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JCC Association of North America Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011


The past year is the prologue to our future.

It’s been a productive and rewarding year. With the help of our dedicated partners, we succeeded in bringing two longterm efforts to fruition: the first-ever JCC Maccabi Games® and ArtsFest® to take place in Israel, and the establishment of a memorial to fallen Jewish chaplains in Arlington National Cemetery. Although we could not have achieved either of these goals on our own, we are deeply proud of our leadership on these initiatives and very grateful to everyone who helped make these dreams a reality. We are also extremely proud of The Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management’s JCC Excellence: Benchmarking, which has expanded its outreach and now involves half of the JCCs in the U.S. and Canada. In 2011, our Mandel Center for Jewish Education introduced more Jewish enrichment to an increased number of JCC camps and JCCs. Our consultants have traveled the continent to help JCCs improve their programming, governance, marketing, early-childhood centers, and health and wellness offerings. We delivered an ambitious professional development program of webinars, regional conferences, and in-person workshops covering every aspect of JCC work. And we continued to build on our long-standing expertise in the recruitment and placement of JCC management staff. This annual report highlights some significant ongoing successes in 2011, yet all of our work is based on our belief that it is integral to the future of the Jewish People. We are dedicated to having the JCCs as gathering places, where people of all ages can become healthier, more inspired by their Jewish heritage, and more connected to their communities and to one another.

Paula L. Sidman, Chair

Allan Finkelstein, President & CEO

Annual Report 2011



JCC Association of North America

JCC Association focuses on future generations…

More than


teens went to Israel in summer 2011 for the JCC Maccabi Games® & ArtsFest®


or the very first time, the JCC Maccabi Games® and JCC Maccabi ArtsFest® took place in Israel. It’s hard to over emphasize the enormity of this achievement. We brought close to one thousand Jewish teens to the Jewish State. The center of operations was in Kiryat Shmona in Israel’s north, an area often under siege and overlooked by visitors. During our Days of Caring and Sharing, the athletes and artists made a significant difference in the environment within and around Kiryat Shmona, and being in Israel and with Israelis made a huge impact on our teens’ Jewish identity. The JCC Maccabi Games held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Springfield, Massachusetts gave hundreds of Jewish teens the opportunity to meet and compete with Jewish peers who love sports. These JCCs had a unique Jewish community-building experience, one that forges bonds that strengthen the kehilla overall. As we approach the thirtieth anniversary of the Games, these programs will continue to be among North America’s premiere Jewish youth experiences.

JCC Association expresses our profound gratitude to the government of the State of Israel, Maccabi World Union, Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel and Maccabi Canada for their most generous support for the first-ever JCC Maccabi Games and ArtFest in Israel. We say a Yasher Koach and Todah Rabah to the community of Kiryat Shmona and the other cities in Israel for their warm welcome, gracious hospitality, and special efforts to our delegations.

Dan Deutsch vice-president, JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest

Our kids gained a tremendous amount. Alex uses the words life changing. That he has friends in a foreign country is amazing in itself; that it’s Israel, even more remarkable. I feel like he’s far more ready to head off to college than before. Lucy, too, had a very positive and significant experience. One of her favorite parts was her time with her host family, which I think is great. Her brother was a bar mitzvah, but she passed on the chance. Now she’s reconsidering. I figured they’d gain a lot from the experience, but have been pleasantly surprised by how my expectations were exceeded.

Bob Rollins Parent, San Francisco


JCC Association of North America

Donors making a difference in the Jewish future‌

We thank all the donors and partners who helped make history by supporting the first JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest in Israel. Presenting Sponsor The Coca-Cola Company of North America

Vocal Music Art Specialty supported by The Feldman Family Foundation

Opening Ceremonies supported by Leslie and Roslyn Goldstein Foundation

Investor Ruth and Michael Fletcher

Soccer supported by Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs

Sustainers Wendy and Warren S. Blumenthal Robin and Michael Frederick Noreen Gordon Sablotsky Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky

Basketball supported by Jeannie and Brian Kriftcher Final ArtsFest Performance and ArtsFest Exhibit space supported by Paula L. Sidman Closing Ceremonies support by The Jewish Federations of North America Exploring Israel: A day in JerusalemCity of Gold supported by Sharon and David Wax Exploring Israel: Educational field trips supported by Sherry and Doron Steger Dance Art Specialty supported by Ronna and Michael Segal Days of Caring and Sharing sponsored by The Redwoods Group Foundation

Benefactors Lisa F. and Ron Brill Joanne and Donald W. Brodsky Maxine and Jay Freilich Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Barbara and J. Victor Samuels Sharon and Stephen Seiden Lori Barnet and Jeffrey K. Savit Patrons Barbara and Daniel Drench Claudia Ehrlich Carol and Howard F. Fine Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Paul Heiman Rosalyn and Howard T. Jacobson Esther and Jack B. Levy Judith and Lester Lieberman Wendy and Steven M. Rubin Jessica and Eric M. Zachs

Friends Meryl K. and David Ainsman Amy and Stan Baratz Harriet and George Blank Tanya and Stephen A. Bodzin Daniel Deutsch Dana Egert Allen Ehrlich Freddi and Marvin Gelfand Dr. Sandra and Arnold P. Gold Joyce and Neil B. Goldstein Beth and Lawrence Greenberg Jackie and Ronald L. Leibow Gary S. Lipman Fani Magnus Monson and Rabbi Michael A. Monson Barbara and Sidney F. Miller Adele and Andrew Newman Geri and Lester Pollack Susan and Alan Sataloff Tracey and Jordan Shenker Johanna and Arnie Sohinki Shirley and Allan Solomon Roberta and Allan Weissglass Fans Susan and Jeff Davidson Martin G. Englisher Jane Eisenstat Alan Fanger Arlene Fickler

Laure and Hal Garnick Jane Gellman Laurie and Paul Gershkowitz Barbara and Edwin Goldberg Frances D. Green Russell Harkavy Jill and Jeffrey Karp Lisa Tanzer Lewis Connie and Alvin M. Pesachowitz Toby and Robert Rubin Cynthia I. Samuelson and Jonathan L. Samen Amy and Andy Sucoff Debra Yanofsky and Steven Shulman Michael K. Savit Stuart Sprague Mary Rita and Norman Weissman Community David A. Bamel Lynn and Daniel M. Bernstein Eric B. Brenman Leslie and Mitch Cohen Susan E. Davis Carol and Jeffrey Folkerth Sue and Martin Fox Sherri and Mark Goodstein Martin Horn Madelon and Bruce Kaster Marcia and Alan Liefer Paul M. McDermott

Dr. and Mrs. Morton Meltzer Sharon R. and Marc B. Merklin Suzanne and Andrew Offit Ellen and David P. Rosenblatt Linda and Barry Russin Sybil K. Savit Nancy and Steve Schachtman Laura and Jeffrey Schwartz Marjorie and Mark Sokoll Debra S. and Michael D. Sorkin Robin M. and Richard M. Stein Mark P. Zwetchkenbaum Corporate Sponsors and Partners Alpha Epsilon Pi Headquarters Aardvark Israel Budokan Ltd. IsraelPhones Just Born, Inc. Jewish National Fund Kibbutz Lotan, Green Apprenticeship Krav Maga Israel Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel Maccabi World Union MASA PayPal The Peabody Orlando Shlomo Sixt Staples Young Judaea

Annual Report 2011


This is an extraordinary event for the Jewish community, and for any individual who is concerned that proper respect be paid to chaplains who died while on active duty. The American military chaplains’ corps is unique in its dedication and commitment to the diversity of religious expression in our armed forces.

Rabbi Harold Robinson 8

JCC Association of North America

Director of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

JCC Association’s JWB Jewish Chaplains Council supporting Jewish men and women serving our country‌

We Finally Brought Them Home Jewish Chaplains Memorial dedicated at Arlington


ore than 250 American chaplains of all faiths have died while on active duty in the U. S. Armed Forces. While memorials to Protestant and Catholic chaplains have stood on Chaplains Hill at Arlington National Cemetery, there was no similar monument to recognize Jewish chaplains. Now, through the efforts of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council and many individuals and organizations of all faiths, a memorial to the 14 Jewish chaplains who died while on active duty stands on the hill. Many organizations worked toward this single goal. On October 24, 2011, the Jewish Chaplains Memorial was officially dedicated. Finally, Jewish chaplains have been given their honored place. Jews from all over the U.S. will feel justifiably proud that the sacrifice these men made is recognized at Arlington. JWB Jewish Chaplains Council has been serving the religious and emotional needs of Jewish servicemen and women and their families since World War I. We have been endorsing Jewish chaplains for all the armed services, providing ritual and holiday materials, encouraging the communal support of Jewish military personnel, and acting as advocates for Jewish men and women in the services. Generous donors from across the country provided the resources to create the Chaplains Memorial.

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council JWB Jewish Chaplains Council operates through a network of Jewish military chaplains and lay leaders who are trained and certified by JWB. The chaplains’ mission is to see that Jewish troops are able to remain fully connected to Jewish life, regardless of where they are stationed. Chaplains lead services, conduct Seders, provide kosher food, ritual observance items, and most importantly offer comfort to our Jewish personnel.

JCC Association gratefully acknowledges the Crown Family Philanthropies for its generous grant, which sustains the work of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council. Almost 1,000 individual donors’ contributions make JWB’s vital work possible. Individuals and organizations with gifts of $500 or more in 2011 include: Anonymous Ilana and Ari Berenson Wendy B. Bernstein B’nai Israel Congregation Fran and Alan J. Broder Buffalo Grove, IL, Auxillary No. 89 Neal Cohen Congregation Beth David Susan K. and Damon R. Couch Covenant B’nai B’rith Unit #2215 Covered Bridge Post 536 JWV of USA Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Crown Family Philanthropies Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland Gavlin Family Foundation Ruth L. Herman

IIMI, Inc. Jacob S. Hermann Trust Jewish Federated Charities of the Shoals Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley METNY Pincus Paul Charitable Trust Pittsburgh Conference Jewish Women’s Organizations Lee and Ron Robinson Rabbi Julie S. Schwartz Sharon and Stephen Seiden Helen and Joseph H. Spiro Muriel and Myron Strober Miriam and Robert A. Waldman Harriet and Nathan Wasserstrum Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

Very often, when chaplains visit our troops they are without the most sacred and essential Jewish text—a Torah scroll. JWB Jewish Chaplains Council has 60 Torahs at major military installations around the world. However, chaplains in the field and aboard ships require small scrolls that can accompany them from site to site, as they move around the combat zones. Our goal is to provide our chaplains with six Torahs that will enrich the spiritual lives of our Jewish troops who are serving our country far from home. The first three JWB lightweight and fully kosher Torahs have been completed and presented to the military; these have been used in Iraq, Qatar, and Afghanistan. Our goal is to complete the fourth and fifth Torahs in 2012.

Through the service of our chaplain corps, our military is never alone. We owe our deepest gratitude to our chaplain corps for keeping watch over our military. We also insure that from this day forward all who visit this national shrine know the service of our Jewish chaplains—their names, their stories, and their sacrifice for our country. The men this memorial represents have been standing in line, waiting for admittance. Their journey has been long. This is their last stop, the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery, where they will take their rightful place amongst the souls they gave the greatest of comforts.

Congressman Jeff Miller Chair, House Committee on Veterans Affairs, at the Dedication of the Jewish Chaplains Memorial

JCC Association and JWB Jewish Chaplains Council thanks the 200 donors who have contributed to Torahs for Our Troops. We recognize those individuals and organizations making gifts of $500 or more in 2011: Margaret Benedict Kenneth J. Bloom May and Ilex Cherry Moses C. Clark Congregation Beth Israel of San Diego James R. Cook Claire and David Ellman Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Bernard Jaffe Susan and David Kabakoff L. E. B. Enterprises, Inc. Lawrence Family JCC of San Diego County Pincus Paul Charitable Trust Raleigh-Cary Jewish Community Center

Shirley Ravet Susan Shmalo Gloria and Rodney Stone Temple Emanu-El The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc. Tifereth Israel Synagogue Sara and Aaron Trub Jan Tuttleman Sharon and David Wax Randi and Charles Wax Jorge Woldenberg

Annual Report 2011



On Leading JCCs Into The Future H onorary JCC Association past president and mega-philanthropist Mort Mandel may have celebrated his ninetieth birthday recently, but that hasn’t dimmed his passion for making a meaningful difference in the world at large and the Jewish world in particular. What fuels that passion? “My generation grew up with cataclysmic changes in the Jewish world – the Holocaust and the state of Israel,” Mandel says. “My generation understood Never Again. I was rejected from a club because I was Jewish. I was rejected from a neighborhood because I was Jewish. Then the Six Day War changed the image of Israel in the world, certainly to my non-Jewish friends. I stood one foot taller. In part, these forces shaped my communal life.” Mandel’s enormous achievements through the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation include centers around the world devoted to excellence in leadership, including JCC Association’s Mandel Center for Jewish Education and the Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management. “We’ve invested in people who could be world-changers,” he says. “We now have hundreds of


JCC Association of North America

graduates changing the world, and we feel responsible for a piece of their success.” Mandel understands that many of those who are stepping into positions of leadership today haven’t shared the experience of his generation and therefore may not feel the same urgency to protect and enhance Jewish life. “People who are 35 or 40 today may not feel this deeply. I do. Because I lived it. So we need to find other ways to transmit these feelings, and of course, we have and are achieving some success. Every Jewish agency has a role to play. JCCs are clearly one of the major institutions in Jewish life that can and do create stronger Jewish identities,” Mandel believes. One solution according to Mandel is investing in future leaders. “I’ve been into leadership forever – that’s become the most important cause in my philanthropic life. The number of people with leadership potential is as great as ever, but such future leaders now have

many more options, and everyone wants them.” Mandel ticks off the qualities of a good leader: intellectual firepower, values, passion, and work ethic. He believes Jewish organizations need to identify leaders at a young age and get them engaged, and must carefully build bench strength. “We’re not doing a good enough job of succession planning,” he says. “I’ve made a choice. I’m focused heavily on building leadership, and will continue to do so every way I can.”

A Mandel Center Success – JCC Excellence: Benchmarking

It’s All in the Data

JCC Excellence: Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the single most valuable product or service that we get from JCC Association.

has transformed the management approach of almost half of the JCCs in North America over the last five years. JCCs have started to make

Marci Powers

decisions and set strategy based on real data. The findings from our Benchmarking surveys help improve JCC business models, further their mission, and provide enhanced service to their communities.

immediate past president, Gardenswartz JCC of Greater Albuquerque

At the Shaw JCC in Akron, Ohio, they learned that one of the barriers for people making donations was that they did not know the JCC was a nonprofit, and they had never been asked to donate. “The Families Supporting Families” campaign began with two months of member education called “Did you know?” and then a full membership solicitation for an annual gift. The result was 60 new donors. Many JCCs have started to train their staff to engage personally with members now that Benchmarking data has shown that the number of informal conversations staff members have with people directly impacts retention. At the Jacksonville Community Alliance in Florida, their informal conversation rate is near the top. Staff trains to engage with members and visitors whether they are in the fitness center or just coming in for a tour. As a result, people are eager to say nice things about JCA and spread the word to their friends and families.

Benchmarking has been a key in our turn around over the past four years. We are moving towards financial sustainability and in large part we have to thank Benchmarking. On our own, we could not afford to conduct such a study one time, let alone on an annual basis. Benchmarking is a gift to the field and we wanted to say thank you.

Todd Rockoff

executive director, Shaw JCC

Annual Report 2011


Discover: CATCH Early Childhood has given me a lot of information that I can share with the parents. We post and share recipes, parent tips, family action plans, and much more. I think it’s been a great way for the parents to learn just as much as the kids about living active and healthy lifestyles.

Lisa Pesantez 14

JCC Association of North America

ECE teacher, Shaw JCC

Preschoolers learn about healthy lifestyles…

JCC Kids


Healthy Habits JCC Association program targets childhood obesity


e are excited to be an active partner in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative to overcome childhood obesity, a real and growing problem in our communities. Obesity in children can lead to a long list of bad outcomes: diabetes, heart disease, poor school performance, and bullying. We have developed a program for JCC early childhood centers that is designed to nurture a love of physical activity in children ages 3–5.

Photo courtesy of Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC

First, Discover: CATCH Early Childhood is based on a foundation of Jewish values, including Sh’mirat HaGuf or “taking care of our bodies.” Modeled after a nationally recognized afterschool program developed at the University of Texas, Discover: CATCH Early Childhood provides an environment where physical activity, health education and healthy eating behaviors are valued and taught. But Discover: CATCH is also fun. Both children and adults enjoy participating. The initiative contains three major components: integrated Jewish values, physical education activities, and nutrition education. The program employs a holistic approach to child health by involving teachers, children and families. Like the First Lady, we believe we can do something to make our children healthier.

Annual Report 2011



JCC Association of North America

JCC day and resident camps – Places to inspire Jewish learning…

JCC CAMPS Collaboration with Grinspoon Foundation helps day and resident camps succeed


fter the recent JCC Association Day Camp Study illustrated the potential for Jewish impact at JCC day camps—the largest network in North America—day camping has risen to the forefront of the conversation on Jewish continuity and investment. An exciting

collaboration between JCC Association and The Harold Grinspoon Foundation marks the first national initiative directed at day camping. The Grinspoon Institute/JCC Association Day Camp Project matches each participating camp with a mentor who will facilitate the development of a strategic plan, and in partnership with JCC Association, will support the camp to implement the plan. The project piloted last year in six communities, and was expanded during 2011 to an additional 11 JCC day camps.

Photo courtesy of Camp Chi

Many of our JCC resident camps have benefited from participation in The Grinspoon Institute, a project in which camps are assigned mentors in the areas of strategic planning, governance, fundraising and alumni outreach. The Grinspoon Institute will make a qualitative difference in the field of Jewish camping. JCC camps have been giving children life-altering experiences for more than one hundred years, and we continue to look for ways to help JCC camps reach more children and youth.

JCC Association Professional Training for Camp Leadership… We want JCC camps to continue to be the best, so we make sure to provide top-notch training for camp leadership. From our special JCC camp conference tied to the American Camping Association meeting to the Mandel Center for Jewish Education programs designed for resident camp directors to our units in TAG: Jewish Values through JCC Camping, we are committed to building camp leaders who are inspiring Jewish role models for their campers and staff.

I found the plenary sessions informative and the social element very useful (and fun). Thanks for your time and effort in putting [the conference] all together.

Ari Marks

Photo courtesy of Camp Pinemere

children’s director, New Orleans JCC

Thank you for putting together a terrific camp conference. It was such a valuable experience, beyond even each of the sessions, to be around so many JCC camp professionals. Sharing our ideas and strategies with each other was so helpful in preparing for this summer.

Noah Hichenberg

site director, day camp at Pearl River; JCC of Manhattan

Photo courtesy of NJY Camps

Photo courtesy of Camp Wise

Our JCC has already gained so much from our participation in the Grinspoon/ JCC Association Day Camp Project. We’re collaborating in new and exciting ways with other JCC day camps and resident camps, and the partnerships have allowed us to take some of our ‘fantasy’ ideas and turn them into reality. Our Grinspoon mentor has helped us look at how we engage our board and how we could be beginning to develop a fundraising plan.

Paige Silberfein

program director and day camp director, Shimon & Sara Birnbaum JCC, NJ Photo courtesy of Camp Wise

Annual Report 2011


2011 by the numbers

Revenues $12,264,000 Affiliate Dues $4,709,000 Annual Giving & Foundation Grants $2,961,000 Program Fees $2,313,000 National Federation/Agency Alliance and Individual Federations $1,223,000 Corporate Sponsorship/Other $663,000 Draw from Investments for Operations $395,000

Expenses $12,066,000 Program Enrichment Services $3,300,000 Finance & Administration $2,648,000 Community Consultation Services $1,907,000 Jewish Education & Israel Operations $1,518,000 Professional Leadership $969,000 Marketing & Communications $759,000 Financial Resource Development $516,000 Services to the Military $449,000


JCC Association of North America

JCC Association Endowment and Capital Funds Board of directors recognizes the leadership of Gary Jacobs in his dedication to the Meeting the Challenge: Securing Jewish Futures campaign and the generosity of all the donors who have helped JCC Association reach $8.5 million. Senior Staff Offices Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Amy and Alan Meltzer Sharon and Stephen Seiden Sharon and David Wax

The Merrin Center for Teen Services Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin The Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Family Conference Center Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs

Management Team Offices Irene and Philip M. Shiekman David Sterling Staff Lounge D’vora Tager and Robert Dietz

President’s Office and Senior Staff Office Mezuzot Dana Egert The Redwoods Group, Inc. Shirley and Allan Solomon Roberta and Allan Weissglass Mezuzot Harriet and George Blank Ruth and Michael Fletcher Maxine and Jay Freilich Debby and Hal Jacobs Judith and Lester Lieberman Fani Magnus Monson and Michael A. Monson Alan and Janet Mann Ronna and Michael Segal Amy and Andrew J. Shaevel Charlene Shaffer and Jack G Shaffer k”z

The Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Lobby Irene and Edward H. Kaplan

Professional Team and Consulting Staff Offices Michael Ostroff Carol and Lawrence Zicklin

The Barbara and Morton L. Mandel Executive Suite Barbara and Morton L. Mandel

Guest and Visiting Personnel Suite Virginia A. and Francis Maas

Program Services Suite Joan and Irwin Jacobs

Entryway Mezuzah Barbara and Edwin Goldberg

Deferred Gifts Stephen Fitzsimmons Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten Linda and Jerome Spitzer

Conference Rooms and Department Suites Noreen Gordon Sablotsky Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky Geri and Lester Pollack Paula L. and Edwin Sidman Family Andrea and Alan P. Solow

Work Stations Mandell L. Berman Ruth White Brodsky & Joanne and David Brodsky Joanne and Donald W. Brodsky Marshall B. Coyne Foundation, Inc. Deena and Jerome A. Kaplan Jackie Blatt and Ronald L. Leibow I. E. Millstone k”z Barbara and J. Victor Samuels Irene and Philip M. Shiekman

Campaign Donors Myrna Block Jane Gellman Thelma Z. and Melvin Lenkin Charitable Fnd. Inc. Ronald M. Katz Laura Rubin and Leonard Rubin k”z Toby and Robert Rubin Sandra Saltzman Doris and David Yorysh

President’s Office Betty S. Melaver and Norton Melaver k”z

Israeli shlichim, like Daniel Sonnenschein at JCC Rockland, bring a direct and personal flavor of Israel to JCC communities. To learn more about bringing a young Israeli to your JCC, contact Osnat Zur,

Annual Report 2011


Endowment-Funded Program Support Merrin Center for Teen Services JCC Association is grateful to Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin whose generosity established the Merrin Center for Teen Services, which is dedicated to enhancing the work of teen professionals and providing programming for the youth they serve. Support of JCC Association Israel Office Judith and Mark D. Litt Jewish Education Programming Geri and Lester Pollack

JCC Association Scholars Fund Syril Rubin and Leonard Rubin k�z Lenny Rubin Israel Education Fund In honor of Lenny Rubin k�z upon his retirement supports the continuation of Israel education for JCC Association staff. We thank the generous donors who contributed to this fund in 2011: Kate Obstgarten Private Foundation Laura Rubin Sadie Rubin

Endowed Scholarships The future requires well-trained professionals. JCC Association recognizes donors who endowed the Graduate Education Scholarship program. Robert L. Adler Memorial Scholarship Fund Alumni Scholarship Fund Ella and Gerrard Berman Scholarship Fund Elayne and Julian Bernat Scholarship Fund Harold Dinerman Memorial Scholarship Fund Shirley and Royal H. Durst Scholarship Fund Joan and Jesse Feldman Scholarship Fund Frances and Samuel Finkelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Merrin Teen Professional Fellows Program provides a valuable learning experience for JCC professionals working with teens, enriching their own Jewish identities and building a network of future JCC leaders. Since 1999, more than eighty JCC professionals have completed the 18-month program, which is funded through the generosity of Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin.


JCC Association of North America

Frenkel Memorial Scholarship Fund Israel Goldberg Memorial Scholarship Fund Goodstein-Kleitman Memorial Scholarship Fund Edwin Hochstader Scholarship Fund Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Scholarship Fund Philip R. Kaplan Memorial Scholarship Fund Bea D. Katcher Scholarship Fund Charles R. Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund Mary and Solomon Litt Scholarship Fund

Minnie and Louis Nathanson Memorial Scholarship Fund Pesses-Sachs Scholarship Fund Evelyn S. and Shaol L. Pozez Scholarship Fund Henry S. and Anne S. Reich Scholarship Fund Joanna S. and Daniel Rose Scholarship Fund Syril and Leonard Rubin Scholarship Fund Michael-Ann Russell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fedgie and Hy Schultz Memorial Scholarship Fund Geraldyn and Henry Sicular Scholarship Fund Diana S. Simberloff Memorial Scholarship Fund Avraham Soltes Memorial Scholarship Fund Sam Sulstan Memorial Scholarship Fund Olga F. and Oliver B. Winkler Scholarship Fund Helen and Harold O. Zimman Scholarship Fund

JCC Association supports JCC Cares, the communityservice program at JCC resident and day camps, with financial grants and specific materials created by the Mandel Center for Jewish Education.

The National Federation/Agency Alliance is a partnership that provides a significant amount of funding to nine national agencies including $1,149,756 to JCC Association of North America in FY 2011/2012. The national agencies that make up the Alliance engage in critical work to build capacity and support the work of the federations and their local affiliates. They also help advance the federation system’s goals on a national and international stage. While mindful of its role in evaluating and monitoring the national agencies, the Alliance works to promote deeper relationships and create synergy between the national agencies and the federations.

Annual Report 2011


JCC Association 2011 Annual Funds Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management JCC Association is grateful to the Mandel Foundation for its grant, which created and sustains the Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management. Mandel Center for Jewish Education JCC Association is grateful to the Mandel Foundation for its grant, which created and sustains the Mandel Center for Jewish Education. JCC Association also thanks the following donors for their support of programs within the Mandel Center for Jewish Education: The AVI CHAI Foundation: Chizuk: Jewish programming directors strengthening Lekhu Lakhem—JCC Camps Goodman Family Foundation: The Goodman Family Institute: Yisrael Sheli (My Israel)

Platinum Circle Joan Messinger k”z and Martin E. Messinger Geri and Lester Pollack Barbara and Victor J. Samuels Paula L. Sidman Gold Circle Irene and Edward H. Kaplan Jeannie and Brian Kriftcher Millie and Lawrence Magid Sharon and Stephen Seiden Andrea and Alan P. Solow Sharon and David Wax Silver Circle Lisa F. and Ron Brill Joanne and Donald W. Brodsky Marcella E. and Neil Cohen Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten Ruth and Michael Fletcher Barbara and Edwin Goldberg Noreen Gordon Sablotsky Roslyn F. and Ricky Haikin

Photo courtesy of JCC of Greater Ann Arbor

Annual Fund JCC Association gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have made generous contributions to the 2011 annual fund:

Leadership Circle Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Joyce D. and Andrew Mandell

Our greening program JCC Grows encourages JCCs and JCC camps to plant and cultivate foodjustice gardens, where a portion of the harvest is donated to community food pantries, which often have shortages of fresh produce.


JCC Association of North America

Rosalyn and Howard T. Jacobson Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Jackie Blatt and Ronald L. Leibow Judith and Mark D. Litt Virginia A. and Francis Maas Evelyn and Jerome B. Makowsky Lisa and Thomas Mandel Betty S. Melaver and Norton Melaver k”z Amy and Alan Meltzer Lori Barnet and Jeffrey K. Savit Shirley and Allan Solomon Linda and Jerome Spitzer Sherry and Doron Steger The Irma T. Hirschl Trust Roberta and Allan Weissglass Jessica and Eric M. Zachs Bronze Circle Meryl K. and David Ainsman Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Harriet and George Blank Tanya and Stephen A. Bodzin Edie and Joel Brodsky Nancy I. and Peter Brown Susan R. Diamond and Martin Schenker Dana Egert Arlene Fickler Dale T. and Edward Filhaber Carol and Howard F. Fine Robin Frederick and Michael Gold Maxine and Jay Freilich Freddi and Marvin Gelfand Jane Gellman Sandra and Arnold P. Gold Joyce and Neil B. Goldstein Allison and Kenneth B. Jacobs Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City Esther and Jack B. Levy Judith and Lester Lieberman Gary S. Lipman Fani Magnus Monson and Rabbi Michael A. Monson Sharon R. and Marc B. Merklin Barbara and Sidney F. Miller Stephanie and Eric Nislow Marvin J. Pertzik Connie and Alvin M. Pesachowitz Joan Karlin and Paul Resnick Doris and Rammy Rochman Nancy and Lawrence I. Rosenberg Jane Tzinberg Rubin and Kenneth Rubin Wendy and Steven M. Rubin Toby and Robert Rubin Linda and Barry Russin Debra and Gerald K. Schwartz Michael and Ronna Segal Randi and Ian Sherman

Irene and Philip M. Shiekman Linda S. and Kenneth Simon Susan Stearns Muriel and Myron Strober Francine Zorn Trachtenberg and Stephen Trachtenberg Mary Rita and Norman Weissman Eileen and Steven Wishnia Super VIP Associate David C. Ackerman Mark S. Horowitz Laurie and Robert D. Kimsal Barbara and Norman Seiden Johanna and Arnie Sohinki Enid and Barrie M. Weiser Leatrice and John M. Wolf, Sr. VIP Associate Anise and Ronald A. Belz Julian Bernat Barbara and Douglas Bloom Jane B. and John C. Colman Ann F. and Robert (Butch) Eisen Janet S. and Doron Elam Florence and Barry Friedberg Arlene and Henry C. Friedman Lauren and Alan Goldberg Lawrence A. Kades Doris Kaplan J. E. Kline Gerald S. Ostrow

Amy and David E. Posner Irwin Jay Robinson Leonard M. Robinson Susan and Alan Sataloff Tracey and Jordan Shenker Jeanne and Jordan Tobin Executive Associate Robin and Bob Ballin Lynn and Daniel M. Bernstein Marjorie and Morley Blankstein Renee and Gary J. Bomzer Marjie and Jeffrey A. Coopersmith Wilbur A. Cowett Dori Denelle Martin G. Englisher Leslie Fischman Carol and Jeffrey Folkerth Marilyn and Sam Fox Sue and Martin Fox Judith Corn and David Fried Donna Gilbert JoAnn and Paul Gillis Kenneth Goldberg Eugene Grant Anna and Gerald Greenhouse Ruth L. Herman David Jacobs Deena and Jerome A. Kaplan Melanie and Russell E. Makowsky Phyllis and Philip Margolius Beth and Michael Paysnick

Garth Potts Patricia and Steve R. Reiner Lois and Sidney Robbins Harriet L. and Bill Rosenthal Brian and Suzanne Schreiber Elizabeth and Edward Schreiber James Schwartz Marjorie and Mark Sokoll Carol Brennglass Spinner and Arthur C. Spinner Susan and Richard Strait Sharon and Edwin Toporek Michelle G. Wasch-Lobovits Linda Cornell Weinstein and Sherwin B. Weinstein Jerry Wische We thank the myriad federal employees who supported JCC Association through contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign. Leadership Circle: $25,000 and above Platinum Circle: $18,000 – $24,999 Gold Circle: $10,000 – $17,999 Silver Circle: $5,000 – $9,999 Bronze Circle: $2,500 – $4,999 Super VIP Associate: $1,800 – $2,499 VIP Associate: $1,000 – $1,799 Executive Associate: $500 – $999

Lenny Krayzelburg JCC Swim Academies teach children as young as six months to be safe in the water. Using the water-safety method developed by the four-time Olympic gold medalist, the Lenny K Swim Academies teach all children to swim or float, and help JCCs get the most out of their pools.

Annual Report 2011


Program and Project Support JCC Association gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and foundations that have made generous contributions in 2011, making these programs and projects possible: Grants for Special Projects Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Paula L. Sidman Graduate Scholarship Program Association of Jewish Center Professionals Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Kara Bierman Ed Lee and Jean Campe Foundation Shirley and William L. Grossman Scholarship Fund Louis and Anita Perlman Family Foundation Barbara and J. Victor Samuels We also thank all the alumni of the Graduate Scholarship program who have made generous contributions in 2011 Florence G. Heller-JCC Association Research Center Judith and Lester Lieberman JCC Grows The Robert Sillins Family Foundation, Inc. Merrin Center for Teen Services Matilda Blendes Fund Corporate Sponsors We gratefully acknowledge the following companies who provided support to JCC Association continental programs: The Redwoods Group, Inc. Daxko, LLC eFinesstri 501 (c) Agencies Trust


JCC Association of North America

Preferred Vendors The following companies provide preferential continental account status or services to affiliated JCCs and/or financial support to JCC Association programs: 501 (c) Agencies Trust AbCoaster Advecor, Inc. American Council on Exercise Am-Finn Sauna & Steam Inc. Bank of America Merchant Services Carab Enterprises, Inc. Club One, Inc. ClubCom, Inc. Crown Trophy Cybex EnerNoc, Inc. Expresso Fitness Fabiano Designs FreeMotion Fitness GOJO Industries, Inc. Imprint Plus IsraelPhones Landscape Structures Les Mills International Leslie’s Poolmart, Inc. Matrix Fitness Systems Corp.

Merrithew Health & Fitness Mondo America, Inc. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) National Towelette Corp. Network Services Company Octane Fitness LLC Pavigym America Corp. Polar Electro Inc. Power Systems, Inc. Precor Prospec US Retention Management Security USA Staples Sterling & Sterling, Inc. Talk’n’Save The Redwoods Group, Inc. TMI Salt Pure Corp. Program Partners ChiLiving, Inc. G2 Lifestyles PureFit, Inc. The Pink Ribbon Program, Inc. Wellcoaches Corporation

JCC Association Staff and Services

Financial Resource Development


Ziva Davidovich Assistant Vice-President | Director of Campaigns (212) 786-5099 |

Allan Finkelstein President and Chief Executive Officer (212) 786-5082 | Yael Lubofsky Coordinator of Board Relations (212) 786-5084 |

Community Services Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management Gary S. Lipman Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer Director, Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management (212) 786-5138 | Gladys Goldman Executive Assistant (212) 786-5088 | Community Consultants Jordan Shenker Senior Vice-President | Consulting Services (212) 786-5085 | Dori Denelle1 Vice-President | Community Consultant (651) 452-2219 | Janet S. Elam2 Vice-President | Community Consultant (512) 241-1118 | Alan Goldberg Vice-President | Community Consultant (212) 786-5122 | Strategic Performance David E. Posner Vice President, Community Consultant | Director, Strategic Performance Tel: (212) 786-5124 | Andrew C. Paller Director of Benchmarking | Strategic Performance (212) 710-6432 | Jordan Zarin Manager, Information Resources and Survey Development (212) 786-5145 | Michael Rowland Marketing Consultant (212) 786-5153 | Odelia Epstein Program Associate, Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management (212) 786-5109 |

Professional Leadership Arnie Sohinki Senior Vice-President, Professional and Lay Leadership Programs (212) 786-5097 | JoyAnn Brand Associate Vice President | Director of Training and Professional Development (212) 786-5114 | Tory Holland Coordinator, Professional and Lay Leadership Programs (212) 786-5086 | Nicole Bernard Program Associate, Professional and Lay Leadership (212) 786-5093 |

Finance and Administration Services Bob Kimsal Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer (212) 786-5141 | Accounting Pearl Magence Controller (212) 786-5132 | Irina Abramov Accounting Assistant (212) 786-5133 | Human Resources Irina Khomina Manager, Human Resources (212) 786-5131 | Information Technology Andy Zhang Manager, Information Technology (212) 786-5103 | Bernardo Arocho Associate, Information Technology | Network Administrator (212) 786-5094 | Production Franklin James Supervisor, Production and Facilities (212) 786-5118 | Donald Credle Production Assistant and Front Desk (212) 786-5113 | D’wayne Haywood Shipping and Receiving (212) 786-5107 | Reception Janine Acevedo Front Desk (212) 532-4949

Jerry Wische Senior Vice-President, Financial Resource Development (212) 786-5135 |

David Sobel Assistant Vice-President | Corporate Support (212) 786-5148 | Elaine Vasquez Administrator, Financial Resource Development (212) 786-5136 |

Israel Office3 Leah Garber4 Vice-President | JCC Association Israel Office 011-972-2-625-1265 | Sara Sless Assistant Director, Israel Office / Director, Israel Seminars 011-972-2-625-1265 | Yaron Lipschitz Program Director, JCC Maccabi Israel® 011-972-2-625-1265 | Shirel Horovitz Associate, Israel Seminars 011-972-2-625-1265 | Avigail Barkai Office Administrator, Israel Office 011-972-2-625-1265 | Lilach Shalom Accountant, Israel Office 011-972-2-625-1265 | Nicole Bernard U.S. Program Associate | Israel Programs (212) 786-5093 |

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

Matthew Abrams Gerber Assistant Vice-President, Mandel Center for Jewish Education (212) 710-6434

Adults Barbara Lerman-Golomb Consultant, Social Responsibility and Environmental Action | Discover@JCC (212) 710-6436 |

Odelia Epstein Program Associate, Mandel Center for Jewish Education (212) 786-5109 |

Randy Ellen Lutterman Consultant, Arts and Culture | Discover@JCC (212) 786-5123 |

Marketing and Communications

JCC Maccabi Experience Dan Deutsch Vice-President, JCC Maccabi Experience (212) 786-5089 |

Robin Ballin Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer (212) 786-5112 | Peter Shevenell Creative Director (212) 786-5101 |

David Sobel Assistant Vice President, JCC Maccabi Experience | Host Community Liaison (212) 786-5148 |

Miriam Rinn Communications Manager, JCC Circle Editor (212) 786-5092 |

Michael Gordon Program Director, JCC Maccabi Experience (212) 786-5116 |

Jeremy Kortes Senior Graphic & Multimedia Designer (212) 786-5143 |

Stacie Graff Program Associate, JCC Maccabi Experience (212) 710-6435 |

Lisa Kaplan Graphic Designer (212) 786-5087 | Chris Strom Director, New Media and Social Networking (212) 786-5117 | Kelly Rainey Marketing Coordinator 212.786.5096 | Alexandra White Digital Marketing Associate 212.786.5144 |

Program Services Early Childhood Education Mark Horowitz Vice-President | Early Childhood and Family Engagement (212) 786-5098 |

Rabbi Harold Robinson Director, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council | Director, Armed Forces and Veterans Services (212) 786-5119 |

Janet Sylvan Program Associate, Early Childhood Services (212) 786-5129 |

Rabbi Barry Baron Deputy Director, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council (212) 786-5137 |

Health and Wellness Steve Becker Vice-President, Health and Wellness Services | Discover@JCC (212) 786-5105 |

Janine Acevedo Program Associate, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council (212) 786-5090 |

Mandel Center for Jewish Education Dr. David Ackerman Senior Vice-President | Director, Mandel Center for Jewish Education (212) 786-5110 |

Anthony Slayen Assistant Vice-President, Health and Wellness Services | Discover@JCC (212) 786-5128 | Nicole Bernard Program Associate, Health, Wellness Services | Discover@JCC (212) 786-5093 |

Osnat Zur Continental Shlicha, JCC Maccabi Experience (212) 786-5121 |

Merrin Center for Teen Services Jodi Sperling Vice President | Director, Merrin Center for Teen Services and Camping (212) 786-5130 | Lonny Friedman Assistant Vice President, Merrin Center for Teen Services and Camping (212) 786-5111 | Janet Sylvan Program Associate, Merrin Center for Teen Services (212) 786-5129 |

1 JCC Association Midwestern Services Office 2478 Pond Circle West St. Paul MN 55120 (651) 452-2219 2 JCC Association Southwestern Services Office 7921 West Rim Drive Austin, TX 78731 (512) 241-1118 3

JCC Association Israel Office Solomon and Mary Litt Building 12 Moshe Hess Street Jerusalem, 94185, Israel 011.972.2.625.1265 fax 011.972.2.624.7767

Annual Report 2011


JCC Association Officers and Board 2010-2012 JCC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Chair: Paula L. Sidman

Secretary: David Wax, San Diego, CA

Vice-chairs: Lisa Brill, Atlanta, GA Marvin Gelfand, Los Angeles, CA Gary Jacobs, San Diego, CA Virginia A. Maas, Los Angeles, CA Noreen Gordon Sablotsky, Miami, FL Philip Schatten, New York, NY Andrew Shaevel, Buffalo, NY

Associate Secretaries: Dana Egert, Boca Raton, FL Linda Russin, New City, NY President: Allan B. Finkelstein

Honorary Chairs: Edward H. Kaplan, Washington, DC Ann P. Kaufman, Houston, TX Jerome B. Makowsky, Memphis, TN Morton L. Mandel, Cleveland, OH Lester Pollack, New York, NY Daniel Rose, New York, NY Alan P. Solow, Chicago, IL

2010-2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Meryl K. Ainsman, Pittsburgh, PA Stephen L. Bayer, W. Hartford, CT Alvin K. Berkun, Pittsburgh, PA Daniel M. Bernstein, Irvine, CA Harriet Blank, New Hope, PA Gary J. Bomzer, N. Miami Beach, FL Lisa F. Brill, Atlanta, GA Donald W. Brodsky, Houston, TX Edie Brodsky, Long Beach, CA Edward B. Cohen, Boca Raton, FL Marcella E. Cohen, Potomac, MD Susan R. Diamond, San Francisco, CA Stephen Dorsky, Birmingham, AL Dana Egert, Boca Raton, FL Andrew L. Eisenberg, Boston, MA Martin G. Englisher, New York, NY Donald Epstein, Deal, NJ Arlene Fickler, Philadelphia, PA Dale T. Filhaber, Boca Raton, FL Howard F. Fine, San Francisco, CA Cheryl Fishbein, New York, NY Ruth Fletcher, Los Gatos, CA Carol Folkerth, Columbus, OH Robin Frederick, Stamford, CT Susan Fox, Brooklyn, NY Maxine Freilich, Stamford, CT Marvin Gelfand, Los Angeles, CA Jane Gellman, Milwaukee, WI Sandra Gold, Englewood, NJ Edwin Goldberg, Louisville, KY Joyce Goldstein, Essex Fells, NJ Roslyn Haikin, Houston, TX David Jacobs, W. Hartford, CT Gary Jacobs, Del Mar, CA Kenneth Jacobs, Jacksonville, FL Howard T. Jacobson, Prairie Village, KS Edward H. Kaplan, Washington, DC Ann P. Kaufman, Houston, TX Stephen M. Kaufman, Houston, TX Brian Kriftcher, Stamford, CT Ira I. Kronenberg, Passaic, NJ Sherry Kulman, Toronto, ON Ronald L. Leibow, Los Angeles, CA Jack Levy, Birmingham, AL Judith Lieberman, Morristown, NJ Virginia A. Maas, Los Angeles, CA


Lawrence Magid, Searingtown, NY Jerome B. Makowsky, Memphis, TN Morton L. Mandel, Cleveland, OH Thomas Mandel, Akron, OH Joyce D. Mandell, West Hartford, CT Marc B. Merklin, Akron, OH Sidney F. Miller, Columbus, OH Eric Nislow, Owings Mills, MD Marvin J. Pertzik, St. Paul, MN Alvin M. Pesachowitz, Falls Church, VA Geri Pollack, New York, NY Lester Pollack, New York, NY Stephen R. Reiner, New York, NY Paul Resnick, Palo Alto, CA Leonard M. Robinson, Fairfield, NJ Rammy Rochman, Richmond Hill, ON Daniel Rose, New York, NY Lawrence I. Rosenberg, Owing Mills, MD Jane Tzinberg Rubin, St. Louis, MO Steven Rubin, St. Paul, MN Toby Rubin, San Francisco, CA Linda Russin, New City, NY Noreen Gordon Sablotsky, Miami, FL J. Victor Samuels, Houston, TX Alan Sataloff, Palo Alto, CA Martin J. Satinsky, Nashville, TN Jeffrey Savit, Boston, MA Philip Schatten, New York, NY Brian Schreiber, Pittsburgh, PA Gerald K. Schwartz, Miami Beach, FL Michael Segal, Miami, FL Stephen Seiden, Livingston, NJ Andrew J. Shaevel, Buffalo, NY Ian Sherman, Ottawa, ON Philip M. Shiekman, Philadelphia, PA Paula L. Sidman, Boston, MA Linda S. Simon, Presto, PA Mark Sokoll, Boston, MA Shirley Solomon, Boca Raton, FL Alan P. Solow, Chicago, IL Jerome Spitzer, New York, NY Doron Steger, Martinsville, NJ Jeanne Tobin, Beachwood, OH Francine Zorn Trachtenberg, Washington, DC David Wax, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

JCC Association of North America

Allan Weissglass, Staten Island, NY Mary Rita Weissman, Dayton, OH Robert Wertheimer, Baltimore, MD Anita Winestock, Vancouver, BC Steve Wishnia, Memphis, TN Eric M. Zachs, Hartford, CT HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Meyer L. Balsar, Houston, TX Julian Bernat, El Paso, TX Daniel Drench, Verona, NJ Irwin L. Elson, Detroit, MI

Gilbert S. Fox, Nashville, TN Marilyn Fox, St. Louis, MO Hugh W. Greenberg, Detroit, MI Gordon R. Gross, Buffalo, NY Mark D. Litt, Larchmont, NY Gerald S. Ostrow, Pittsburgh, PA Irwin Jay Robinson, New York, NY Harriet L. Rosenthal, West Orange, NJ Norman Seiden, Tenafly, NJ Myron Strober, Palm Beach, FL John M. Wolf, Sr., Palm Beach, FL

Teens participating in a JCC Maccabi Israel trip never forget the experience and forge memories that last a lifetime. Israel trips during the teen years are powerful predictors of lifelong Jewish engagement.

JCCs, YM-YWHAs, and Camps of the JCC Movement CANADA Calgary Jewish Community Centre, Calgary, AB JCC of Edmonton, AB JCC of Greater Vancouver, BC B’nai B’rith Camp, Winnipeg, MB Rose & Max Rady JCC, Winnipeg, MB JCC of London, ON Soloway JCC, Ottawa, ON Miles Nadal JCC, Toronto, ON Prosserman JCC, Toronto, ON Schwartz/Reisman Centre, Toronto, ON JCC of Windsor, Windsor, ON UNITED STATES Levite JCC, Birmingham, AL East Valley JCC, Chandler, AZ Valley of the Sun JCC, Scottsdale, AZ Tucson JCC, Tucson, AZ Jewish Community Center of the East Bay, Berkeley, CA JCC Development Corporation, Beverly Hills, CA Peninsula JCC, Foster City, CA Merage JCC of Orange County, Irvine, CA Camp Yofi, Angelus Oaks, CA Lawrence Family JCC of San Diego County – Jacobs Family Campus, La Jolla, CA Barbara & Ray Alpert JCC, Long Beach, CA Westside JCC, Los Angeles, CA Addison-Penzak JCC of Silicon Valley, Los Gatos, CA The Shalom Institute, Malibu, CA Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto, CA Camp Mountain Chai, San Diego, CA JCC of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA Camp Tawonga, San Francisco, CA Osher Marin JCC, San Rafael, CA Boulder JCC, Boulder, CO Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center, Denver, CO JCC Ranch Camp, Elbert, CO Greenwich JCC, Greenwich, CT JCC of Western Connecticut, Southbury, CT JCC of Stamford, CT Mandell Jewish Community Center, West Hartford, CT Washington District of Columbia Jewish Community Center, Washington, DC Siegel JCC, Wilmington, DE Adolph & Rose Levis JCC, Boca Raton, FL JCC Suncoast, Clearwater, FL David Posnack JCC, Davie, FL Jewish Community Alliance of Jacksonville, FL Roth Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando, Maitland, FL JCC at Jack & Lee Rosen Southwest Orlando Campus, Orlando, FL Dave & Mary Alper JCC, Miami, FL Miami Beach JCC, Miami Beach, FL Michael-Ann Russell JCC, North Miami Beach, FL JCC of the Greater Palm Beaches, Palm Beach Gardens, FL The Lore & Eric F. Ross JCC, Boynton Beach, FL JCC North, Palm Beach Gardens, FL Klingenstein Jewish Center of the Jewish Federation of SarasotaManatee, Sarasota, FL JCC Suncoast, St. Petersburg, FL Augusta Jewish Community Center, Augusta, GA Marcus JCC of Atlanta, Dunwoody, GA Zaban Park, Dunwoody, GA Camp Barney Medintz, Cleveland, GA Jewish Educational Alliance, Savannah, GA JCC Chicago, IL Florence G. Heller JCC, Chicago, IL Hyde Park JCC, Chicago, IL Bernard Horwich JCC, Chicago, IL JCC Chicago – Early Childhood Services, Chicago, IL JCC Chicago – Children, Family & Wellness Services, Chicago, IL JCC Chicago – Day Camping Services, Chicago, IL

Ezra Multi-Service Center, Chicago, IL Early Childhood Services – JCC at Woodland Commons, Buffalo Grove, IL Bernard Weinger JCC, Northbrook, IL Pritzker Center for Jewish Education – Mayer Kaplan JCC, Skokie, IL Resident Camping Services – Camp Chi, Lake Delton, WI Florence Weiss Perlstein Vacation Center, Lake Delton, WI JCC of Indianapolis, IN JCC of Greater Kansas City, Overland Park, KS JCC of Louisville, KY New Orleans JCC, New Orleans, LA Goldring-Woldenberg JCC – Metairie, Metairie, LA JCC of the North Shore, Marblehead, MA JCCs of Greater Boston, Newton, MA Leventhal-Sidman JCC, Newton, MA JCC Brookline, Brighton, MA Metrowest JCC, Framingham, MA JCC Maccabi, Camp Kingswood, Bridgton, ME Springfield JCC, Springfield, MA Boroughs JCC, Westborough, MA Worcester JCC, Worcester, MA Jewish Federation of Howard County, Columbia, MD JCC of Greater Baltimore, Owings Mills, MD JCC of Greater Baltimore – Park Heights Branch, Baltimore, MD JCC of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD Capital Camp & Retreat Center, Rockville, MD Jewish Community Alliance, Portland, ME JCC of Greater Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI Fresh Air Society / Tamarack Camps, Bloomfield Hills, MI JCC of Metropolitan Detroit, West Bloomfield, MI Jimmy Prentis Morris Branch, Oak Park, MI Sabes JCC, St Louis Park, MN JCC of the Greater St. Paul Area, St Paul, MN Jewish Community Center, St Louis, MO Marilyn Fox Building, Chesterfield, MO The Staenberg Family Complex, St Louis, MO Camp Sabra, Rocky Mount, MO Asheville JCC, Asheville, NC Sandra & Leon Levine Jewish Community Center, Charlotte, NC Charlotte & Dick Levin JCC, Durham, NC Raleigh-Cary JCC, Raleigh, NC Omaha JCC, Omaha, NE Shimon & Sara Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater, NJ Betty & Milton Katz JCC, Cherry Hill, NJ NJ Y Camps, Fairfield, NJ NJY Camps - Nesher, Round Lake & Kislak Adult Camp, Lake Como, PA NJY Camps – Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake, Teen & Mountaintop, Milford, PA Associated Camps Inc. – Block-Hexter Vacation Center, Fairfield, NJ Jewish Federation of Ocean County, Lakewood, NJ Betty & Milton Katz JCC of Princeton, Mercer, Bucks, Lawrenceville, NJ JCC of Western Monmouth, Manalapan, NJ Milton & Betty Katz JCC, Margate City, NJ JCC of Central NJ, Scotch Plains, NJ Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly, NJ JCC Metrowest, West Orange, NJ Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC, West Orange, NJ Ronald Gardenswartz JCC of Greater Albuquerque, NM JCC of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV Sidney Albert Albany JCC, Albany, NY Riverdale YM-YWHA, Bronx, NY Boro Park YM-YWHA, Brooklyn, NY Shorefront YM-YWHA of Brighton Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY Edith & Carl Marks JCH of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY Kingsbay YM-YWHA, Brooklyn, NY JCC of the Greater Five Towns, Cedarhurst, NY Suffolk Y JCC, Commack, NY Sid Jacobson JCC, East Hills, NY

The JCC of Greater Buffalo – Benderson Family Building, Getzville, NY The JCC of Greater Buffalo – Holland Family Building, Buffalo, NY Samuel Field YM & YWHA, Little Neck, NY Bay Terrace Site, Bayside, NY Central Queens YM-YWHA, Forest Hills, NY Camp Poyntelle, Poyntelle, PA JCC in Manhattan, New York, NY YM & YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood, New York, NY The Educational Alliance, New York, NY 14th Street Y of The Educational Alliance, New York, NY 92nd Street Y, New York, NY Berkshire Hills – Emanuel Camps, New York, NY Surprise Lake Camp, New York, NY Moise Safra Community Center, New York, NY JCC Association, New York, NY Newburgh JCC, Newburgh, NY Jewish Community Center of Schenectady, Niskayuna, NY Barry & Florence Friedberg JCC, Oceanside, NY Barry & Florence Friedberg JCC: Long Beach Division, Long Beach, NY Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester, Pleasantville, NY JCC of Mid-Westchester, Scarsdale, NY JCC of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY Avis/South Shore JCC, Staten Island, NY JCC on the Hudson, Tarrytown, NY Jewish Community Center of Rockland County, West Nyack, NY Jerry Shaw Jewish Community Center of Akron, OH Mandel JCC of Cleveland, Beachwood, OH Camp Wise, Chardon, OH Mayerson JCC, Cincinnati, OH Camp Livingston, Cincinnati, OH The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus, OH Marjorie & Oscar Boonshoft - Center for Jewish Culture & Education, Dayton, OH JCC of Toledo, Sylvania, OH JCC of Youngstown, OH Charles Schusterman JCC, Tulsa, OK B’nai B’rith Camp, Beaverton, OR Jewish Community Center of Allentown, PA Jewish Memorial Center, Altoona, PA Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg, PA Jewish Community Alliance of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA Pinemere Camp Association, Philadelphia, PA Gershman Y, Philadelphia, PA JCC of Greater Pittsburgh, PA JCC of Greater Pittsburgh/South Hills Branch, Pittsburgh, PA Emma Kaufman Camp, Morgantown, WV Scranton JCC, Scranton, PA JCC of Wyoming Valley, Wilkes Barre, PA Kevy & Teddy Kaiserman JCC, Wynnewood, PA York JCC, York, PA JCC of Rhode Island, Providence, RI Charleston JCC, Charleston, SC Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center, Columbia, SC Memphis JCC, Memphis, TN Gordon JCC, Nashville, TN Jewish Community Center of Austin, TX Aaron Family JCC of Dallas, TX Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center, Houston, TX JCC/West Houston, TX Barshop JCC of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX I.J. & Jeanne Wagner JCC, Salt Lake City, UT JCC of Northern Virginia, Fairfax, VA Weinstein JCC, Richmond, VA The Marilyn & Marvin Simon JCC, Virginia Beach, VA Stroum Jewish Community Center, Seattle, WA Stroum Jewish Community Center, Mercer Island, WA Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC, Milwaukee, WI Camp Interlaken, Eagle River, WI

Annual Report 2011


A Look Ahead The future is about connections. In the coming months, we will help JCC staff, members and users connect with each other, with Israel, and above all with their own paths to Jewish identity.

In 2012 the JCC Maccabi Games® will celebrate 30 years of inspiring Jewish identity in generations of teen athletes. Memphis, host to the first Games in 1982, will join Rockland County and Houston in hosting this milestone set of Games. Houston will also be home to this summer’s JCC Maccabi ArtsFest®. Kol HaKavod!

learn, share, grow

Building on the collective energy and ideas of the entire JCC Movement, our new website,, will provide JCC professionals a place to learn, share, and grow. Over 20 knowledge bases will feature articles, training videos, archived webinars and other resources that JCC professionals can learn from, contribute to, comment on, share and save for later reference.

boarding pass Discover the Jewish homeland — and your Jewish identity — in a whole new way. Our new travel program designs trips for JCC members based on their interests. Your JCC’s trip may focus on topics like archaeology or fitness, cuisine or healing — or might appeal to a specific group such as interfaith families, GLBT, or hikers and bikers.

sheva Strong JCCs are about building relationships every single day. And in this, a JCC is only as excellent as its staff. Our JCCs of North America Professional Conference is the most comprehensive learning opportunity anywhere for JCC staff. Hundreds of professionals will return to their JCCs from Orlando with new ideas, new skills, and a renewed sense of commitment.

Our new early learning educational framework will help position JCC early childhood centers as THE centers of excellence in their communities. Referring to the deep roots and meaning of the number seven in Judaism, Sheva outlines a new, dynamic vision of excellence in Jewish early childhood education.


Jewish Community Centers Association of North America 520 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018

Paula L. Sidman Chair Allan Finkelstein President 520 Eighth Ave, New York, NY 10018 | 212-532-4949 | Connect with us: Jewish Community Centers of North America (JCCs)


Annual Report 2011  

JCC Association Annual Report

Annual Report 2011  

JCC Association Annual Report