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Issue No. 3 Nov. 2012

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Conner Has Arrived.

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This Is How Gamers DEW.

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Weekly Feature:

T his beast of a machine is the definition of a beautiful gaming rig, but don`t worry Weekly Feature fans! Things aren`t changing this week. I bet I had you guys all fooled! The main feature is still a single PC part not the whole rig. The rig is just to showcase how beautiful the case can be, which if you haven`t guessed is this week`s feature. So what`s so special about this case? For one, there are only 499 murderbox MKII cases that will ever exist in the world. The murderbox MKII is based off the Silverstone TJ-07 case. Just like the TJ-07 this case is meant for all the water cooling an enthusiast could ever need. We can see that this particular rig is running a quad 120mm radiator with a dual resevoir and pump loop. Even for enthusiasts, this is quite a lot to handle. Another thing worth noting is that the case is actually assembled by hand with each individual piece being meticulously crafted using precision The big question. How methods and tolerances to ensure much does it cost? The huge that the case is as free of factory amount of beauty this case defects as it can be. The creators has matches the price tag. even took the time to make sure that This case has a whopping all the case parts were black like they price tag of $1200. Yeah, it’s should be (other than that white a pretty steep price, but it platform). Yeah we know, the case is is a case meant for pretty amazing, but there is still enthusiasts so keep that in something that hasn’t been adressed. mind.

Even with the steep price tag, I feel that this case is worth every penny. I mean come on, a custom TJ-07 with only 499 that will ever exist in the world? Not to mention the beautiful modifactions that have been made to the case.

The murderbox team have really outdone themselves this time. They have managed to make an already amazing Silverstone TJ-07 into something even greater. It’s no wonder why this case is called the murderbox. It kills all the competition in the PC case field. It makes me shiver to find out what the MKIII will be like.


d n i

s w o

m i e R

n i g a

. d e

Need A New Game To Play?

Ignite the Revolution. Play as Connor, the half-British, half Native American Assassin in this new installment of the AC franchise.

The Master Chief has returned to stop an ancient evil seeking revenge and annihilation.

Pick Up One Of These Games!

Play again as the Master Chief in the long awaited Halo 4.

Fus-Roh-Dah! Become the Dragon Born in Bethesda’s Game of The Year. Do what you want, whenever you want in the continent of Skyrim and stop the dragons from destroying the land!

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