a cooperative and successful venture in Jewish pluralism. Rabbi Harold Robinson Director, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council; Director, Armed Forces and Veterans Services Tel: 212.786.5119 E-mail:

Rabbi Barry Baron Deputy Director JWB Jewish Chaplains Council Tel: 212-786-5137 | E-mail: Janine Acevedo Program Associate, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council Tel: 212-786-5090 E-mail:

Mandel Center for Jewish Education has as its mission to infuse

the people, experiences and programs of the JCCs of North America with Jewish content, learning, and values, and thereby to enhance and elevate every Jewish person who is part of a JCC community.

Jeremy Rosenstein Kortes Sr. Graphic Designer Tel: 212-786-5143 | E-mail: Dan Hertzberg Graphic Designer Tel: 212-786-5087 E-mail Chris Strom Interactive Marketing Specialist Tel: 212-786-5117 | E-mail Alina Cherny Marketing Administrator Tel: 212-786-5096 | E-mail:

Professional Development

Dr. David Ackerman Director, Mandel Center for Jewish Education Tel: 212-786-5110 E-mail:

recruits, refers for placement, counsels, and trains professionals across the continent. Extends scholarships to qualified college graduates interested in JCC careers and offers training seminars as well as study seminars in Israel.

Rabbi Jennifer Tobenstein Assistant Director, Mandel Center for Jewish Education Tel: 212-786-5123 | E-mail:

Steven Rod Vice-President, Professional Development Tel: 212-786-5085 E-mail:

Melanie Levav Program Director, Mandel Center for Jewish Education Tel: 212-710-6434 E-mail:

JoyAnn Brand Associate Director of Professional Development Services Tel: 212-786-5114 | E-mail:

Lana Ifraimova Program Associate Mandel Center for Jewish Education Tel: 212-786-5145 E-mail:

Marketing and Communications

maintains consistent brand image for the JCC Movement and provides strategic marketing training to JCCs to increase their effectiveness in image building, advertising, communications , public relations, digital and interactive marketing and branding, as well as accommodating the in-house needs of JCC Association. Robin Ballin Sr. Vice-President, Marketing and Communications Tel: 212-786-5112 | E-mail: Peter Shevenell Creative Director Tel: 212-786-5101 | E-mail: Miriam Rinn Communications Manager Tel: 212-786-5092 | E-mail:

Lonny Friedman Coordinator of Recruitment and Scholarship Programs Tel: 212-786-5111 E-mail: Tory Holland Program Associate and Conference Registrar Tel: 212-786-5086 | E-mail:

Program Services provides JCCs and camps with program assessment and resources to help them maintain creative, innovative programming in arts and culture, early childhood education, adults, teens, individuals with special needs, fitness, recreation, and camping. It also coordinates GesherCity, an initiative for young adults and the JCC Maccabi Experience, which includes JCC Maccabi Games速, JCC Maccabi Israel速, and JCC Maccabi ArtsFest速. Merrin Center for Teen Services creates programs and resources for teens and the professionals working with them to help JCCs inspire the next generation to embark on its Jewish journey. Arnie Sohinki Sr. Vice-President, Program Services Tel: 212-786-5097 E-mail:

Adults Patricia Cipora Harte Vice-President, Program Services Tel: 212-786-5130 | E-mail:

Jason Silberfein Coordinator, Sports and Athletics JCC Maccabi Games Tel: 212.786.5081 | E-mail:

Jason Silberfein Director, Young Adult Initiatives Tel: 212-786-5081 E-mail:

JCC Maccabi Israel Jessica Trosterman Coordinator, JCC Travel Tel: 212-710-6435 or 1-800-732-1266 E-mail:

Early Childhood Education Mark Horowitz Director, Early Childhood Education Tel: 212-786-5098 | E-mail: Lisa Litman An Ethical Start速 Coordinator Tel: 610-668-1656 | E-mail: Health and Wellness Steve Becker Director, Health and Wellness Services Tel: 212-786-5105 | E-mail: Anthony Slayen Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Membership Consultant Tel: 212-786-5128 E-mail:

Ran Butbul Shaliach, JCC Maccabi Experience Tel: 212-786-5139 | E-mail: Rachel Klechevsky Program Associate for Merrin Center for Teen Services, JCC Maccabi Experience, Camping, Early Childhood Education Tel: 212-786-5129 E-mail: Leona Strassberg Steiner Program Associate for Program Services, Adults, Sports and Wellness Tel: 212-786-5125 | E-mail:

Merrin Center for Teen Services Aaron Selkow Vice-President, Program Services, Director Merrin Center for Teen Services Director JCC Maccabi Experience Tel: 212-786-5144 | E-mail: Camping Charlene Wendell Consultant on Camping & Youth Services Tel: 212-786-5126 | E-mail: JCC Maccabi ArtsFest Arlene Sorkin Director, JCC Maccabi ArtsFest Tel: 212-786-5089 | E-mail: Adinah East Community Engagement Coordinator, JCC Maccabi ArtsFest Tel: 212-786-5091 | E-mail: Lonny Friedman Program Coordinator, JCC Maccabi ArtsFest Tel: 212-786-5111 E-mail: JCC Maccabi Games Michele Korntreger Assistant Director, JCC Maccabi Games Tel: 212-786-5116 | E-mail: Jason Kromirs Host Community Coordinator, JCC Maccabi Games Tel: 212-786-5102 | E-mail:

JCC Association Regional Offices: *Southwestern Services Office P.O. Box 30372 Austin, Texas 78755 Tel: 512.241.1118 E-mail: **Southeastern Services Office 8200 Hampson Street, Suite 200 New Orleans, LA 70118 Tel: 504.866.5090 Fax: 504.866.8164 E-mail: ***Israel Office Solomon and Mary Litt Building 12 Moshe Hess Street Jerusalem, 94185, Israel Tel: 011.972.2.625.1265 Fax: 011.972.2.624.7767 E-mail:

Annual Report 2008


JCC Association of North America

committed to values


We’re developing new initiatives to help JCCs address economic challenges and deliver service­—in 2009 and beyond

Distinctive program offerings will be more essential than ever in the coming years. We’re partnering with Olympic Gold Medalist Lenny Krayzelburg to bring his innovative and effective SwimRight learn-to-swim method exclusively to JCCs.

Building connections with Israel and Jewish communities around the world is threatened by a tough economy.

The key to navigating the unpredictible economic climate in coming years is strong leadership.

We’ve formed a partnership with Oranim Educational Initiatives to bring worldwide travel opportunities to JCC members—at competitive prices.

We’re tailoring Biennial 2010 to adapt to the unprecedented developments, and to give lay leaders tools commensurate to the challenges ahead.

A strong Web presence that ranks high on search engines is essential for reaching new members and users.

Technology and the economy are changing the way we market JCCs—and the importance of messaging has never been greater.

We’re developing a Web site to attract potential participants— and direct them to JCCs throughout North America. Look for it in 2009 at

Keep abreast of current approaches—and their application for JCCs—with our JCC marketing e-news, IDEALS.

Annual Report 2008



JCCs of North America Jewish Community Centers Association of North America 520 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018


Profile for JCC Association

Annual Report 2008  

JCC Association Annual Report

Annual Report 2008  

JCC Association Annual Report