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Good things about Finland Everyone can have fun in Helsinki by going to Linnanm채ki or Sea Life

You only need one card for all public transport

Public transport is clean and safe

There is a lot of clean snow

There are restaurants with food from all over the world such as sushi, pizza, Indian... It is really safe for children to walk around the city alone during the day

School education is good

Most people can speak English

The language can be easy to learn but only if you put yourself into it

In the north of Finland people can see the Aurora Borealis

There is a night train to Rovaniemi to have fun on husky or reindeer rides

There are a lot of historical buildings and statues

You can meet Santa Claus also known as Father Christmas

There are a lot of activities that children can participate in such as dancing classes, football practice, Megazone‌

There are people from all over the world

There are all kinds of religions

There is a lot of nature in the country

People are free to do what they want but no crime is allowed

As well as the good things in Finland, there are also some things to watch out for.




The Finnish people are generally not very talkative. When you say “Hi!”, some don’t say “Hei!” (“Hi!”). Young people are more likely to reply than the older people. Some Finnish people may not be so kind to you. It is advised that you try to be in your house before nightfall because a lot of people can get drunk and cause harm.

The Finnish language has fairly long words to pronounce. But you still need to know the basic words to manage around Finland.

In Finland things can be very expensive and it is very challenging to find cheap things. However, there are some places where you can buy things cheaply.



The weather in Finland used to be predictable and you could always expect to have a long winter at a certain time. Now it’s unexpected and difficult to know when the winter is coming, which is caused by global warming.

In Finland there is not a wide variety of food, which might be a problem for you. There is also rye bread, which most Finns like. We don’t know, if you might like it or not, but the bread could be hard and really brown.

This can be very annoying unless you do it yourself. People in Finland do it a lot so be careful not to step on spit. SPITTING

Keep these things in mind about Finland because they can be very useful, when you are in Finland.

It is good to have a Finnish contact They can help and advise you where to go and what to do. They will support you and help you to adapt to life in Finland. Even better, if they life in the same area as you.

Don’t be shy: speak English! Many speak English nowadays. Most of the Finnish people and especially those living in the Helsinki area are very good at English.

Learn at least a little bit of Finnish or Swedish It is good to know a bit of Finnish or Swedish because the people, who live in Finland, will understand you better. They will obviously all speak Finnish and they will understand Swedish because Swedish is the second national language.

Try to learn to be more independent, not always relying on the people around you Do not expect to be always depending on the people around you. Finns are generally a reserved kind and may not expect you to ask for help.

Pack extremely warm clothes in the winter! The winter in Finland is severely cold and harsh so you must prepare for the worst, although you don’t necessarily have to bring your own as there are many but expensive stores here.

Stay away from train stations and shopping centers at night It is good to stay away from train stations and shopping centers at night because there are a lot of drunk people and if you don’t want to be robbed we advise not to go near them.

Don’t aggravate strangers Even though Finns may appear a very reserved kind of people, when riled up they will use both words and violence.

Skating is popular Although this is not a need, it will help you to adapt more and meet new people. Many people do it and there are many good skate parks all over Helsinki.

Be informed on Vappu! It helps to be informed on Vappu because, as this is a night of celebration all over the country, there are many drunk people, who you should definitely steer clear of.

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Living in Finland: a survival guide for kids  
Living in Finland: a survival guide for kids