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Warm Creek Ranch - 2011

Justin C. Bond 2011 The original Warm Creek Ranch property was acquired prior to the turn of the 20th Century by settlers in Sanpete County, Utah. For over 100 years what those settlers began has continued to thrive through wars, depression, rough times, good times, snow, rain, freezing temperatures, heat, and sunshine. It is journey about people living on the land. Cover Photo - The Ranch in Fayette, Utah


Sergio Duran 2

Sergio, Benjamin, and Antonio Duran 3


Arnulfo, Antonio, Jaime, Benjamin, Carlos, Alejandro, and Jose Duran 5

Magdalena, Carmelita, Luis, and Maria Duran

Maria Duran and Jerry Mendoza

Carmelita and Antonio Duran

Benjamin and Nancy Duran 6

Marcos and Nancy Duran

Arnuflo and Alejandro Duran

Antonio Duran 7

Benjamin Duran

Samuel Duran 8

Samuel and Alejandro Duran

Derek Bond

Alicia and Alondra Duran

Magdalena and Magaly Duran 9

Derek Bond

Maria and Carmelita 10

Ramiro Duran

Mary Roundy and Justin Bond

Alondra, Nancy, Luis, and Marcos Duran


Arnuflo and Antonio Duran 11

Justin, Jesus, Magdalena, Luis and Saul

Benjamin Duran

Alejandro Duran and Justin Bond

Carlos Duran 12

Carlos Duran

Alejandro Duran and Dru Dorius

Jesus and Luis Duran

Alison Bond

Benjamin Duran at the horse races, Fillmore, Utah

Mary Roundy and Dixie Evans at the Bickell Horse Races 13

Sunset at Cedar Springs

Benjamin and Antonio Duran 14

Turkey Vulture

The Ranch

Horses below Fayette

Antodio Duran 15


Bob Evans

Derek Bond 17

Dancing at Dale Dorius’ house

Sergio, Carnelita, Marely, Anjelica and Arnulfo Duran 18

Benjamin Duran

Alison Bond and Alejandro Duran


Cedar Springs

Sergio Duran 20

Justin Bond


Benjamin, Sergio, and Antonio Duran 22


Alejandro Duran

Sergio Duran

Sergio Duran

Jesus Santos and Benjamin Duran 24

Luis Duran

Arnulfo and Benjamin Duran



Alejandro and Antonio Duran

Benjamin Duran

Benjamin and Antonio Duran

Sheree Roundy 27


Lee, Carlos, Ramiro, Mary, Justin, Benjamin, Dale, Magdalena, Alejandro, Alison, Dixie, Prescott, and Robyn

Cedar Springs

Benjamin Duran

Spring Pasture 29



Jaime Duran

Benjamin Duran at the Bickell Horse Races 32

Benjamin Duran

Benjamin Duran at the horse races, Fillmore, Utah

Alison and Justin Bond

Sergio Duran

Alejandro Duran 33


Carlos, Ramiro, and Alison

At the Gun Club Corrall

Benjamin Duran

Jaime Duran 35


Shearing Corrall

Alison, Justin, Mary, and Alejandro

Shooting Skeet

Jaime Duran 37


Ramiro Mendoza

Dixie Evans

Benjamin Duran and family 39


Warm Creek Ranch 2011  

Photos of Warm Creek Ranch 2011

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