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Teacher & Researcher CEP 800 How could action research be beneficial to your professional practice? Action research is in every teacher's agenda, whether they know it or not. Some teachers are aware that they're doing it, while others do it unconsciously. While teachers may have a different approach to conducting action research, they all agree on one thing: It can only make things better. In my case, action research will help me focus on fine tuning teaching to get more career-geared learning outcomes. Since technology will be implemented throughout the learning process, I’ll use the results of my research to study the impact of technology on students’ achievement. After that, I’ll redesign my lesson with a different technology-based approach and check out the results. Theoretically, this process is endless. That’s why I’ll set the educational goals I need to achieve with technology rather than focus on goals that can be achieved with technology.

What questions arise as you begin to think about integrating action research into your teaching? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What do I want my research to prove? What technology best suits my purpose? How am I going to conduct it? (What am I going to use? How? Why? When?) How long will it take? How am I going to assess the results of my research? Did this technology prove indispensable for this particular lesson? If so, how? If not, why not and what alternative technology can I use? 7. Who can benefit from my research?

Created by: Jean-Claude Aura

Date: May 2009

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This document highlights the benefits of action research.